HTC Cavalier Clears FCC

Honestly, we've been waiting a long time here for the HTC Cavalier. Looong time. We heard about it first in January's HTC roadmap, then again in January when BGR fondled one. Heck, we even saw somebody else bury the Cavalier in the snow(!). So after all that, it's good to see the FCC will let it be used here in the US.

But will anybody pick it up? The Cavalier is essentially a T-Mobile Dash with HSDPA. But T-Mobile still hasn't gotten their 3G act together, so I wouldn't hold my breath that they'll do it. That leaves us with AT&T, obviously, but I can't really see them doing anything other than sticking with the Blackjack for their 3G WM Smartphone. And I have to say I can't blame them - I'll take a better keyboard over included WiFi any day - is that crazy?

Anyhow, maybe HTC will just release the phone on their own, unlocked and ready to rock, without any carrier support. I hope they do, actually. Wouldn't it be nice if all phones were sold that way instead of with the horrible contract system we're still saddled with?

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WC Staff