HTC closely working with Microsoft for a Windows 10 device

On the sidelines of the India launch of HTC One M9+, the company's new flagship Android smartphone, in New Delhi earlier today, HTC shared that the company is closely working with Microsoft as Windows 10 shapes up to bring a new device to market.

HTC had launched the HTC One (M8) for Windows last year, a Windows version of their then current Android flagship. When asked about a Windows edition of the latest HTC One M9 +, Chia-Lin Chang, President of Global Sales and Chief Financial Officer at HTC, said that the company is closely working with Microsoft as they ramp up towards the release of Windows 10.

We'll see how the new version of the Windows operating system shapes up and where it fits in the HTC lineup.

Chang said that the company will be able to share more information about the next Windows smartphone by HTC by the end of second quarter or the beginning of third quarter this year.

HTC has had a love-hate relationship with Windows, and has launched several, well designed Windows Phone devices, yet taken several months between the successive launches and have almost ignored a marketing push for these devices. Not to mention the limited availability of the M8 with Windows Phone.

Could HTC make a difference with their next Windows Phone device, and would you buy one? Tell us in the comments!

  • I smell a flagship...
  • We don't need HTC windows flagship , we need a LUMIA flagship
  • What would you do if Microsoft refuses to let go low and mid range? *sobs
  • Guess ill be going midrange Lumia then haha
  • @yahia_malkawi.
    You've got the wrong mindset, windows phone needs FLAGSHIPS :P.
  • Yes Lumia flsgships. Which have done not the best but still better than HTC and Samsung flagships in sales and mindshare
  • What a surprise, the professional fan boy Idiot is in a HTC article espousing anti-HTC nonsense. This is why you have no friends.
  • Aw i have you at least to comment on my comments :)
  • Nope, I'm just doing my usual calling out of an idiot who doesn't know how to scroll past articles or how to not troll. I do that often.
  • I wasnt trolling :) I wanted to participate. I know it is a hard concept for you to understand, but you don't have to respond to my comments. You choose to do so, to defend your precious HTC/M8 and that is admriable. But it is hypocrticial for you to tell me to scroll pass the article when you cant do the same for my comments. I am sharing my opinions, as have other lumia fans have, like you do in a community. My apologies if my opinion differs from yours ;)
  • Cannon, So you're trolling for trolls? Is that any better? To the defense of "superboy", some of us have had a very long list of bad experiences with HTC.
  • I am one of em :D Both on android and Windows phone, HTC was problematic.
  • HTC it's the best. Maybe not in updates but quality yes Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's different when it comes to SuperTroll Micah. Most of us who appreciates HTC for at least giving us their best phone of last year go to Lumia news and say... I'm tired of all this htc news. Hey cannon! "they hate us cause they anus" but I just think Micah is just "peanut butter and jealous"
  • Totes jealous considering I have the better supported phone.
  • I have a Lumia 1020 but that doesn't mean I'm blind. Micah, sometimes I feel like I'm talking to an apple fanboy. It doesn't matter what it is... No one is hating on Lumias so stop being so defensive when you see an HTC article. HTC makes great phones and it so happens the M8 is "one" of the many great selections of Windows Phones. Mr. DANIEL RUBINO has put you in your place many times... Why let it happen again?
  • Just saw this. First of all, I havent been put in my place by ANYONE. Secondly, it's not a bad phone but it is certainly not better than any of the other windows phone flagships either.
  • I had an HTC flagship. No apps. No support. No Updates. No nothing. It virtually was the worst phone buying decision I ever made. Got rid of it within a year and got Lumia 1520 - now that is a flagship!
  • Shh. the htc fans will come at you and be ready to attack :D haha 1520 is amazing. I have it(yellow) and it is a great phone though i am ready for a new lumia.
  • That's funny, I have (and had) a HTC flagship and I've got plenty of apps, oem support and every update except for the WinMo 10 tech preview. Maybe you're in an alternate universe?
  • Be nice to know if it was the M8 or a HTC running 7.8. Gonna put my money on the latter. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Or a windows phone 8x/8s ;) Of course it doesnt necessarily matter what phone it was. Once someone is taitned by a product, that opinion stays the same regardless if it supposedly improved. Case in experience with android :D
  • Actually I did forget about the 8x series. Which is good to know that despite HTC sales, they stand firmly behind MS. It's good to have partners like that despite your fanboy comments. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • However, HTC admits that they're in "wait and see" mode with regard to Windows 10. After using the technical preview, I can definitely see why they're waiting to see what happens. That OS is a mess. I had an old Android with a WP 8 style launcher. It reminds me a lot of that. Jumpy, terrible transitions, multiple themes, multiple menu styles in various locations, continuously switching between WP8 and Android style and design language, continuously switching between light and dark themes, etc, etc. Come to think of it, Android with a WP8 launcher was less annoyingly Android than WP10.
