Help, my wife wants to switch from Windows phone to Android!

The only barrier between me and buying devices on other platforms is money. So I stick with my favorite one: Windows Mobile. As a fan of the platform I have been quite vocal over the years singing its praises (and lamenting some losses).

As a result, I have been successful with encouraging about fifteen people within my circle of friends and family to give Windows Phone a whirl. My wife is one of those people. As a successor to her Samsung Focus, in 2012, I bought her a Lumia 920. She wanted that phone just about as badly as most Windows Phone fans did at the time. That device was replaced with a Lumia 640 XL when the 920's screen was shattered as a result of an unfortunate drop.

Of the fifteen people I won to the platform, accidents with devices, changes in service plans and simple preference have led about eight of those people to Android and at least one to the iPhone. My wife, who prefers Windows phone, loves the Live Tiles, enjoys Microsoft services and is both a Windows phone and Microsoft fan, may be the next to defect. She wants an Android phone!

When I asked, she shared several reasons with me regarding her decision. Some of these reasons echo what many of you have experienced. As a Windows phone enthusiast, a writer for one of the most popular Microsoft focused sites and one of the most publically optimistic analysts of Microsoft's strategies I now share with you why my wife is getting fed up with Windows Phone and Microsoft.

Jason, there's no app for that

Social media and the comment sections of articles are not the only places where I hear about the app gap between Microsoft's and its rival's ecosystems. My wife (and my own mind) remind me of the numeric and quality disparities between these platforms often. In fact, my wife and I often discuss the glaring absence of Windows phone from among the App and Play Store labels when users are encouraged to download the app for an advertised product or service.

Of course, we understand that low Windows phone market share has a detrimental effect on developer support, but as I acknowledged in "The untold app gap story" series, there are times when the app gap just hits home. Now of course, as I asserted in that series, most of the time and for the average user, the impact is minimal. But when it does hit, it is admittedly a disappointment. This occasional collision with the app gap is where my wife, who loves the platform, is beginning to lose patience.

She shared that she has no adequate or available app for her freelance job, banking, pharmacy, or money management. Apps like Wyzant and Mint (which were discontinued) are simply not available on Windows phone. As a result, she has to use her Android tablet to get certain things done. Sadly, the lack of these apps in my wife's case, and some of yours, is a direct contrast to Microsoft's broad mission, to help people, at least in this respect, "to do more."

Though the Windows Store is seeing growth many developers are still hesitant to develop for the platform.

Of course, Microsoft is limited in their ability to bring apps to the platform. Though Redmond is working hard to bring apps to the Windows Store, developers have a choice of where they will invest their time and money. And though we've seen growing investment's in Windows from the likes of Bank of America, Facebook, Spotify and many other big and not so big names, it is clear that many developers are still hesitant to develop for the platform.

Sadly my wife's concerns don't end there. In addition to the effect of missing apps, she is also frustrated by the mobile web that is often a substitute for apps. In part three of "The untold app gap story" I shared data reflecting that the mobile web, for all smartphone users regardless of what platform they use, is engaged at much higher rates than mobile apps.

The mobile web is the path to bots

For my wife, the need for this deference to the web, when an app exists on other platforms and not Windows, however, is yet another point of frustration. She articulates it this way:

"When I go online on my phone, and it says "download app for iOS or Android," it's frustrating so then I have to use web-based viewing and everything messes up."

Of course, there are many Windows phone users with similar stories.

The app gap mind trap

Allow me a moment to share an anecdotal story of the effect, on a user's mind, of missing apps from the Windows Mobile platform. The fact that many apps are missing is so common that it affects how even I perceive app availability. Consider this:

I recently borrowed a Roku Stick from my sister. With the Stick, she also gave me the remote which had a broken directional button. She gave me a tip on how to operate the broken remote then shared that I could just download the Roku app and use my phone as a remote instead. My response? I reminded her that I have a Windows phone, and there probably wasn't a Roku app for the platform. "Oh yeah," she replied.

Missing apps are so common on Windows Mobile that it affects how even I perceive app availability.

I went home, hooked up the Roku and told my wife about the remote and my sister's advice about an app. I proceeded to clumsily navigate through the Roku UI as I fumbled with the broken remote. In the meantime, my wife was standing to the side fiddling with her phone. Suddenly the Roku began doing things that I was not commanding it to do via the broken remote. How?

Well, my wife had quietly downloaded the Roku app for Windows phone and was happily controlling the device. I had pessimistically assumed the app did not exist and, therefore, didn't bother searching for it in the Windows Store. Of course, I later visited the Store and found that not only was there an official Roku app but third-party Roku remote apps were there as well.

Sadly, my wife shared that she also sometimes assumes that there is no app for a particular service in the Windows Store. She put it this way,

"…when I try to search for one, it's normally not there, or there's some weird version [instead]."

The fact that many infrequently engaged apps beyond most of the big name and highly engaged apps like Facebook are absent from the platform subtly caused me to have a lower expectation of the Windows Store than I should have had. I wonder how many of us one-percenters sadly forego searching the Windows Store for an app for that same reason.

On the outside looking in

My wife has six sisters. Needless to say, this lively crew did quite a bit together while growing up. I've often heard stories of how they made up games, sung songs and did all the crazy things sisters do. Since I've started hanging around the family, I encouraged five of those sisters (not counting my wife) to purchase Windows phones.

With so many of us on the platform, we've used the now defunct Rooms function to plan an event, share ideas and family photos, and just be a family. The "girls" even set up their own Room, cutting me, the guy who introduced them to the platform, out of the picture. It was all good. They were enjoying themselves and the platform. That is until a couple of mishaps with shattered screens, and lack of Windows phones on Verizon forced a couple of them to Android.

According to my wife, app gap frustrations such as user-to-user services and multiplayer gaming may have affected others to defect. As a result, my wife reports that only two of her sisters still use Windows phone.

Only two of my wife's sisters still use Windows phone.

This shift of my wife's siblings to other platforms has affected how they had come to communicate when the bulk of them were using the same platform. For my wife this "being on the other platform" frustration is further compounded by the fact that much of the smartphone using population plays games that are not available on Windows phone. Here it is in her own words:

I get sent interactive game playing requests all the time, but Windows phone doesn't have much of that either, so once again I'm back on my android tablet.

I'm not much of a mobile gamer. But millions of people are. My wife included. Much of the time when I see her playing a game, it is on her Samsung tablet, rather than her Lumia 640 XL. The barrier to some of the social aspects of mobile gaming is certainly one of the detriments that some users have shared as a concern in regards to Window phone. And as we see here, these concerns are echoed in my own home.

That said Microsoft is evolving gaming on Windows 10 in a big way as it expands its Xbox platform and more. Will the Universal Windows Platform position Windows 10 Mobile to`reap the benefits of Xbox and Windows as successful platforms for gaming? Time will tell.

Problems with perception

My wife likes tech and, though not a techie, she is tech savvy. Of course, she is married to a tech writer that produces long-form analysis about Microsoft's strategy; she reads virtually everything I write and often endures my "talking shop." As a result of her own tech interests and "osmosis", if you will, she is more aware of the tech industry and the challenges Microsoft faces and opportunities available to the company than the average smartphone user.

That said, Microsoft has long been recognized as a company that offers products and services that help individuals and businesses be productive. Satya Nadella put it this way as he broadened that view of productivity{.nofollow} in his 2014 Bold Ambition and Our Core memo:

We will shift the meaning of productivity beyond solely producing something to include empowering people with new insights. We will build tools to be more predictive, personal and helpful.

It is a shame that Microsoft's dependence on developer support in a world where mobile apps, for now, are central to personal computing's position on the smartphone has not yielded the results necessary to perpetuate that view of productivity in all areas. My wife shared the following assessment about Microsoft and productivity:

Not being able to use popular financial applications like Mint...and any others that have recently formed, especially for business and personal financing, decreases my view of Microsoft as the supreme productivity competitor.

AI, bots and canvases: My evolving view of Microsoft's AI vision

Furthermore, Cortana, Microsoft's productivity-enhancing personal digital assistant, which is still evolving into that revolutionary AI Microsoft envisions, has also been a disappointment to my wife:

Even Cortana could have a better knowledge base, or better connection to apps so that she can help input information…

Both of these views by a user that is closer to a typical user than an enthusiast are indicative that the productivity message Microsoft wants consumers to receive about the company is, at least in this area, hitting a wall. This is unfortunate.

The Mrs. on Microsoft's marketing

This leads me to my wife's views on Microsoft and marketing. As a Microsoft fan, it bugs her (and me) to see Apple, Android and Samsung ads flashed across the television screen while there is a conspicuous lack of alluring marketing of certain Microsoft products to challenge them.

We do understand that Microsoft is not actively advertising Windows phone to consumers due to the developing app ecosystem and maturing OS. However, it is "painful" to watch emotionally appealing iPhone ads and visually enticing Samsung ads that we know consumers are seduced by or are salivating over, while Windows Phone has a decreasing presence in the collective consciousness.

Windows "phone" isn't dead: Keeping the vision in view

Still, my wife (and of course I) remains hopeful. She expressed:

Because of market share, app developers could care less about windows phone, I'm soooo hoping that a new Windows 10 phone changes all of that because I use everything Microsoft for productivity.

Of course, the synergy of many factors, including but not limited to the success of the app Bridges, the appeal of the cross-development of apps/bots using Microsoft's app development tools (Xamarin), as well as a category-defining new "phone" that manufacturers can emulate and that appeals to the masses would be needed to get more developers on board.

My wife who often defers to her Android tablet when her Lumia 640 XL won't suffice, is hopeful of a positive outcome. She shared that she "wants everything on one device so that she won't have to use a different source." Of course, this desire is in line with Nadella's, one device for multiple scenarios, vision for Continuum enabled Windows phones.

If she doesn't stay

Of course, Microsoft has populated both iOS and Android with the Microsoft services my wife loves to use. So if she does indeed get an Android phone, she will, naturally, get all of the apps missing from the Windows platform. And though she will miss Live Tiles and hates the static grid of icons characteristic to the iPhone and many Android phones, she will get the ability to personalize fonts which she loves to do on her Samsung tablet. She will also, in effect have a "Microsoft phone" as the Microsoft services that she wants to use, and to which she will default, will be the "soul of the machine".

If Windows Phone fails, Microsoft's Phone Companion app may herald Redmond's plan B

Of course, I would be sad to see her go. But I am a tech geek. I own an Android tablet, a PC, a Windows 10 laptop, a 7-inch Windows 8 tablet, a Windows 10 2-in-1 and have both an active Lumia 1020 and 1520. So having another gadget in the house, in truth, would be fun.

Of course, I would be sad to see her go.

That said, both my Lumia's 1020 and 1520 are out of contract, and well, I'm due for two upgrades. And as I shared above, I'm a tech geek, and the only barrier between me owning a broad range of tech representative of various platforms is money. My 1520 is my primary device, and hopefully the Surface "phone" (ultra-mobile PC), will be its successor. If not, some high-end Windows phone, an HP Elite X3 perhaps, will be. But what's a tech geek to do with his second line? Hmmmmm.

Well, after Eve ate the forbidden fruit, she gave to her husband, and he ate too.

I'm just saying.

