I Dig It update stuck in certification limbo

I Dig It (review) from InMotion Software is a fun little Xbox Live game. Unfortunately, since its release it has been plagued by severely glitched Achievements. In our Broken Achievements article, I stated:

“As of April 11, InMotion had submitted an update that corrected all of I Dig It’s known issues. Two months later, Microsoft has not chosen to publish the update. I feel for your plight, I Dig It players.”

While we were originally under the impression that an update correcting I Dig It’s issues had been approved, it seems that was not the case.  Yesterday, we received this email from the developer on the status of the update:

“Dear Customers,I can hardly convey the frustration that we, at InMotion Software have felt with Microsoft during this process of updates. We are deeply concerned with the frustration that you have suffered through for so many months, when the bug first started appeared. We have submitted update, after update, after update to Windows and they continue to reject them for reasons unknown. As of a couple days ago we have a new Microsoft employee working with us on attempting to get our most recent update approved. We hate to be making so many excuses and giving you false hopes for the update, but, please understand that our hands are really tied here without Microsoft's corporation. The CEO along with the rest of the team at InMotion Software apologizes for this terrible inconvenience. I can only hope that an update will be released shortly, but I have very little to promise on since it is not under my stewardship. Thank you,Alexis Howardsupport@inmotionsoftware.comP.S. Financial dealings are dealt directly through Microsoft, you purchased from Microsoft if you desire a refund you must seek it from Microsoft.”

Ouch - you can cut through the frustration with a knife. Hopefully the new Microsoft employee assigned to InMotion’s case can help them get an update approved. If only the big MS had shown so much diligence during the initial certification process rather than allowing the game to be published in a semi-broken state, the situation would be far better for Xbox Live gamers.

WPCentral will let you know as soon as there is more I Dig It news to report.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I feel sorry for these guys. The game is simply great and addictive.
  • This really is too bad for the developers, and it kind of disgusts me with Microsoft. In my opinion, the success of WP7 is kind of a chicken and the egg problem: Who comes first, the apps or the phone owners? Both tend to wait for the other to come first. If Microsoft wants to promote and build their product, they need to do everything possible to cater to their developers.
  • The reason is that 'I Dig It' is a Xbox Live game. XBL games go thru a very different certification process, one similar to certification for XBox 360 games, which takes much more time and effort to complete.This issue is not a new one... 'The Harvest' had its update stuck for months in a similar type of limbo.If this was a regular marketplace game then it would have been updated within a couple of days.
  • yet GeoDefense had an update released VERY shortly after the game came out? why are all the ones that fix achievements being delayed? (revolution, enigmo etc) ????OT - It's funny - I received this same email and was just about to come "tip" you guys, lol.
  • Personally it sounds like MS either doesn't care about the phone side of their marketplace as much, or they're just mishandling it. It doesn't typically take THIS long for updates to appear on other platforms.They might want to look in to getting a more efficient structure in place before things get bigger than they already are. I mean if they can't handle this stuff NOW, imagine a year or two from now if the platform takes off.
  • Well aside from the phone OS. everything MS has done has been muffed. Ok. NoDo. wow that was a cluster bang. both in time and how it got out to folks who as of this week are still getting it or waiting to get it. Sometimes I wonder just what the heck is going on over there. MS has always been a little hazy when it comes to customers. but in the Mobile world it's much different for them they are not kings and they can ill-afford to act as if they are. As much as a like there products they none the less frustrate the heck out of me at times with that they do and don't do.
  • Whatever the reason, its unprofessional to word a letter like that and squarely put the blame on Microsoft. As another poster stated, Xbox live games go through the same rigorous process as xbla games. Its Microsoft's fault for letting the game through with bugs in the first place, but its still inmotions game.
  • We can let Microsoft know there are a number of users who would like the update to I Dig It released. Go here and push the button that you are also have this question.http://goo.gl/sv2i9