Hypership Out of Control Lite - Review

Fun Infused Games has released a fast paced, space shooter, arcade game for the Windows Phone that definitely lives up to its title. Hypership Out of Control Lite has you in control of a space ship that is, well, out of control. No brakes and the accelerator is stuck. Luckily your weapons system is stuck in the "on" position.

Your goal is to navigate your out of control ship through through various obstacles, collecting coins, bonus items and destroying various items as you fly towards the finish line. Once you cross the finish line, you move to the next wave that will progressively get harder.

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Hypership does have awards you can earn, an online leaderboard, and four game modes (normal, hardcore, super speed and coin down) that gives you plenty of playing options. Oh and if that wasn't enough, there is a fun mode that changes the hue of the screen color and a reverse mode that changes your ships course (you start at the finish line).

You control your space ship by sliding your finger around the screen. With your main gun constantly firing, you only have to worry about avoiding the asteroids and space blocks that get in your way. Smaller obstacles can be blasted into smithereens but the larger items have to be avoided. You do have boosts available (the red coins) that can increase your fire power to blow everything up, speed things up (as if things weren't moving fast enough as is), slow things down and add shields to your ship.  You also have on-board bombs that will clear the immediate area of obstacles.

Hypership Out of Control reminds me a lot of Impossible Shoota. You don't have the enemy ships as you do in Impossible Shoota but the pace is equally as fast.

Hypership Out of Control Lite ran smoothly and with all the game modes, the game shouldn't be short lived.  It is free, ad supported game with a small banner appearing at random at the top of the playing field.  It is our understanding from the developer that an ad-free, paid version is in the works.  Not sure when it will be available but we'll keep an eye out for it.

If you like fast paced, arcade style shooting games Hypership is definitely worth a try. You can download your free copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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