My Lumia 1520 is on its deathbed and I'm tempted by Android

I love Windows phone, and I don't want to leave the platform. To be honest, if I do venture to Android it will only be with one of my phone lines. My second phone is my trusty Lumia 1020, which I carry as my business line. So, I carry two Windows phones and it is my primary phone, my precious 1520, that is perishing.

So if I do join team Android, my 1020 will keep me securely anchored on the Windows phone side of the smartphone landscape as well. So it's really only a consideration of a step into Android than jumping in with both feet. Still, you might be whispering, "No Jason, don't do it."

So why would I, long-time advocate and prognosticator of Microsoft's mobile strategy, be looking at Android? Sadly it's a story an increasing number of Windows phone fans have already told.

First things first

My desire for an Android phone isn't an indication that I believe Microsoft has forsaken mobile.

I'm unshaken in my confidence that Microsoft has a mobile strategy (whether it will succeed is another question). Regardless of how often we've been burned by Redmond, many of us still prefer the Windows phone UI and the unfulfilled potential of Live Tiles, OnceCore and UWP. There's nothing wrong with rooting for your love. Even the most jaded among us must admit that if Microsoft really gets mobile and its ecosystem right, then Windows on mobile would be a cool place to hang our hats.

Microsoft needs to leverage partnerships, eSIM and edge computing to position ultramobile PCs

I'm convinced Microsoft's banking on leveraging technologies like edge computing, 5G, IoT and the synergy of Windows 10 features for a future device. Those investments combined with full Windows 10 on ARM on potentially foldable hardware and CShell could bring a unique telephony-enabled PC experience to the mobile space. But it's not here yet and could be canceled even if it's in the pipeline. The canceled Surface Mini and MacLaren are proof of that.

Whether ultramobile PCs make it to market or not, I'll need a new phone soon. As a techie, I'm not adverse to using "the competition." Last year I wrote that my wife, who uses a Lumia 640, wanted to switch to Android. What I didn't tell you is that I was eyeing the Galaxy Note 7 at the same time. Dodged a bullet there, eh?

The only reason I haven't had the latest iPhones and several Android phones over the years is money. Buying all of the new gadgets that catch my eye isn't a cheap endeavor, so my exclusivity to Windows phone has been both by choice and necessity, not blind commitment to Microsoft. Each platform has its strengths. Given my limited resources I've invested in my preferred platform: Windows and Windows phone. But given the dearth of new hardware, the predicted demise of Windows 10 Mobile and the uncertainty of when (or if) what's next is coming; I need to explore my available options.

Oh where, oh where have the Windows phones gone?

There are few remaining options for the Windows phone fan who wants a Windows phone.

The last Lumia was released in 2016. Thus, my chances of getting a brand-spanking new Lumia in 2017 are pretty slim. I could probably find a Lumia 950 XL for a reasonable price. But, I'd be taking a chance on something refurbished or potentially damaged in some way. Virtually any Lumia I could find online comes with similar concerns. I like the reasonably-priced Alcatel Idol 4 S as well, but it falls in the same boat.

The HP Elite x3 for $599 represents the epitome of available Windows phones. As smartphones go, $599 isn't a bad price compared to the $1000 price tags of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Apple iPhone X. But what happens in a little over a year after I've invested $600 in a mobile OS that is no longer supported?

Even if Microsoft debuts a Windows on ARM ultramobile PC in late 2018 or early 2019, I wouldn't be ready to invest the approximate $1000 it would surely cost so soon after dropping $600 on an Elite x3. If I passed on that, then I'd be stuck with a relatively "new," but unsupported x3 with no upgrade path. Thus if I wanted to stay with Windows and maintain support I'd have to go with the potential new and expensive offering. That would be a $1600 investment in mobile in about a year's time. No thanks, I have a family.

At least if I choose a Note 8, I could count on Android being supported beyond 2018 and wouldn't be compelled to get something new just for support.

'Phabulous' Phablet and stylish stylus

I like big phones. When I picked up the 5.7-inch Lumia 950 XL for the first time, it felt small compared to my 6-inch Lumia 1520. Large screens are conducive to how I use smartphones. Web-surfing, messaging, social media and more rank above putting a phone to our ears and yapping away. The more real estate I have, the happier I am.

The 6.3-inch display of the Note 8 is right up my alley. That's plenty room to edit articles, use Twitter, write notes, watch videos, read and more. I've never wanted to replace my 1520 with a smaller device, Windows phone or otherwise. The Note 8 fits my smartphone size requirements nicely.

I'm also pretty excited about using a pen for digital inking. Sure. Samsung's implementation of their S Pen is different than Microsoft's Windows Ink, but there's no Windows phone that supports such a pen, and Microsoft has yet to build support for it into Windows 10 Mobile. So that's that.

Awesome apps

I'm not much of an app user. Like most people I've downloaded far more apps than I use. OneNote, Twitter, Slack, Windows Central, Facebook, Cortana, a selection of Bible apps, and Groove are probably my most used apps. But that's both a reflection of my mobile usage and the state of Windows' ecosystem.

There are times (infrequent I admit) that a business or service advertises an app I'd like to use, but there is no Windows phone app. That's frustrating. I'm guilty of sometimes getting on my Windows phone user soap box, and complaining to an audience of one (my wife who shares my frustration) about how these entities are ignoring our platform. I've even reached out to some of these companies to express a need for a Windows version of their app. I won't have to do that if my daily driver is a Note 8.

Additionally, my wife has had to defer to her Samsung tablet to utilize apps that help with our small business. Office and OneDrive on our Windows phones is great. It's sad that we have to use another platform to gain access to other tools we need. Having everything in one place would be ideal. Microsoft's cross-platform efforts have ensured that we can have that.

Final Analysis

Honestly, $1000 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an investment I can't make right now. I have a two-year old daughter and another on the way. So though I would love a Note 8, if I can spare anything before my 1520 dies it will likely be invested in an affordable Windows phone. "Why not a cheap Android phone," you ask?

Well, if I'm going to quasi-jump ship to Android I'd like to get what I really want, and that's a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Until then I'll stay right where I am.