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks! Every now and then I have to write a piece that is not an analysis of Microsoft's current strategy and the expected outcome of that strategy. This was a fun piece to write and gave voice to my wife'c experiences that echo many of yours. That said I am still very optimistic about Microsoft's strategy, uphill battle and all. :-) So don't misinterpret the ending of this piece as a contradiction to that position. :-) I love tech so the more the more devices the merrier! But if you ask me my preference, that of course would be Windows Phone! So if its got to be just one, Windows Phone it is! Well, you know the drill, LET'S TALK!!!
  • Well, you can say that the grey uneducated mass go with Android while the elite goes with iOS or Windows. Simple as that. Using android for work is stupid since Googles TOS says that they own everything you create on any of their services and they have the right to use it as they see fit.
  • "The elites go with Windows" The only Windows phones that have sold close to decently have been the ultra-cheapo $100 or less phones, look at how long the 520 remained the best seller, only recently was it knocked off its perch by a different sub $100 dollar phone.  For you to say these are phones for the elites is laughable.
  • Because a lagging, crashing, insecure 800€ android phone is for elites, right
  • I don't think that current Android phones are or the current version of Android is as bad as the some people make them or it seem like.
    I really love the animations on Android, they are fun, playful and on my father's $150-200 Moto G3, work without a single lag.
    I have used the new Galaxy devices and they, too, do not lag.
    This perception of Android being sluggish is quite old and irrelevant now.
  • Furthermore, Samsung's newest version of Touchwiz is actually visually pleasing, lightweight, and secure enough for Fortune 500 companies and the US Govt. due to the Knox security system, which, in addition to encrypting the entire device and removable storage, allows for remote device administration, routine malware detection, and many (if not all of) the things BlackBerry was previously known for. It's not difficult to see why people would use such a device instead of a Windows Phone. I myself have become incredibly dissatisfied with the state of Windows on mobile, especially since the team in charge of the OS seems to have completely abandoned the design language that made it so appealing to begin with. I'm most definitely switching to android, a system which is far more customizable and secure than the current builds of Windows Phone. There is no way in hell that such a fine-tuned platform (though it may have taken some time to get there) can be considered a second-rate ecosystem when compared to the toddlerish mess that is the iOS user interface or the useless jumble that is the current state of Windows 10 Mobile.  /informedOpinion
  • I prefer the design language of Windows 10. Its more "computer-ey".
  • Depends on what you compare with. The entire system is sluggish if you are used to something smoother.
  • You don't have a clue what you are talking about. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No its not and the updates are released in betas
  • Informed buyers say otherwise.
  • Which you are not lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think he is saying that if Windows had a better market share, elites would go towards them due to the Microsoft Office apps and good Cloud platform with OneDrive.  That said, the 950 and 950 XL as well as the newly re-sold Lumia 1520 on ATT make great elite capable devices, though they are all pricey line an iPhone, but they can do a lot that the iPhone can't as well with Continuum and a more open file system which allows you to transfer pics, music, etc without using iTunes (which I and many others hate!).
  • If you're leaving a Windows Phone, an Android is the next best option. It has a large amount of customization that can be found in a Windows phone and isn't nearly as restrictive as an iPhone is. 
  • This is true. If you care about customization a lot, Android is way to go. iPhone isn't, unless you want to jailbreak...
  • I am optimistic too, but for me seeing is believing. There are days that some news make wanna switch right away but then I remember the big plan you here have pointed out. But it's until Redstone 2, which they said will be more about mobile devices.
  • And the rumored Redstone 3 is supposedly entirely about Mobile devices, much like Redstone 1 was mostly about PC's. Windows Central Universal Application for Windows 10
  • But if they don't add features for productivity like split screen and others, they will lose the game. Apps are not the most preferable thing for me, productivity and doing many things at the same time and fast is.
  • Hi Lampros: Absolutely, Microsoft has a very ambitious plan, and like many of you I enjoy the platform and are in it for the long haul. :-)
  • Don't hold your breath waiting for the next 'Big plan'. Most here have witnessed about a dozen so far, me included.
    Enjoy what you have now and base any decisions on that, because if history is anything to go by, very sadly we only have disappointment to look forward too.
  • I went through this exact same discussion with my wife 6 months ago. After losing Rooms, which was her favorite and our most used aspect of the phone, I lost. Our new phones are not Windows phones.
  • Can I ask what phones you two decided to go to? It seems like there's also a mini debate in the community about iOS over Android when switching. lol
  • You have to have the same phones? That seems really unusual to me I don't force any technology choices on my wife and she doesn't on me. When she was looking for her next phone I didn't recommend Windows 10 Mobile for her because frankly it's not right for her at all - where as it IS for me.
  • Or maybe they are just one of those people. I can't imagine it but I hear of people doing this quite a bit.
  • Sometimes that's not a bad option if one person needs support in operating their phones. My in-laws get the same phones, and my mother-in-law needs all the help she can get, so her husband is the support. Sadly, my father-in-law thinks he knows more than he actually does, but I can see why many less-tech-oriented couples might chose this approach. Also, carriers often offer incentives to do this too.
  • Hi Jeff: Yeah we loved rooms. Not only Waa it good for productivity but the personalization of the UI was awesome. I definitely miss it. GroupMe just doesn't do the same for me.
  • I lost to the wife to. We went with android LG G5's. Best decision we've made in terms of phones. Fast, great cameras, no crashes, resuming or resets needed, and very nice screens. No lag to speak of with over 70 apps installed and no viruses. She's a happy camper and tbh so am I. My wp is a play toy these days.
  • "no viruses" you are aware of... Google itself is a trojaner (and monopolist company in many many ways) but beside that most other trojaners are not visible. A virus you find is not a good one... Today there are as good as no worm viruses anywhere anymore... They all search for informations and try to hide from you.
  • @groady Funny, in reading the comments I see that a several husbands here have wives who'd like to try/or have moved to other platforms. The thing is my wife really loves Windows phone's "cleaness", ease of use, Live Tiles, etc. She's shares ideas that she thinks would make things better now and then too. She really dislikes Android's UI, and the iPhone even more. We'll see how things go. Maybe she'll stick around, maybe she'll switch. Who knows. :-)
  • I found this viewpoint to be realistic. I also really liked how you kind of told a story about your wife's and her sisters' usage of Windows Phone/Mobile. I'm not really sure how this can be helped, but she's right. The Lumia 640 is one of my favorite phones, which is why I still have mine. I try to use it when there's a new Production build, or I hear about a really nice update or a nice app that I would like to try pops up. I like it, everything seems to be okay so I then move my sim into it. I'm good for the night, and by the next day, I find something that either starts to annoy me, or will annoy/frustrate me so I change back. It's hard, but at this point, I can't see myself using it as a DD anymore, just occasionally. Like your wife, I have my own share of frustrations of things lacking or just have a poor version. One of those is a certain app. My book app has a decent workaround on Edge (I can read it) but yet if I'm finished, I can't return it, I need the app for that. I'm fighting to return a book and hoping that the app doesn't crash. Sigh.
  • Thanks for the input libra89!
  • That's a lotta windows phones getting smashed or broken in your circle because of "unfortunate" incidents :P Accidents born out of frustration...? :D
  • Hmmmmm....yeah...May it's a conspiracy! I do have some iPhone and Android lovers in my circle. Maybe they were the are the culprits in the "unfortunate" incidents.:-) LOL
  • Exactly the same situation happened to me but I lost her to the iPhone and I don't think she will ever come back. Nothing would make her happier than to have a shiny new MacBook Pro as she assumes that if you edit videos it's much better on a Mac. Her initial reason for leaving her 920 in the dust was purely to do with Facebook app being poor and Instagram only available at the time as 6tag, but after using her iPhone for a few months she decided that "everything is better" on the iPhone (even though after a few weeks her screen shattered without even dropping it!). Apple to her has become the sole company that provides quality products that "just work" (even when they don't) and a lot of this is due to marketing and much more positivity around the world for iPhones in general. A common thing that happens here is when her laptop has a problem she gets angry and practically curses Microsoft, however, when her iPhone has a problem there is virtually no reaction, it's quite a strange effect really. That being said, she does still like Live Tiles and she is enjoying Windows 10 on her laptop now I finally got her to upgrade.
  • Sad Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "even though after a few weeks her screen shattered without even dropping it!" I'm sorry but screens don't just shatter. I've used all platforms and have worked around mobile devices for almost 10 years. Unless extreme temperatures were involved, then her screen was impacted by something. Doesn't mean she necassarily dropped it, but something came in contact with that screen.
  • My girls Samsung ativ s broke, so she replaced it with an htc that came faulty. She sent it out to be fixed and borrowed an iPhone in the meantime. She hasn't been back since. She misses the live tiles too but that's about it. We used to use rooms alot but that's gone...
  •   She's not really wrong aobut the video editing, though.  I'm an in-house creative for a nonprofit, and I recently switched from Macs to a Surface Pro 4 (and a Windows Phone on the personal side).  Final Cut Pro X on an 11" MacBook Air and external 4K monitor works very well, even with 4K footage.  I have no problem doing fast editing. My Surface Pro 4 (i7, 16GB, 1TB), with 12+ TB external storage, struggles to run Premiere Pro.  The same 4K footage renders Premiere Pro esentially unusable.  Is this Microsoft's fault?  No, it's mostly Adobe's, since the MBA had the same problem when I tested Premiere Pro on it, too.  But it's most certainly my problem.  I'm with you, it drives me nuts when people mindlessly think that Mac is better, etc.  But that reputation, especially among normal, average users, is not unfounded.  A Mac, out of the box, will do everything a normal person would want (photos, videos, music, word processing, basic home finances, etc.)  
  • She IS wrong about Apple and video editing. I've been a video professional since 1989, as well as a high school broadcast and graphics teacher of an Emmy award winning high school program. If the school district didn't require me to use Macs and FCPX, I would never use them again. We got a brand new Mac lab a couple of years ago and in the first couple oif months I had to send three in for repairs and one had the screen just fall off. I'm constantly having to do hard resets because of problems wioth FCPX. Many large Hollywood production houses dumped FCP when it became FCPX (because it lost many features and went with a non-standard ionterface. Companies don't care to retrain employees when there's no competitive or efficiency advantage) and returned to Avid or AP Pro. Whatever superiority that Apple once had in the video and graphics world disappeared years ago. Many NBC (and other broadcasters) stations are using a program that you've probably never heard of (Edius) because it handles any footage in real time with added effects without rendering, which is essential in the pressurized deadline world of broadcast. I use it in my freelance business because it's much faster than AP Pro (and I hate FCPX) and very stable. The only industry standard that ever existed was the use of Macs, but there were always a variety of NLE's and for many of those years Avid was the industry leader. Now the only NLE that is Mac only is FCPX. The others are either available on either platform or Windows only. BTW, if you would run AP Pro on an iMac or PC desktop you could easily do it with an i7 processor. I use it on a five year old AMD 6 core processor without any hiccups.
  • Today, a young impressionable kid goes to make their very first technology buy, their first cell phone.  The market is dominated by Android, so they buy pick their favorite and buy it.  They are prompted to enter in their account, so they create a Google account.  They need email, so they use Gmail.  They need to search, so they use Google.  They need to browse, so they use Chrome.  They need more space, but Google Drive is right there for all those files they don’t ever want to lose.  They need to buy apps, so they buy Android apps. Etc. Etc. Etc.  They fall in love with their very first shiny new phone, and they fall in love with Google.  Soon, they will need to buy their first laptop or tablet.  When asked about Windows, they innocently ask, “Are they still in business?  I’m a Google fan, and I want something that plays my Android apps.”  The store assistant will show them the Chrome OS laptops and Android tablets, and show them how they can run their favorite Android apps.  What about Microsoft Office?  Oh, they can get that on their new Google OS if they really need it, but maybe they won’t even need it.  Why not try Google Docs instead?  Later, that same young kid will start working and begin influencing business decisions.  Why can’t we use Google Docs here? Why use Office 365 when everyone is on Gmail? Microsoft is old and dying anyway, let’s move to the platform everyone loves, Google. Nadella probably measured the mobile wins and losses in the dollars at the time, and felt they were investing too much to grow and maintain their mobile market share.  They were at 10% in Europe and 5% overall.  Nadella immediate cut mobile investment, laid off thousands, cut the short-term losses to show better quarterly numbers, and quickly moved Office and any other differentiators to iOS and Android.  Microsoft’s mobile market share disappeared faster than Blackberry.  The stock rose, he sold his first mansion and built a bigger one, so he must have been right.  Meanwhile, thousands of young kids walked into a store today to buy (and fall in love with) their first tech platform and ecosystem, and Microsoft was nowhere to be found.
  • Dang, this make me cry.