  • Hmmm... "technical preview". I guess if you don't read it would be kinda hard to understand why the oS isn't as smooth.
  • I fully understand the reality and many disclosures of what it is. However, summer is coming quickly. This preview is soooo far off from being a compelling product, that an OEM would be justified in a reluctance to fully commit and to instead wait to see what it becomes. The current trajectory of the product points towards a mismash of a little of everything that will ultimately please no one. Hopefully that will dramatically change before a summer launch. We will wait and see, just like some OEMs.
  • It's understandable you forgot it. It was largely irreelvant in the grand scheme of windows phones and certainly wont be remembered. I did like its design better than my 920...but HTC support was horrible and I feel for those poor 8x users who are unhappy with their choices. Those are the people who are burned by HTC and refuse to M8 or any other HTC a try. Or those who were burned in the windows phone 7 days AND still gave them the benefit of the doubt and got the 8x :D I am not opposed to these phones, contray to what you think. I am opposed to these phones if they are not going to bring their best. And i dont mean 6 months later when the phone is already irrelevant and I dont mean just selling it but pretending it doesn't exist. I'd be willing to give them and others a try if they can give me a compelling reason. And they can't.
  • You can't compare the htc m8 to the previous htc Windows Phones. I agree, the support wasn't there but this is the m8 we are talking about. No one hates Lumias here because we all enjoy Windows Phones and since we all enjoy Windows Phones I'm happy to see HTC still working on Windows Phones
  • Yes you can. You act like this is a completely different HTC or something. It's still the same HTC and they have slightly improved lmfao. But anyone who was burned by the 8x is likely not going to want to risk it a second time so it makes sense that they don't want HTC lmao.
  • It is a completely different HTC.  The One M8 is head and shoulders above any windows phone I've used.  Inclunding the HTC 8X.  Yes I got burned on the first one, but they corrected the course.  The Lumia lines may have a better camera, but unless you're on AT&T it's the best windows phone in the U.S. in my opinion.  I haven't got to compare to the 1520, (I'm on Verizon and was on T-Mobile) but don't act like it's a bad phone just because you love Lumia.
  • It's not a bad phone. It's just not something I'd spend money on. It's really the best choice for those on T-mobile and Verizon for not having any lumia options. Of course i'd probably go Ativ SE over HTC with Verizon
  • I live in Estonia, so with HTC 8x phone there were no Here Drive, no Cortana (cause US language was absent from the settings) and when I got it, it costed some insane 500 euro... Sure it looked and felt great, but otherwise a dissapointment. After that I got Lumia 1520 for like 365 euro from China, delivered in 2 days with stated price of 93 eur, so I only paid 17 eur import tax...
  • And who is complaining about HTC but you?
  • If only Samsung would do the same with the S6/S6 Edge, Note 4...........................
  • HTC 8x not long after it came out...
  • Thanks that helps me better understand your frustration. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • What other HTC flagship other than the m8 came out? It sucks that HTC abandoned their previous phones but to be quite honest those phones weren't even close to the Lumia line. Not saying that's an excuse for HTC to abandoned their phones but as a consumer that wasnt even a consideration. Ssshhh SuperLumia will think you are on his side now lol
  • The HTC hardware is good. However, MS and HTC are not keeping the software on par. What good is the hardware if the OS isn't updated to utilize it? The M8 has the hardware to make use of sensor core MS has enabled on its high end Lumias. But, neither MS nor HTC has updated the phone to use it.  Same with basic elements like DLNA, MS is using the adopted Lumias Play To to fill that gap but have they pushed it out to other capable hardware? Nope. How long has the M8 been on the market now and still they are unable to bring basic functionality enjoyed on iOS and Android. It's the same old story... Hurry up and wait.  So, I'll be waiting while I enjoy all those basics and more on my iPhone today while my M8 sits in its drawer.  It'll be outdated long before it ever actually becomes useful. In other words, it was a waste of money.        
