Two weeks ago, Castlevania graced Windows Phone 7 as an Xbox Live game. This Wednesday, another popular console franchise makes its mobile Xbox Live debut: I Love Katamari from Namco Bandai.

I Love Katamari is part of the Katamari Damacy series. In these games, the player is tasked with rolling up various objects, animals, and even people into a giant, sticky ball called a Katamari. This version of the game uses tilt controls to steer the ball. It also has a single Achievement worth a whopping 110 GamerScore, which has to be a Windows Phone 7 record. Just don’t expect that one to be easy: it’s awarded for rolling up every single item in the game, which will surely take a while.

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Did I mention the graphics, sound, and pretty much everything about the Katamari series are completely wacky? Find out if you love Katamari too when it releases on Xbox Live this Wednesday.

Source: @KarlStricker