  • True, oh so very true.  Go ahead, look at any walmart, target, park, wendy's...anywhere.  Look at the kids phone.  Android, possibly an old iphone.  Before smartphones the first OS someone used was usually windows on a pc, so they naturally went to work, brought their pc and started working.  Now, they bring their phone, naturally use their phone, then use a pc because its 'legacy'. Look at my sisters home, the quintessential family of 5, 2 boys 1 girl 2 parents 2 dogs a cat.  Probably the most normal family type in my area of the largest city in the state, guess my city - it is where MS was founded, guess if we have a MS store here....'crickets'....anyhow back to the family.  Their oldest when they were just hitting time for a phone broke their S3, i had an 8x lying around, had them use it.  Instantly didnt like it because of app gap.  And not because they needed the latest coupon app, but because of GAMES.  Kids dont write technical documents on word for their phone, they play GAMES.  Now all their kids have  The parents have phones....Android.  They dont even use that many apps (parents) but they have android.  I have tried so hard to get my Sister out of her busted up note 3 into my FREE 1520...does she take it?  Nope.  Because its windows. ​Now do they use windows? Sure do.  A grandma pc, literally grandma its one i put together so my grandma could surf the web in her late 70s, its got a very old dual core amd, its a bookshelf pc.  Its 'decent'.  I have yet to come home and they are on the pc.  Know what they use it for?  So my sister can submit some forms through her work.  She doesnt know she can do the same thing on her phone.  I even showed her, but not bothered by it.  I have been trying to setup a continuum like system for her....where can i buy a decent continuum phone on a carrier?  Didnt think so. ​So here, me, the biggest tech nerd of the family, that literally takes care of the entire families tech needs from pc building to phones...and the family of 5 who i have least 'influence' on, owns 8 android devices to one grandma pc i got for 300 bucks. ​Of course i show off my phones, my own family has 5 windows phones, with 2 more ready to be deployed at kid age.  My family right now is a windows family, we have windows laptops/tablets.  Actually my kids are farther ahead of the curve than my sisters family in what their devices can do.  From the xbox to their tablet to their phone...but that doesnt matter.  I know once my kid is able to buy his own device if the situation doesnt change they will probably choose android or ios.  And this is coming from a very hardcore windows family where my kids have never personally owned or used an android device in this home (despite my work requiring me to tech android/ios). My family is not normal, my sisters is.  MS without advertising you have nothing.
  • @infossge Love how you painted that picture! Very well put. I don't know if you read this older piece I wrote "Google wants our children" but given your perspective here I think you'll like it:-) :
  • Microsoft can fix mobile if they let OEMs have more control and customizations over the OS. Like what Amazon and Chinese OEMs are doing with Android. Windows mobile is too restricted for them. Microsoft need the OEMs to succeed as they are not doing marketing for phones.
  • No surprise why Google are pushing Chromebooks for school too.  Google really played the long game - make no real money on mobile or desktop now - free OS, free apps, free services, budget hardware - capture an entire generation. Let's see them make money later on.
  • Welcome to Generation Like, meet the lab rats.  
  • Sadly, I suspect this is indicative of deeper problems you may have in your relationship. Suddenly she no longer respects your judgement on all things techie and wants to try other things.. Is this a metaphor or a mid life crisis one would have to ask. Obviously its not because Ms have dropped the ball and seem to support alternate platforms. ... ( yes you garage devs) over their own. I would suggest counseling would be your best way forward. It's common knowledge that men just want to fix problems, and I doubt an ios or android device will fix the underlying issues. Clearly your lady needs to discus and express her frustrations and simply giving her another phone based solution, which may appeal to your stoneman need to provide, will likely just add to her frustrations and exacerbate matters cos you're not listening or understanding. I don't envy your situation but must say my 950xl is the dogs b#ll#cks, I just cant stop playing with it. It's a bargain with plus you gat a 950 thrown in free for your wife. Simples!!! And far cheaper than a divorce or counselling which will have you second guessing yourself.
  • Wait...what? How is being frustrated with having to use her tablet for more things, indicate deeper problems? I feel like I missed something.
  • When wp was fresh and new who noticed the need for a tablet, familiarity breeds comfort
  • Haha that was hilarious! :D
  • Read to her. Don't go gentle into that good night,
  • Read to her. Don't go gentle into that good night,
  • Read to her. Don't go gentle into that good night,
  • G Eazy....
  • I've been taking the opposite tact actually with my fiance... She jumped into Windows Phone as her first smart phone. I offered it to her as I saw the platform as a really low entry point compared to Android's conusion and ui at the time. I didn't do iOS mainly cuz she already had an iPhone 3GS and had no want to make it her phone. But now after her own growing frustrations (and a note, she's not tech savvy really) andmy own difficulty in abaiding them, I've started reminding her that she, we, are not tied to this and she can try other phones out. I've been actively pushing her to Android, now that she's way more familiar with the system and current state, and I think she'd flat out be less stressed on the high level. Versus dealing with some of the shortcomings with Windows Mobile. Now it's not all around apps for her, but some glitches and issues she's ran into that are simply WP... I'll stick around on the platform because in this space I see MS as an nderdog, and though I'm a mm away from changing this aspect of myself, I like to be a part of the underdog's story to see it as long as I can. But frustration, annoyance and dissapointment's really pushing my patience. So she's decided to hang on to her 640 for now, despite the recent upgrade from 8.1 -> 10 losing most of her texts, all of her call history and more. She's willing to give it a go a while longer, probably out of simply not wanting to migrate.
  • My wife is thinking about switching from her 735 to one of the other two's devices too, also focusing on Android since her nieces (her girls ;) are using a few of these nonsense apps for fun. She is far from as tech savvy as your wife but, like you already said, won't miss any of Microsoft's services on the other platform. My concern is about security :( and the time I will have to invest to get her new phone up and running :D but coming from webOS to Windows Phone resp. Win 10 Mobile I am also tech savvy and (at some extend) looking forward to a new piece of tech in the house.
  • I enjoyed reading this. Thanks! And I agree the missing app is always an issue and I always feel the same seeing app store and google store links for apps but not for windows.
  • Fun read until it got too long lol ;)  Luckily my wife is not very needy in her techie needs. I've been sharing albums to friends on whatsapp via one drive and it confuses the heck out of them when they are on iphone!  Doesn't seem easy to download the album to their phones :) well same with windows phone as you can't open a share by link in one drive app and if download the whole album from the browser, it gives it to you as a zip instead of adding it to your saved pictures somewhere!
  • My wife wanted to change to android. She did against all my advice, she even tried the 950 and loved it, but she went for a Samsung galaxy s6 edge, after 2 days I was concerned about how irritated she was getting with it. She stuck at it because she's fairly stubborn... A week after the cooling off period she'd had enough. She now hates the phone so much that she moans about it everyday, she can't bare it. So my contract is up soon and she will be getting the 950 that should have been mine. I will then need to wait about 18 months till I get a new phone. My seriously roughed up but mostly trustworthy 930 will need to last. So, my advice is just tell her my story, don't do it, don't let the lure of what most other's have take her in, Windows is the way forward. Now, I'm gonna go back to my sobbing in the corner of the room...
  • Lols. Very funny analogy, but I can relate to it cos am a christian.
  • Here's my problem, since my 1520 broke and I was forced into beta testing Windows M10 via the 950, I have an Edge browser that is broken, basic features galore missing, auto text is a decade gone backwards, and most disturbing is the battery life. I unplugged at 7:30 AM, and by the time I got home at 4, I was in battery saver mode at 17%, and its now on the charger as I type this. This is a daily occurrence. I fortunately got this phone on a 12 month plan, and am 3 months in. If the OS isn't fixed and a better, BIGGER phone, in the windows world doesn't exist, I will move to android. Sad to say since I have been with windows mobile since WM6.5...
  • 950XL should have been the one to get.  Any larger phone will have a bigger better battery.  But the 4k display is also to blame for the poor battery life on the 950.
  • Get a new wife
  • Happy wife, happy life. I'd say OK and help her get one. I have a Note 8, and Android and huge amount of apps are nice to use and enjoy. Windows Mobile at this point is truly for hard core fans. I'm still a fan, SP2, XBox, 920 & 640.
  • I like your sway presentation. Simple and fully describe the general perception. :D
  • You forgot to say that you're a tech guy, and you're sad to see her go...... For the fifteenth time!
  • Just let your wife switch. Respect her decision as marriage is all about compromising.
  • Thanks for a great article Jason!! I'm in a similar situation, except it's me on the fence... I've been holding on to my 1520 for the longest time, but when Life360 stopped active support and no plans for WinMo10 update I've got back (way back?) to my BlackBerry Passport. I'm planning to check out the Elite when it comes to market, but doesn't resolve my main problem: all my family is on iOS. Now I've considered Android only because of the Priv, has nearly the best of BlackBerry (keyboard, core BB apps) and Androids robust ecosystem (especially Life360) bringing me closer to stay in more touch with fam... but not as close as I could be with an iOS device. Mind you I'm a mobile tech nerd, so I'm paying attention what Apple plans to introduce this fall, so that's a reason to stall this jump. Really though, I'd rather stay Windows with them getting the OS update pushed out and get 3rd party to create good premium devices. So... not sure where I'll head to yet, I do know articles such as this will help with new/more perspective. Keep it up!
  • Dude... that was a great read.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.  I have the same concerns with my friends and family.     Heck, I have a Lumia 950 (i think that's the number) and I used it the first day to set it up and once, to use at a car show.  I found myself using my iPhone to upload to certain social networks as it was easier to do so.
  • I always enjoy reading your articles, Jason. You mentioned the fact that Windows has a small market share and that developers won't bother with the Windows platform for that reason. This is a true statement. But isn't it equally true that the Windows platform, universal, is a rather big market share? If memory serves me right, market share for Windows 10 is over 350 million. I would say that merits developer interest. We're starting to see a pattern of this interest. For example, several of the Windows 8 apps were taken down earlier this year, only to be seen anew as universal Windows 10 apps. A few of the banking apps come to mind. Perhaps, the recent news of the Amazon app being discontinued is also indicative of the pattern mentioned. Maybe we need to start thinking of the platform in terms of Windows 10 as a whole rather than its compartments. Maybe, just maybe, the tides are shifting for our preferred platform. Maybe.
  • My wife is the opposite... She bought an Android when we were dating, even though I did suggest a Windows Phone. A few years later, she hates her phone (and has for a long time). A few months ago I was given an Android phone for free - I have no interest in it, so I upgraded her. For the most part she's happy, but it's still an utter pain to support when something goes wrong. She keeps asking for a Windows Phone, but I'm not sure what to get her - the 650 looked nice on paper, but the demo model I saw was falling apart & didn't look great. She doesn't like big screens, and doesn't use any apps. If she can play candy crush or similar games, then she's happy. The most important factors are: Size (not too big), makes phone calls, decent battery, good camera, reliable & not a pain for me to fix (ie crapdroid). If we really need a particular app, I just use BlueStacks on our Windows tablets & desktops.
  • Thanks for the article. I can totally relate. My wife and I have been with Windows Phone since the 920 was released. In many ways WP has always been playing catch up, but at the height of 8.1, the experience was really pretty good. Since We've gone to 950s, my wife has complained about more about her phone and the OS and the apps than in all the previous years combined. I regularly hear her declare in frustration "I hate this phone" or "I want to get a new phone". It's hard to stomach because I've been a Windows fan for a long time and I had her onboard for a while too. She's trying to run a personal business and so the apps she wasn't to use except Facebook are not available. However the Facebook app itself is consistently her greatest complaint. She is probably on it 5 hours a day and its bugginess, crashes, and missing capabilities is driving her mad. I'm about ready to buy her a new phone just for my peace of mind.
  • Same here. Windows phone is dead.
  • Thanks for adding to the discussion!
  • Mary Jo Foley hasn't come back to Windows Phone yet. I won't come back either until she does. The Microsoft Services work very well on Android and I have no problems. Just miss the live tiles. And notifications on my PC thru Cortana, that's very cool.
  • So if Mary Jo Foley jumps off a cliff...
  • unless you're quantum-entangled with Jo Foley, why would you make a decision based on somebody else?
  • This is all based on my own needs. Windows Phones just can no longer meet my needs any longer. And when I saw that even someone like Mary Jo switch, I just had to switch. Doesn't mean I gave up on it though. I carry Android as a Daily Driver, and Windows Phone for 20% of my day.
  • If Microsoft want to keep their wp users they will du better jobs in apps quality than the android apps.they are careless their own os wp, then who care,people? This is not about windows phone fans like me..commonly...where is new Microsoft Lumia phones, only hope HP phone and old Nokia phones like 1520. Apps gape only i am facing the major problem. Not all apps..
  • Too bad it's android that doesn't work well at all lol
  • If Android doesn't work well then that means Windows Phone doesn't work at all. And I would never ever touch anything made by Apple. So it's Android I'm choosing. And yes, I have considered Ubuntu but you can imagine how that turned out.
  • Nothing. Ubuntu is nothing that never came to be. It was going to be a flop to begin with anyways #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • Oh how ignorant you are lol #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • I want too but, idk why still love wp
  • Carry two phones. :) And with the Anniversary Update, Microsoft makes Android work well with your PC.
  • That part you made wit Sway is very relevant. It'sad how Microsoft never made an effort to advertise the Windows Phone platform here in India. Also, most of the things that I get to know, updates and all are from Windows Central. I feel that those who do not know about WC but are still on WP are flying blind.
  • That part you made wit Sway is very relevant. It'sad how Microsoft never made an effort to advertise the Windows Phone platform here in India. Also, most of the things that I get to know, updates and all are from Windows Central. I feel that those who do not know about WC but are still on WP are flying blind.
  • No effort? Most of those crappy budget smart phones last year were aimed at india "emerging market".
  • Crappy for you, not for Indians..
  • True..w central only the one for me for help
  • Divorce her! -)
  • Xaxaxa
  • I think divorce is they only option here. I just don't see it any other way.
  • Haha ...
  • Lets be honest, she is having an affair
  • Well, there's always murder, but I'd hate to see him go that far.
  • And what will she do with her old Windows phone?
  • I just picked up a Nexus 6. It's a great phone, and sexy too, but I've yet to feel the urge to use it as my daily driver. My Lumia 830 remains my main phone.
