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HP's redesigned Pavilion all-in-ones make for a stylish pair

HP has announced a pair of redesigned AiO PCs that add a bit style to the line with some impressive features to boot. Available in either 24-inch or 27-inch models, the new PCs offer a sleek design backed by an and impressive display and much more.

As far as specs are concerned, the new PCs offer Intel's latest Core i5 or AMD A12-9730P processors on the 24-inch model, while the 27-inch version is available with an Intel Core i7 chip. Otherwise, you're looking at up to 13GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, with the option for 16GB of Intel's Optane memory on the large model. Graphics options are fairly limited with integrated graphics available on both models and optional AMD Radeon 530 graphics.

As for the display, both models are advertised as "edge-to-edge," but the smaller AiO has smaller "micro-edge" bezels that look a little more impressive than its bigger brother. Both panels, however, start as 1080p touch-enabled IPS affairs, but HP says that can be ratcheted up to QHD on the larger model. Up top is HP's privacy webcam, which can be quickly covered when not in use to prevent unwanted snooping. Down below the displays, you'll find fabric covered B&O Play speakers.

HP says that both models will be coming soon starting at a cool $749.99. For now, you can learn more at the Pavilion 24 and 27 landing page (opens in new tab) at HP.

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  • A nice improvement.  I have an older Win7 era AIO from HP and it's horrible.  You can't even reliably tap the close button on a window with the bezel and inset screen. Thanks be to MS for showing these OEMs how things are supposed to be designed for touch.
  • I think you meant 16 GB of RAM, not 13 GB.
  • It's up to 13 for the 24" and 16 for the 27". Gotta remember Pavilion is their low end line. Which is still good not hadn't just not great. Envy is where it's at for their all in ones. I wish they'd make a Specter aio line that's would be incredible 😍😍. With atleast a 1060 graphics card mmmmm 😋.
  • Then I stand corrected. Thirteen is such an odd number.
  • Yes it's certainly weird haha.
  • Pavilion is mid range not low end.
  • It's low end of their consumer range. Not lowest end. They have cheaper stuff that isn't part of a named series, but envy is their middle range and specter is their highest.
  • Yipee
  • Nice, but is that their old logo...?