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks. As I share in the piece, I love Windows phone and look forward to a potential Windows on ARM pocket PC with a strong inking component. Sadly, if Microsoft delivers on that it may be after my Lumia 1520 bites the dust. I have long aknowledged the strengths of the other platforms and if possible I'd own a plethora of gadgetry🙂. But since financial limits won't allow I stick with my favorite: Windows phone. Still, the Samsung Galaxy Note is an appealing device, my Lumia is dying, Microsoft's full Windows on ARM mobile device is aways off if they deliver, my pbone may not last....I'll likely get an affordable Windows phone in the meantime..$1000 for a note is beyond my budget...LET'S TALK!
  • Buy a refurbished one.  I've gone through a couple Icons.
  • SHAME on microsoft for letting the BEST Operating system die....  Like you Jason, I'm not heavy on apps but the Banking and bible app selection is sooooo much better on Android.  I haven't been on Windows for  about 2 years, but man do I miss windows, but boy do I love have the applications that I want to use.  Skipping the note and going Pixel XL 2
  • Welcome to the world of Android. I have an LG G6. In a cupboard is my Lumia 950. I would rather use a Lumia. But my daily app diet includes banking and mobile payment unsupported by the Lumia. For any mobile device to be successful it has to succeed at the personal tasks of the user. By the time the vapourware called Windows on Mobile emerges almost no one will have bought a Windows based mobile device for 3 years. That amount of time not having any kind of product in the market, no apps, and barely a fan boy left that hasn't been burned by Microsoft's abandonment strategy is a bad place. So welcome to Android users abandoned by Microsoft with not a product worth buying from their store.
  • I have a LG G6 too, seriously overlooked device, especially considering the price it can be had for today!
  • I'm in the same boat.  My 950 decided it wanted to go flying and stay stuck in airplane mode and now sits on a charger as Glance machine at night in red.. I got a G6 because it appears Microsoft is going to leave everyone hanging and Samsung to me is as bad as Apple. If I had to make a change now was the time. I still struggle with Android. It is just not as solid as WM. The G6 is on the other hand by far and away the best device I have owned since my 920. I will be getting a V30 when it releases. LG is at the top of the game but just like Microsoft, they can't seem to get traction.  I am not sure I will ever get used to or fall in love with Android. I will say having a few more apps has been nice. I still have WM10 withdrawals daily. You can dress it up with launchers but all of them disappoint in the end. 
  • Haha you and I are in the same spot. Using a G6 with a 950 in a drawer. Although I still use continuum almost daily. 😊
  • I jumped to Android after a great 8-9 years with Windows Mobile 5.0 -> my 950XL.  I've had about a dozen Windows phones and I wish every day I could use Windows Phone over Android.  I miss it every day.  I couldn't miss Skype calls with my daughter though which angers me as that it is a Microsoft product.  With Skype on Android, I never missed a call.  I will jump back to MS the second I can though.  I'm not an app person, but I will not miss a call from my daughter.
  • If you're not fully on board with the Note 8, also check out the LG V30, it may be a little smaller, but it gets more right (finger print sensor being a big one). Ask the buddies at Android Central and see what they prefer, too (I'm guessing it won't take much time, a phone call maybe?)
  • Get a Windows tablet and either link it to an older phone you have or get a 4G tablet if you can find one. That way, you get to keep all your apps. Face it, the phone bit is only for calls and texts. I'm kinda wondering why I have both in the same box myself.
  • That doesn't solve the app problem.
  • Firstly, anyone with an 'app problem' has not held on to a Windows phone for this long. Secondly, Windows tablets run full Windows and so have more apps than any other device out there.
  • What about depositing a check via a mobile banking app. I don't think you can do that through their website because it can't access the camera. And some products out there only provide apps and don't have an equivalent website solution, like some home automation and security camera systems.
  • I have been an Android user for the past 8 years.... And in my opinion, the best combination is using a Surface 2-in-1 (in my personal case is the Book, but it might as well be the Pro) and a flagship Android device.... The Surface allows for great productivity and the use of windows services as well as google's, and the tablet mode allows me to enjoy media consumption in a huge screen real state. The Android phone, on the other hand, (in my case an Xperia XZ) allows for on-the-go entertainment, networking (with great app availability), some productivity and good enough overall performance in every department.   I work as a 3D engineer and designer on the go, hence the use of the Surface Book I also work as a mobile app tester, hence the Android daily driver (among a bunch of testing devices)
  • I bought a brand new 1520 on ebay this year. It was $180 and the seller had quite a few of them. If you really want one, shop around.
  • That's what my friend did. He breaks phones often. He decided on a 950 because he thinks the removable back will allow the phone to survive his clumsiness. The truth is that even though the 1520 is old, it still does what you need done.
  • Hey Jason! The Idol 4S is on sale in Canada for $250 CAD. Not such a bad play if you get it and have one shipped from Canada to you. We Canadians can help you out with that and it's brand new from the Microsoft Store. It's there on the Microsoft Store Canada
  • I'm in a similar boat so was curious to see what you was going to. Currently have a 950XL that i love, but having to choose a different phone now through work as contracts renewed. Was eyeing up the Samsung galaxy S8+, slightly taller but a little thinner. Best of the rest maybe but I'm gutted i have to move away from Windows Mobile. I could keep my 950XL but it's got to a point that my must have apps are at threat of disappearing. I'm not much of an app person but my head has been turned by some that i can't get.
  • You won't have to try very hard to convince yourself you must have apps so that you must have an Android or iPhone.  Apps with functionality that can't be emulated with a browser (banking etc.) are few and very far between.  There are exceptions.  I'm pretty sure you can't play pokemon go with a browser but so what.  I lead a sad life, by far most of what I do with my 950XL is work related.  I feel no need to use the brand new Samsung Android phone in my desk drawer, that replaced a brand new earlier version Samsung, both company issued.
  • CONGRATS ON THE BABY!  Also, wait until Oct. to upgrade just so you can see what Microsoft announces. 
  • Thanks we're pretty excited!!!😉
  • Congratulations to you and your wife for your growing family. Oddly enough, it gets way easier to manage two children, than it was the first.  But also I ain't mad at cha for any mobile decision you have to make here. I feel like its wasn't me leaving the platform, Microsoft left me. Having said that, you actually never leave Windows Mobile, but you do take breaks. This is just one of them.
  • Yep, you're in a hard place. Just give it time. Congrats on the baby!
  • Thanks it is a tough spot🤔 But, it is what it is🙂 Also Thanks!!!!
  • Jason, I have a 950xl you are welcome to have, although it may need a battery (On insider program and not sure if battery drain is due to software or hardware) It is in flawless condition and I have continuum dock as well. Still have my Lumia1520 too! Probably my favorite cell phone of all time. The design, and that SCREEN! Was a beautiful phone. And thank you for always being a positive voice for Windows mobile. I love the UI and am pretty sad that I'm now stuck with using a droid as my daily driver. S8+ is nice but still doesn't hold a candle to my 1520. It's a shame the direction windows mobile is going, but, like you, I am still hopeful that they will get back in the game. I am on Windows Central every day and it is kind of sad to see all the negativity surrounding mobile articles, especially yours. Keep up the fight and stay positive! And know there are plenty of like-minded individuals out there who feel the same as you and I do. Sad at the state of WM but still holding out hope for a future! Take care and keep writing!!
  • @JF Hussey:  I would be interested in it if Jason isn't!
  • Thanks for the support JF I really appreciate the encouragement. Thank you so much for the offer as well. That's very kind.
  • Offer stands. I remember the days when my kids were little! It's a great time...treasure it. :)
  • I have 950XL, same situation like yours, changed battery, now very happy user, smiling each time I am greeted with a stunning Bing image.
  • Jason, I am on the same boat, difference is I am 58 years of Age and dont have a cash issue with Phones. That said, I have used the Note 8 for 10 Minutes today. a Wonder of technics, realy a nice Phone. My 1520 died on me 2 years ago, have a Elite X3 as adaily driver and a Lumia 950XL as backup with Dual Sim. To make a more realistic choise I have made a list of apps using on me , WHS server 2011, MSI gaming laptop with 6Tb HD on board :) and a Samsung Book (W10), HP elite X3, Android and IPhone. Guess what, I am using more UWP apps then I would ever imagin. The Samsung Book covers all apps, so why using a Phone? Whats the big issue of no support on a Phone, your 1520 has no support for ages. The basic's of the W10M machine is Office 365. Edge, People, Groove and performing great. Navigon is a very good Navigation App, Netflix and Plex have a good UWP etc etc. I have a problem switching to Android or IOS because of safety. The HP elite X3 cant be factory reset without 2 face authentication. the SD is Bitlocked and useless after removing. The reasons why to stick with W10M is endless. None the less I love the Note 8, its a realy awsume device for a big price tag and mabye it something different that attracs me to the Phablet. The pen will be simmelar as the Samsung Book (windows Ink). But for a $1000 I would go for a Windows Tablet like the Samsung Book, running all you want to Typing your great reviews and get a cheap Phone.  
  • Go with the OnePlus 5. It's a budget Android flagship that has the quality of a Google Pixel or a Galaxy Note 8.
  • I wasn't expecting this from you - to talk about buying a Samsung. :) Still, whatever that 1000 bugs phone can do, the same can do any 200 bugs Android as well. There are few differences, and Note does have a pen. Idol 4S might be better though... But anyway, it all depends. The best is to wait, and enjoy this phone as much as you can. If some good Windows phone comes out - great, if not, this Samsung will be much cheaper. :)
  • I have a brand new, in the box, sealed, international unlocked 950XL that i bought as a backup to my daily driver 959XL.  I bought them both ar the same time from the same vendor last March when i shattered screen on my previous 950XL.  i was in the same boat as you. What to buy?  I ordered a replacement microphone circuit board for my 1520 in hopes of resurrecting but it was too far gone. So, I'm now thinking of selling my backup device.  If you're interested, let me know. I love the 950XL but i think it's time to move on and i have my eye on the new LG V3.  But man, I'm so anti-Google i don't know if i can do it.  
  • The S8 is an incredible phone. The camera is so amazing. You won't have too many regrets.
  • Jason, have you considered repairing your Lumia 1520? There's instructions on YouTube on how to take your 1520 apart. You can get a new screen with digitizer for $45 on eBay, and a new battery for $15. That should hold you over until Microsoft figures out what they're doing.
