HTC Titan II now available at AT&T

While retail stores will likely be closed for the Easter Holiday, you can find the latest HTC Windows Phone at AT&T's website just in case you can't wait until Monday. The HTC Titan II went live just a little while ago.

The Titan II sports an impressive 4.7" Super LCD screen, 16gb of storage, and a really, really, really nice 16mp rear facing camera. The Titan II made a very respectable first impressions and we'll have a full review up on the site shortly (hint: the Titan II ain't shabby).  The Titan II joins another new Windows Phone that you might have read about, the Nokia Lumia 900.  AT&T has once again built up a very admirable Windows Phone line up and hopefully they will put up the marketing efforts to support it.

AT&T is offering the Titan II for $199.99 after contractual discounts and you can snag it for $549.99 off-contract. You find all the details and ordering information here at AT&T's wireless site (opens in new tab).

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Lumia 900 I love it so.
  • Can't wait till this comes out on Rogers.
  • That's a pretty steep price compared to the Lumia 900.
  • Any indications when/where else the titan II is being released? Love the look of the Nokia and the Nokia apps but the camera on the titan is just too good. I really wasn't expecting this quality from a16mp phone camera, but the large BSI sensor has really won this one for HTC.
  • Loving my cyan Lumia 900. My son is waiting for the white. He has been so patient for this phone!
  • I am loving my black lumia 900! I bought the blue gel case for it and it really makes the phone pop. :)
  • So... crickets? Honestly, why did HTC even bother?
  • Why did you even bother posting such a ridiculous comment?
  • I mean, I'm asking because Nokia is pushing the Lumia 900 a TON (I bought one). The only reason to get the HTC Titan II is for the 16MP camera, which I don't think is worth $100 more.
  • There's more than one reason to get it, bigger screen,battery, better sound because of the sound enhancer featuring SRS.
  • For the record: Lumia 900 is good for the platform but the Titan II is good for me ;-) Titan II is not for everyone, it's still a bit of a geek phone (the ladies won't like such a gawky device) whereas the Lumia 900, despite an inferior camera, is an easier sell.
  • Dan - Do you have any updates on whether HTC has addressed the call quality issues that affected many of the original HTC Titan's?  I have the original and have had some issues with call quality and the anntena reception.  
  • Battery?
  • Specs wise Titan is a better device.
  • Its ovious that the titan 2 is the superior handset: better camera and better processor! And in everything else its neck to neck with the lumia... The only true reason the lumia is  being given center stage while the titan is ignored is because Nokia is concentrating on making handsets exclusively for windows while HTC makes most of its business with android. Its all just business politics and the consumer gets lied to... HTC titan 2 is hands down the superior product! Go to the windows phone website and compare both phones specs side by side and see it for yourself! 
  • It is very true. But updates will more likely be push to nokia devices on time. I have the titan one, it has a few issues and even though everyone is aware of them; there hasn't been any updates or patches for this device.
  • Titan 2 for me! All about the screen size for me anyway. I have 4.3 already and want more. Seeing as the titan 2 and the 900 are the same size why did Nokia not go for a bigger screen? Maybe I'll get a wp8 Nokia device if they get a bigger screen, really wanted a Nokia but not at the expense of smaller screen size. Resale value will suck compared to the 900 though I bet!
  • BetaSmartphone commercials aired tonight on NBC here in Dallas....
  • Which way is faster to get one in my hands? Wait till Monday morning and go to the store right?
  • So is this overpriced or is the 900 underpriced (sold at cost or lower to build brand equity)? My money is on the latter.
  • Anyone who believes the Titan is better quality than Nokia has never owned a Nokia smartphone. First off the Titan 2 screen is inferior. It may be larger but it's LCD and due to its larger size its more pixelated. By having a larger backlit screen the larger battery won't benefit as much as Amoled due to black backgrounds.
