HTC 8X Windows Phone experiences price drop on AT&T

The 8X Windows Phone by HTC has experienced a price drop at AT&T and is now available for $99 on contract for the 16GB version, while the 8GB variant is listed for just $49 when taken out with a plan. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? If contracts aren't really your thing, AT&T has also slashed its pricing for the devices if you'd prefer to purchase them outright.

The 8GB version will set you back $399 and the 16GB for $449, both without contracts. It's not currently known whether or not the deals are permanent or limited special offer. Should you be looking at HTC hardware, this may well be the perfect opportunity to pick one (or two) up.

Source: AT&T (8GB (opens in new tab) / 16GB (opens in new tab)), via: Windows Phone Daily

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sweet! Great news for US residents!
  • Did you know three UK are selling it off for the past few weeks at £26 p/m with the handset free, on the one plan (2000 xnet mins, 5000 3-3 mins, 5000 text, truely unlimited HSDPA2+ internet plus unlimited tethering)... The one plan on its own is actually £25.00 per month, without a handset... So over the two years you pay just £24 for the handset before any cashback taken into account!! Im wondering if the sales of the 8X are dead, or whether (hopefully) HTC have a new phone to announce (something similar to the HTC One design would be sweet). Hmmm
  • If only tmobile would do this, I might consider giving HTC one last shot.
  • it's $50 for the 16GB at T-Mo
  • Online or in store? On contract? Looked up tmo's price. My upgrade price is the same as a new customer going in to get it.
  • This is the one that came with the sd slot, right?
  • No, that's the 8S.
  • Only low-end phones can have a lot of storage. Mid to high-end get more onboard (16-32) but with no microSD expansion. Only the ATIV has microSD. Yes, the situation is incredibly stupid.
  • Yeah, i got the lumia 920... Keep running out space.. Im gonna give this to my mom, and get the ativ then... But then again the atuv sucks... Guess ill jump ship to android or bb10
  • You know there is a reason they did this. I'm not going to say it and cause a virtual riot on Windows Phone Central but you know what I mean, especially you Nokia owners.
  • Oh I know I've been I cell phone industry for 12 years out with old in with new so what HTC needs to do is build a flagship there's only one l920 that's why I bought it more memory bigger screen windows needs more flagship phones but that's ok HTC because Nokia will be right behind you with something better hopefully
  • My Last 4 Phones where where HTC's.... Never Again.  On luanch Day I bought the Nokia 920, All I can say is WoW.  Nokia has been awesome on thier support of the Phone.  HTC was buy and be forgotten.
    The HTC 8s/x are pretty, but thats it.  Buy into the Hype, get the Nokia.  Over the life of the Phone you will not be unhappy.
  • I have had many smartphones dating back to 2003. Several Nokia and several HTC. I admit in the past that HTC cameras, screens, and battery life wasn't up to par. This HTC 8x is amazing! Not just a pretty shell. People boast on Nokia apps, but in the US there apps aren't all that useful. How do I know? Nokia 3650, n900, e73, and n8. They cater to UK. I live in Atlanta don't need gloves. The camera on the 920 cool, but really not a difference between the 8x except in low light. Why would I care because I have a d3100 and an n8. Its no comparison to either. I love Nokia, but I also love HTC. I think its time u folks cut out this fanboy talk on every article though. I have had too many smartphones to be stuck in a box.
  • That's the great thing about choice. Those in the U.S. whom have good services through Bing can go with the HTC (I had a titan and a desire z, the titan was a solid phone, and the desire z was a nice niche product), and those elsewhere in the world, I believe are also Nokia looked after. UK users such as myself get decent maps on both Nokia and Bing. So we can be sound with both. Shame about the lack of HTC support though. That pushed me to the Nokia over the HTC, although I will not deny that the titan was one sweet phone! Well, that and the PureView camera once I found the 820 wasn't going to meet my needs.
  • I'm in Florida and I have used gloves on my Lumia 920. It gets cold outside smoking, gloves keep the digits warm, and the phone still works. Nokia thought of everything on the 920.
  • There is a solution to the smoking problem :)
  • Why even mention Nokia here? I own a L810 and I am happy with it but always wanted to get the 8X, the design and beauty can't be compared to any other WPs out there
  • Really check out the Lumia 920 and Bing comparisons
  • Again as I said, why mention the Nokia here?
  • How so? HD7 has received constant updates since release, including 7.8
  • And the AT&T Titan and Titan II did?
  • Yes the HTC Titan did! I know from own experience.
  • On AT&T...
  • That's AT&T... Not HTC. The Titan did receive the updates.
    But I do see what you're saying now. Just fed up with people whom have a go about updates, when it's actually their carriers fault.
  • Phones can't experience things.
  • Exactly what I thought when reading the article. Unless of course Skynet has finally done it's thing.
  • 400$ for a new HTC 8x is very cheap.
    This phone can compete with iPhone easily.
  • 16 and 8GB.... LMAO
  • 8GB should be alright once MS pushes the other storage management update
  • Not for many. 2GB for OS, some 1GB for the "others", about 2GB of apps and boom you are left with only 3 GB for all your pics, videos and music. Thats simply unacceptable for quite a lot of people.
  • Well I had an HTC Radar for sometime and I still have 1GB left after all the above on it. Now when you know you are getting a device with limited storage you have to manage it well