  • Don't do it! I have tried to switch MANY times but in the end don't get enough information in my live. I have four kids and my phone keeps my entire world organized.  The calendar app keeps me up to date with my personal stuff, kids test/project due dates, school calendar, doctors appointments, sports practices, etc... If it's not on my lock screen and my start screen it slips thru the cracks. I have SIX email accounts I use all the time and the Android Outlook SUCKS! It does not merge all the accounts like the WinMo version does.  Android is overly complex. If you dip into it go cheap but capable. Honor 8 can be had for around 200usd, 4gb of ram, amazing camera, finger print sensor, quick charging, etc... Use Arrow launcher it helps!  Good luck 🍀 
  • Jason, please write an article on Launcher 10 for Android. It's as close to a W10M experience as you can get on Android. All of us burned Windows phone users don't want to give up the UI on Windows with the switch to Android and this will make using Android so much better!
  • As a personal choice I prefer Arrow Launcher. It is a better choice for me, with Searching shortcuts like iOS and some Widgets.
  • hey jason, i have a 1520 ready to give away. Was on Verizon but wanted a phone to travel in Europe. Got an AT&T GSM. Tried to use it as a phone but couldn't get it to work there with their SIM. So in great condition with a case. let me know the address and off it goes.
  •  I have used four Windows Phones over the last six years.  I have also purchased three just to mess with in that same period of time.  I'm still happy with my 950 but I can see the end of the line and know I'll probably need an Android phone sometime in the future.  When I saw an unboxing of the Note 8 I liked it.  I couldn't help but wonder what such a device would be like running Windows 10 on ARM.  I want to use Win 10 inking in a mobile form factor.  Maybe I'll learn that inking on OneNote on Android ISN'T a compromise???  I just wish we could ink for less money.
  • this is where the retrenchment "strategy" gets really stupid. Why would anyone believe that the (non-geek) windows phone people who now have to switch to iOS or Android and then suddenly realize those alternatives aren't that bad and have more apps available, would after new Windows on ARM or Surface Phone etc become available then suddenly return to Windows? This is crazy. Assume it is more likely that those people start to wonder why they need any Windows machines at all, and then maybe buy iPads / Macs / Chromebooks instead. The very least MS could have done is release a new interim handset with newer Snapdragon hardware that would be eligible for an upgrade later.
  • Get the Note 8, you will sorely miss the WP experience, but you won't regret the purchase. I seriously doubt that any MS boss still uses a WP as a primary device, so there shouldn't be any guilt. The Note 8 beats the IPhone X by a mile and is by far the best phone experience available, it will be the benchmark MS will have to use to jump back in to mobile computing. 
  • As of this comment there are ten Lumia 1520s listed as NEW on Ebay. Just curious, did you get your 1520 from the Microsoft Store and was it with the extended warrenty. I recently returned a Band 2 and they ended up giving me a store credit for the purchase price.
  • Just another thought. It might be a little bit bad from you that, after you've been talking developers into putting more time into apps and stuff you need on this platform, to not only consider another platform, but to advertize that other device in this community. Me for example, I have spoken to many developers about bringing more options into their apps, and stuff like that. And if I would be to go from the platform tomorrow, I would feel as I tricked them into putting more effort into their stuff, and only for me to leave few months later. No, that is not right. I was there to talk to these developers, bringing up some of my ideas, and giving mentions of some issues now and then, and if I expected from them to consider what I say, it would be very bad for me to just leave the next day. No, I wouldn't do that, and I especially wouldn't leave them behind by talking tousands of people through my blog into leaving as well. I don't say that you have to stay on Windows mobile, but if you have to do it, there is really no need to write about it here. This is not the right place. You could say "this is our reality", but still. Those of us who are still here at WC are actually still waiting to see when, or if, is Microsoft ging to come up with something new. Some of us do it while still using Windows phones, some of us do it while using something else. Samsung Note 8 is for Android Central, while this is Windows Central. You don't have to write about every single thought you have. :) Oh, and I'm writing this with no bad intentions. :) I'm just expressing my opinion, that's all. I think that we should keep in mind all these "small" developers who do a great job for this platform to still be alive and kicking. It takes a lot of fate and dedication, and I think we should appreciate that. :) Even help them with donations throughg their apps now and then. :) And when are those developers of yours going to fix Windows Central app for Windows 10/mobile? Comments still don't work, nor logging in inside the app.
  • Hey garisa, as I said in the piece I carry two phones, a 1620 and 1020. The 1020 is my business line, the 1520 is the one dying on me. I need a phone and though I love the platform I'm a lover of tch first.:-) If I had the money I would have had phones from all platforms throught thr years and still have written what I've written on this site since I've been here and will continue to write. I stressed my belief in the exiatence of a mobile strategy in the piece, an unpopular stance though it is even among my peers. All said, i concluded that I will be stayimg with Windows since I can't drop $1000 on a Note. And of I can spare anything anytime soon it will be on an affordable Windows phone. 🙂
  • Glad to hear you would still be hanging with us. :) But speaking about Android, there is really not much need to buy specifically these most expensive phones. They all do pretty good job, IMO it's more about the camera, and in the case of Note, it's the camera, and the stylus. That's just my opinion. Just today I was looking at Samsung A3 2017, and comparing prices in here Serbia and in Hungary. Here it's 400 dollars, while in hungari it's 290 bugs. :) Still, not thinking about buying new phones, but just checking for plan B. That one suits me better for smaller size, I like to use phone with one hand. And it would do everything fine, and I don't care much about how fluent it is, I know it's fluent enough. Well, that's some speaking like a friend. :) And the above, that was just from point of caring about the platform. Though we should not feel any guilt for Microsoft, I still feel different for all those developers who made these awesome UWP apps, and who still take care of their apps. I guess I don't need to say how fast are some of them when it comes to replying - to tell they would consider my suggestion, or to say they've started their work on fixing the problem. Wish Microsoft cared of their apps the same way, instead of hiding behind the Feedback Hub wall. And sorry, I missed that part with Lumia 1020 which you would still continue to use, so that you wouldn't leave. :) Oh, and I won't be bothering you with this anymore, but... if you know who to tell this, please tell them we would appreciaite it very much if they fixed the issue with comments in the WC UWP app. :)
  • So...... If I could run both Android and windows 10(arm) on a note8, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I switched from my Lumia 850 to a galaxy S8, and I really don't miss my windows phone at all. The fact that I have so many apps now that I would have never had on w10m, it makes a difference. I really think that is what Ms needs to do at this point. A foldable phone tablet combo that runs Android apps and windows 10.plug it into a desk dock and you run 2 monitors and do windows.
  • Jason, you can find now a brand new L950 for 200$ or the Idol for the same price. L950 works fantastic now in the fast ring and if you have Windows10 PC/laptop you'll enjoy it how Cortana sync things between devices. And it's going to serve you long enough until Wmobile on ARM arrives...
  • Surely Mr. Rubino has connections from Andriod Central that could get you an extended "Review" Galaxay Note 8.
  • Lols 😂
  • Tempted? You have two options, Android or iPhone. Nutella himself has told us all to get bent and take our business elsewhere. I lasted through a lot but the way he treated so many of us was the last straw.
  • Why not search out a replacement on the forums within windows central?  My L950 died, and I was able to find a replacement for a net of $100 (after re-selling the accessories off that were bundled with it).  I couldn't be happier.
  • Why not move to a supported platform with awesome devices and apps...much better idea.  
  • not sure why you were downvoted, but that's a valid strategy if someone wants to stick wth windows mobile. 
  • Never tempted.  And will never be tempted by any Android phone.  Never!  If any one of my Lumias break beyond repair then I'll just go back to my HTC HD2. 
  • cool story. enjoy that...
  • No story.  Just fact.  Use and enjoy what's good for you.  It is really that simple.  I don't hate on anyone who chooses to spend their money on what they want.  I won't ever spend my money on any Android phone. 
  • I'm getting one
  • whodaboss,......a dilusional Fanboy for sure!  Jason.  go full retro and get a key one.  AWESOME device.  plus they are advertising on MN,  you may get a free device!
  • :)  LOL!  Nope not delusional.  It's like I know cabbage or lima beans isn't for me.  I know Android isn't for me.  :)
  • agree with lima beans,  but cabbage?  come on man,  that stuff is entertaining for days!  
  • Hahaha!  :)
  • Why don't you use your Cerulean Moment?
  • Savage.
  • Cause.........that moment has passed. :-D
  • hands down best response to this article!!!
  • That actually burned my fingers through the touchscreen
  • I literally laughed out load when I read that! :)
  • Or you can get a brand new, unlocked, 1520 on eBay for $179. I love mine.
  • I said the same thing! :D
  • First off, nobody has to switch to anything. That's a childish way of looking at things. If I were to get an Android device I wouldn't be switching to Android, rather joining a second ecosystem.. This choosing side crap is for kids, and anyone can use whatever ecosystem they want whenever they want.
    Still kinda hard to pay $179 for a old device that will be obsolete once MS stops updates.. There's nothing wrong with getting an Android device until MS gets it's act together. There's no telling when MS will come with anything, so it's best for Jason to spend his money where the best value is, and that's with iDroid. Dreaming about a Surface Phone is just that, dreaming. If it happens that would be great, but Jason is being realistic for his situation in 2017... With that said, man I'm glad my 950 is in perfect condition. I don't want to spend money on an Android device until I absolute have to.... But, I would if no new Windows devices are available, which means there's a strong chance I will be getting an iDroid device as well. Not switching, just getting one. There's still no reason to give up on Windows on mobile devices, and it will still be my platform of choice for the foreseeable future.
  • Jason, thee's only one word that I can think of to help you back away from the Android phone, and that is......GOOGLE.  Don't do it!!!
  • I'd probably go with iOS, because Android is just..... IDK, kinda cheesy
  • Naaa, I couldn't deal with iOS. Lol.
  • V30 is also a good option. I made this decision around 3 months ago where I had to choose between S8 and G6 after my 830 died. I went with G6 and my friend bought S8. Honestly, we can't go wrong in any of these but I like G6 more than S8. More subtle, great camera and cheaper. The screen is superb too. Snappy as well. Now they launched V30, which also appears very impressive. I have heard they have imrpoved camera even further. That wide angle lense is something which I will miss in my future phones if I they don't have it. P.S. We have to get you some other stock images man. 😩😩