  • I just can't understand people wanting Microsoft to waste money on marketing when the substance in itself has no compelling unique selling proposition. Please don't come with the tiles argument. If I were not illy disposed to the evil google and the shylock Apple, I would've ditched this damned shipwreck a long time ago.
  • So... MSFT shouldn't advertise because they have an unmarketable product? Exactly who's side are you on? 
  • In what way is Buggy Android and Locked Down Icon based Apple better?  Microsoft has the best idea of having the same OS on every screen in your house.  That means your TV, tablet, phone, 2 in one, desktop, etc.  I like being able to answer text messages on my pc and see missed phone calls, etc.  As far as I know no one has those features yet.  Apple wants those features, but I don't think they are fleshed out.  Tiles are better than static icons with number notifications.  Widgets are a little better, but Android's layout is still leaving a lot to be desired in my opinion.  It's too disjointed, too complex, and too many types of devices creating a fragmented experience.
  • Android is NOT buggy. Even Lollipop was way way less buggy than what Windows Mobile is now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still keep a WP (950) to see where things are headed. I really miss my 1520, which I gave to my mother when her screen shattered on her 1520. If WP had the support that iPhone does, I'd be back. But there is no comparison in app quality and support, iPhone blows them away. But it is nice to have both!
  • I agree with you. I saw a post on fb, iPhone is 9years old and there where comments saying "happy birthday iPhone, I love you iphone, I'm proud of you" and stuff like that. I was shocked by their support
  • Got friends on the 2nd, 3rd 4th iPhone, most if not all have had issues with breaking screens. They all ask me why I keep with Windows, this is one of the reasons. As is my camera, which always seems to take better photos. The living image ones always have people smiling. A family member has loads of glitches too with her iPhone, but I'm convinced that she uses I them to keep up with everyone else. My gf would get Windows if it had Snapchat. It is her favourite app. Still surprised that it never came.
  • I've got an iPhone. It's good, but it doesn't sh*t rainbows or print free money. I prefer "using" Windows Phone, way nicer keyboard, larger font rendering and easy to read. UWP apps like mail and the new maps are beautiful. I prefer the fingerprint reader to the Iris Windows Hello on the 950 which is too slow. But the main thing is Apple Pay. It's just too convenient and I love it. Oh and the US only thing is maddening, I still got fed up with waiting for Word Flow on iPhone not available to me in the UK. It's waiting that made me grab the iPhone. Since I got the iPhone 6s Redstone builds have almost  caught up  Get universal NFC payment support and is consider dropping my iPhone  I like the iPhone but it's not that much different in reality to Android or WP    
  • You should go with her on this one.
  • Yeah, it would be better for her. It's not fun to always be shortchanged. :( She can always just have the 640 XL around just because.
  • This is an excellent article, and kind of puts everything in perspective. Most of the things you mentioned like rooms and roku will probably never affect me, so I'm still quite happy on windows 10 mobile. Let's hope that by the time I get married, windows 10 has a whole lot more apps and the app gap is perceived a lot smaller than nowadays.
  • Yea,,, I stopped trying to convince other people to use Windows Phone. Really, Microsoft let everybody down. At least Nokia would advertise and create some awareness for Windows Phones. Now when someone sees my phone start screen and they ask what phone it is I say Windows Phone and it's great system. 95% say they didn't even know there were still Windows phones.
  • Yes true brother
  • ,same here
  • I genuinely detest MS marketing. It is so plain Jane middle of the road tat that it scares me. In UK their ads are dire, so unappealing it is scary. Why they don't bundle Groove in with the Live subscription is beyond me. Could even throw in a 550 with an Xbox purchase and away you go, get them hooked.
  • Get a girlfriend... buy her a Windows phone.
  • This is the most scary part: "Well, after Eve ate the forbidden fruit, she gave to her husband, and he ate too​"... Compare today's Apple, the 'Bitten Apple', with the Religious 'Bitten Apple'; the Snake (Crook), Eva (Women), their 'Prophets' (Media bloggers that defend Apple above all) and their 'worshipers' (iFans). 21th century and is so alike it is scary!
  • Well this comment takes the cake for the stupidest thing I've ever read.
  • That's what they used to say back then to anyone daring to claim that the earth was round and not flat!
  • Use Launcher 10 and Android feels like Windows , it's a really good launcher that almost nails it perfectly
  • You know, I'd consider this, but I will never trust Google enough to always be logged in to my account when using their phone. People gave MS crap about marketing within W10, but Google has never hidden that it's their reason for being.
  • Thor think goals is evil too? You don't think Microsoft or apple do the same? silly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Limit cpu to 20% and strip out all the ram and windows mobile feels like android
  • Never going back to crapple or assdroid. App gap or not. You will have to have to take my 950xl from my cold dead hands. Thoes OS Still can't beat live tiles and qicke view of what's going on in my life.
  • No you may your grave Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have the App blues as well, I had to go get an android Tablet to fly my DJI Drone.. The SAD part is that I cant see the screen in even the shade very well. My Son-in law whipped out his I phone , downloaded the DJI GO app. BUT I was surprised to see (or not see) the screen was not much better.BUT My Lumia 950 would be awesome for flying this drone. but not enough people ask for them to make it....    
  • But... hasn't she read all your articles? It's all sunshine and unicorn farts in WinMo land! In all seriousness though, I commend your bravery at putting this up, opening yourself for all sorts of snark. Do let us know what she decides?
  • Yes this please! I agree, I applaud him for this.
  • nice article.. im leaving windows phone, a platform that i love since the very begining because microsoft gave me no choice.. they didn't release any x50 series here in Brazil, and doesn't have plans to release new phones in our market anymore... So i'm moving to iPhone, didn't wanted to do that, but im being forced to jump out (me and a lot of brazilians that loves the platform... we used to be a good market for windows phone)
  • Do they sell iphones officially in Brazil? Or you mean getting one as an import? Cause you could do that with a 950.
  • Brazil are one of the most expensives markets for gadgets, games, consoles, electronic stuff in the world... But apple (like almost all big companies - samsung, sony, lg...) always had his devices and services here, expensive but available and a lot of ppl buy it, an iphone 6 can cost US$ 1000 here... But seems that Microsoft doesn't like to offer high-end devices here, we don't have surface and we will not have any Windows Phone here anymore because they are focusing in high-end devices..... I can go to US or Europe an buy a Surface or import one without problem, but a Windows Mobile is different because if they are leaving our market we will not have support from local apps, like banks and other services that are available in the country since almost nobody will have a windows mobile here
  • Tried galaxy S7 for 2 months and an SD card crash sent me straigth back to my Lumia 1520. Windows 10 has got all the apps I need for work and play, and I am more productive on W10 than I ever was on Android. Not missing any app, it's the 90/10 problem, 90% of the people use less than 10% of apps. 
  • I have also 1520. But i am facing some apps gape like vpn must i need every day use. I didn't found yet a good app working directly.i know in built vpn. Need apps available in android or ios .
  • So basically, the app gap exists and is real and talking about using the web and bots is just a smokescreen to the reality that apps make smartphones what they are today and not in some utopian future where Microsoft rules mobile.
  • You're as lost as always
  • Great article!
  • I mean for one the windows central app wasn't even as good as the android version so yall aren't helping the problem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is a well written article that describes the frustrations that many people have faced. I love the Windows 10 Mobile UI, but I got tired of the limitations of the device due to missing apps or apps that lacked features found in their counterparts for Android and iOS. Ironically, one big issue I had was trying to be a forum moderator using mobile IE or mobile Edge. There are no mobile Chrome or Firefox browsers for Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, and using those browsers on an Android device makes it almost as easy to mod the forums on mobile as it does on desktop Windows or on desktop Linux. I'd be happy to return to Windows 10 Mobile if the limitations due to the lack of apps were solved. Until then, Android suits my needs better. Posted via my Nexus 7 2013 using the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let her have Android and see how it works out. People always think it's greener on the other side. We still see some iPhone and Android users buying Lumias for the first time because they got fed up with some problems (all platforms have it) or bored and want to see how it is on WM. In the end you use what works for you cost effectively. For *my* priorities (camera, good productivity tools), Lumia 950 fits the bill. For others, it may not.
  • I run into a little bit of this with my husband sometimes with regards to SunTrust since they not only refuse to make an app but they also changed their website a little while back so that you can no longer pull up the mobile version in Edge, basically forcing you to squint at the desktop version on your phone. That said, my family is pretty hardline about going all in with the MS ecosystem and we really like the way Windows mobile is designed and updated so we pretty much view a company that doesn't make an app for Windows as a company that doesn't want our business. To quote my mom, "Windows is everywhere, there is no excuse for companies to not build a universal app.". From my perspective, it's clear that some companies want to save money by having people like me spend funds on another device that I neither want nor like so they don't have to be bothered and I'm contrary enough that I refuse to do so. Still, everyone is not me and if it's affecting your wife's livelihood, then it might be that you will have to get her the right tool for the right job. The only other thing I can say is that, if Rooms were that important to her and her sisters, they should give Group Me a try.
  • Great suggestion, and it is multi-platform!
  • Thanks! And if she remains on Windows, it integrates into the people hub, which is a nice bonus.
  • I'm staying no matter what my wife loves her Nokia Lumia 830 and as do I we know there's a lot missing but for what it's worth these phones are fantastic and gets the job done no lag even with windows 10 so don't let anything change your mind at all about the phone.
  • Let her go. It makes Microsoft work harder. Eventually the patient birds get to eat the the cheese dude.
  • Mint? Okay, you could use Toshl Finance. They support the platform and are preparing the 2.0 update too. The rest of the article/gap perception by "the general public" I don't have anything nice to say about. That someone can't go beyond looking for the "Instagram" app, for example, and not finding it, doesn't recognize third party apps as a valid alternative, to me it doesn't speak very highly of their intelligence. Just my 2 cents.
  • And with "intelligence" I'm referring here to the ability to do stuff in the digital world, mind you. In the last years, technology and computers have increasingly become simpler to cater to the general public instead of the more inquisitive or those who are more fans or experts. But at some point it backfires. You see people all the time who don't know how to use their own expensive phone, period. And yeah, it's good that stuff is designed to be simpler to use, but there's times where it's apparent that it's not enough. Users should have a minimum knowledge beyond installing apps, IMHO.
  • We just went through this at our house. Microsoft lost and lost big. I have been patient to the point of being sick of defending a platform that is shrinking, not growing. The OS is "lost", the app gap is real, and the hardware is junk. We are now owners of the Nexus 6P running Android N. The Microsoft apps actually work better on Andriod and have more features, go figure. Other apps like Facebook, etc. are significantly more robust on Android compared to their Windows counterpart. The best thing you can do is let her go to'll be there soon enough :-)
  • Nice article and the timing is perfect as I am growing tired of the mess that is Windows Mobile myself. I may give Android a shot like your wife. The Moto G4 Plus looks like an affordable device... I may grab one in July. I hold out hope for MS, but they might be too late to this party and are better served supporting their services on Android and iOS.
  • As a Tech Geek myself and previous owner of Windows Phone's, Android Phone's and iPhone's: Let her buy whatever she wants. You can still have an Android Phone and use Office, OneDrive and even Outlook and have a great experience. Same with iOS. The core Microsoft offerings are there. You just get a different phone and a different take on phone-level features and/or problems. There's no reason to wrap yourself into a single ecosystem anymore. In fact, you're probably worse off for doing so. And that doesn't have to do with only the Windows ecosystem, but all ecosystems: MacOS has it's faults (Seemingly neglected by Apple for a couple years, no VR offerings) and Chrome is getting Android apps, kinda, but in itself is not a strong offering in terms of flexibility. So why entrap yourself with loyalty vs using something that meets your needs? And I have to agree with your wife's assessment: I put up with Windows Phone until my Banking Apps were canned. When BofA and Chase bounced, that was the last straw for me as well. Forget the games and the MS created offerings; I need access to my personal finances. (And I realize that some of these apps have returned, but I switched to an iPhone in October 2014. It took nearly 2 years for that to happen). So both me and my GF now use Surface Books and she uses Android for her phone and I use iOS for my phone. Honestly, we couldn't be happier. We still use Skype, we share an Office 365 account, we share personal calendars, ebooks, I sync my Cortana reminders from my Desktop, etc; how could this be a bad thing? The reasonable answer is: it isn't. It's just not "all in" on Windows.
  • Good read....After 7 years on Windows phone, I finally gave up and went to IOS.  Straw that broke the camel's back was the unrelenting instability of my Lumia 950.  I was on my 3rd one due to constant resets and the last lockup when trying to answer a call while driving via bluetooth was it.  I've had the Iphone for 2 weeks now and not one hiccup.  All of the MS apps are loaded and I haven't missed a beat using MS ecosystem on the phone.  The weakest link is Groove on the Iphone but all the other apps are equal or superior to what's on Windows Mobile. 
  • Yeah W10M was an alpha release last year and really still only in beta form in my opinion. That and the fact MS didn't really push WM because of that has lost a lot of users. We own L950 and L950XL and still love WM but it will be very hard to regain those users.
  • I was tempted when I found out my 1020 wasn't going beyond production. Got my wife and I Experia M4's. After trying them for a month, we both hated them. The apps we thought we needed we never used, the ui sucks, constant lagging. We gave it a serious chance but have gone back to 640's. Hopefully get something with a better camera soon( coming from 1020's), but loving windows phone even more since trying android!
