HTC 2010 leak shows mini-HD2, new front-QWERTY and smaller Touch Pro 2

Anybody remember the Great HTC Leak of 2009, in which we learned about the likes of the Snap line, the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 revisions as well as a slew of Android fare? It's time for the 2010 sequel, folks, courtesy of XDA Developers guru B3ler3fonte [via BGR]. This is all gleaned from an October presentation in Switzerland, apparently.

On the Windows Mobile side, we're looking at a smaller, less powerful version of the HD2 form factor, an updated front-facing QWERTY, and another version of the Touch Pro 2. (Check out our pals at Android Central for that end of the leak).

Join us after the break for the whole WinMo breakdown.

HTC Photon


First up is the Photon, which appears like a small-scale HD2.

The 4.3-inch screen has been scaled down to 3.2 inches at HVGA. It'll have Windows Mobile 6.5, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, and a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor (announced back in February) running at 600MHz. The standard aGPS, WIFi and Bluetooth are thrown in, and it has a 1,300mAh battery. So, the HD2 it is not, though it should definitely be more affordable. The usual 512MB of program memory and 256MB of RAM are on board.

Don't trouble yourself too much with the radio bands. Remember that this was a European presentation, so things will change when they hit the states. But is this what HTC CEO Peter Chou meant when he said the HD2 was coming the U.S.? This is more like the HD1.5, especially without the Snapdragon processor.

HTC Trophy

Next up is the Trophy. It's a front-facing QWERTY-style candy bar, with a 3-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen. (Seems somebody's making a play for the Palm Pre crowd?)

There's a 5-megapixel camera and WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth trimmings are all there. The processor and memory are the same as the Photon. Battery is listed at 1,400mAh.

HTC Tera

Finally there's the Tera, which for all intents and purposes is a smaller -- though more powerful -- Touch Pro 2.

The screen is shrunk to 3 inches (down from 3.6) and is still a resistive touchscreen, though it shares the same 600MHz processor as the Photon and Trophy. Camera remains at 3.2 megapixels, which is curious.

So, there's a trio of new Windows phones on the way. We'll have to see exactly what makes its way to the United States in the coming months, and how these specs hold up.

