New Surface Pen leaked image shows charging cradle

What you need to know

  • A leaked image of a new Surface Pen shows it sitting in what appears to be a charging cradle.
  • The cradle has a cable on the side which appears to be charging the cradle.
  • The cradle charging system lines up with recent FCC filings.

A leaked image of the upcoming new Surface Pen has surfaced on the internet thanks to Brad Sams. The image shows a black Surface Pen resting in what appears to be a charging cradle. The cradle has a cable on the right side that is likely charging the device. This image could be of the upcoming new Surface Pen that rumors suggest will be announced at the October 2nd Surface event.

While all leaks and rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, Brad Sams has a strong reputation in relation to Microsoft and the Surface brand.

Based strictly on this photo, it seems that the new Surface Pen will feature wireless charging. This is similar to how the latest Apple Pencil charges, though Apple decided to have the Apple Pencil rest directly on the new iPad Pro while Microsoft seems to have chosen to use a cradle design. Going off only these images, it's impossible to say if the Surface Pen will be able to charge in other ways.

As reported by Windows Latest, a recent FCC filing mentions a "charging coil" in a filing about a Surface Pen. There's a chance that the FCC filing could be for this new Surface Pen, though that is not confirmed at this point.

If the new Surface Pen is charged wireless and uses a cradle, it might see mixed reactions. Some users prefer to use batteries and to not have to worry about charging, while other users prefer being able to charge a pen directly from a device.

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