  • Or,  as mentioned move into the present and future and not the past and get a phone that does things while mobile. 
  • Same here. Love Windows phone UI and still rocking my Lumia 1520, but it's on its deathbed like you said. Not too impressed with the iPhone X. The Note 8 is most likely my next phone. Waiting to see what the Pixel XL 2 has to offer before making a decision
  • As a Windows Phone fan who also moved to Android, The Note or Pixel phones are the way to go, as far as flagships go. Mid-Range, the Moto G5+. 
  • this is a no brainer. switch. MS doesn't care to support their own platform, and they haven't for years. they deserve no more money from us, in the mobile dept.
  • Just get a refurb 1520 on ebay. I will have to do soon to complement my Note 4. LOL
  • Is there is anyway I can put android OS in my old windows phone? Lumia 535 because 3rd party developers don't give proper updates and Microsoft is stop supporting them. Why any one will purchase windows phone? In android we see every app just run in every version of OS.WINDOWS 8.1APP DON'T RUN IN WINDOWS 10 PROPERLY. In windows 3rd party app are worst except few but no new features normally we see in every updates except Microsoft app. SO IS THERE IS ANY WAY TO USE ANDROID OS IN WINDOWS PHONE?
  • No.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • lmao
  • Waiting for the gofindme link to be posted
    Poor Jason - welcome to heartbreak hotel.
  • Personally, I hate big phones.  They really are unusable AS phone.  Even the 950 (not XL) I have is too big.  One-handed use is of paramount importance to me, which can't do even on the 950.  I have my SP3 for work/entertainment that actually requires a large screen.   If I boil down my needs, I really could reduce my "smartphone" requirements down to phone calls, email and text messages.  Those are, by FAR, the way my friends and I communicate. None of my friends use Skype, WhatsApp, etc.  If I have a flip phone that can tether, then everything else could be done on my SP3.  So, I would rather run until Windows dies and downgrade to a flipphone than every buy an iPhone or Android device.  To each his/her own.
  • Actually you hate pretty much everything.
  • Except the caps lock key.
  • Not at all. But when someone makes something I really love, you should expect a reciprocol reaction when they ruin it.  I loved WP7, WP8 and Windows 8.  I had almost no reservations.  W10 and W10M all but ruined it for me.  I loved the Xbox One with Kinect.  Then Microsoft ruined THAT for me, too.  I loved the Lumia 900, 920 and 1020.  I can't say the same for the 950...or pretty much any other OEM's devices.
  • Well, he is grumpy, but not wrong.  Phone, email, text.  That covers it for a LOT of people.  My parents still only use it for phone calls. the tethering would be a bonus.
  • The 950 is too big?... What, are you at Santa's factory gearing up for the Holidays as we speak?.. Lol😛😛😛
  • The Galaxy S8 is smaller than a 950 non-XL.  The Galaxy S8+ is almost exactly the same width as the 950 (thinner and taller, though), and the Note 8 is only a few mm wider than the S8+ (6.3" screen vs. 6.2" screen with such a tall aspect ratio doesn't change the width much).  Thanks to their bezel-less design, these huge screen phones are no longer massive 1520-sized monsters.
  • Yeah, I went from the 6" Nexus to a 5.8" S8 and this thing is tiny. Your hands would have to be Trump sized if you cannot one hand an S8.
  • Good luck with that with the hamburger menus!  And I have HUGE hands!  Could palm a regular size basketball since I was 12.  Give me a 4.5" anyday!  5.0" tops.  Don't need anything else larger.  All those phone bigger than 5.5" Reminds me of using the original motorala's from back in the 80's. :)  I guess every generation need to go through cycles.  The next generation will wonder why the hell did these old people use 6.0" phones.  LOL!  :) 
  • I haven't had any issues, but if I did the phone has a one-handed mode similar to what W10m has (rather than just shifting the screen down, it shrinks everything into a corner).
  • I jumped ship a couple months ago. I wouldn't say I'm any happier now or better off than I was when I had Windows phone. I still do pretty much all the same stuff on my Android that I did on Windows. I might use a different app on Android than what was available on Windows since there's something with a slightly better UI or an official app, but it more or less accomplishes the same task. Honestly, the only thing on my Android now that I didn't have on my Windows phone before is a couple of apps for my daughter's school. Is it fun to check out those popular games and apps that aren't available on the Windows store? Yes. Are they absolutely necessary? No. That's the one thing I discovered from having a Windows phone previously and then coming to Android. If you're not the type of person that sits around playing mobile games all day and uses their phone more for productivity than anything else, the Windows ecosystem is perfectly suitable. If Microsoft comes out with a ground breaking device and can show some support for it from a serious number of developers, I'd switch back without even thinking about it.
  • When my Lumia 640 xl kicked the bucket out of nowhere I said screw it and got the S8 and I have no regrets
  • My 640XL kicked the bucket towards end of 2015 so I got an iPhone. But I then got a decent android as a second phone and never looked back. I now use a Chinese phone called Umidigi Z1 and it is stable and fast. 6GB RAM, 64GB rom and octacore chip. All for £239. Beautiful phone for budget price.
  • I had the screen and battery replaced on mine for around €200 and it is as good as new. Not leaving it, no way...
  • I'm in the same boat. Wife's 950 having a bunch of issues. what to replace it with? Unclear at this stage. she doesn't want android, but WM10 is dead, so i'm not sure what to do. Iphones are out for us. 
  • Try a Chinese phone like OnePlus, Huawei or Umidigi. xaomi have a few larger screen phones as well. All much cheaper than samsung etc
  • The best thing going with the S8+ did for me is allow me to have no worries anymore with my phone. It just WORKS. I felt like I was in constant troubleshooting mode with my windows phones (more so windows mobile than windows phone, tbh). Also with launchers to allow live tiles, at least my android phone looks like a windows phone interface
  • Even if I did get an S8 there's no way I would put live tiles on the start screen. That's just trying to hard. Lol its kinda pathetic. Like, you can't let it go. Lol.... An Android phone is an Android phone, it'll never be a Windows Phone, so just use it for what it is.. Of course that's just my opinion. 😏😏😏
  • Difficult for me to agree with you. Hear me out. Android is about cuatomizability. Make it how you want it. Windows and iPhone more so are locked down. What I loved about ZUNE, windows phone, metro... Is the interface. Everything else to me was just OK. Now I can have the interface I actually enjoy but also any app I want and a new phone that's supported going forward. It's having my cake and eating it too. I never liked the static icon home page. Didn't like it five years ago and still don't *** with it today. I now have live animated tiles that show previews of notifications, and it honestly works better than it did on windows. More reliable at least. And on this large oled screen, it's a delight to look at. If they got rid of thus launcher then sure obviously I'll have to adhere to the ways of android UI... And I'll adapt. I'm good at that. But until then I'm going to enjoy the freedom of customizability this launcher offers me
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah... I understand all about tue customization thing.. Lol. Just my opinion. To each his own. I'm a Windows on Mobile fan, so I guess I have a thing about "disrespect the essence".. 😂😂😂
  • I needed specific apps that were no longer available on Windows so I chose Android since it was "customizable". I figured If it was so customizable I should be able to get all my Microsoft services working well. I quickly learned by customizable it was eye candy only. The only thing an android has over Windows is apps, for productivity windows kills it hands down. I guess if you use Google services it be a better experience. I'll be ready to jump back to Windows if Microsoft releases a new phone.
  • There's several apps I would love to have that aren't on Windows because Microsoft sucks 8 sacks of monkey balls. So, if (or when) I get another device the pros will outweigh the cons, for sure.... Still cringe at the thought of using Android, but I will if I have to.
  • I just installed Launcher 10 to see how it works these days and it really looks good and is smooth on my S8. I wasn't about to pay the extra $6 for Life Tiles, but that would not be a bad deal if they work well. It is crazy that in just a couple clicks you can completely change the interface on Android. Microsoft should have went in the same direction as soon as Android showed what was possible. “Good artists copy, great artists steal!" It would be really cool if the Composable Shells could each be created by the manufactures and even if they allowed you to install new ones from the app store. That might really inspire OEMs to take Windows seriously.
  • The Only thing that keeps Android from Seemlessly working with Windows 10 computers is No Edge Browser!! Cant sync bookmarks on the fly ..very frustrating..
  • Then use Chrome.
  • Or Firefox
  • Or Safari.... 🤗🤗 wait ... what? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • As the others are saying, use another browser that has the same functionality. I know new things is inconvenient and scary but TRUST Me... You will learn and adapt and it'll all be fine once you move your bookmarks n stuff over
  • Earlier this year I picked up an Elite X3 refurbished for $375 after my Icon started crapping out. I couldn't be happier. Well worth it for as long as W10M is supported.
  • Thats a lot of money for a dead platform
  • If it works for him what do you care?... ???????????
  • I can completely understand your position Jason. Last October my 1520 was on it's death bed (second battery starting to fail) and I had to make a choice. I loved the size of the 1520 but thought that the "Edge" portion on the S7 Edge was just gimmick so unfortunately I went with the smaller S7 Active (and being on AT&T). I miss the size and wish I could have at least held out for the S8+ (although I would also go to the Note 8 if I could). Good luck making the leap in to the Android; there certainly are things I miss from my 1520 (and WP) but, like you mention (for at least the foreseeable future) it seems to be an inevitability for us...
  • 4 years is damn long enough... and its time to update it. even when i have lumia 950, i feel like i have to update my phone aswell. but i dont like to go android team koz the android OS getting laggy after year/few years. and ure using lumia 1020? how? when i turned my 1020 on, the microsoft account doesnt work at all and it shouts error for me that cant connect to the microsoft server. weird O.o and this ******* windows central app doesnt work on my lumia 950 well, i cant comment on it at all. when i have wrote a comment and try to click on the arrow to send the msg, but it doesnt click it at all.... PLEASE FIX IT!
  • At this point just go over to Android. I think that's what MS would recommend.
  • I would agree Jonathan considering Microsoft is selling ANDROID phones at the MS store.  
  • Simple, just wait until a phone you want goes on sale. That is what I did.  Labor day AT&T had the Galaxy S8+ on sale for only $650 and I snatched it up.  
  • Better to go Android than go Apple...
  • Disagree but its better than windows mobile. 
  • Yes get Android it's much better nowadays
