Let's talk about Sway with the Microsoft team that made it!

I was invited to our favorite tech company's main site to participate in a session all about Sway. You know that awesome Office storytelling tool that uses intelligence to help users create engaging media rich presentations. If you've never used it, it's been described as Power Point on steroids. Don't let that description intimidate you. The intelligence this tool draws on makes it infinitely simpler to use than Power Point. All you have to do is type your text and include your media such as pictures and videos and the Sway does the rest. It's incredibly simple to use.

So why am I and a handful of other folks from various disciplines here today? Well, Microsoft wanted to get some face-to-face feedback from enthusiasts and other folks that are using the tool. How could I say no?

Here are some of my Sways

Our Storytelling Story

This Sway tells humanity's storytelling story from the time of oral traditions to the present age of Sway!

Cortana Lives

Cortana Lives is a fan fiction Sway that tells the story of Cortana's survival after the events of Halo 4 to her arrival in 2014 on Windows Phone.

Q & A with Greg Murphy CEO of WhartonBrooks

This is the raw Q & A with the CEO of WhartonBrooks Greg Murphy, who is making Windows phone for consumers!

Microsoft's Windows 10 ad Attack should include Windows Mobile

This Sway tells how Microsoft can use the current Windows 10 ad campaign to keep Windows Mobile in the public eye and maintain mindshare.

Send your Sway questions and feedback

I plan on sharing my feedback and learning from the team who created one of my favorite Office tools today. That said, I figured I'd invite those of you who might have some feedback or questions to share your insights and concerns as well. If you tweet your question please do so to @JLTechWord #IveBeenSwayed

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So please, load up the comments and I will do my best to check them at various free points throughout the day and share with the team what you share here. I will also be creating a Sway documenting my trip to Redmond so please follow me on Twitter where I will share that story!

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