HTC 8S and 8X at Expansys

Expansys UK is has listed the HTC 8X and 8S as available for pre-order. The HTC 8X is listed for £399.99 and the HTC 8S is listed for £239.99.  It is our understanding that shipping dates for the 8X will be November 2, 2012 and the 8S will ship shortly thereafter on November 15, 2012.

In looking at other Expansys sites, both HTC Windows Phone 8 devices appear to be available for pre-order across the board.  On Expansys U.S. the HTC 8X (unlocked) will run $629.99 and the HTC 8S (unlocked) will run $349.99. 

As far as shipping is concerned outside the U.K., while we haven't heard anything official, we can only guess dates for other countries will be similar. Here are the links for the Expansys U.S. and U.K. listings.

Expansys U.K. HTC 8X

Expansys U.K. HTC 8S

Expansys U.S. HTC 8X

Expansys U.S. HTC 8S

To check other country listings, just click on the change country link in the upper right hand corner of Expansys's website.

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