iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker: compact size doesn't mean puny sound

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

iClever offers a variety of smartphone accessories ranging from USB hubs, chargers and headphones. Should you need a wireless speaker solution, the company also offers a dandy 10-watt speaker that pushes out the tunes rather nicely.

The iClever portable Bluetooth speaker isn't much larger than your Windows 10 Mobile phone, offers IPX5 water resistance (poolside, shower, etc.) and has hands-free calling features.

The iClever Bluetooth speaker is currently priced at $33.99 through Amazon and is an excellent, all-around wireless speaker.

iClever Bluetooth Speaker


The iClever portable Bluetooth speaker has a sleek design, built on an aluminum frame that helps keep the weight down. Compared to the Aukey Outdoor and the Mpow Armor Plus speakers we have reviewed, the iClever easily offers the slimmest form factor.

Measuring 6.37 x 2.52 x 1.11 inches and weighing only 9.03 ounces, the iClever speaker comfortably slips inside a backpack or even your back pocket. Control buttons line the top of the speaker and charging/auxiliary ports rest right end of the speaker.

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

Controls include a power button, play/pause button, a multi-function control and track/volume directional buttons.

Underneath the hood is two 5-watt speakers and an 1800mAh battery that is rated at up to ten hours of playback time. In testing the iClever speaker, the ten hours of playback time isn't far from the mark.

The speaker has a water resistant rating of IPX5, which means it's good for a splash or two, so it's suitable for the poolside, in the shower, campsite or any other situation where it could get wet. Just keep in mind that the iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker is water resistant, not waterproof — you can get it wet, but you shouldn't submerge it in any amount of water.

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker comes shipped with a USB charging cable, an auxiliary cable, lanyard and instruction manual.


The iClever speaker's solid design is nicely paired with quality sound performance. Pairing mode launches automatically when you first power-up the speaker. You are greeted with voice prompts to guide you through and confirm pairing (the speaker is listed as IC-BTS04 on your Windows 10 device).

From there all that is needed is for you to pick out your favorite music app or video to play, sit back and enjoy the sounds. Sound quality was good with the right balance of bass and treble. Maxing out the volume did not generate any distortion. However, volume levels were a bit on the low side when compared to other speakers, but nothing detrimental. I could easily fill the backyard or large living room with music from this tiny speaker.

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

The iClever speaker does offer minimal hands-free calling features that include answering, ending and rejecting calls. Playback is paused for incoming calls and resumes once the call is ended. The microphone on the speaker does a decent job of picking up your voice, but I wouldn't stand too far away.

Should you opt to use the speaker in a wired manner, the auxiliary connection is at the right end of the speaker and can be connected to any device with a line-out connection. You do need to press the multi-function button to toggle between Bluetooth and auxiliary playback.

Overall Impressions

The more I used the iClever Bluetooth speaker, the more it grew on me. The slim design looks good and adds to the portability factor of the speaker. Sound quality is solid enough that it can be used indoors or outdoors.

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

The water resistance and hands-free calling features are a nice bonus, allowing you to get a little wet while jamming to the tunes and not miss a call in the process. While it can handle getting wet, the iClever isn't likely to survive being submerged.

If there is one knock I can offer on the iClever is that it needs to be a little more rugged. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice looking speaker but looks more suited for indoor use than outdoor. I would be a little worried about scratching up the sleek appearance of the speaker by taking it camping.

All in all, if you are looking for a good Bluetooth speaker that won't break the bank, the iClever Bluetooth speaker is worth considering. The speaker is currently priced at $33.99 through Amazon and I can see it pairing up nicely with your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device for enjoying your music files or audio from a video from.

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