HTC upbeat about Windows Phones

Since the announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series, we've seen an LG WP7S phone and heard rumblings of a Samsung phone in development running the new Microsoft OS. However, one of the more popular smartphone manufacturers, HTC, has remained fairly quiet on the WP7S front.

HTC is having success with Android phones and as well with the new T-Mobile HD2 but will we see a HTC WP7S phone?  HTC's Chief Executive Peter Chou shed some light on that subject in a recent Forbe's Magazine interview.

Chou was upbeat when questioned about Windows Mobile 7 Series, describing himself as being "thrilled" with the many changes Microsoft has made. Chou expects HTC to release a WP7S phone by the end of the year.

HTC doesn't plan on abandoning Windows Mobile phones either. Chou commented, "Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 will coexist", believing that corporate users will likely continue to use the latter. 

It will be interesting to see what HTC will offer with either Microsoft system.  We know that a mystery HTC "Windows Phone" recently passed through the FCC and the HD Mini is lurking in the shadows.  Chou's comments are encouraging and may mean that either could be the first of several HTC Windows Phones to head our way this year.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • He's making all the right noises but for HTC he sounds uncharacteristically subdued, plus all they've announced this year for WM are the crap HD mini, everything else is android based. I wont be surprised to see HTC scale back their WM handsets in favour of android going forward.
  • I don't think there's been any doubt about HTC continuing to produce Windows phones. What always bothered me is how the USA might receive a Windows phone that is already 6-9 months after the rest of thw world. This situation alone means iPhone and Android devices released in the USA seem faster and newer - because they are! :-)
  • I'm sure they will continue but WM/WP will be their secondary OS to android and there will probably only a few devices released compared to the deluge of android devices.
  • quality > quantity I only use one phone, so I only need one good phone. I'm sticking with the Touch Pro series unless they mess up the keyboard.
  • HTC HD mini is a nice phone, but it could be better if it was an Android phone. Why? Simply 'cos I might say that WinMo 6.5.3 is already obsolete: WinMo 7 is coming and lots of developers will move there.
  • Well even as an android phone it will also be obsolete, Adobe for one says higher specced processors are required for Flash 10.1, and no matter what OS its running it will be slow compared to the current standard which is 1Ghz. And iWindows Phone doesnt make 6.5.3 obsolete, only for those who cant think for themselves and want an iphone clone. For a lot of people 6.5.x does the job without sacrificing basic functionality like in iWindows Phone.
  • You and others keep brining up the "iphone clone" bit, and it's pretty off IMO. The OS isn't even done, hell it's not even beta yet. I think everyone is jumping the gun when it comes to "another closed system". MS trying to keep things consistant doesn't mean they're going to close it up like Apple does. Systems are in place for OTA updates and new features and APIs for devs will be coming, the thing is that they have a deadline and to make it before the year is over they have to sacrifice some things, that's just the way it is. I believe 100% that come next year and in time for the 2nd batch of WP7s devices, updates will bring back most, if not all, of those "basic features" people keep harping about, if they're not in place between now and RTM that is.
  • face the facts man. its an ugly, wierdly skinny iphone
  • IMHO this is going to make the iPhone look good, so it is almost an insult to the iPhone.
  • Didn't u buy an adroid phone yet? Please. Just do. Thanks
  • No, I bought the HD2, which will probably be the last great Windows Mobile phone.
  • Ugly? The UI? I don't agree at all. You're opinion about it doesn't make it fact, so there's nothing to face period.
  • No OTA update is going to add storage card support, side loading and change the fact that IT IS an iphone clone. Its MS's way or the high way, sound familiar?
  • I love how you're so sure of yourself, which crystal ball are you using?
  • Got it for Xmas :) you and it tells me you wont get storage card support on a device that does not have a card slot, no matter how many OTA updates you get.
  • That's the device, we're talking the OS.
  • You cant ignore the restrictions on the hardware as they also have an impact on the OS and software environment which was my point, just like the iphone they are copying there will be no storage card support in iWP7S.
  • You're still stating it as fact when you don't know what MS will do this time next year and so on. We could just as well start to see WP7s devices later in 2011 with microSD slots. If it's limited to just storying media and not apps is a different subject though. My point is that the OS will be getting updates and the devices we get later this year aren't the default ones we'll have for the whole life of WP7s.
  • "Chou commented, 'Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 will coexist', believing that corporate users will likely continue to use the latter." Do you former instead of latter? Or do you mean that corporate users will continue to stick with Microsoft and use 7? I'd love to see the Trophy be released on Sprint ('cause of my plan, I won't switch). I like my Touch Pro 2, but if the Snap looked like the Dash 3G, that's what I'd be using. IMO, it's faster and easier to use than the new Blackberry Curve. I love the form factor, but the Treo Pro's screen and Snap's keyboard were too big of a drawback for me to go with them over a TP2. I'd have no problem sticking with 6.5.x because I don't need games, apps, etc. Phone calls, texting, e-mailing, MMS, and a good media player and I should be good to go.
  • Both Chou and Balmer have repeatedly shown that they worship at the temple of the All Mighty Marketplace. How long ago did Balmer tell us (and reported by WMExperts) that he was satisfied with WM's direction and marketing strategy? WM's sales tanked, they're hitting new lows with every sales report, so Microsoft did what they thought they had to do, basically dumping the past and reinventing their mobile OS. For the most part everything Balmer had said about Windows Mobile prior to the 7 announcement has been invalidated. HTC is set to announce record Q2 earnings. There's no question the drivers for those earnings are phones running the Android OS. Chou is smart enough not to burn HTC's bridges with Microsoft, not at least until he sees how WP7 does in the Marketplace. But WM6.5? If sales go any lower, it won't be economical to support the OS anymore. HTC will drop support in a heartbeat, Chou won't care what he said a few months ago, especially since no tech "reporter" will ever call him on it.
  • HTC will produce flagship type devices for WP7Series. I'm not talking about them making a branded Microsoft phone like the Nexus One but the type of spec'd out phone like the HD2 and Supersonic. The truth is that HTC does want to make a name for themselves using the Sense UI and Android is the best platform for them to do so. With WP7Series devices they don't have to worry about software and concentrate on producing one heck of a phone. This is a good thing. I don't see what the big deal about not being able to put Sense UI on WP7Series. Its like buying an Iphone then porting over another interface...the reason I buy phones is for the UIs and hardware specs. I really love the Sense UI but the new WP7 UI is pretty cool. How many years was everyone clamoring about the lack of a app and game marketplace for WinMo? Times are changing but they are truly for the better.
  • i'm a business owner with both the tp2 and hd2. i'm not going to pass judgement just yet, but from what i've read, windows phone is not for me. my wife has a samsung moment, and android isn't for me (yet!). what attracted me to windows mobile was the ability to take my computer on the road, and i think microsoft is abandoning that for slick looks and sales. hopefully, someone will figure it out, but i think 7 will be known as "vista mobile".(and you know how much we hated vista!)
  • I am very pleased with HD2.I bought the HD2 to use as a WiFi-only gadget despite its mobile broadband capabilities....
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