  • Windows phone needs a SURFACE phone flagship, the Lumia brand has absolutely no momentum, the Surface brand has great brand prescence going for it at the moment
  • How's that been working out for you? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Agreed. I certainly don't want HTC to be any shining example of windows phone. Considering the mess they have released thus far. Thankfully Lumia flagships have been promised by Microsoft so at the very least, those people who support irrelevance like htc will have something to at least support the os with even if most of us agree Lumia is better
  • It is not necessary to speak badly about a non-Lumia Windows flagship device. Would be lovely to see Xperia Z4 for Windows as well. What is there not to like about choice? Look at Android: people love HTC One. You also have Huawei, ZTE and what not. Choice is good. Are people angry about the lack of Nexus options? Maybe, but Samsung is a third-party manufacturer while Nexus is king. Samsung just happens to be best-selling manufacturer. Lumia is my fav choice myself, but having people buy HTC M9 for Windows would be insanely great if you ask me. I would be thrilled for my friends sake if they bought HTC flagships running Win 8.1 and Win 10 later.
  • I'd recommend my friends to get the best windows phone experience. Somethign with guaranteed support, amazing cameras and features and comes in many different form factors/sizes. If Lumia is not somethign that appeals to them, then i'd recommend them to something Non-lumia. Case in point, a friend wanted a windows phone....and the 640 isnt i pointed them to the Blu win hd. I support and back OEMs who support and back this platform. The android comparison isn't balanced simply put because Android has always existed like that. WIndows phone 7 was the same way. You had many choice between OEMs. Then they crapped out and Lumia became the de facto standard which is why most people refuse to buy HTC or Samsung devices and only buy lumia. Lumia isnt nexus. Lumia is the galaxy of the Windows phone team and choice is great. But i'd rather see microsoft take an apple apporach with hardware and a google approach with software. Than having a bunch of crap OEMs release something and then half-ass it with support.
  • What is there not to like about choice you ask? Go shopping with my woman...damn choices keep me out and about forever...
  • That's it!!!! I'm tired of your stupid ass fanboyism. There literally would be no Windows Phone without HTC. They have been making Windows smartphones since the beginning. They are pioneers of smartphones. Before even Blackberry. I've owned both HTC and Lumia phones. My loyalty is to Windows, and I will choose the best Windows device on T-Mobile at the moment. I have no OEM loyalty. It's crazy!
  • Yeah and apaprently them making windows mobile certainly didnt save that platform....and for them to been with the OS(in all forms) since the dawn of time, it certainly hasn't helped them out in the long run. You are absolutely right HTC was a pioneer in smartphones. I've owned many of them...the first 4G phone(HTC evo)...the first Verizon htc android phone(HTC Droid Eris). Many of their other hardware as well. And guess what? HTC has gotten outmatched by samsung, Sony, and even motroola of all people today on well as Nokia Lumia on windows phone side. Theya re a shadow of themselves and releasing flawed products like the m9 isnt going to cut it.
  • The M9 is better than any current phone made for Windows, full stop.  HTC has its issues, but unlike MS they try to actually make cutting edge handsets.  What WP absolutely does not need is another 200 glorified feature phones under the lumia banner. 
  • Ha this is too funny. When HTC releases a phablet that almost 2 years later is still the de facto standard like the 1520. We can talk. When HTC releases an INNOVATIVE phone such as the 1020....then we can talk. In fact, how about if HTC just releases a phone with a good camera period. The m9 isnt better then the 930, 1520, or even the 1020 in some ways. It certainly is not better than the Samsung SE. It's simple an evolved M8 with little changes to it except...gasp a slightly less subpar camera and ultrapixel FFC :D YAY!
  • I have a 1020.  It lags so much it is unusable, and the camera takes so long to open and capture pictures 99% of the time whatever I wanted to shoot has moved on.  The 1020's time came and went 2 years ago, it lacks modern features, was underpowered to begin with and now a relic of processors gone by.
  • So you're complaining about a phones hardware that is nearly 3 years old. No wonder you have issues.
  • Lumia 1020 will be out for 2 years in June/July 2015. The problem with it was the fact I was a Lumia 920 from a processing standpoint with a sweet camera. Agree on the camera lag and mine eventually didn't focus anymore. Now on an 830, and even with the midrange specs I prefer it over the 1020.
  • Hey Dan, when will my downvotes do something? Will they eventually hide comments? Or how about the person who gets a bunch gets cut off from commenting for a while?
  • Lol seriously. Suspend his account or something.
  • Again? How many times do we have to ban him?
  • Why? Why not HTC? Why not Samsung? Why not LG? Why not anyone else who makes phones? Closed minded thinking like that isn't going to lead to success for the platform.
