In my review of the HP Elite x3 earlier this week I noted how the 'double-tap to wake' and 'raise to wake' feature was a bit wonky. Part of the reason for that is the system relies on the accelerometer instead of the display itself. I also noted that HP was getting ready to roll out another update to further refine the feature.

Tonight, HP pushed out v1.2.4 of HP Double Tap just two weeks after the last update, and I must say things are getting much better.

While no new features are added, so far, at least the double-tap to wake and raise to wake are working a lot more reliably. It's neat to be able to pick up the Elite x3 when laying down on a desk to have the display turn on automatically letting you see any missed notifications. Alternatively, the display automatically turns off (and locks) when you place it back down flat as an added security feature.

That's not to say it's quite perfect or as seamless as using iOS 10, but you can see HP working hard to get it to that level. Additionally, I have noticed on my Elite x3 with Fast Ring (14946) this update breaks app functionality, which will need to be addressed. It's obviously working fine on Production.

HP should also have another firmware update for the Elite x3 in the coming weeks, which may add additional features and further improvements. Since the Elite x3's ROM is region-free, we should see a smooth roll out regardless of your country.

Download HP Double Tap from the Windows Store

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