If you want a Surface Book case, your options are limited, but here are some worth considering

Xbox One controller PC use
Xbox One controller PC use (Image credit: Windows Central)

Most laptops don't exactly lend themselves to cases, but the Surface Book also isn't most laptops. For one, the entire display portion detaches from the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet.

So, with this added versatility you might want to keep it a little safer than any 'normal' laptop. You can get a case, but sadly, there's not much to choose from.

There are a few in particular that stand out as worth a look.

UAG Featherlight for Surface Book


If you want substantial protection for your Surface Book then luckily UAG is on hand with a military drop-test standard offering that will take good care of your pride and joy. The featherlight completely encompasses the tablet/display portion of the Surface Book with an armor shell and impact resistant bumpers.

It even has a holder for the Surface Pen and is easy to attach and detach as and when you need to. It's a bulky case, but then your Surface Book is also worth protecting.

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Icarercase Crocodile Series

Icarercase Crocodile Series

If you're looking for a little style in your Surface Book protection how about some genuine leather, Crocodile style? From the outside this Icarercase looks more like a sleeve but with the added bonus that it's not. So you need never remove your Surface Book to use it.

It's also been designed not to hinder the usability of the Surface Book, whether you're in laptop or tablet mode. If you want to detach the screen, you can, and you'll still have a stylish case protecting it. And if black leather isn't your thing there are three different shades of brown to choose from.

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Syde Surface Book case

More of a bag than a straight up case, the Syde Surface Book case by Waterfield Designs is still one of the top options around. This is a minimalist case for any executives out there, or just for anyone who just wants a well-made product that stands out among the rest.

The main case is made from your choice of durable waxed canvas or nylon that has a magnetic closure along the top, and the inside is made from neoprene to protect your Surface Book from bumps, shocks, and scratches.

Adhering to minimalism, the slim front pocket is made from full-grain leather and has a simple fold-over closure. Two leather handles stick out the top, and there are loops if you'd rather switch over to a shoulder strap. There is also a small back pocket where you can keep documents you need to frequently access.

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Over to you!

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