  • If LG, Samsung, HTC or anyone else actually mattered then people would buy their widnows phones. I wish people would stop this whole "We need OEMs for success" becuase it is obviosu we don't. Microsoft(and Nokia) have done well enough with Lumia line in the low end and mid range levels. had they adopted this position in the Windows phone 7 days, i think we would've been well. What will lead to success is not crappy OEM support......but a fully refined OS that isnt handicapped and lacking in features IOS and ANdroid and sometimes even blackberry have. What's going to to lead this platform to success is having apps. I am not close minded at all. I originally joined Windows phone WITH the Htc 8x and I quickly discovered that Lumia phones were better in pretty much every way. From the awesome support to the amazing cameras and innovation(see the 1020) and a series of firsts for windows phone such as my 1520. Both Samsung and HTC have been with WIndows phone since the beginning and they have done very little to drive this platform to success. And presently speaking if we lost them, there is no negative effect on marketshare. Make windows 10 the best it needs to be. Woo these developers and stop wasting time with crap OEMs and release cutting edge lumia. Just like they do with Surface...and there's your success. Not HTC releasing yet another phone which will probably be US only again OR offerign minimal support.
  • You can't expect fanboy still holding on to any glimmer of hope to answer this logically. Lumia didn't help WP sale. Nokia did. Just because MS still holds the Lumia name doesn't make promises that a flagship for Win 10 will sale the way it did with the Nokia name. Win 10 can benefit from other OEM flagship as you got loyal brand buyers that could be interested in buying. But people don't see that here. Nokia was their saviour, not Lumia. I personally would love a GS6 for Window. I'd get that just in a heartbeat. I'd probably go back to Windows when a decent REAL flagship comes. But it don't have to be Lumia. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • And without Lumia/Nokia, this marketshare would still be in the 0.8% range it was in the Windows Phone 7 days when there was no lumia and we had far more OEMs at the time :D  If brand loyalty mattered, Samsung would be able to sell a windows phone solely by name as could htc, no matter the OS. As we see, that isnt true and windows 10 wont change that. You are absolutely right. Nokia DID help the platform. I am glad people realize that. It was actually Nokia who paved the way for a lot of the apps we got. I remember the instagram debacle and long before instagram came, we had the hipstomatic option. It wasn't the best......actually awful. But it gave us something. This was before rudy of course and when Instance/Itsdagram was a thing. It brought features to the OS that the OS itself lacked as well.Not to mention many innovations from nokia Thankfully, Lumia is now with Microsoft and they are carrying on that tradition. Unfortunately, they are sharing some of that with Non-Lumia phones but alas I suppsoe it is wrong of me to want some sense of exclusivity. I just hope they remember their loyal supporters and bring out some innovation exclusively for Lumias only.
  • NOKIA DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE. Ok let's get past that. And just because MS has Lumia means what? What was Google able to do with Motorola? I mean other than run it into the ground, sell it to Lenovo and hold on to its patents? MS has not been doing a stellar job with Lumia DESPITE your persistent fanboyism and blind sight of what's happening. MS is a software company and should had stuck with that. You can't expect those numbers to be the same as it was with Nokia brand moving forward. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Last i checked the sales for Lumia have been doing pretty well and marketshare I believe has increased(slowly) thanks in part to the the 635. We of course can't speak for flagships becuase there has not been a flagship released under Microsoft just yet to compare to Nokia. Considering the success of 635(though we'll count that as Nokia), the 830 and with the growing excitement for the 640 and 640 XL which are primed to potentially be amazing weapons in our aresenal, I say for an OS that hasn't had a true flagship(M8 doesnt count as it is only US centric) since the 920(930 doesnt count as it is Non-US and the Icon was only verizon) in 2012....Lumia is doing just fine :D Motorola and Google were a totally different thing lol.
  • Selling pretty well and increase in sales and market shares are two different things. Most likely, and this is only an assumption, people are upgrading a dated 530 or other low end model. That doesn't guarantee MS is being successful with their sales. Just like Google with Motorola. And doing just fine? Stuck ~3.5% market share for how long? Gain market here, lose market there. It's a balancing act with MS. The fact is it doesn't hurt to provide other OEM. I don't know why that's so hard to understand. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Fine may be an overstatement. I agree, but it is not failing miserably as yout ried to imply. I can expect the numbers to stay the same because it's been a year since the Acquisition of Mobile from Nokia and there has not been any type of negative outcome. Lumia sales have increased(slightly) since then and there is certainly just as much excitement for the 640XL and 640 as there was for the 635 last year. I almost forgot the lumia 435 and the 530/535 which i think ARe microsoft products. SO yeah compared to Nokia Lumia vs Microsoft Lumia, they are doing just fine and you can;t compare Microsoft to Google simply because we've yet to see how they will handle a flagship launch. After windows 10, then we can see what happens and we can fairly compare the two
  • Micah, WP market share fell from almost 4% to 2.7% ever since Nokia left Lumia and WP behind. No matter how you try to twist that around, ever since Nokia left things have been going even more downhill for Windows Phone. (For example, did you notice when Instagram last updated their app? Yup. A month before Nokia left.)   Lumia is NOT doing just fine, on the contrary. Despite the plethora of cheap devices released, Microsoft is losing marketshare (and with it, developers of course). WP failed the moment Microsoft had to buy Nokia's D&S division to prevent them to go full Android sooner. Microsoft know that very well. Hence the continuous release of services onto Android and iOS.