  • I only gave up on my 1520 because it got smashed. Went to ios for q bit after that. Didn't work for me. Then got a 950xl which i still use and a blackberry dtek50 for work. Have an ipad mini now for social and news and comics and light email and reading and also things like banking apps that wp doesn't have. Getting rid of the blackberry because android is a mess. Keeping the 950 xl for barebones work stuff because it works wonderfully with windows and word and all that and that insanely awesome camera. Ipad is now purely for consumption purposes. Allows me to keep distractions away from work and i get to use an excellent phone as well. Unless you shell out big time for an android, that os is a black hole of drained resources.  I deeply madly hate Microsoft for ditching wp so easily. It was doing **** ios is only now getting two years ago. Gonna stick with the 950 to its last breath. It's worth it. As was the 1520 but it died.  As much as i hate apple for their business, i can't help but agree that they have a solid platform, one that windows could have rivaled and squarely beaten if we didn't have old crones like elop and balmer. Out of the three its the most beautiful looking, engaging and fun to use os whereas ios is a boring slog and android is a jambalaya of random bits stuck together. And also ios works better with outlook office and OneDrive as compared to android because unless you use the Google phones, you'll have multiple apps duplicating all your contacts and yeah making them a mess like everything else.
  • I'm on that mess: duplicate contacts. Crazy.
  • By Alcatel Idol 4s or HP Elite X3 next year you can access to Surface Phone
  • Or wait for the Samsung Note 2018 which would come with a foldable screen.  If the ultramobile PC is cancelled, this is the phone I plan to get.  I would hold on my L950XL until then.
  • great advice to waste more money on a DEAD mediocre platform instead of moving on to something more reliable...Jason would be a fool to ever trust Microshit again.
  • It's a tough situation. I have no plans to go anywhere. Yes, Windows lacks apps. But I've spent a decent amount of time working with both Android and iOS and they are terrible OS's. Android is different depending on the OEM. iOS shows a lack of attention to detail and fails to make any meaningful advancements in its design or functionality. I will say this though. I think the next version of Windows on mobile has a shot. After the Apple event, I heard a lot of people, including those who are big Apple fans respond to the announcements with a resounding "meh." Plenty of people said that it was more of the same. It dawned on me that the thing everyone was looking for was something that solved a problem. Nothing shown did that and nothing that has been shown recently on any platform has really done that. What does facial recognition do for a user over a finger print? How does controlling the face of an emoji improve anything? By and large, they don't. It seems that people are hungry for something that solves a problem for them or makes what they're already doing easier. If Microsoft can pull that off, they might be able to generate the attention they need to launch a successful platform. 
  • If Apple and Google can't develop something exciting, how is Microsoft going to do that without any ecosystem for a phone?
  • Go ahead and switch. You won't regreat it. I made the switch a few months back and it has been great. I was a "die hard" Windows Phone fan, but with the realization that Microsoft is going anywhere with the mobile platform, I had to look elsewhere.
  • I regret having to use Android EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    sure, there are good things like a Southwest app, banking app, Mint, Clash of Clans, and a few other apps... but the lag and typing are the worst I've ever seen on a phone, bar none.. and I have the latest and greatest (Galaxy S8+) Android. Yuck.
  • That is weird because I have an S8+ as do my wife, son and daughter and we have had no issues with lag. Typing works about the same as the Windows phones. The only thing I really miss on my old phone is the notifications,  start screen and Nextgen Reader.
  • What lag and typing issues are you having? I bought a Galaxy Note 4 and it is running like a champ. I also installed SwiftKey for typing and it is awesome! I can even add GIFs to a text convo right from the keyboard! 
  • The typing is terrible on Android, i agreed with you.
  • I'm on a Axon 7 by day and sleep next to my 950XL by night...can't let go of what we love, and forced to live with the less desired.
  • Word of caution on that note, I was told the screen replacement cost on a Galaxy 8 was ~$300. The same sales person told me it's "pretty tough, but don't break it, my friend did that". Basically, the edge is nifty but it's a weak point, it's a real concern for the life of the phone. And a case won't help you here since the screen its self protrudes. If you're OK with that, then all in all it doesn't seem bad.   I went with the Moto z2 force editoin. Over all it's a good product, and the screen is warrenteed against breaking for 4 years(!). The main flaws are basically android flaws. I can't get this thing to read incoming text messages for the life of me (when on bluetooth, in the car). Cortana on WP did this flawlessly (nearly) and I expected the same on Android (esp with cortana). No dice. Perhaps its the finger print lock I have to use in order to make use of Android pay? I hope eventually it will be figured out.  Over all, despite some of these flaws (hopefully temporary) I still favor Android over iPhone because you can customize it to the ponit that you can have a *near* windows eccosystem experience with your device.   
  • I too agonized over a failing 1520 a year ago. The headphone jack quit working and it was not worth the time, effort and $$ to repair/replace it. W10, iOS or Android............what to pick as a replacement?!!  Apple is a non-starter for me (for a myriad of reasons); any hardware of any type. W10 has no apps. That left Android.  After much research, I chose the Google Pixel XL; after using it the past 11 months, it has proven to be the best handset I've ever purchased. I don't miss W10 Mobile at all. My iPhone-loving wife even likes to use it when her 6Plus acts up and doesn't work properly.  If W10 on ARM becomes a reality, there may be a slight bit of hope for W10 Mobile........but I doubt it.
  • Workflow is sorted, got the BB Keyone and quite frankly lifes too short to wait for a company that doesnt care about you and has lost thier direction.  Surface phone, whateva! keep it im getting things done.  Soo damn sad to see them let go of something so critical, even Hololens is being left behind, Skype? what a joke.  Windows OS and Office is all they seem to be able to do right.
  • I was looking at the Keyone. Ended up with a $200 Moto G4+. Very happy with Android. Slowly moving over to Google - Chrome, Google calendar, etc. Aqua mail is cool. My cheapo Android tablet now matches my phone!
  • The iOS and Android UI are so outdated. Windows 10 Movile is a huge improvement over those two. The issue is the "app gap". Not only are some apps not available on Windows but many that are lag behind feature wise it is silly, or they haven't been updated in one or two years and bug ladden messes. UWP is a great idea that MS screwed up on implementing. I doubt that this will chnage. The best hope is to give us a way to run Android apps on Windows Mobile.
  • HP Elite x3 is a nice phone. With Dual SIM it could replace your 1020 and 1520.
  • X3, an overpriced thing with a piece of crap OS. A total waste of money on an unsupported platform.
  • For all that have to do the move from Windows to Android on their phone, something to make the move don't seem as bad is Launcher 10.  This is an Android launcher which replaces the normal Android launcher with a tiled interface similar to Windows.  Not as good as the real thing, but quite good.  They also have a paid for version which adds notifications and other stuff on tiles (I didn't try the paid version yet but I'm tempted).
  • The paid version is good, not great. Not as good as the real thing
    I get fitbit, email, calendar, groove, photos, and messages live tile support. but not facebook, weather, windows central, pandora, or a few others. The contacts live tile looks exactly like win10m.
    I think its worth it because its honestly just a few dollars, and I can afford that.
  • I paid for the real version and love it. No issues over here. OK I lie there are a few bugs after using this a few months but no worse than the bugs we had on windows mobile 10 😂
  • I'd recommend an LG V30 over the a Note/Galaxy just to keep Bixby and all the Sammy forced crapperware at bay.  My LG G6 has been good!  I left WM last Dec and went to an iPhone 7 Plus, now to an LG G6.  Both platforms work fine as replacements, and I'd never go back to WM.  It is amazing what you can do from a supported mobile ecosystem. Upsides & Downsides to either one...if you "can't do Apple", and I get it, then I'd get an LG V30, or wait for the Pixel 2 XL...Pure Google, guaranteed updates for years, support, etc, etc.  
  • It was easy removing/disabling all the Samsung bloat on my S8. There is an app that does it without root.
  • Can you reprogram the Bixby button yet?  
  • There are apps that will reprogram it. I found it to easy to hit accidently, so I just disabled it.
  • You can reprogram the hard button on the Keyone AND program every key twice. It's a cool phone. I just don't your that much one a phone, and am happy with Swype.
  • Which app?
  • I used Package Disabler Pro. It lets you disable almost everything so you have to be a bit carful with it.
  • Thanks
  • I bought an honor 8 and then bought both launcher 10 and squarehome 2. Each has w10m features the other lacks, but I eventually went with squarehome. Can't find a decent weather app for the home screen, and other outlook on calendar on w10m, but more than made up for with the essential apps i now have access to.
  • I had the paid version of Square home for a while but switched to Nova launcher. Don't miss the tiles like I thought I would.
  • When my Lumia 1520 died I went for a Oneplus 3T. A really good purchase
  • Bible and banking apps especially are far better on Android than on Windows 10 Mobile. I was glad I made the switch. Unless you absolutely have to have the pen though I'd look at the Galaxy S8+. It is about the same size as the Galaxy Note 8 and because it isn't storing the pen it actually has a larger battery. Plus it's a fair bit less expensive. Either one is great though. I loaded mine up with as many Microsoft apps as possible and am using their Arrow Launcher, which I would highly recommend to anybody. Very simple launcher and it's fast.
  • Hey Jason... I went through the same agony when I let go of my Lumia ICON in the Fall of 2015. The writing was on the wall then when it was known Verizon would not get the Lumia 950xl. I was crushed and jumpted to the Note 5. The Note 5 was awesome but I had Windows Phone withdrawls for many, many months and even agonized between the two for a long time. But I settled in as I had to. The Note 5 served me quite well and took some amazing photos with it. I was super excited about the Note 7 but alas, we know what happened there. So, I flip flopped back and forth between a Moto Z Force Droid and the Pixel XL. Both great phones but used the Pixel more due to the better camera. And now, finally back on the Note 8.  The Note 8 is worth waiting for but the Moto G5+ is a good alternative and it is getting Oreo as well.  My heart is still with Windows Phone but it makes no sense for me, as a Verizon User, to have a low-to-mid range Lumia 735 with none of the apps I use daily. 
  • Loved my Lumia 928 so much!
    But I've been pretty happy with the Samsung S8 with Square Home 2 running as my launcher!
  • Please get an Android phone so we no longer need to see the useless rants about the future of Windows Phones.  I replaced my $650 Lumia 950 with an $80 Nexus 6 off eBay a year ago and it does fine for my work.  I would recommend a used 6P or Pixel XL once the next model is announced.  No need to buy latest and greatest, especially if you are using a 1520 today, but the fingerprint authentication is a must these days.
  • Fingerprint reader is awesome. I can log into my phone then log into LastPass all with a touch.
