HP says it won't stop selling Elite x3 this year (updated)

Update: HP has responded with the following statement:

HP is always responding to customer feedback to deliver the best product experiences. We remain committed to our mobility strategy and vision and will sell the Elite x3 through 2019 while continuing to enhance our portfolio delivering multi-OS devices, accessories and workflow transformation solutions. Mobility is an exciting and rapidly evolving area, and HP will continue to explore ways to address our customers' mobile computing needs.

Original article follows.

It appears HP is planning to end sales of its flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphone on November 1st, according to a new report. Windows United claims that on November 1, HP will stop selling the Elite x3 in stores, with support for the device ending almost a year later in October 2018.

The cancelation of the Elite x3 isn't much of a surprise considering Microsoft's lack of interest or care for Windows 10 Mobile in 2017. After carting off development into the feature2 branch, Windows 10 Mobile itself has been left out to die as the rest of Windows 10 development continues on through Redstone 3, Redstone 4 and beyond.

It's a shame, too, as the HP Elite x3 is one of the best Windows phones ever to be available on the market. Unfortunately, due to Microsoft not caring about Windows 10 Mobile, and the Elite x3 itself costing $700 at launch, the device appears to have underperformed for HP internally.

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Zac Bowden
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