ICYMI: Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 articles you need to read

Yesterday was a busy day for those Windows Phone users living on the edge and using the Preview for Developers program. As expected, Update 1 went out yesterday and with it, many new features and improvements.

This morning, we are getting quite a few tips on stories already covered over the last few days, so we are just going to bring them to your attention again in case you missed it (ICYMI).

  • Those on Update 1 can still get new firmware – Whenever Microsoft lifts the block on users getting Cyan due to the BitLocker issue, those on Update 1 preview can still get new firmware as the two are not connected. We wrote a big article explaining all of this on Friday, so best to look if you still have questions. Currently, Preview users are still blocked, so do not be shocked if your phone is eligible for Cyan, but you are not getting it.
  • IE11 renders as iOS or Chrome in Update 1 – Not news either, as Microsoft was very candid last week about all the changes in IE11 in a massive blog post on their site. Long story short, websites do not use web standards, optimizing for the iPhone (WebKit) instead. Microsoft tried to play by the rules, but as a result, their browser is misrepresented on the web. In Update 1 they have changed the user-agent string and now support a few non-standard web protocols too. The result? You get a better web experience.
  • Some HTC phones not getting Update 1 – It looks like some HTC users (and possibly other devices) are not getting Update 1 due to their firmware not supporting it. Microsoft answered this in their support forums, and it looks like you have to wait until your manufacturer rolls out an update. This problem is different from…
  • Error 8018830f – A small percentage of users get the 8018830f error when trying to update to Update 1. This is a different issue than noted above and it seems tied to "low device memory", though that is not a certainty. The latest is Microsoft is looking into the problem.

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Finally, as we mentioned yesterday, if you are having issues, questions or want to know more, hop into our Update 1 discussion forums, as you can learn much more about what is happening, if what you think is new is new, and maybe even solve a problem or two!

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