HTC to release Bluetooth headphones device for Windows Phones?

Bluetooth accessory for HTC Windows Phone owners?

HTC could be building a portfolio of official accessories for its Windows Phone 8 family of smartphones if a recently published video is anything to go by. Nokia has unveiled a number of extras that future customers can purchase to further enrich the Lumia Windows Phone experience. Through the inclusion of wireless charging and NFC, the company can offer a collection of products that stand out.

It looks as though the Taiwanese manufacturer is deciding to go down a similar route in attempt to increase profit margins on the platform. With the Beats Audio for marketing, HTC can make use of the popular brand to push forward media accessories, including Bluetooth devices and headphones.

At approximately 0:26 in the video, which is located in this article, we can clearly see a device attached to the actress. A pair of earphones are plugged into the top of what appears to be a Bluetooth receiver of sorts - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). No technical data is available, so it's unknown how the device is powered, as well as if this accessory fully supports hands-free calling.

There's no mention of pricing or availability, apart from a "sold separately" notice. We imagine a device such as this to retail for no more than $40 (£30), but this is an official accessory from HTC, so we could be surprised when the announcement is made. What we can take away from the video is that this accessory could well support NFC, as well as be available in matching colours to HTC devices.

We'll know more when HTC officially announce both the HTC 8S and 8X to the world - not long to go now. Be sure to check out the HTC Windows Phone 8 video below in the meantime.

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via: WMPU

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