    I have owned many HTC phones and many Nokia phones and the overall quality of Nokia tops all. These are first phones and u can guarantee sound quality will outshine the titan in both calls and playback. Don't believe this is all hype if u never owned a Nokia phone u wouldn't understand. I have an N8 and now a Lumia 900 and its heaven. The horrible quality of my HD7 was my last draw with HTC and their recycled products. Same phone on android
  • Interesting... Do you know if the Titan 2's screen is still the same as the original Titan's? I know the resolution (and presumably the ppi) is the same; I just wanted to know if the Titan 2's screen is any improvement at all over that of the Titan 1.
    'Cos I actually like the Titan 2 from what I've seen of it thus far, but I'm waiting til I can test both it and the Lumia 900, to help me decide between them.
  • I like the original Titan's S-LCD better than any AMOLED I've seen. The Titan II improves upon that. Some of the things I prefer:
     - Larger - Better whites - Photo realistic saturation - No excessive power draw for white-themed UIs (e-mail, browser, etc.) or strange auto power limiting on all white screens (hate this)   
  • The screen on my Titan is much more accurate color wise than any Amoled panel, the whites make it easier to read than an Amoled. I'll give up some black level vs an amoled for this experience.
  • As intelligent and informed consumers, we know that making decisions based on brand history or our own experiences can sometimes backfire on us. Windows phone is revolutionizing the smart phone market and its just beginning (can't wait for winpho 8!), I can only speak for myself, and as hard as I work for my money I deserve the best quality I can afford and that's why I won't drink the coolaid and just believe the marketing hype... So I invite you to do as I did: check the specs, they are there for anyone with eyes... And what I will do: go to the nearest AT&T store and handle both phones and compare. In the end, I'm not trying to convince anyone to think as I do, the proof is there and its ovious, but we all deserve our opinions. Enjoy the Lumia, it will probably become as popular as the iPhone... As for me, I'm a true winphan and I rather go for what works than for what's popular, no matter the brand...
  • 4.7" is great if you want a brick. 3.8" is the maximum for a Smartphone. I have an iPad for anything bigger.
  • For you, maybe. Some of us have big, meaty, manual-labor hands. A sub-4" screen only works for me on WP because the soft keyboard is so good. And I have a friend who's 6'9". He could fit 3 800s in the palm of his hands side-by-side. Big phones are actually necessary for some people.
  • True, good we have a choice. Too bad there's no Lumia 900 in Europe yet, and Titan is obscenely expensive over here. I think 4", 4.3" tops, is the sweet spot for me. Still live my Lumia 800, but my Omnia 7 had a nicer sized screen.
  • To all of you saying that the Titan 2 has the bigger battery, it is not true.
    T2 has 1730, 900 has 1830.
    I want the T2 but the only thing keeping me from making the decision is the Nokia Apps.
  • Excellent point about apps. Nokia Drive is awesome and they really did a superb job showing off what WP can do in capable hands.
  • I'm on my 3rd Titan and each has more problems than the last...horrible quality control. Plus the plastic they use discolors very fast. Happened on my HD7 I have the 900 and the screen is miles ahead which compensates for its smaller size
  • In my opinion 900 and Titan II are very comparable phones and all it boils down to is one's preference of a particular parameter. On the other hand, I believe neither is worth switching to from L800 or the original Titan...
  • The original Titan is $199, the same price as the T2. They need to lower the price of the original to $149.99.
  • I understand people really like their Nokias but why are the first 4 out of 6 comments on this Titan II post about that? Anyway, I can't wait to play with this at the store. I really want it so I need to confirm my bias.
  • I heard some stores will still be open. Not all will close. At least one in each city will remain open.
  • Very bad idea to release it on the same day as the Lumia 900 and at a $100 more for an obviously old HTC design.
  • Shut the fuck up about design
  • Something needs to be done about this poster. Tired of your disrespectful and non productive post
  • I've been using lumia 900 for few days now and I gotta say I'm really enjoying windows phone 7.5 its very fast and smooth. Screen looks fantastic and hardware is awesome. I think people will enjoy using titan 2 which has even better camera.