HTC found not to blame in microphone dispute with Nokia, looking at new replacement designs

More information has come to light on the drama unfolding between Nokia and HTC. The Finnish manufacturer was granted a preliminary injunction against the HTC One due to an identical microphone component being installed by ST Microelectronics. It has now been found that HTC isn't to blame, but the component provider for breaching the contract with Nokia.

The courts have imposed a 10-month ban on ST Micro selling the dual-membrane microphone that were designed and co-developed by Nokia. It's reported that miscommunication led ST Micro to believe that the exclusivity agreement for Nokia was just six months, when in reality it's twelve months. The exclusive deal period has been extended by a further six months as a penalty.

As noted above, HTC were found to blameless in this situation as the company could not have known the details of a confidential agreement between Nokia and ST Micro. HTC faces no penalties and its products affected are not banned in any market. HTC has also released a statement detailing plans to transition to "improved" microphones.

via: Android Central (1) (2); thanks, Jonathan and everyone else for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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