  • Windows in a mobile form factor has yet to become fully matured. Until then I will stay a Galaxy Note owner. I look forward to the phones Panos develops however those offerings wont be until 2017. As for this year galaxy note 7 for me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And after Adam ate, instead of obeying and resisting the temptation given unto him by his wife, Android has been been passed down through the fathers, generation after generation!!!! Resist!!!! Let her go and receiveth of the OS curse on her own!!!! The whole smartphone creation travails, waiting for deliverance from Android and iOS!!! Think of the children!!!! P.S. Great article as always. My story is similar to yours, out of about 15 friends and family that I helped move to Windows powered phones over the years, only my wife, her aunt, my best friend and myself have Windows phones. My own two daughters moved back to iPhones, giving in to the wiles of Snapchat. I own iOS and Android phones and I'm not one bit swayed by any app that I could be missing enough to switch OSes of I only had one phone. Most people are concerned about what they are missing in by using Windows but no one is concerned about what they would be missing if they left Windows. Truth is, most consumers don't care about the factual advances and integration that Windows offers, they just want apps and yes, I agree, it is painful to watch and experience iOS and Android only ads and commercials. It is borderline anger inducing and disappointing at times. My wife was ready to switch after disappointing experiences with her 640 and 830. I got her a Lumia 950 as a last effort interception, set her up with Windows Hello, integrated her 2-1 device with full syncing and doubled down on Windows exclusive features, information and UWP app highlights. I top it off by asking her, at least once every couple of weeks, "How's your phone treating you?" and she is extremely happy with her 950 and Windows 2-1. Personally, I have retrenched my efforts and I am not trying to convince anyone of anything until Microsoft backs us up with devices, services and marketing. Microsoft doesn't pay us to get emotionally affected, connected, just to be defeated by a population that is not concerned with looking down the line, investing in the future but rather lives for today, as tomorrow's tech isn't promised. When everything lines up, devices, apps, services, retail/carrier support and marketing, I'll then start showing Windows devices and factual advances and benefits for family and friends, IF I can believe they will not be let down by Microsoft and developers. Until then, I'll just personally enjoy the awesomeness of the Windows 10 ecosystem and the joys of my 950XL and other Windows phones without an open display of my belief in Microsoft's direction. There was a company named Microsoft, who came to consumers by night saying....people, people, no OS can run across this many form factors, unless it is Windows 10...
  • Android runs on twice as many form factors. Windows is quite limited. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good read, Jason. Short title and to the point content. My fiancé recently needed a new phone and I got her the Honor 4x and I must say that I was blown away by it. Android 6 is smooth and there are apps for EVERYTHING that it was disconcerting. I guess at some point of time, we'll all switch and talk about microsoft services instead.
  • +1 for using a Sway in your article!
  • this year with windows has been a let down, windows 10 or as like to call it windows 8.0.5 as its still not as good as 8.1, the revamp of the pc is slowly brining back the 8.1 layout eg the app list, mobile has just sorted the settings folder, I have to admit 8.1 was a messy layout, Cortana on mobile still not much use and the alert sync across devices still gives all the alerts does not cancel ones I've already looked on other devices to the point I have switched of windows central alerts as I get an alert on my pc and my phone and then I get an alert on my pc telling me I have I have an alert  on my phone that's 3 messages for one alert, and the next release is due out soon not good
    messages won't read out over Bluetooth with out Cortana on but that drains the battery faster as the location has to be on
    so i'm thinking of jumping to android as no improvement in windows mobile as there is a lot of reviews saying Microsoft apps are better on ios and android than windows how is this possible?
    the rumors of surface phone will it ever appear
    rant over from a disappointed windows owner 8.1 was better
  • But, but, you have matching Cortana shirts! Seriously, I think one thing that has been missing is serious Edge development. Many mobile sites only mostly work, which means your fallback for an app is still sub optimal. Take the LinkedIn site, for example - it mostly works, but expanding each update doesn't do anything. How about giving us multiple windows so we can switch between and see them at the same time (not tabs)? How about the ability to put a site into the background, so web notifications somehow work without the site being "open"? Some creativity here, please!
  • I held out with my HTC 8XT as long as I could but finally jumped ship and am not looking back. I've been a WP fan since the touch pro 2 but with no windows support in sight for a cdma network, I had to say goodbye. Got tired of hearing people say to switch providers. I'm a heavy data user with an unlimited plan so that was out of the question. Unfortunately, I'm not made of money... And I must say, I absolutely love my new HTC 10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We were both 8XT owners too!  (I did move to tmo from the Sprint legacy unlimited plan too.)  (Ok, so all 3 of us have left the 8XT...)
  • I'm tired of Windows Phone.  The OS was making great strides with 8.1, even though there was basically no app support.  By the time WP10 came around, it felt like WP was just there to keep in step with the desktop OS.  It's buggy throughout, with the likes of Cortana and Photos crashing on me constantly.  I'm jumping ship when I can, there's no good reason to own a Windows Phone in 2016.
  • Well, at least she didn't want to switch to an iPhone...
  • Oh she will, give her time to try dat lagdroid
  • Very good article. As a fellow WP user, the points you mentioned in the article are all too famiiliar to my wife and I. She's an Android user currently (Nexus 5) and she often enviously glances at my Lumia 640's battery meter towards the end of the day. However, we've come to the conclusion that she cannot switch to Windows phone, as we'd lose access to the apps we need (For our Arlo Q camera, Amazon Echo/Alexa, etc). Therefore, she's looking at a new Android Phone again this year. And frankly, I may need to join her the next time I need to upgrade my device - I'm not hopeful at this point that my T-Mobile Lumia 640 is going to receive an official Windows 10 update and the paucity of apps on the Windows 8.1 platform is getting worse every day as more and more are retired in favor of UWP apps. Frankly, I'm not inclined to roll the dice on a new WP given the current state of affairs app-wise and Microsoft's seeming lack of commitment to the platform from a consumer perspective. Which is a shame, because I think the platform is solid and I actually find it makes me more productive, apps deficiency not withstanding. Maybe things will improve in the next few months, but I'm not counting on it.
  • My wife just gave up on her 950XL and switched to an iPhone 6S Plus. She's been on a Windows Phone since Windows Phone 7. Her reason was she was tired of the small problems she was having with W10M Threshold and the continued lack of apps. Guess I have a backup phone now but it really stinks. She has always loved her Windows Phones but just got tired of the app issue. I told her to just use the mobile sites but on Threshold there are a lot of text overlapping and input issues. She refused to move over to Redstone because she thought it would be worse. I tried to convince her but I think she had already made her mind up.
  • Are mobile sites better on Redstone? Because that would be great, especially with anniversary version around the corner. I guess we don't know yet if Aug 2 will be the mobile date as well, but maybe for those of us on Release Preview.
  • Smart woman. I switched a few weeks back for WP. Not only is it nice to have a FUNCTIONAL phone, but the MS ecosystem works better, and there are well made 3rd party apps. Something you simply do not experience on WP. I used WP exclusively for about 6 years. No more.
  • all i can say is my wife had a lumia 822 and since verizon stopped selling the icon there was no good windows phone to upgrade to with a great camera so i got her a droid maxx 2 and she loves the phone physically and it does take nice pics but she says it's not a windows phone, it's not easy to use. i agree with this as their OS is not intuitive at all once you've seen/used something much simpler/streamlined. for what it's worth she's a texter/browser/phone caller and that's about it.
  • Why have one when you can have many, i use my 950 as my daily driver and my 640 as back up. Plus i keep 2 Android phones for apps and other stuff. Now i just need to get another iPhone or just get an iPod for my music since i sold my IP6S and bought the Lumia 1520 ( my first windows phone, loved it ). I don't get bothered if My WP is missing certain apps. Its not enough to make me give up my WP,
  • I'd never switch back to Android, in favor of any app. I already had more than enough of it before I bought my first Windows phone.
  • Let her go. No more Family Rooms and no more Kids Corner. Windows Phone has lost the only appeal it had with my wife too.
  • Same here. I have been a die-hard WP user since the launch of the L800, and now currently using L950. I leave for a 5-week work trip starting next week, and when I get back I plan to order a Sony Xperia (not sure which model yet).
  • Be prepared to be letdown. If you think Windows Phone is in trouble, I can't imagine why you'd go to Sony. There's much better Android OEMs out there. You should reconsider your options.
  • Get a new wife
  • As always an excellent post and on the spot. Personally I copy your experience. These emotions you feel when there is an Android and iOS app, but non for Windows (PC / Mobile) is harsh. Right now I'm looking for a cheap Android device vom China to manage the low cost fitness bands of my kids. Even with a 3rd party app on the MS platform you need the original app to update firmware and stuff.
    Well done. And looking forward for you next article.
  • My wife loved her WP 8.1 phone too.  Moved her to Apple.  Right now, WM10 is like the video game Krull running uphill dodging the boulders rolling a hard slog. She moved over and honestly, its been great.
  • Let's cross our fingers that Cortana will do everything within 1 year with RS2 update
  • I'm the tech support guy in my house. I have the 950XL and before the big discounts, I upgraded my wife from a 640 to the 950. If she has support issues, I resolve it for her. My daughter insists on an iphone because that is what her peers use. When the daughter has an issue, I make her go to the "idiot" bar at the Apple Store behind the house. My wife used to want to buy a Mac, but now sees the integration I have with the WP and the PC running the latest Redstone builds. She now see that Apple is not the leader with innovation. Not easy to make non-technical people see the light, but one at a time:)
  • Jason, thank you for your very honest article. In my opinion, I would not give up this amazing OS for a few apps. If you like android apps, then use that tablet. But let's be honest, W10M is amazing. When the Windows "spiritual successor" comes out, then Microsoft might avert more focus onto the mobile side of the OS. (Remember when they said it was on the backburner for the rest of this year?). My wife has an Android, and she doesn't like it as much as I like my Windows Phone.
  • I was the biggest Windows Phone apologist.  Windows phone 10 came out on the 950 and I was done.  It's so incredibly instable and the battery life is simply shame-worthy.  I'm the mobile admin of our company and I immediately recalled all the 950's and our company went to iPhones.  iPhones are much more stable and with a battery that lasts me 2 days on heavy use.  Android is not an option, as we'd just be going back to a less stable platform with crummy battery life and piss-poor updating.  The lag was too much as well.  (You can't lie to me and give me anecdotal evidence of Android being stable or having good battery life.  My users always need to order extra batteries and it's absurd) I hate Apple with a passion, but they are still the gold standard and with reason.  As somebody who works on literally hundreds of phones, and on many platforms, most fanboy arguments about Android's "superiority" don't scale well in an enterprise for support staff and users.  I wished WP10 was better.  It's not.  I had about 2 users out of the batch we ordered actually have no problems.  For everyone else it was a nightmare.  I simply cannot believe people when they say theirs is "perfectly fine" when I've witnessed a far bigger sample size than almost anyone, since nobody else ever deploys them. I find most people will defend their choice to the end because they can't admit the way they went wasn't the best way, or they have a bias.  WP10 is a sloppy mess and Microsoft doesn't seem to care.  It's quite frustrating to me. 
  • Gabe Aul should have had you on speed dial as a super tester. That kind of feedback could have been almost invaluable for them to have. We enthusiasts matter, but enterprise customers in general should be getting a lot of attention given their current strategy.
  • There's no such thing as WP10 so I find it hard to believe you were a big fan let alone a mobile admin.
  • I was laughing at the iPhone battery statement.
    In Finland I know companies who are testing the Continuum and Universal Windows Platform.
  • I agree with what you say about the three platforms.  W10M simply wasn't finished or ready, but you would probably find that it's better today and after the anniversary update it should improve significantly again.  
  • Get her an iPhone or Android and she'll be much happier. All Microsoft's apps are there, and those niche apps are too.
  • Sorry to hear about your app gap issue, I'm sticking with windows mobile windows insiders are getting weekly updates, the app market seems to be in flux apps being added and apps taken away, however windows 10 as an os is on the rise. I really hope that ms, hp and assus can really deliver on a premium phone but just down to security I will be reticent to move platforms and certainly not to android.
  • Nice article.  You reminded me of how much I miss "Rooms".  :/
    The app-gap is one thing, but when missing, lackluster or removed apps are from Microsoft, it's mind boggling. 
  • Much nostalgia for Rooms.  They really screwed up on that one.
  • I was a long time Android user... had a Note 2 for two full years on contrct but wanted to change to WP after using my daughters Nokia 822 which was a cheapo phone that outperformed my Note 2, so I swithched carriers to AT&T just to go with a Nokia 1520.... when MS didn't put out a flagship worthy of the 1520 a few months ago I picked up a Nexus 6P because I also have an Android based car stereo and figured... "This should be pretty good.".. After 3 months I noticed several things...
    #1 it (the Nexus) wasn't nearly as good as windows phone at speech to text.
    #2. Cortana is just better than NOW.
    #3. It works MUCH better over bluetooth in the car even with an android head unit.
    #4 the auto correct is MUCH better on WP than on the Nexus.. On WP it auto corrects I.. if you type i and space... It separates words better... It's just better.
    #5  The 1520 camera is better especially for 4K video. 
    I sold he Nexus 6P and went back to the 1520 and don't regret it at all.
  • Auto correct on Google Keyboard is a disaster zone.  Constantly having to add new words and the process for adding words is cumbersome. I should probably try the Microsoft Hub Keyboard, but when I put it on a cheap Android tablet, it got stuck in an infinite reboot loop and I had to factory reset it........
  • Sorry to hear about your app gap issue, I'm sticking with windows mobile windows insiders are getting weekly updates, which means that ms are committed to the platform,the app market seems to be in flux apps being added and apps taken away, however windows 10 as an os is on the rise. I really hope that ms, hp and assus can really deliver on a premium phone but just down to security I will be reticent to move platforms and certainly not to android.