  • Are you talking about the worldwide marketshare? I also get that you are a Nokia fan, which is ifne, but are we going to REALLY actually say that Nokia's departure is the reasonign for that. Considering the fact that most likely the reason market share has fallen is less Nokia and more so because of the OS itself(we know how people view Windows phone in general). Never mind the lack of a flagship device And what does instagram have to do with nokia's departure? LMFAO. Considering most of Nokia's success came FROm their plethora of cheap devices then Microsoft is continuing on doing what Nokia has been doing and releasing more and more and more low end phones. But i forget you are a Nokia fan and the only thing worse than arguign with an HTC fan is a Nokia fan lol.
  • Yes. Worldwide marketshare. And yes, I'm definitely saying it is the reason for the abrupt decline. People bought the phones on the Nokia brand. Not on the OS.   Nokia was the one pushing developers to release the apps. Microsoft never really cared. Nokia left and Microsoft didn't bother. Not only that, they shut down Nokia's ambassador teams.   Yes I am a Nokia fan. Proud of it. I'm not blind, though. But you're a blind fan of whatever it is (I'm not even sure anymore...Microsoft mobile? Lumia?) lol
  • WP market share is greater than 2.7%. You  can find the easiet navigation tool for mobile oS marketshare by country at the following link:  
  • No, it's not
  • Okay thank you for the clarification. I don't exactly 100 percent equate that with the loss of Nokia. Martketshare has dropped but the sales of Lumia devices has increased i believe. So as I said before, i dont think it is because we lost nokia...I know. I know. You view Nokia as thsi great entity and MS as the big bad ugly monster :D
  • According to this MS has 0.8% market share in China. That's horrible. How does MS plan on penetrate Nguyen Lumia with Xiaomi and Huawei Android devices? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That is horrible. Of course I am curious as to what models and marketing are over there in CHina as well.
  • To be honest Xiaomi owns China so it wouldn't matter. Their phones sale ridiculously Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Apparently Microsoft has been working with Xiaomi to release a custom Windows rom for their android phones and the news was very well received. Oh and prepare yourself as Superboy Micah is going to probably give his own worthless opinion as to why they shouldn't do this and Lumia this, that, etc... :D
  • Such a dumb comment. If WP has already failed, then why is MS pumping resources into W10? If MS buying Nokia was them admitting failure, then why did they do it? Just to throw $7 billion away?
  • Hey hey know I agree with pretty much everything you've written but Nokia DOES exist still. They just don't exist in the WP world anymore. But if you said that in regards to Micah still writting Lumia/Nokia as if Nokia was still involved in the Lumia devices, then fine. Carry on... ;P
  • I realize that this may be a hard concept for you to understand, so i'll break it down :) I wrote Lumia/Nokia(the lumia being first as that is present) because technically Lumia started with Nokia's efforts in 2012...and I was speaking collectively over the years. Hence the Lumia/Nokia. I am well aware that Nokia no longer is involved with Lumias and I look forward to my Microsoft Lumia upgrade later this year :D
  • Well that's what I meant for these arguments. Should had been more specific but yes, we definitely can agree on that. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You might be in for a shock if you underestimate Nokia. Hint: they still very much exist. Your cellular connection likely relies on some of their kit. Oh, and they get to use the Nokia name on handsets again from next year. folks ignore them at their peril.  
  • Fortunately Microsoft doesn't share your viewpoint, otherwise they may as well just pull the plug on Windows Phone. Newsflash, MS isn't Apple. MS isn't selling 10 million $500+ Lumias in a single day or weekend. So they're going to need all the help they can get, especially from more well known smartphone brands.      
  • THANK YOU! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Except you're missing the point that those 'well known' brands have been here all along and still have achieved nothing for microsoft. Hopefully microsoft realizes they are already doing amazing things with Surface....and they can do the same thing with Lumia if they put that much effort into it. Surface is growing and growing even from its abysmal start, MS is not Apple. They aren't google but if they take the greatest of the two, they can be a force to reckon with. With Lumia innovations....flood the market like android with various lumias while refinning your OS to an apple quality. There  is your recipe for success. Not chasing after Samsung and HTC and being afraid to anger them so you handicap your own products.
  • "flood the market like android"   You should call Samsung and ask them how flooding t