  • Well, I am in the same boat as far as PCs go. I love "continuity", so that's why as long as there's no more Windows Mobile devices coming, I just can't see my next laptop computer running Windows. And I'm not planning to buy another PC (be it MacBook or Chromebook) until the summer of 2018 at earliest. ChromeOS (with Android) and macOS (with IOS) are the only options for me on PC going forward due to W10M shutting down. I'm using the Elite x3 that I purchased on 9/1 and shipped to me via FedEx one week ago today. I can use hotspot on the x3 to go on my mother's Android tablet if needed. I'm going to layaway an IPad/mini at Wal-Mart on September 29th so I can get my own tablet with a touch gesture that works appropriately (touch on my Acer W4 has been screwy ever since I upgraded it to Windows 10 on December 30, 2015). The IPad mini can also double as a Wi-Fi IP-ready phone for Messenger calls, Skype calls, FaceTime calls, Snapchat calls and Hangout calls and much like the W4, it is made for one-handed usage. I also had to switch carriers from T-Mobile to AT&T (formerly Alltel), and being back on AT&T Prepaid now frees me up in case I have no choice but to switch to one of those duopoly phones in 2020.
  • One of the best android phones to buy without going broke is the Galaxy S7 Edge, you can get it for less than $450 like new. The Moto Z Force Droid is also great and even a cheaper option than the S7 Edge. 
  • My Lumia 1520 died december 2016. since january i have switched 7 Android phones, i just cant convince myself to like android. there is always somthing missing :( i just  LG V10--->Galaxy S7 Edge-----> LG V20---------> by this time i realised that spending whole lit of money was useless Android was still crap to me :P so i sold my V20 and got Oneplus 3, didnt like the 1080p display got Note 5, . . . gave away that to brother, decided buying an Elite X3 but coulding find one in Pakistan :( niether the Idol 4. bought a cheap chinese phone, sold that too. i personally feel that spending whole lot on Android phone isnt worth it, a budget phone does pretty much same as a flagship im not into high tech camera and etc, ordered a galaxy A9 Pro, lets see how that goes.  MSFT needs to bring the Surface Phone/ Mobile PC in the market asap!!! disapointed in MSFT's strategy but still counting on them :/
  • OK, so I have a 1520 that wasn't used all that much. I gave it to a guy at work who is no longer using it. Its an extra phone now.
    I also have 2 (screen-cracked-but-still-working) 950XL's. I just haven't had them fixed yet. I know I should have, but I haven't.
    And I have a 950 that i let my son use because he needed a phone. I got a Galaxy S8+ through work, and God do I hate using that thing.
    The apps are great! But the phone is laggy as hell. The settings are a nightmare to navigate.
    The swipe keyboard is honestly the worst typing experience I've ever had on a phone. I spend more time correcting errors than I do typing.
    Why does it put words in that simply aren't words like "Bamk"? Or, for instance, when I type "Breaking" it will enter "Breaki g". Wheres the N?
    Oh, and sometimes it just isn't responsive. I try to type and it takes 20 seconds to get a 3 letter word out. So I back out and make sure all other programs are "closed", but it still happens. F-you, Android. F and U.
    Can't wait to return to Windows mobile, in whatever form factor. I even occasionally miss Cortana.
  • I hate my S8+.  when it comes to windows phone "nothing compares to you" having apps is nice but really i prefer the functionality of WP over anything else.  
  • What Windows phone functionality isn't available and better on the other platforms?!
  • Ok,  Jason in all seriousness.  if you want an awesome phone,  without paying F/U money up front for a samsung...the Doogee Mix.   Its 299 on amazon,  has an awesome screen to body ratio,  it's plenty fast,  and has a camera on par with any mid range phone.   Plus it has SD support etc.   Win win.  You may not like the launcher on it but thats easily fixed.   have a look.  
  • Go with Android. You won't regret it.
  • Android ain't that bad. I miss WP keyboard. The cut and paste gestures in Android are God awful, and "Spanish" never conjugates verbs properly. But I still use OneDrive and Office here. I just wish there was a decent keyboard in this thing. I have an LG G6, an S7 Edge and a Moto Z2 Force. LG's camera app is my favorite. But Moto Mods are an addiction now!
  • Why does everyone whine about a phone costing $1000 and they can't afford it? You lol change phones either once a year or every few months so why buy outright? If Verizon ATT or Sprint is too expensive. Switch to T-Mobile then get Jump on Demand and switch you're phone multiple times in a year so you aren't stuck with something you don't like.
  • Android, after countless supported insider hours, I've left windows for Android
  • I kund of refurbished my own Lumia 1520. The battery was failing on me. I asked a phone repair man to put in a new battery. It now works great again and can  surely last another 4 yeats.
  • reags77,  and never a paychek for those countless insider hours developement work for MS.   You got played!  
  • Oh look,  fanpanzy truth downvotes.  Did he get paid for development and testing for microsoft?  NO.   Did microsoft play suckers....YES!
  • Forced to move after the latest build corrupted my950xl, no Huawei P10 plus my home
  • I was content with a WP7 Lumia 710 that I got in 2012 but by 2015 the app gap was too large to ignore. I was on a large carrier at the time that was winding down it's support for Windows Phone too. The device itself still works even after suviving a 3 feet drop onto a concrete sidewalk.   But I'm on Android now and since switched to a smaller carrier that doesn't even give token attention to Windows Phone. I doubt I'll ever leave Android. 
  • Hey man, Look at the major applications at play store that you use and you will see if you will do the best choice.
  • I switched from Lumia 1520 to LG V10. Never been happier. Love having apps! And the OS is much more reliable.
  • It's a personal decision, and what works for me might not work for another. That said, I'd rather go with tin cans and string than by anything Android. I'll be upgrading to iPX in six weeks. 
  • I'm in the same boat. What's pushed me over the edge, though, is the "extras".  When I sign up for the Note 8 on a 24 month contract, they're throwing in a wireless charging pad and a Galaxy Tab A 8".  I'm getting a huge discount on the new Samsung Gear VR.  Combine all that with the carrier's offer of 12 months of Foxtel Now (cable TV for which I'm currently paying $65 a month), and work picking up the brunt of the cost, and suddenly the $129 / month, 20GB allowance plan doesn't seem so bad. I baulked at the thought of contracting for a piece of hardware for 24 months, in case MS turn around in 6 months and say "check this out, our new Pocket PC!" ... but having been down the Surface Pro path, and seeing that they only "got it right" when they got to the Surface Pro 3, I figure I can probably skip the first gen (or two) of MS' supposed ultramobile PC anyway. Off to sign up for the Galaxy Note 8 this afternoon.
  • After all these years, I'm moving on as well. They have burnt me, abandoned me, and made me look like a fool for talking 10-12 people into buying WP's and now they have no apps and no upgrade path. They have disrespected me and my loyalty because they do not care at all about the consumer side of business anymore. I absolutely love Windows Phone/Mobile and the live tiles. I still say that if Apple had invented live tiles on the iPhone, they would have been credited with saving all of humanity. Having said that, I'm done. Not because my 950XL doesn't work, and not even because of the lack of apps, it's because of MS's attitude towards it's loyal customers like us and their complete disregard for the consumer space. I will also say that I have no desire at all to be in more than 1 ecosystem. If I go Android, I will be moving most of my devices over. I will be selling all 11 Windows devices I currently have in my house except for my Gaming PC and I will be done with MS for the most part. This company is done on the consumer side. They will never recover from abandoning the Mobile space and Nadella has no desire to be in the consumer side. They will be cloud only before too long and even Windows itself will start to disappear. The books written in 10 years about the downfall of MS are going to be amazing reads.  Anyway, it's sad. It's a shame and I am not looking forward to the move at all. But you can only crap on people for so long before they have had enough. I have now had enough so Galaxy Note 8 here I think I come. By the way, this is coming from someone who absolutely despises Google and yet, that's where I will end up. The only thing I like less than Google is Apple and it's users. Kinda sucks when you have no choice you like.
  • Here is my suggestion: resist all the way to your last dying breath. And when that fails, booby trap the thing so if anyone tries to pry it out of your cold steely hands... well, you get the picture. Never, ever, surrender to the dark side without a serious fight!
  • LG V30 coming soon is a great choice or even a V20 from last year which is a big ass device and feature packed. Can get it around $300 too.
  • i regulary use a lumia 650, 2 weeks ago i star to use a huwei p9, and yes is kind a cute, and yes it has a big hardware with tons of apps, but is anoing, and stupid OS, wich take a lot of steps more to do the tasks that my lumia can do even with that old and slow hardware, so i maybe can old a bit more but i starting to belive that i need an Alcatel idol even when thats almost imposible in my country
  • To anyone going over to android I recommend using a launcher called squarehome 2.
  • Launcher 10 is way better. With live, adjustable tiles just like Windows and swipe left to get the app list with letter shortcuts, this launcher makes Android a pleasure to use.
  • If you want steak, you order steak. Squarehome 2 is just a meat-by-product. Its not steak.
  • Like you Jason, I have walked through the mental process of abandoning this ship countless times.  I was "right there" when my company pulled the Good App from my Lumia 928.  But I eventually took my wife's retired iPhone 4S and made that my work phone.  I have since upgraded both, personally to the 950XL and (at my expense albeit via gazelle) an iPhone 6S.  As I said, I have walked through the mental steps of going all Mac or Google and I just cannot see an end state that I actually like.  I'd rather carry two phones and have my gem that takes amazing (still to this day haven't seen photos from other phones that consistently rival it) photos, and has this gorgeous screen, and integration with my Windows world, and mostly just this rediculously usable UI than take a shot on an Android phone.  So I fear the day that I drop my 950XL in the sink or drive over it as I will undoubtedly still be 18 months from some real MS flagship replacement.... but I'll likely find something new-enough in this ecosystem to mad-max it until some dreamy WinMoReturns day arrives.  What I am not confused or conflicted by is that I don't feel MS owes me something here.  I am not a customer of Windows Mobile as much as I am a consumer of the Windows ecosystem.  If I step back and honestly assess the situation, I don't see a good reason for MS to create a new phone until such time that they can create a real Surface product out of it.  If that's a clamshell that unfolds to a phablet or maybe just them pouring a Lumia into a Band, that will be worth the wait.  And if this in no way serves "us" with no upgrade path, that's totally fine by me.  But if it's another slab that looks like, acts like, feels like an iPhone/Android phone, that would be the waste of energy I'd hate to see at this point.  E.g. come at us when you got something off the charts MS or stay out of sight.  
  • Im not going anywhere. I'll be picking up an elite x3 soon to replace my almost 2 year old 950xl.