  • Great article Jason. I'm surprised you got 15 people on Windows and how many broken phones you have in the family! You are so right about perception and not even looking in the store. I think after you get burned a couple of times you kind of give up. I'm really anxious to see if Microsoft will come out with a good quality phone that has some exciting apps. At least the LinkedIn app will get better!
  • Being in Japan, I am in a nearly Windows Phone desert. I came to Windows phone from Pocket PC to Zune to Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile. I am completely invested in the Windows ecosystem. I did have a stint on iPhone, a 3GS. But I tired of the dead end UI. My wife works for Google Japan, so she constantly derides all things Microsoft. And as I must always buy unlocked phones, she complains about what I spend. She sees me use a new case and immediately accuses me of buying a new phone. She knows I have an active 920 and 930 on chargers for the kids to play. The youngest always prefers my "blue"phone. About two months ago,I was nearly seduced by the Dark Side. I have always been an enthusiast so my 950 is always on the latest insider build. But I was fed up with performance. My phone overheated, rebooted randomly, audio stopped working. And everyone in my family is on iPhone. When she visits the carrier, she is reminded they know I am not on 4G as I have my twice trimmed Apple sim. But the carrier will not give me a sim. I would have to buy a new device. When my phone was acting so terribly, I started looking at phones. Had to have good memory and needed Microsoft services. The newest Xperia Performance would be my phone of choice. But I would immediately struggle to make it Microsoft. To make it "my phone." Immediately, my Band 2 would be less useful. No live tiles. And the killer. No usb c. That android phone would be going nowhere for me. I would be spending top dollar and not have the phone I want without effort. Fortunately, Windows Mobile is acting like a real OS. The last 2 builds are stable, cool running and gorgeous. Had my 950 run like this out of the box, I would have never flirted with android. Now bring on the features and Redstone. I am ready and excited again.
  • I don't get why people want to quit now when there is Anniversary Update and Elite x3 coming up real soon. Plus, there are apps coming back, slowly yes, but they seem to be trickling IN rather than trickling OUT like they were up until about Feb or March. I hope the Mrs. at least knows this, lol, otherwise there are real communication issues in the household that go beyond Windows 10.
  • because it's a year in and there is nothing big in the anniversary update, yes there have been some apps but some have got worse facebook for example
  • One year ago: "I don't get why people want to quit now when there is Windows 10 coming up real soon." Two years ago: "I don't get why people want to quit now when there is Windows Phone 8.1 coming up real soon." Four years ago: "I don't get why people want to quit now when there is Windows Phone 8 coming up real soon."  
  • You pretty sums it up
  • Apps coming back? Hmmm, what apps? Anniversary Update? Whats in it? I barely see anything new and exiting in it. Just looking at the disaster of an app Facebook Messenger is turns me away from WP. Sorry, I would really love to buy a L950 XL, but I feel like i would just waste money. Instead, I've had no smart phone for the past few week since i broke my L930.
  • I'm constantly seeing apps coming back.. Wlls fargo, BOA, all kinda apps daily coming back.. Do you ever follow the news on the main page? Every day new apps are reported.  
  • Nice real, and pretty much on point. My wife recently made the switch from Windows to Android, much for the same reasons yours did. I'm optimistic as well, and will soldier in with my 640. I'm one of the the Surface Phone crowd. Keep hope alive!
  • I have a 950 that I pull out to use for a day here and there... I want the platform to succeed SOOO BADLY, but I just can't use it all the time. One major issue that I think is glossed over here is the app *quality*, not just selection. A friend of mine is on Windows Phone and can't reply to comments on Facebook, which can lead to hilarious (and frustrating) posts.
  • If he can't reply to comments on facebook, there's something wrong with his phone. Commenting works fine. And while it's true that some apps are inferior on WP, other apps are dramatically superior. For example, 6Tag is FAR better than the official Instagram app on any other platform. If you're a heavy Instagram user, especially if you regram a lot, there's literally nothing on iOS or Android that's as good as 6Tag. That's just one example, of course. MyTube is far, FAR better than the official YouTube app on ANY platform. Weird, but there it is.
  • Anyone can switch to android or ios cuz Microsoft is no longer limited for windows phone it has become universal now as a service to empower every device on our planet. So in bigger sense android.. ios.. windows.. these heavy names doesnt make any difference according to the current position ..MS stands.
  • The core problem is that MS has commited itself to mobile in a halfhearted way again and again. Why would I stick with windows mobile if I have no idea what functionality and app they will kill tomorrow. That would be my reason to leave for another platform, not the lack of apps. I guess developers and OEMs feel the same way, that's why they are not going to stick out their neck for an unpredictable company like MS. They have been burned one too many times. Its a great pity, but MS has no one but itself to blame.
  • Well, my wife went from Windows Phone to Android, which at the beginning she seemed she likes the Android phone with all the apps and she would rubbed it on my face how she had this app and I don't and all. Well, the the ads starting popping all over be new phone with all the apps she had. Then she started getting phone calls from vendors and unknown company. Then on trip she would asked for my phone to read the news and social media because with her google phone she couldn't stand the ads and how slow it Mother's day came and her gift was the Lumia 735 from Verizon. I don't see her complaining of the lack of apps anymore, and she is happy now. I asked her about her phone decision the other day, how was that working via text. She replied...I love my Windows Phone love..Happy faces/ heart... Emoji... lol. Something the grass in not greener on the other side of the fence.
  • Tell her to actually pay for her apps and she won't have ads.
  • What App Bridge success story? Has anyone here actually heard of ANYONE using the app bridges?
  • I'm finding myself feeling the same with the "app gap". There's a growing desire to use services that aren't on WP. If it wasn't for that, I would never consider leaving. Now the Note 7 is grabbing my interests.
  • You know I still hear people complaining about the Windows Mobile app gap but what I don't see are people using Windows Mobile asking developers to make the app. They don't listen to Microsoft, they listen to their customers. I just asked Amazon yesterday and although they wouldn't say they are developing a Windows 10 UWP app, they didn't say no. In fact I got the impression that no one had asked them. On my sprinkler system, no one had asked since 2 years ago. I have made sure if I want and app I ask the developers to support Windows 10 with a UWP app and even point them to Islandwood to help. For companies that do support Windows Mobile I am sure to provide feedback and bug reports frequently because quite frankly a lot don't have testers on board to find out why their app is getting so little usage. I have been submitting regular bug reports to Samsung Smartthings and very rarely have they known they have actually had a problem but then have been very receptive and have actually been making the app more useable. Ironically most Android users I know don't want to use apps but instead use the mobile website and the two reasons they give are they don't want an app spying all the time or it will slow down their phone. Funny that for all the apps that Android has that so many of them don't actually use them.
  • I tried that ever since Windows Phone 7. As many times as I contacted my banks requesting Windows Phone apps, nothing happened. The same thing happened with Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video. Eventually there is a limit to one's patience. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let her go to it. As an owner of a L950 I can tell you that the platform is just not ready. Bring her back in when Surface Phone 2.0 is on the market. I am sure Microsoft will be ready then.    
  • Does she use Lumia Cinemagraph? I'm vacationing and have used it with great effect at least a dozen times!
  • Based on the title perhaps divorce is in order. I married a PC ☺
  • Come on, WINDOWS PHONE ISN'T THE WINDOWS 10 MOBILE, its like to said android is blackberry. :P
  • Jason, You're honest perspective is ironically timed for me.  Back story... I like you converted 10 - 15 people to the platform and am now only holding on to about half those - primarily because they are users that don't need every new app that comes out.  My wife tried to be supportive for a long time - even somewhat begrudgingly allowing me to use her last AT&T Next upgrade for her Lumia 950 - Windows 10 and the promise of the future.  Windows 10 brought the promise of the future, but the reality of bug after bug.  I couldn't keep her phone stable (even though I seldom had the same issues with my 950XL).  Insider builds, hard resets, etc... etc... It didn't matter more problems.  It could be that she had a bad phone, but the irregularity of the issues and ignorance to the platform makes an AT&T store or device center useless to help.  Well, she went from support to bordeline hostility at the problems - and the worse the problems got the more amplified the app gap got.  If your phone does everything it can do well and reliably, then patience for the app gap closure comes easily, but unfortunately Windows 8.1 (until very recently) was far more stable and reliable than Windows 10 any build.  So, the punch line... I lost the battle - I became frustrated with her frustrations and voila... my available line upgrade brought her home a Galaxy S7 in shiny Rose Gold with its endless list of apps trending on every social media platform through a newer shinier version of its app on Android.  So, my wife has been in app heaven with boomerang and the recently annoying facebook moments - beauty this and picture editor that.  Oh, but wait... there's more to the story.  I thought - no problem... I'll bring this thing home fully Microsoft loaded, so she'll at least be supporting the ecosystem still.  Nope, let's make a list... Arrow Launcher, Office, Outlook, Groove, Cortana, Skype, Wunderlist... Check, check, check... piece of cake, right????  I fully expected to be jealous of the shiny new android with all the newest and greatest apps, but now let's make a list of the problems.  Will start with something as simple as the fact that she has three email accounts and would like separate notifications and a link to open just that account in her endless sea of icons (cause being honest... widgets suck).  Well, guess what... you can't do it without a different app to run each account.  Oh, you can ram all the accounts into one of several email apps, but then good luck getting distinct counts on the homescreen let alone text from the most recent message (ah.. live tiles).  We'll move forward from there to Outlook - which I've heard from iOS and Droid users is the best way to access a work or account - logical.  Wait, now you're telling me I can't get to the outlook inbox and calendar separately... yep, that's correct AND, there's no notification count on the icon.Then we'll move to the calendar itself.. in outlook or native... well, if you've ever used Windows Phone calendar, I can't possibly see how you would be happy with the view options in Outlook or native samsung calendar app - disfunctional.  Next, since we're on appointments - good luck getting Cortana or Google Now (though, I thought it was possible) to do anything useful when you say "Remind me to to XYZ.." "at this time" or "when I get to this place" - useless.  Then there's contacts in general - sync and creation is a nightmare and apparently Facebook may or may not work in contact syncing... jury is still out based on the forums I've read.  Next up, keyboard... worldflow can't be touched by the S7 keyboard - it's just not even in the same class.  Let's go back to Arrow launcher and it's integrated bing search capabilities... well, what are you going Microsoft?  The app organization is chaotic and automated and widgets can't be mixed on a tab with app icons... what... as little as I have spent time on Android - seriously MS?  I had to uninstall Arrow in the first week (which was an adventure in and of itself).  I could go on with the simple things I expect and use on a daily basis that just make since that I now have to find out how to make Android emulate... Well, am I bitter that my wife gave up on Windows?  Absolutely.  Am I shocked that Android isn't better than it is?  Absolutely.  Am I shocked that Microsoft services aren't better on Android based on all I had read?  Absolutely and even further demonstrates exactly what it means to have an integrated ecosystem - even google services on android don't touch the way MS has mail, calendar, office, onedrive, groove, etc... working together in harmony on Windows Phone?  Do I believe that the game might have been different if we could have had Windows 10 Anniversary Update in production 3 years ago to thwart the app gap?  Absolutely. I am a long time Windows fan in mourning as my wife plays with her shiny apps and I lament the fact that I am using the best mobile platform that somehow the whole world insists on passing by.  Jason, you're wife couldn't be more right on marketing... I remember the days of joy when surface commercials that were bad@$$ rocked the tv screen and waited for that energy to translate to my beloved windows phone.  And... I wait - wait another year with my sexy mozo wrapped 950XL - wait for the game changing surface phone, promised for years, that will be the next game changing revolution that is going to finally have the world embrace the best mobile OS that never was.
  • Good read. I feel, literally the exact same way. I got an Android phone for work and I have all those same gripes. I even only lasted one week with Arrow launcher lol. The email situation on Android is a joke for all the reasons you mentioned. I was entirely shocked how bad Android is in general and even more so for those living in a Windows world. The answer unfortunately is to leave Windows behind when you switch. That is the problem MS has, sure they have apps on Android but the experience is sub par and will just drive all the converts to Google.
  • Better switch the woman than Windows phone! :)
  • I think I'm kinda lucky here. I have a Lumia 730 (bought last year, myself an Insider) and a Nexus 7 (2013 version, for 2+ years now). I prefer tab, when I have to:
    Quick draw an idea
    Use keep
    Watch videos and movies
    Use duolingo
    Check maps
    Check a new apps/features
    Give to kids for games. And I prefer phone when I have to:
    Use something as a daily driver (I've always love wp)
    Emails and stuff
    Use MS health app
    Listen to music
    Use WhatsApp
    Use WC app
    Take handy notes
    Check new apps/features. At work I have a workstation pc, so I don't need both. But otherwise I use a device whichever seems fit/is near me/has enough battery remaining. My point is, one doesn't have to stick to a platform while abandoning others. 'I'm leaving wp', 'I've been here since wp6, time to switch' etc etc. Why someone has to be like that in the first place?
    So please don't make your lives difficult. Stay connected to any OS you like in your own way.
  • We are Windows phone faithfuls. WHAT U ASKING Me 4 ? Lol. I'm using Android till I can save up to get iPhone. Android sucks. ads in email wtfish . iOS and Windows all the way. I am going to burn this Android phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mientras siga teniendo aplicaciones tan esenciales en estado Beta, como Instagram por ejemplo, Windows Phone no tendrá ninguna posibilidad.
  • This article is Windows Mobile in a nutshell. I myself feel these frustrations from time to time. Lately, my advice to people asking about Windows Phone is "Wait a year".