Dieter Bohn
  • "Not interested" x 3. The continuing trend is towards larger, more capable screen sizes. I'm FAR MORE interested in a large WVGA (800x600) display than a more pocket friendly (I guess) HVGA (320x480).
  • WVGA isn't 800x600, it's 800x480. If you want a big screen with High Resolution, then get the Moto Droid, HTC Touch HD, Daimond2, Touch Pro2, or HD2, or the Toshiba TG01. There aren't many choices out there.
  • Great update. But, but I think this selection is a little disappointing. I think I might prefer the current Touch Pro 2... HTC, please, please, PLEASE, bring the HD2 to the States.
  • I hope HTC includes a stylus pen with all of these Windows Mobile phones. I use the HTC HD2. A lot of the WinMo applications still need a stylus, and are fairly impossible to use with finger touch. I ended up getting the optional stylus pen for the HD2, which has no slot to put it in. Looking at the pix above, the HTC Photon will be similar but smaller than the HD2. That can only make it harder to use some apps with finger touch. HTC should stop pretending that its capacitive screen phones can run without a stylus. Many people will still need one for running applications. HTC should just include the necessary stylus, and provide a slot to store it in the phone.
  • What a disappointment - no HD2 successor. This looks more like what the 2009 leak should have been. Smaller screens, 600Mhz CPU's...WTF?? They can keep 'em limited to Asia/EU - we don't need anymore crap like this in the US - our market is too saturated with substandard mobile electronics already...
  • Why would there be a HD2 successor already it's only been out for a couple months. Actually our problem and the US i that there are only a few REAL GOOD phones. That's why we overpay for I plans and subsidized phones compared to our EU counterparts.
  • an hd2 successor less than 6-8 months after the INITIAL release (its not even available in the US yet). Think about what you just said.
  • Yes, I am greedy - HTC get on it! Remember this a a road map of future phones, so you carrier may not even release them, and if they do, you could be looking at a Q3 release date. So you'll be waiting even longer for an HD2 successor to be announced, much less released...
  • Disappointed!!!
    What's happening with the leader of the pack?
    The trend is toward touch multi touch, amoled
    For a good touch you NEED BIG screens.
    why are going back to 3.2 - 3.0 - 2.4 ? What's is this?
    Where is the HD3? with amoled, TV out, 8 MP camera?
    Where is the TP3 thinner, 3.8 screen, capacitive?
    They forcing me to look somewhere else next year! He he maybe they just fooling the enemy.
  • Hopefully these are only the 3 lower end ones, though the Trophy isn't bad for its form-factor (That form factor isn't for multimedia).
  • i agree with the sentiment already expressed - disappointment. maybe these fit the asian and indian markets - but probably too expensive for them. or maybe these are new android offerings? what would ignite the us-market is the hd2 on verizon and att - not trio of mini-me htc's. let's remember there is only one iphone that has been wildly successful worldwide. finally, with the hd2, there is a winmo phone that starts to change the game. perhaps htc might do well to copy nokia's 2010 plan to reduce the number of models they release (hd3, please!) and concentrate promotion on them?
  • I'm rather bemused by peoples comments on here. Three phones are "leaked" and yet people seem to assume thats all HTC is going to be releasing??!! If you honestly think HTC is *ONLY* going to release *THREE* phones for ALL of 2010, including allowing for the Windows Mobile 7 release about Sept/October next year, then you're a very sad person.
  • exactly.
    go here: if these people bothered to look at the leek they would see - 8 devices - for the next 6 months. not 3 devices for all of 2010.
  • yes, we all know that there are 8 devices total in the leak, but you do know that the rest of those devices are running android, right? Doesn't make any sense to highlight android devices on a windows mobile blog, now does it? When it looks like that only 3 winmo devices are going to be coming for the first half, and these 3 don't look like a step forward, you get kind of worried about your choices for 2010...
  • The only one I would buy of the 3 is the Trophy, seems perfect in every way for a Candy Bar Styled QWERTY device. -To every one complaining about the screens and the 600MHz processor. CPU:
    Yes these phones CPU's are clocked lower, but they still use the same ARM Cortex architecture, and GPU acceleration as the 1GHz version. It's not like there using the an higher clocked Qualcomm 528MHz CPU from last gen models, but a totally revamp one. Also it should have unbelievable battery life. Screen:
    There not made with Flagship device in mind. they do have small resolution, but are made to drop the Price. Also 2 of them are Capacitive. These phone look like budget based models so a 3.5in screen,however nice, would be overkill. i think these phones are part of HTC's 2 tier winmo strategy for 2010. Release cheaper windows 6.5 devices to rival Android and Winmo 7 to compete with the iphone.
  • wtf, when reading comments I was thinking who are these delusional people discussing windows mobile, then I realized what WM means.
  • There will likely be a new series of devices later in the year optimized for WM7...depending what MS's timeline is (Fall'07). This is really just a preview of the first half and budget offerings.
  • I want smaller HD2 with 1 Ghz CPU. Is this so hard to accomplish?
  • Well has anyone given any thought to the fact that nothing really gets leaked and they are just doing marketing research to find out what the main group of their customers are looking for?
  • Sounds smart, but nah, lol. Last year's roadmap had like a 95% accuracy. Only the Thoth (I think)hasn't showed. Photon is real and definitely coming to a GSM carrier in Spring. BTW, the Trophy is a pretty solid device. 3" VGA capacitive front-qwerty with a 600mHz new-gen CPU? Yeah, totally give me one of those nao, thank you!
  • XDA is gonna be happy. 3 new Qualcomm 72xx based phones to me means more ripping Sense from mid 2010 for my Touch Pro 2 :) Ok resolutions are a bit different, but I'll still bet we get some lovely things like Opera 11 (lol) or maybe a (better) landscape Manilla 2.5 (3.0?) from HTC themselves. As for BUYING one of these new phones ... not after I've owned a TP2 but it'll be a good way to get HTC devices into the hands of those people that are still running around with Nokia candybar phones. You're not going to convert a Storm2 or iPhone 3GS user with these handsets, but isn't that segment already covered by HD2 and TP2 ?
  • No, no, on! They're going backwards! We want big screens and spacious keyboards and capacity screens. HTC needs to just take the 2009 form factors and make them faster with better battery life and in the case of AT&T devices give them headphone jacks.
  • I hope the Trophy can finally let me replace my Sprint Treo Pro and it's horrible keyboard which constantly skps letters.
  • My Treo Pro doesn't skip letters
  • I am really HAPPY. I thought when I am up in Early April there might be something right around the corner to give me pause about going with a Touch Pro 2. No worries now, I will be getting a Touch Pro 2
  • What WE NEED is BIG SCREENS (with great resolution of course !), FAST CPUs, MORE BATTERYLIFE and the sexy, revolutionary, nearly perfect designs like on HD2.
    Other important improvements llike HDMI would not be necessary YET, but it sure would shake things up. This is great opportunity for HTC and WM to put on THE SHOW :) I noticed rumours about the "HD3". Thats what The company should focus and aim on, even if it was just a rumor. Coz thats what people want. 4.5" screen wouldn't mean bigger phone If they manage to use all the space geniously. If you ask me. 4,3" is big enaugh.. they can leave it and focus on resolution/make it AMOLED to gain more batterylife or use new touch technology on it etc...
    And I'm not a dreamer. Remember the phones 5 years ago??... it's not a long time from then... Thats only an opinion about the Hardware improvements.
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  • Great updte. But, but I think this selction is a little disappointing. I think I might prfer the currnt Touch Pro 2 HTC, please, please, brng the HD2 to the Sttes.
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  • wtf, when reading comments I was thinking who are these delusional people discussing windows mobile, then I realized what WM means.
  • I really like the Oled display and fantastic touch display,just few days back HTC has clashed with Nokia in the event organized at the same time in London and that has caused benefit to people as they had able to browse all the varieties displayed by both Nokia and HTC