  • Honestly the reason I stay with Windows mobile devices is for the most part the same reason I gravitated to it in the first's more comsetic than anything esle, and it's all about the Live Tiles.  From an operability perspective, I can't fault anyone for wanting to test, or completely shift over to another Mobile OS, because there is just more functionality with iOS and Andriod. With that being said, I just can't bring myself to come to a reality where I'm picking up my mobile device and am not being greeted with retangular, or square icons that can give you a myraid of information at a glimpse.  I can see the song and picture of the aritst I'm playing on Groove.  I can see the latest news articles and who or what they are referring to.  I can see the latest Facebook post, and who it's from. I can see the latest weather forecast, test message, email, twee, Facebook IM. It's the difference between going to a resturant that serves a variety of seafood, or going to one that serves a few but serves them very well.  The fact that I'm completey immersed in the MSFT ecosystem just reinforces the notion of not wanting to change, because there is a rendition of Live Tiles on every device I use, from my Surface 3, to my Xbox One, to my Lumia 950XL, which is my secondary phone, to my Microsoft bands (First generation is what I use to work out with, Second generation I use as my watch).  There are more advanced devices out there with more advanced integration and application association, but none have the Live Tile integration and that isn't just a foundational impression of Windows has become the unifying impression of Windows.
  • Hey Jason ... why not just get your 1520 fixed?? It'll cost a whole ton less than buying a new Android ... maybe take a week or two, but hey! you've saved money, and still have your favorite phone! (I got my Icon fixed for $200. New battery and charging plug, and of course a new screen.) All the best, no matter what you do (I'll still read your articles!) and Congratulations! on the new little one!!
  • he can buy a killer android phone brand new for 199.  why waste 200 bucks on a non supported old device.
  • WHAT killer android r u buying for 200$?? Honey the latest flagships are NEVER below 400$.
  •  I didn't say FLAGSHIP.  I said killer phone.   The Doogee mix is a killer phone.  Pretty well bezel'less, nice design,  fast, Skin needs work, but other than that it's a killer phone.
  • I made the switch and use the Galaxy S8+ with the SqareHome launcher so I have Live Tiles and a hybrid "Win-Droid" phone w/ all MS apps, Cortana, OneDrive, etc. There are a lot of really great things about it, but I still miss Windows OS, AND still consider the Lumia 1520 my all-time favorite device. In a way I am happy to have access to things I had to make-do without on Windows, but Windows is to me still a superior OS to Android and IOS.
    I really didn't want to leave.... But I really started to question my loyalty when I seem to love and care more about Windows Phone than MS. I hope to have a reason to come back in the future.
  • You just need to hang on a bit longer. The Surface phone will be out any second now and the whole double secret mobile strategy of MS will be revealed in all it's wondrous glory.
  • I switched to the oneplus 3 a few months back. Not a big app user myself but do appreciate having those handful of apps that I wanted but could not get on WM. I have put Launcher 10 on it to give me a reasonable facsimile of live tiles as I found the IOS style static icons unspeakably dull. Spent a bit of time de-googling the phone as much as I could. Another positive is that I probably spend less time staring at it than I did with the beautiful 1520. Android is OK. Have so far received updates quite quickly. Haven't experienced the alleged lag that is supposed to inevitably come with time - it is fast and fluid still. App quality is pretty poor in a lot of cases however . With a fair bit of syncing with my PC and more to come with next creators update I will take a little persuading to come back to a mobile Windows device but would love it to happen. Still have a 950 gathering dust in a drawer.
  • When my !520 screen broke, I got Samsung Note 5 and love it!   I will wait for Surface Mobile for 6 more months... and if it doesn't materialize , I'll get Note 8. 
  • appricots and chickens  
  • Dona Sarkar was asked about "Surface Phone" at an insider ninja cat event a few months (>3) back. She described it as something u can carry it everywhere.  I use 950XL, best phone ever, with iphone and android for app development.      
  • I think Dona was blowing smoke.  I can carry my dell notebook everywhere.  I can carry my iphone everywhere.  why is that HUGE NEWS?
  • The ideal time to upgrade from the 1520 to the 950XL was a year ago. Its kinda late now.   I've been saving up $25 a month since I got the 950XL and that will make it much easier when the time comes to upgrade from the 950XL to the Surface phone. If I have to pay $1000, so be it. 
  • Why do you always post the second picture??
  • Nokia 8 is great choice from Android camp. 4 years of 1020 and finally I foind phone I like by design and performance.
  • PMD need to release a true 1020 replacement.  I would buy one in a hot second.  the 8 is not it.
  • Note 8 is the ultramobile u r looking for. go fr it
  • Just get a Nokia 6 :)
  • Nah....Nokia 6 is NOT NOKIA enough.  just a name now.
  • I would as well wait for S9/XZ1P/possibly something from microsoft to next year. Note8 is great but some hw it got already half year old. If you want cheap alternative 950/XL is only one. But remember, nobody else got such haac mics and alternative with own OSes pixels&iPhones got just mono mics. Better wait half year at least.
  • Just go on eBay and pick up an HP Elite X3.
  • Hey Jason, if you are still looking for a Windows phone, I have an Alcatel Idol 4s (W10) phone with the VR kit that I'll donate... l just got the Note8, so I do not need it anymore. Let me know
  • I have a trusty Lumia 730 which gets my work done and I enjoyed the device and the platform a lot. The 4.7 inch screen fits fine for me. As other users tempted to Android/iOS, I want to make my switch for the Nokia 3, which fits my budget and just get simple tasks done for my college life. But still sad to leave the platform even though there are Microsoft apps for Android. The live tiles, initial heydays with Cortana on WP8.1 and testing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Previews right from the moment when the Insider Program for Windows 10 Mobile was launched are the memorable things I will miss a lot.
  • I share you sadness about your departing 1520...The Alcateal and HP Elite sound like decent replacements.  Then wait out 2018... Hope for MS....
  • Already did using S8 now and really it's a joy ride
  • Get a Nokia Android phone, either Nokia 6 or wait for Nokia 8!  
  • I have my Lumia 640 XL exactly where it belongs. At least in that place is more than useful. Under a shelf.
  • well shame on you. If you are dropping a 1520 now and might buy an older Win10 mobile, you should do the same in camp android...lets see how you like them apples. ive bought a couple of semi cheap android phones the last couple of years and let me tell you that 1. Either im unlucky and buy the wrong models or 2. They are POS compared to solklar priced Windows 0 Mobiles.  Of course the answer is a mix, most android headsets are crap (yep i said it) and the few good ones cost a lot and agent supported as long as most win devices. A friend couldnt update his lumia 1020 earlier this year (as hes had for like 18 months) so he bought a 300usd galaxy. At first Everything was fine, he loved his cool features (missing the fantastic camera of the 1020 though). After a while he started leaving his phone behind when going out and i asked him casually why he did that. The answer i got was that it was crappy, slowed down from time to time, and just wasnt as fluid and familiar as his lumia. This guy is in no way a Windows fan and only got his L1020 on a 200usd firesale. The conclusion of this (and many other stories) is that as Windows 10 mobile users we are fed that our handsets are ok but that the OS is dead and that there are no Apps and therefore we cant use our phones. This is not true, as the apps are mostly a bullying thing and not so much a real problem (for some im sure it is) but if you repeat it enough times, it becomes the current state of affairs. remember guys, the grass always seems greener on the other side...and remember what sacrifices you make to get one or two cool features to show off to someone who doesnt matter... Google and Apple really has succeeded in being the only two choices...
  • Hi Theolyix any Windows phone I'd entertain getting would be newer than the four year old Lumia 1520 I currently use. Also as I note in the piece Im note a big app user. I actually wrote a series called "The untold app gap story" which hou might like. I take a deep data supported dive into how we actually use and don't use apps. Check it out!😉
  • Hi Jason,  I'm with you on this one sir. Personally I've come to love all 3 platforms as they all have advantages I like about each of them. I'm a Verizon user and jumped a couple years back when I realized that the 950 XL would never be on my carrier. It had features that my icon simply didn't and it annoyed me enough to go with Google Nexus devices for a couple years. I tried Samsung and they had great hardware. But I preferred the pure Google experience. It was a nice experience, not the same as Windows Phone of course but good and had advantages in its own way.  Out of change and bordem I tried a device that I never thought I would after 9 years. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus. At first it was hatred. But I felt like I really wanted to give it a chance as I have so many friends and family on Apples platform and iMessage looked very cool because it is! After a couple of weeks getting used to no back button and multitasking or search dedicated buttons. I finally started getting the hang of iOS. I will say the more I used it the more I liked it. Not having a back button no longer mattered because in any app a simple gesture right or a tap on the top left and you were done. It's actually very fast and my preferred method now. I also discovered how fast and fluid iOS was to use with great apps. It lacks customization of the others but it works really well all the time.  At present I own all 3 platform of devices including Nexus, iPhone, HP Elite x3 and Idol 4s. I'm praying the Elite x3 switch gets turned on for Verizon so I can actually use the phone but I don't have high hopes. I have always rooted for Windows Mobile since the 6.0 days. They just haven't figured out a solid way forward yet which I hope they're working on something great from the rumor mill. In closing Jason, I say go with what you love and enjoy in your budget. I'm not particularly baised 100% to any of them other than hard facts of missing applications I use daily on Google or Apples platform. Best of luck!
  • "At least if I choose a Note 8, I could count on Android being supported beyond 2018 and wouldn't be compelled to get something new just for support." Don't count on anything past android 8.0 and 9.0   Android/Samsung support drops after 18 to 24 months. it won't quit working, but it won't be getting new operating systems after 9.  I would at Least wait for the Pixel 2 XL is announced, just to compare. All that said, the Note 8 is a Great device. the LG G6 camera is pure garbage compared to other flagships. And LG software is kind of Meh too. 
  • Interesting to read this while Microsoft is full throttled right now on preparing and testing with Fast ring testers Windows Phone software upgrades and making big moves in PWA for Edge-arena currently. Foolish to switch this moment.
  • Feature 2 for WP is nothing but a life support branch, like WP7.8. PWA is another pathetic reason for Microsoon to get some apps in their mediocre app store. Windows 10 mobile was and is a failure, a bugfest.
