HP unveils ProBook x360 11 Education Edition for teachers and students

HP has taken the wraps off of the ProBook x360 11 Education Edition, an affordable laptop aimed right at teachers and students. Packing a number of features built specifically for educators and students, the ProBook x360 11 Education Edition is set to be available starting on December 16.

Aside from a sturdy build, thanks to a rubber body and optional damage-resistant Gorilla Glass, the ProBook also packs a touchscreen with inking support (pen optional) that should make taking notes a breeze. Students will also be able to take advantage of "explorer mode," which uses a dual-camera setup in tablet mode to let students take video and view what they're recording at the same time. HP envisions this coming in handy for certain projects and other content creation.

As for teachers, they'll get access to some special features as well. A built-in "Take a Test" app, for example, lets teachers set up a locked-down, browser-based environment for kids to take tests without being able to copy and paste or access other distractions. Meanwhile, another app lets teachers easily set up devices "in three easy steps."

The ProBook x360 11 Education Edition will officialyl launch on December 16.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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