    If in a year, MS hasn't been able to make even a splash in the mobile space with Windows 10, then nothing they do is going to really matter.
  • Let her go or else shell divorce you.
  • Respect to the old man, but where is Bill Gates, in all of these, A genius should be able to tell that little things count to the larger success, this is the company he co founded, as I recall Steve jobs left Apple in a strong position for the future, Bill gates isn't leaving MS and his generation of fans in a strong position for MS future
  • I am a long time Windows Phone fan and user.. Still use my Nokia 1520, but for work I had a choice, iPhone or Android. Took the android. It's junk, Samsung s5, but free. Anyways, waiting on the HP Elite, and just got an email that it is coming soon... Then I will be back to WP for good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • I've got it easy then. My lady is using a 640 and all she wants is a 650. Meanwhile I'm the one with a cracked screen 1520, dieing for more phones to come out so there are more options to upgrade to. I would be happy with a 950xl but something tells me there are way better devices to come in the near future.
  • After my 1020 dies Windows Phone is history for me, unless a true successor to the 1020 comes out by then, but I am not holding my breath since Microsoft fired all the Nokia talent that created the 1020. I am not going to buy into an eco system Microsoft does not seem to give a crap about; if they don't why should I?
  • I'm a Microsoft fan and I don't like Google's services, but I'm on Android.  Pretty sure I'm not the only one with this feelings, Microsoft apps run great on my Android device, I disabled all Google services and I'm very happy now.  I might come back to Windows Phone in mid/late 2017 when my contract ends  (still 15 months left)
  • Great post that echos a lot of what I'm feeling too. Why stick with a platform that seems to be going nowhere and has a great reputation for frustrating users' loyalty? I'm still running Win Phone 7 because I can't update to 8 and at this point, why? I'm going to switch to an iPhone when the 7 comes out and MS doesn't seem to care. What's the reason to stay? Because I hate Apple? Sure, but my (corporate) iPhone has had multiple os updates in the last 2 years adding lots of new features, isn't missing any apps, has a robust and well-established ecosystem of compatible devices, takes really pretty good photos, is available on all US carriers and generally works well. And all of my MS apps are there too - OneDrive, Office, Skype, Outlook, etc, and they work better than on my Win Phone. I really dislike Apple; for all of its supposed innovation iOS has basically the same UI as the 1st-gen iPhone. I miss the LiveTiles and the integration on the Windows Phone, but there's just too many drawbacks at this point to Win 10 mobile. I hope, hope, hope it gets there. I really do. If Strava and Wahoo fitness come to W10 and someone releases a good 4.5" screen device on TMO I'm back... but for now, it's iPhone for me. Ugh I need a shower now after just thinking it.
  • What exactly does integration mean? It seems to be a buzz word people use when they can't think of anything else nice to say. The cloud has made everything integrated, no matter what platform you are using. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm a big believer in choice. (I won't go into the politics of it.) Best wishes to her. :-) Oh... some of us prefer Ms, but again... her call.
  • You better divorce that wife in that case. *Lumia for Life*
  • Jason, tell her there is an official Steam app for Windows Phone! Tell her there are viruses in lagdroid.
  • Stop stressing and let her go, like you have a choice :). Android is the best mobile platform, just get her a nice high end model and she'll likely be much happier than with her Windows phone. Don't let your prejudice stand in the way. No need for for fanboyism  ;)      
  • I think she made some valid points besides it's just a phone. Let her go to android, I don't think that'll damage your relationship
    Pun, unless if specifically to Snapchat with her friends :)
  • If you love her let her go. If she wants Android though get her a Nexus! 6P or wait for the new one! #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • Sad, but true.
  • If she can just hold on until Summer 2019, the official Windows 10 mobile OS will be done.
  • I faced the same dilemma in my house.  I love Windows Phone and used a Lumia Icon (929) as my personal phone (currently running Windows 10 Mobile).  I started with Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Trophy, then jumped to a Lumia 928 and ended up with the 929.  Previously I was a webOS user and owned the Pre Plus and Pre 2.  My work provides me 2 phones for development reasons – the Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S Plus.  I use all 3 platforms daily and see the merits and inadequacies of them. My wife also started out on webOS with her Pixi Plus and then migrated to the HTC 8X.  However, she recently received the iPhone 6S from her work and sees no reason why she should continue using her Windows Phone, let alone pay for phone service.  She is exploring all the apps her friends have had for years and gets to use up-to-date hardware as well.  Sure she prefers the UI of Windows (as she preferred the UI of webOS and still does), but she isn’t willing to miss out on apps to enjoy a preferred UI.  I think most people reflect her perspective. I recently cancelled our 15 year old Verizon account (which is grandfathered with unlimited data) and both of use our work phones solely.  Now I have a variety of Windows phones and no service – time to donate them to the family (this side of the family has ancient devices so this will be a large upgrade): Dad: Lumia 929 (W10M) Nephew 1 (Age 16): Lumia 640 (W10M) Nephew 2 (Age 13): Lumia 635 (WP 8.1) Nephew 3 (Age 10): Lumia 520 (WP 8.1) Niece (Age 15): HTC 8X (WP 8.1) Uncle: HTC One M8 (WP 8.1) Aunt: HTC Trophy (WP 7.8)
  • I'm lucky I'm able to buy more time with my wife's Nokia Lumia. I just told her all those Androids out there are designed to break within a year. And this is actually confirmed by our family members and friends (Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Lenovo, ASUS, etc.). Then I advised her to wait until Nokia starts selling smartphone again in a hope that by then, Surface phone is on the horizon. So far the plan is on track because the trajectory of improvement made on W10M is certainly going up and up and up. It's easy to prove this: my Lumia 950 just kept getting better and more stable by the weeks. Plus, it has more official apps with same quality as iOS / Android now (e.g. Instagram).
  • Im with you has been very hard to keep WP all those years and she is right
  • First, make sure she is not "dying" to use Snapchat as a reason to try Android phone. If it is not because of Snapchat, I can say, let your wife try Android Phone. There are so many choices. Get the best one for her and let her try it for sometime. Only two things will happen, if she is a productive user of smartphone she will miss Windows Phone. If she is more on media consumer, busy with social media, and games, she might stick to Android phone. My 2 cents.
  • Divorce.
  • I shall be changing to Android once contract up - Windows 10 mobile is not as good as 8.1 plus here in UK there are less apps as all the major players are only doing iPhone and android apps so I can see in UK windows mobile going same way as blackberry sorry but that's the UK for you
  • Well I've been using Android since the Nexus 5 came out and then got the Nexus 6 which I currently used. Before that the only smartphone I had used besides Windows Mobile was the Sidekick. After I started using Android then I realized why some people complained about lack of apps. Every year I keep waiting for the phone that will bring me back and I really hope that the "Surface Phone" will do that with project islandwood. I miss the innovative live tiles and the buttery smooth running of the OS. My company made the switch to iOS last year so I've an iPhone and iPad for work and I just don't see why they get all the praise that they get. To type a number you've to switch to numbers only keyboard? And I can't download Microsoft keyboard because my company hasn't given us the go ahead to upgrade the OS. I was going to get a phone this fall but I'll rather wait to see what Microsoft brings next year before I make my decision. Overall, Microsoft have the best OS out there when it comes to mobile but they just don't get a fair sake and some of it has been their own fault. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think we get that you're a tech geek now. Fun article though.
  • She won't regret it. I'm enjoying my Android phone more than I did my WP.
  • The only mind of smartphones I've ever used have been Windows Mobile or Windows phone. A few months ago I moved from KY to NY. My 1520 had always served me well before but it wasn't cutting it for the big city life. I would love for developers to put more time into making a better mobile site so a native app isn't needed, but that's not the case. And my lumia has enough problems with edge so I bought a used s6 active. I don't love it, most days I get extremely agrivated with lag, freezing up, restarts, battery usage. It's so nice to have certain apps, like apps that make a 45 minute subway ride go by faster. But at a certain point there are too many apps, with constant notifications that drain the battery. I'm still trying to find a sweet spot in number of apps, since I can't figure out how to control the apps usage. It was just so easy in Windows 10.
  • Aww man, I miss some of those unqiue features and hubs that the original vision had (Family Room etc). Hell, it's such a niche platform now, they may as well go back to that, because making things more 'Universal' and like iOS/Android sure didn't help. Obviously they won't, but still.
  • And the lack of support for smartwatches
  • Give your wife an Android phone. Period. Happy wife is a happy life.
  • Of course, from the moment I saw this title, the main problem was going to be apps! Something that Android and iOS absolutely dominate in.
  • She is doing great for staying away from the shithole known as windows 10 mobile. She is a smart wife and you should be proud. Giving her an android will be the best help, trust me :)
  • It's just a phone dude. You don't own the company.
  • My wife used to love L820 to L730 for years until finally she wanted to shift to android. Seriously, whatever makes her happy. I don't want to let her suffer wth app limitations while her friends are enjoying apps. As a developer, I own other android and iphones but... I'm sticking with Win10M the main reason because of my MS account, services (lots) and subscriptions and that I use heavily for many years as a professional.
  • Jason just be honest with yourself already. Windows Mobile can't hold a candle to iOS and Android right now. It's ok buddy
  • Happy Wife...Happy Life. Get her a Nexus 6P.
  • It's all about perception. Although retrenchment was needed to get OEMs onboard. What wasn't needed is the huge swooping axe on the phone division as that shows to consumers and devs, Microsoft is reducing investment in the mobile space. It starting to show that the team is spread tooooo thin, that's why great features are being cut or ping-ponged about. Any more cost savings and efficiency measurements they will be at breaking point.
  • A couple of half hearted OEMs who drop Windows Mobile when the devices inevitably don't sell. Microsoft is delusional if they think OEMs are the future. They have to build the phones, OEMs are fickle and have other options. They won't stick around long. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hate developers so much... >=[
  • Loved the article. It is true , Microsoft will need to do a whole lot of marketing and loosen up its grip slightly on the OS. I recently bought an Android phone ($90) and I must say Android has come a long way. A few years ago, mid range android phones were pretty much useless and barely usable.
    Fast forward today, my $90 android phone pretty much handles anything I throw at it.
    No lag at all. The perception of android phones being laggy is quickly fading. The likes of OnePlus are making flagship phones with mid range prices. Speaking as a game developer too, Microsoft really isn't worth all the investment. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Make the best lovemaking and record it with 950xl. Then tell her..."See we've got a 4k home video. Let's upload to Facebook". That's the power of Windows Phone.
  • I feel your pain. I have almost the exact same story to tell. Girlfriend switch to Android because of better Pinterest app and a Zillow app. As for mobile banking, I use Prism which is AWESOME!
  • Just breath in and let it happen naturally I was a day one Windows Phone adopter and after four years finally switched to Android cause they really broke my heart with the cancellation of the McLaren and the Lumia 1020 clearly being left behind software wise(and of all places in the camera department). Instant access to quality and just missing apps was the first thing I noticed. It isn't as bad today as it was a few years ago but apps like PowerDirector for editing videos on the go or XFinity TV which allows you to watch live tv on your home network on your phone or watch all of your dvr'd shows anywhere and even offline on your phone are just two examples of many of the not so obvious great apps that are missing from Windows Phone. Then there's also the missing functionality and actual phones that we are currently waiting for.(fingerprint sensor available with Anniversary update) Also announced phones like the Acer Jade Primo vanish into thin air without any updates on availability, pricing, or general information or real reviews. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Let me put it to you like this Jason.  And I base my comment on not much more than that image of your child which says you have not been married as long as I have. Also, I am not the first to say this but many of us married men have come to believe. you can be happy OR you can be right. But you cannot be both. In short, let that women get her android phone. Microsoft is moving in a direction we'll all end up following but in the mean time Jason, do yourself a favor and support that women and her android phone. It likely temporary anyway.
  • I made the switch 2 weeks ago to a galaxy S7 edge. Had it replaced twice because the video recording stopped working 4 different times, this last replacement seems to be working the way it should. So far it's so so, I still like the live tiles without having to open and close apps on Windows OS. To me android is so bogged down by stuff, it's not as intuitive, and you can't uninstall various apps and if you do they reinstall themselves without asking. Very annoying! But there were several apps (mostly in the medical realm) that windows mobile didn't have. I waited as long as I could. I had a lumia 920 for 4 years now. I was hoping to hold out for a Surface phone, but even if I did the apps wouldn't be there. I'm still going to keep tabs on what's happening because I'm a Windows/Microsoft kind of guy. I hope they can pull it together.
  • "But there were several apps (mostly in the medical realm) that windows mobile didn't have."
    What are those apps?
  • And while reading all the comments, Windows Central app crash for the fourth time. Still a happy camper, 950xl.
  • They say if you love somebody you have to let them go :)
  • "Because of market share, app developers could care less about windows phone" I'm surprised a writer has falled into that weird Americanism. Are you saying that developers currently care about the platform and therefore are able to care less? That's great news! :)
  • I made the same with my friends, about 20 bought wp (I promised them to buy their phones if they weren't be happy too).
    Two years later, only two remained, other switched to Android :(
  • I hope your wife doesn't shout at you for writing this. Even though you didn't write anything bad.
  • That is a great article, hopefully someone from Microsoft will read it and do something.
  • Microsoft already did something: they hired Satya Nutella, who hates Windows Phone, and he spent the last two years obliterating all the gains WP made. I wish Ballmer were still in charge. Satya is an idiot.