  • Microsoft still has software engineers making Windows 10 mobile insider builds so I think it must have something up it's sleeves because why would ms waste time on a dead OS. Unfortunatly smart phones like the LUmia 920 , 1520  and 928 I have are not able to use Windows 10 mobile insider builds and That stinks.  I wont buy an Android smart phone because hackers have too much info on Android so I would buy an Apple Iphone 11 which will be better than the new iphone X. I am not an apple fan  though. I still thnk that Microsoft will bulild a 2 screen Courier type Tablet with a built in send receive voice Cell phone. it will probly run Windows 10 on ARM and Windows10 mobile plus all UWP APPS.  I prefer this type of mobile device over a cell phone although you cannot put it in your pocket. let's hope Microsoft brings it out soon.
  • I have the elite x3 sitting on my desk for my pc im using a pixel xl plus an iphone 7 plus but i cant help going back to my my x3 i actually switched to Bank of America to use it on my x3 as well as my android phones that way if they pull support on windows mobile the app still works on android or ios win win. my green lumia 1520 is sitting in a draw broken screen i will fix it one day i love the device its so beautiful. long live windows phones.
  • I still have the Nokia 1520 and it's going strong. Samsung phones might be great at first but software update after update things slow down very quickly. The 1520 has a solid shooter, great battery life and Windows 10 on this phone still flies. If there was no other option, I feel a good replacement for a 1520 would be the LG V30. I feels like a 1520 but on Android.
  • My take is why spend 600 dollars instead of ~420 dollars which is what the X3 Elite is going for on Amazon? Also, the comment submit button does not seem to be working on either the Desktop, or Mobile version of the app... I have Lumia Icon w/ latest updates, and W10 1703 on laptop also w/ latest updates. Thanks.
  • You just answered yourself. Even this wincentral app is not working on that pathetic platform. UWP...a FAILED poorly executed concept, Nadella style.
  • Jumped about a month ago. I always wanted LG G3 but WP held me back. I know it's old, but I have it now. I have all MS apps I had on WP, even Translator is beautiful and better. One thing I miss is the keyboard (with my 'personal dictionary' that it "learned" impressively). I have SquareHome2 launcher (thanks to stranger from forum) for WP like tiles, even free one is impressive. I recommend you use that in case you (I know you will) miss WP home screen
    Here mine (office apps are in folder) Ps. I tried Bing 'search' instead of Google. I didn't like it at all
  • I switched to Android about a year ago. The most frustrating this is that the Outlook app is crap on Android. After a while I began missing the UI of the start menu, but I found an awesome launcher app which make my homepage kinda look like it used to, and I'm very happy with that (app called SquareHome 2). If Microsoft were to succeed with cshell and all that, plus getting some nice devices out on the market, I would most certainly switch back.
  • Despite what many say about ios and Android outlook or any other client app that manages contacts, email, calendar....none are as good as the native w10m apps.
  • I would recommend Launcher10. SquareHome is very confusing on the settings, while Launcher10 is "like Windows". I made the change a month ago, and i still miss so many features that where "just there" or so much more logical in Win10M. The only plus-side i see in Android over Windows is the youTube app, allowing me to stream to my TV. Wndows's TubeCast is Desktop only, unfortunately.
  • So, you made an entire article just to complain that the Note 8 is too expensive and that you will waste more money on another wincrap phone? Yes, 1000$ is a lot of money, but the S8/S8+ are a lot cheaper. How many users pay upfront the phone in US considering how many offerings you have for monthly payments?? very few I believe...
  • I have a 950XL. Great phone, all i expected. Suddenly all the apps i needed, hoped started to go away. A few days back the phone started restarting with no reason. New SD card, new Battery. Did not fix. Asked for repair, What a mess, no replacement, no one knew what it is, but to be honest i am tyred. Bought an iphone. And that is how you loose a customer.  
  • I don't blame you Jason - I'm in the same position after cracking the screen on my 950 (despite a $40 screen protector and my first ever broken screen) but prefer far smaller phones - both the Lumia 830 and 950 are a bit too big for me. I gave in and orered a 2nd hand (though apparently as new) Sony Xperia X Compact that's due to arrive tomorrow - very cheap, screen size similar to the 920 I loved using, good enough camera and will get Oreo. It gives me enough time to work out what to do in the long run. I'm also in the position where I need devices to be flexible enough to be able to switch regions (UK/US) pretty easily. I took a serious look at ios and having never used an Apple product apart from a 4th gen iPod photo, bought a cheap 6th gen ipod touch. While it's a nice device, not being able to switch the country regionalisation for the store without a credit card is a major fail - it's a simple setting change on WP/ Windows 10 and Android and easy enough to add free us based apps. I'll certainly miss cross-purchases but unless Microsoft make a mini-powerhouse of a phone (max 5" display) I suspect that moving back to Android will become a permanent move for me (I switched to WP in March 2011).
  • Man, this was a really cool read.  I had to make the same decision as you.  I two Lumia Icons (Business and Personal phones), when the personal phone died I purchased the Galaxy S6 brand new from Verizon during their after Christmas sale in 2015 for $350 with a free upgrade to double the storage.  So I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy S6 with 64GB of internal storage for $350.00 and still have my 32GB Lumia Icon for my business.  I am not really a phone person so unless my phones die I will keep them forever.  However, I am interested in this new device that may come from Microsoft next year.
  • I just don't generally like Android devices. I had a Nexus tablet which needed a folded piece of paper inserted in the back to keep the battery from coming lose inside the shell randomly. A Galaxy S3 mini that would randomly turn off wifi even after multiple factory resets. I help my elderly neighbor with his tech and he has an Android tablet that you can sit and watch it toggle airplane mode on and off randomly. Work gave me a Blackberry Priv, which runs like garbage. I've also had issues with stability for Smart TVs using Android.  In all fairness my wife and I had two Android tablets from Asus that worked just fine. But between hardware quality typical of so many manufacturers using Android and the fragmented nature of the OS I've had way more problems then benefits. I've no problem being a beta tester or trying out new things that may or may not be buggy. I'm also not generally an Apple fan, but when it comes to a mobile OS I prefer to stick with iOS. It just seems like so much of the Android OS and the companies that use it are failing to mature as time goes on.
  • i switched my wife and my phone months ago and not because i wanted to but had to. got 2 950's worked like a charm and then my wifes phone started acting up, got it replace brand new and after a few month started doing the same and by that time it was over a year. all of a sudden my my started doing the same thign as hers, shutting off and restarting, battery draining extremely fast, screen would get cloudy, flash on & off and then a buzzing sound. we couldnt take it anymore, didnt want to switch but ended up getting 2 S7 edge just before the S8 came out. the S7 Edge are nice loaded with features and apps but i miss the simplicity of Windows, and as a user of an Andriod device for the first time i must say the drag/lag in Andriod is real. we only had it since Feburary and the phone is already slow, one feature Samsung has is the Device Maintenance which helps refresh the phone but i find myself using more than once a week when i think it should be at most once a month. i truly miss my Windows phone and would jump back in a heartbeat but i need a reason to.
  • Appreciate the very candid article. It is obvious you enjoyed windows phone as I have for many years. My wife has 950 and I 950XL. We will hang on for a while. I will probably get her an iPhone and myself the note8 if we can afford.  
  • My wife has a Samsung Android phone, she's had several, but she's stuck with it because she needs certain apps, but the novelty rush dies very quickly with these phones. She wholeheartedly hates these phones now, but doesn't want to switch to the dying WP10 platform. Apple is just too expensive and their service protecol is a trap, so even though they do have fast performance we both will still steer clear of them. My 950 has from time to time aggravated me to the bone, with dropping out when making photographs, and so many little quirks it has ever so often. The camera and display are great, but looking back at pics and rotating the phone will very often rotate the image out of the screen boundary. I also find many general actions go just a tad too slow on it, which an Apple does better hands down. So I'm in a split opinion at this point. Still hoping the Surface phone might be a good route to divert to some day...
  • my nokia 930 has worked lag free and smooth for 3 years ..still going strong ..i have been tempted with a jump to android ..but would hate spending a load of ££££ on what could become a lag fest in a few months ..
  • Yeah, the Note 8 is tempting, man do I wish they had included pen support in the 950 series, but it still is too small to be the all-in-one mobile device.  Say I broke down, retired my 950, and got a Note 8... okay, I'd pretty much be using the same apps 90% of the time (Office, Groove/Spotify, Outlook, Podcast app du jour, social media, netflix, and Windows Central), I'd still be using an iris scanner, I'd be using Dex versus Continuum (but the apps are in both), and the upside is I would have an active pen for the Note 8 (the camera on the 950 is good enough for my purposes, so don't give me the "camera is so much better" arguement).  Is the pen on a 6" screen worth it?  Yeah it would have its uses, but it wouldn't solve all my needs and therefore I would still be carrying my tablet (Surface 3, not a powerhouse but great for inking) and my laptop (when I need serious workloads).  At home I would still use the old Nexus 7 tablet for reading and watching shows on the couch (while the kids use the TV) because a six inch phablet screen, Infinity edge or not, is still small compared to even a modest and dated 7 inch tablet (plus the Nexus 7 second gen had a great screen).
  • Yeah I hear you
  • Now my response is prefaced on the fact that my useage is very inking intensive.  I teach chemistry and biology in college and for classes like Organic Chemistry I love to have a OneNote file full of examples and just work through them with the students.  Inking OneNote on a phablet does not allow the precision my 10 inch S3 does.  I could probably get away with a 6" X 5.5" (roughly 8" diag) fold out device for most stuff I do (that would be two borderless 950 screens next to each other), and someday I hope to have something like that with CShell Continuum capability.
  • So I've been running a Windows Phone (950XL) and Android (currently Note 8, prior S7 Edge) for a while now. The Lumia is my primary work phone. Its 2 Sim trays plus MicroSD allows me to have 2 lines active (1 for work, 1 for data when roaming) and still has additional storage if need be. It works really well with my Corporate account, and we are now starting to get Skype and Sharepoint Services as well. And almost everywhere I go, the dock comes with me, along with a keyboard and mouse because doing emails and light work on Continuum can be a lot simpler than openaing up the company laptop and digging through the slow VPN service. And so far, most of my media have been purchased off the MS store.  The android phone is really there for the entertainment stuff. Netflix on Android allows videos to be downloaded for example. Also the travel apps I use such as Tripcase is not available on Windows and Cortana technically is not available in my region. Biggest use for the Note though is in car Navi. I use WAZE constantly at home and when travelling and Waze on Win Mo 10 is just not workable.