  • For youngsters, yea that's plenty storage.
  • Woah. This might be a better value than the $250 Lumia 620 that I was planning to buy. With HERE maps/drive available to every WP now, and Nokia Music not being too useful to me, I'll consider it.
  • Remember that 620 has expandable memory. Something to consider if you want more than just maps on your phone...
  • Who wants a 16gb phone these days. 32gb should be the bare minimum
  • I don't see iPhone users complaining...
  • Neither are the Toyota users...
  • And the iPhone users have the option of up to even more irrelevant.
  • The base one is 16GB and it sells out a lot. So it isn't irrelevant. Anecdotal information coming up: my mum has an iPhone 5 16GB, she doesn't complain, and she has a lot of music and a fair number of apps on her phone. My friends are generally the same about it. End anecdotal evidence. So yeah, I don't think it's an issue.
  • Yeah but I'm sure your mum doesn't download load as much porn as I do so she doesn't need as much memory : )
  • no it isnt irrelevant, no one goes out of their way to get 64 gb of storage unless they are a power user. you seem to think people wanna shell out the kind of money they ask for, for that. The lumia 920 gets 32 gb or 29 when you count for the system at least for me but thats more than enough for applications that i need. Realistically the only reason i would want an sd card slot is to just remove the limitations on how much music i could store. but since it doesnt have it 16gb forces me to decide what my favorite music is. anything else can be placed on the cloud and played on wifi.
  • I would be happy with 16 if I had the option of microSD. I have 16 on my HD7 and have 10GB occupied by apps, only 1-2GB in music. I have to keep 1 GB free at all times (otherwise phone slows down) do I only have 1 GB for photos and videos which isn't much (FYI 16GB = 14.65 GB in actual storage). Consequently I've stopped using my phone as a music device which halves its usefulness to me.
  • again thats tentative to how you use your device. most if not all people i know only have 16 gb on their iphones, to them seems plentiful. You cannot say 16 gb is not sufficient because you just happen to use it in that particular way. i agree with you on the point that it should have had microsd card support, but that doesnt kill it off as an option. the forums are proof that those who own an 8x have no regrets.
  • Most, if not all, of the people I know with 16 GB devices need to have a separate iPod/mp3 player for their music as the phone has a woeful amount of storage. You cannot say 16 GB is sufficient because you don't use your device in that way or carry a separate music device. The forums are not proof of satisfaction with the storage - there are likely droves of people who didn't buy it due to low storage, bought a different phone like the 8S / 820 / 920 with more storage or held off buying altogether like me. Those that did buy the 8X had already come to terms with the amount of storage and decided it was okay... Or like me realised a few months later thay 16 GB fills up very quickly with apps and other files leaving very little room for music
  • You're right, most people don't care and consider 16GB to be plenty, especially considering the popularity of Spotify and Pandora
  • I love how people say things like "most people don't care" without any facts or basis in reality. You can't say that everyone thinks a certain way without evidence.. That's why people do surveys. I can say "most people do care about storage" or "everyone I know cares about storage" and it has the same amount of validity as those generalising statements i.e. none at all.
  • Which they sell few of. $400 on contract I believe..
  • I'm still waiting for my titan2 update. Until that comes, I'll probably go with Nokia.
  • Use the cab updater, takes 20 mins and is safe. I updated my Radar and it works as expected.
  • I know, but the point is that HTC releases then drops any support.
  • You'll be waiting forever. I used the 78'r method to bring wife's Titan I to 8862 and everything is working fine..
  • Very true HTC was trying to sell there 16gb phone for more than the lumia920 that's another reason I bought the Lumia 920 it has 32 GB I've downloaded alot of apps and still have 20 GB
  • The 16GB with wireless charging has been $100 on Verizon for like 4 months. Way to go AT&T.
  • @Honestabe....any word on when the 928 will be announced / available for pre-order ? Thanks....
  • I'm sorry, this is new? I paid this price last month.
  • Yeah, I didn't think this was new news, either.  This is what their prices were when we were shopping for phones last month.
  • This price drop went into effect shortly after the new year... maybe they'll break the news of the BOGO offer that's been going on since January as well...
  • My wife actually got her 920 from AT&T, because I was getting one.  I was kind of bummed, because I wanted the charging pad.  It was definitely a better deal for her to get a free phone, and now she has a Windows Phone.  :D
  • Gusto mucho this phone! The most stable phone I've ever used being 4 years smartphone user.
  • Slow Monday eh wpcentral editors??
  • Nice to see the prices drop, hope some ppl buy this phone, this device is amazing for the average consumer who just wants to text, call and browse the web
  • I'm using a Lumia 810 and am really impressed with the shutter speed of the 8x. The image chip is no gimmick. Photo quality is great too. Looking forward to its successor 8x+ maybe
  • In all hope both HTC and Nokia keep coming out with great phones for windows just imagine both HTC and Nokia duking it out for baddest phone for windows.... holy s*** well be seeing sum sweet phones ready!
  • The 8X is a good phone. But if you want one, get the 16Gb variant. Also 32 and 64 Gb variants would be welcome by many.