  • My wife was in a similar situation recently and switched to a Sony Xperia Z5 compact. After a few weeks trying so had to give up as she really didn't get on with Android at all and actually found it rather clunky and frustrating after Windows Phone. She has since sold the handset and upgraded her Lumia 735 to Windows 10 and is much happier. Yes there are some apps missing, but we have the vast majority and with UWP there are more coming all the time and it is actually a nice OS that Microsoft has here.
  • Windows can be a bit easier to use, our grandmother uses it for that reason, but once you get used to Android you realize how much more capable it is. The simplicity of Windows phones holds you back and decreases productivity. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have both and Lagdroid is a total POS
  • That's actually not true at all. Yes, Android has more apps, but they tend to be pretty crash prone, and the OS is utterly inconsistent from one device to the next. How productive you are depends on a) What apps you use and how, and b) whether you make use of the OS's unique features. Lately I've been using Instagram for business a LOT, and 6Tag on Windows Phone was a big help. So when I switched to iPhone last week, I figured having the official app would let me continue as before. Not so. It's missing many key features 6Tag has. Need to regram stuff all the time? Forget it, iPhone and Android are totally worthless for that purpose. 6Tag lets you do it in two clicks, but iOS and Android are a nightmare of screenshots, cropping, etc. Total PITA. On the other hand, yes, iOS and Android do have more apps, many of them very useful, but none of that is because WP is too simple. It's 100% because developers don't bother to put much effort into WP.
  • I still don't understand why anyone wastes their time in trying to convince others to use a certain brand or product (Not necessarily the author of this piece. But others here on WC). That company isn't paying me to schill for their product. So why should I? That's their job. I enjoy what I use, share it with others. If they happen to find it interesting, great. If not, let's move on to more important stuff
  • Thanks for this great article, Jason! I totally understand what is going on. My girlfriend and I we both switched to Android a week ago. I have been with WP for years now, since the Lumia 620. Back then, my girl used Android and I finally convinced her to use WP. Together wegot other persons of the family tu use WP. But a month ago she finally told me that she would like to switch over to Android for several reasons: missing apps and lower quality apps, WM10 too buggy and few smartwatches available on WM (she wanted to have one). So we talked things through and looked at different phone models and so on.
    I decided to give it a shot, too. Since the latest Lumia announcements I can't recommend WM anymore. I am a bit angry. MS had a decent market share in the most important european countries (that's where I live) and still some MS services or offers where US only... And now they give up their Lumia line and consumer focused phones. That's just bad. Now after the switch I still recognize that there weren't any apps that I couldn't live without. I basically use the same as before (most MS apps for example). But there are indeed some apps, that aren't available on Windows, that make my life a little easier. And of course app quality is a lot better. Right now I think it was a good decision, even if I miss the life tiles. And talking about productivity I think that Android does on smartphones what Windows does on PCs: it makes you more productive. Anyway, I still hope that the platform will succeed one day, but right now I can't think of a way this will happen. Not even with a "surface phone" (if they really make on). So for the moment I'll go with Android .
  • Just let her go in peace. WP is so behind, I no longer recommend it to people.
  • Me either. I used to recommend it to clients all the time. Now I put them on iPhone. Microsoft blew it. Satya killed WP.
  • Let her. Android is awesome.
  • I switched to Android in December, and it ******* SUCKS. I went through three different phones in 6 weeks (A Blu, a Samsung and an LG, ALL of which offered a different, crappy user experience despite having the same version of Android), and even the apps aren't worth it. Went back to Windows Phone in January (Lumia 640 and 830), but eventually decided the best compromise is an iPhone 6S+. WP's been ruined by Windows 10 Mobile, and Android is a poorly designed wreck.
  • My perception of why I am getting tired of Windows phone is unfortunately apps. But I am not talking about their gap, even though it is noticeable here in Stockholm, but rather about their quality. I love Tile design of Microsoft, I like Windows 10 design language more than any other of their previous design languages. But what I am tired of us the existing apps quality. Most of the apps I use on my current Android are on Windows store as well, but their quality is sooo behind especially when I, as a developer, absolutely sure that there are no reason for many of them to be so behind. Developers of those apps are just put weak effort into making them, which lead to question what is worse - to lack the app or to have app which is official but suck. To me as an end user it is equally same to not have app at all, or to try its sibling on iPhone or Android and to notice how bad WP one. The second big frustration for me is that I can find out about new app from official MS blog, went to the market and see that there are 0 notice about that app. Every time I go to the Store, and close my eyes on its sluggishness I see the same apps promoted all the time, some games which were there for centuries, some other old crap. On other platforms I clearly can see what is new, what is Editors recommend me, etc.
  • Yes, this is what I am experiencing as well. I am just tired of things MS promises to come "soon", I rather want to use great things today. And on smartphones it is about apps. Some people around here say that you can use the browser instead of an inexisting or bad app. But here I see one of the biggest flaws of W10M: edge. It looks nice but lacks so many features. No tab syncronizing, no way to save data, no add block, no gestures (!). IE on WP8 had some of those things. And on Android I can choose between many browsers, so I can have the same on my Surface Pro3 and on my phone.
  • I think almost everyone on WP / W10M has the same problems. In short, the best answer is probably to give up.  Microsoft are focusing on business customers going forward, they're not going to be pushing for more or better consumer apps.  That battle is lost.  Unfortunately, at some point Microsoft will have to realise that business users take the device home and become consumers at home.  So when the employee has a choice, they are not going to pick a Microsoft device, and if it's forced on them by their company, they will probably complain about it until the company allows other devices. I've switched from a Lumia 1520 to a Nexus 6 (same size screen and wireless charging).  TBH I don't like the Nexus, the Android UI sucks in comparison, battery life is worse, and even on Android 6.0.1 it's not particularly stable.  However, the mountain of apps and the superior quality of key apps makes it virtually impossible to go back.  My glass is half empty, and the other half is filled with cake that I can't eat. :-/ The x86-compatible boat seems to have sailed, so at this point I want a UWP Android emulator that reliably runs apps inc Google Play store.  Then I can come back.  Microsoft should buy/partner with BlueStacks and make it happen.  I don't need it smoothly integrated into the OS like Project Astoria nearly was.  I don't need it to run every app perfectly, or run all the 3D games.  I just need some hope... I still read Windows Central and not Android Central.  
  • I've had numerous phones the last 10 years. HTC Touch (WM 6), Palm Pre (webOS), iPhone 3GS, 4,5, and 6, HTC Hero, Lumia 920, some Dell Windows phone, even a BQ Ubuntu phone. After I lost my iPhone 6, I vowed never to buy such a high priced phone again (I buy unlocked). Plus I dont like what Apple has become. I dont like Google TOS, but I thought maybe I could deal with it. I got a Meizu MX5 from Amazon and the thing was loaded with malware: I would get popup ads on my home screen! After a clean ROM install, it worked great. Best Android phone I've tried. Leagues above the HTC Hero I used back in the day, that was awful. I ended up going back to my Lumia 920 because I missed the Windows live tiles and experience. Now, I picked up a 950 XL and love it. Camera is amazing, and Windows is just fun to use, and I like supporting something I like and believe in. All in all, out of everything I've tried, Windows Mobile is my favorite. Even WM6 was cool at the time, but nothing compared even to WP7. I loved WebOS, and the Ubuntu Touch OS is really fun to use too (but nearly every "app" is just a website wrapper). Android is way better than it was, but it largely depends on the phone. I can get around the "app gap" no problem. I just use my bank's mobile site if I have to, but I usually use that on a pc. Everything else is here, and just works better than on the android. I wish the best for Windows Mobile, hope more OEMs get on board, and I will do my part to help how I can as a user.
  • My wife is strictly iPhone after I introduced her to it back on the 3GS, but she often looks at my photos on my 950 XL and says "wow, those are great pictures!" She uses a bunch of random apps though, so I dont see her moving to WM :D
  • After 6 years of supporting Windows Mobile, I just dumped it for an iPhone. I'll consider going back when Satya's sorry ass is gone.
  • Hard decisions. I've been using the 950 and finally decided try Android so i wont be completly out of the water when/if MS kills mobile. Im using the Oneplus 3, and i cant complain. $400 for basically a pure version of android. Im going back and forth between the two devices and i have to agree its nice to have my bank app, Tidal, SiriusXM etc. Im hoping W10 mobile can turn things around. Even though i continue to use MS services, Groove,Cortana,Onedrive etc., I miss the live tiles and just the overall experience.
  • Let her switch to Android, Windows 10 Mobile is merely a compromising POS at the moment. Once Microsoft fixes all the stupid bugs, and makes it up to par with android, feature-wise, then it'll be worth consideration.
  • Welcome to a world of bloatware viruses lag and other threats in android glad i bought lumia now getting better and better
  • True story: AT&T user. On a whim, left the Iphone for the allure of the 41 MP camera in the 1020. Took a while, but really came around to the 1020 after figuring out how to optimize the performance and some major app updates (like Xbox music). Then I started to feel the burn of the "app gap" mentioned above. No BitEmjoji, no time lapse ability, Ticket to Ride, and other things that gave me phone envy. So I jumped ship on the 1020 and got the Galaxy S6. That S6 was the worst technological device I've ever used in my life. I lasted a week, and went back to my 1020. Not going to waste my time on details but at a high level, terrible camera, terrible headphone quality, very poor battery performance, and general lag. Another crazy thing, outside of the few apps mentioned above, I really didn't gain much with the Google Play app store. Call it personal preference but with close to 100 apps loaded on my Windows phone, I easilly have 90% of everything I could ever need on a phone. I'm sorry there is no Mint app, but I find that entire product to be very useless anyway. With high hopes, I waited around for the Lumia 950. Overall, I'm neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the 950. There are some things I love, and there are some things they have dropped the ball on, especially for music junkies like myself who needs apps to perform well with SD storage. For those 5-6 things that I can't do, I do have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which, ironically, compared to the S6, I find to be a very reliable piece of equipment. I've come to the conclusion that with what's available on the current market, there is really nothing out there that's going to satisfy my need for reliable tech with strong music and photo capabilites, while also giving me a sense of privacy and security. So before your wife makes the jump to Android, that last piece might be something you ask her to consider. I don't think anyone's quite figured how to hack a Windows phone just yet :)
  • I'm probably the only person in the world still using a 920. It would be difficult for me to accept a new phone without beautiful design, great battery life, qi-charging and some sort of glance or tap to wake feature. There are Android phones with those features AND apps that actually fully work. I could have mobile banking and some games I want... but Android itself I hate. The 950 seems so cheesy. So I guess I'll have to find a 930 or something as my next phone.
  • This is entirely a failed effort on Microsoft's part.  Available quality hardware is lacking, and overcommitments on the OS lead to broken promises.  My phone was supposed to upgrade to Windows 10 at the end of last year, but it won't, ever.  It is now deemed incompatible.  The stories are everywhere.  I am stuck on 8.1.  This lack of direction and commitment lead service providers to drop their line.  Sprint no longer carries Windows phone, and most other carriers only offer a single phone.  Had they been on their game producing good quality phones that people really wanted, the apps would have followed.  At one point, Sprint offered two bottom of the line phones, and that was it.  One didn't even have a front facing camera.  Innovate or die.  I REALLY like Widnows phone, but even a die hard like me is on the verge of abandoning ship.  My Windows phone will be 3 years old in July.  It's one drop away from becoming an Android.  Attrition is killing Microsoft now, because loyal Windows users have no other alternative, short of coming out of pocket $600+.  Microsoft failed in distribution channels, innovation, leadership, commitments, and delivery of Windows 10 Mobile.  It's no surprise developers are leaving the platform, or never even tried.  It's blatantly obvious the direction this is headed if they don't deliver a high-end Surface Phone within the next 12 months - 18 months.  They're going to be out of the phone business. 
  • Doesn't matter what happens. I'll stick with my Lumia 830 ☺
  • One of the many reasons that WP/WM doesn't succeed is because when they do have an awesome feature like Messaging Everywhere or Kid's Corner or Rooms or sharing your Wi-Fi password with people in your contact's list (to name a few), they never advertise it so only a few people get to use it (and love it). Then they stop supporting the feature and then Apple and Android come out with a similar feature, advertise it and get called geniuses.
  • Well first buy a ******* phone no need to write about it go to android and enjoy ur updates released in betas full of bugs and glitches and apps with viruses or work like ****
  • Thank you for sharing this. I have set the article aside to read later, but I am not going through all the comments though.
    ​I do recognize myself and others in what you state. However, the only point that is made is: the app gap. A lot of words to describe that the app gap is the huge issue. And to be honest: Windows is a great OS for phones, I love it and here at home it is all Windows. We don't even have tablets on Android or iOS...nothing. And it's starting to bug me and my girlfriend more and more that Microsoft doesn't seem to care at all!
    ​I'm ok with having to go to a website rather than downloading the app. But it's getting worse by the day! Perhaps I should switch with at least one phone here at home and convince myself that "the other side" isn't that much better at all. Or perhaps it is....and we ditch Windows for phones and tablets all together.
    ​What I think is really a pity: I am more or less in the market for a smart watch/fitness tracker. The Microsoft Band 2 seemed the logical option. If you look at what Samsung delivers with their new Gear S2. Great stuff! Seems to suit my needs much better! And I have heard of quite some wear and tear with the MS Band 2.
    ​Next to that I am also looking at next steps on a professional level. And Microsoft BI seems really tempting there. However, a simple thing as live querying on an IBM Netezza DB using PowerBI is not possible. Pity, pity, pity....        
  • Finally