HTC's Entire 2009 Lineup Apparently Leaked


Well this is going to take the wind out of HTC's sails a bit for whatever they were going to unveil at Mobile World Congress in a couple months.  See, images marked "" (re-posted by user Arlen of PPCGeeks and via Modaco and wmpoweruser) have cropped up -- a full twenty five photos of upcoming HTC devices. We have the full gamut here, from the HTC Iolite (previously seen) to stuff we've been waiting for for quite awhile, like the above HTC Mable, which looks to be the long-awaited 3G update to the Excalibur/T-Mobile Dash.  

We have the Twin, Topaz, Rhodium, quite a lot.  There's everything from WinMo Standard Messaging devices to black slabs to sliders, and they all look good.  Darn near every carrier is represented too.

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First up, the Iolite, which we are expecting to sport a WQVGA screen, 3.2mp camera, 512 ROM and 228 RAM, WiFi, etc.

And here we have the HTC Twin, which appears to be the CDMA + GSM world phone edition of the Iolite

And now the HTC Maple, aka the 3G Excalibure, which appears to finally finally be the update to the Excalibur many of us have been waiting for. 

And the HTC Topaz, which looks to update the HTC Diamond in both European and US Flavors.  Given how AT&T apparently took a pass on the original Touch Diamond, we'll be pretty excited to see this hit here.

The HTC Citrine and the HTC Topaz C look pretty similar, with the Citrine apparently headed for T-Mobile.  We're tempted to say at least one of these is destined to be the US version of the HTC Touch HD.

Next up we have various version of either the HTC Rhodium, HTC Barium, or the HTC Tungsten -- all of which seem to be different carrier replacements for the Touch Pro / Fuze.  

The Willow W and the Cedar W both looks like more straight-up messaging devices.

The Beryl, Firestone, and Whitestone all seem to be different variations on the same black slab theme -- but the Whitestone W clearly appears to be a media device, check out that nice little stand!

The Thoth is the Athena 2, an update to the "is it a UMPC or is it a WinMo device" what many have grown fond of

And before the original Iolite even makes release, we have a clever update to it called the Magnet, with an off-center d-pad.

We're not sure what to make of the Sapphire -- may be Android devices?  Check out those crazy chins.

And for similar chin-based reasons, we're pegging the Memphis, Hero, and Jasper-C as Android Devices as well.

Dieter Bohn