Microsoft's October 2 Surface event to be livestreamed, could rival 2015's historic launch

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October 2. 2019 is shaping up to be a momentous day for Microsoft, likely rivaling 2015's Windows 10 launch. At that event, the company revealed the new Surface Book, an updated Surface Pro, new Windows Phones, the Microsoft Band 2, and showcased its latest OS.

We've already detailed that Surface Book 3, Surface Laptop 3, a refreshed Surface Pro 7 are all likely in the cards, but the rumored "Project Centaurus" is also in play according to reliable sources.

How to watch the Microsoft Surface event live stream on October 2

Microsoft's push into devices with dual, or even foldable displays, has been rumored for years now first with a smaller, pocketable device codenamed "Andromeda". Windows Central first broke that story back in late 2017. But recent whispers have targeted a larger version with dual displays under the "Centaurus" banner. The device will likely fall between an 8-inch and 12-inch PC and is expected to run Intel hardware with a heavy focus on inking.

Besides new hardware though Centaurus is thought to be the first PC to showcase Microsoft's new Windows Lite operating system. Windows Lite is based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It is meant to compete with Apple's iPadOS and Google's Chrome OS, ushering in a new age of mobile computing for Redmond.

Earlier today, the Surface comms team tweeted more information about the event, including a new image, time of the announcements, and that it will be broadcasted live. That change bucks the trend of the last few Surface events, which were held privately.

Microsoft's hardware event takes place on October 2 at 10 AM ET in New York City. Windows Central will be in attendance, and Microsoft will livestream it on Twitter.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Definitely looking forward to it!
  • Not gonna hold my breath. Not a chance they can duplicate 2015 though! Probably incremental changes to the Surface line with a lot of fanfare...kinda Apple-ish is what I expect.
  • I didn't waste my time to write this just to tell you it's at 10am, just FYI ;)
  • Do you know something we don't, Daniel? :)
  • I think he does... :)
  • No he doesn't :)
  • Up for a bet?
  • So you do. I still cross my fingers for something to throw my Android out of the window.
  • You're admitting that you are seen by MS as a friendly source. Why else would you have inside information. How does that sit with you Daniel? Are you unbiased or just a MS mouthpiece? You're aware of the reputation this site has. All you're doing by your comments is enforcing that view.
  • What reputation, that a site didicated to Microsoft and Windows writes news and post rumors and speculations about Microsoft products? Friendly source? Well, I've seen a fair share of critical articles on this site, as well as articles trying to explain how MS is working and thinking. Again, for the last of this two types, it is kind of in the name of the site that they would, don't you think? What is your definition of unbiased on a site dedicated to everything Microsoft?
  • The intelligence of many commenters of this site is severely lacking. Many different tech sites get inside information from various sources inside Microsoft. I'm not sure why you want to only get press releases from Microsoft, that's just ridiculous.
  • "You're aware of the reputation this site has. All you're doing by your comments is enforcing that view."
    Been doing this for 10 years. The thing I least care about is what any of you think - you're just another random name I'll forget about next week. I live my life as I want, do the job I want, and write the things I want. You're in my world here. That's it. It's simple, really. I answer to no one. If you find value in what we post, awesome. If you don't, that's cool too. But I'm not here to live by the whims or judgement of others, especially people I have never met.
  • Hey Daniel, just want to personally apologize for triggering that unfortunate comments. My intention was just to comment a friendly tease, nothing more than that. Apparently people who comment here take things to seriously. Anyway, hope everyone have a nice time during the event.
  • Daniel, you should also point out that Satya Nadella will be there. This alone proves it won't just be another refresh like it was last year.
  • Hey Dan, what do you know about the positioning? When I look at the market landscape, and where Microsoft likes to be, I feel they will position it as a very high end power executive work+play type device. A sort of high end iPad+, an iPad that can also do some productivity (it may cannibalize some of existing Surface, but it will lean more towards consumption and be better at it than any of those because it will be ARM). To do these it has to come with a type cover of some sort too. So I think rather than a dual screen "phone" or "better phone", the opportunity available (and it is barely there, but they could make it work with stellar implementation), is a better iPad. An iPad that is more mobile because you can say, fold it and play a game on it on a train without looking ridiculous, and an iPad that plays better with your windows devices and your android phones (via Your Phone etc). Just some guesses.
  • iPad is for kids.
  • Silly ill informed comment. The iPad has been incredibly successful as a consumption device and has delivered Apple a shitload of profit.
    All tablets are suffering due to larger phones but iPad's continue to be the most purchased tablet globally.
  • It cannot compete with iPad, especially at $329. The only market it can hope to encroach on is PCs. Cannibalizing Surface is really the only hope for this product.
  • Nobody has ANY credibility using the word "pocketable" anymore. So, I'm less than excited.
  • We're not expecting anything pocketable. Read more closely, please.
  • I really don't get the point if it's not pocketable.... Why you would make a device that just does exactly what larger devices already do? With phones and pocketable devices folding screens give you additional screen real-estate. This would have no discernible benefits than many other devices on the market except for having a novelty of folding. As we've seen with other foldable screens they feel cheap because of the plastic and are prone to artifacts. It might be fine if Microsoft is making a specific device for gaming or creativity that leverages specific features of the hardware. Otherwise there really is no point except to create yet another niche device that will soon be forgotten.
  • "I really don't get the point if it's not pocketable.."
    Since when is pocketable the threshold for mobile? iPads are hardly pocketable, so why does it not apply to those devices? Hell, people fly and travel with an iPhone, iPad, and a MBP. Only one of those fits in a pocket.
    "Why you would make a device that just does exactly what larger devices already do? "
    🤔🤦‍♂️ If you take a 13" tablet and fold it in half, it's now 6.5". What tablet does that today? This actually makes more sense than a folding phone since the space saved is greater.
    "This would have no discernible benefits than many other devices on the market except for having a novelty of folding"
    That's like saying Ultrabooks just have the novelty of being light and thin over traditional laptops. Or gaming laptops just have the novelty of a powerful GPU. That kind of misses the point.
    "As we've seen with other foldable screens they feel cheap because of the plastic and are prone to artifacts."
    Foldable is one thing. Dual glass screens are another. We're talking about the latter, not the former, so your point here is not relevant.
  • I would take a 6.5" tablet over a 13" one that folds in half though. Just saying...
  • "Since when is pocketable the threshold for mobile? iPads are hardly pocketable, so why does it not apply to those devices?" Well it does apply.... The difference is that the iPad had something new beyond just being a different form factor. It had a whole new touch based form of interaction. If the iPad came out as nothing more than a slower version of MacOS with a stylus I doubt you would see the same level of enthusiasm. It was the first time people had that sort of touch experience on a larger device. If a folding windows tablet isn't pocketable then it's just going to be compared to a Surface, Surface pro, or even an iPad because it has the same cost to bring it with you with no real benefits. " If you take a 13" tablet and fold it in half, it's now 6.5". What tablet does that today? " Why would you choose to use a 6.5" screen if you have a 13" one? 🤔 Why would anyone purposely choose to look at or use a smaller screen? A 6.5" tablet that you can fit into your pocket would be a better device. A thin and light 13" tablet that you cannot fit into your pocket but has a better screen and drawing surface would also be a much better device. However something that has a small screen, but isn't pocketable has no practical value. If you have a large purse maybe. "That's like saying Ultrabooks just have the novelty of being light and thin over traditional laptops. Or gaming laptops just have the novelty of a powerful GPU. That kind of misses the point." You basically just described use cases. Light and thin is a use case. Powerful GPU is another use case for gaming. Foldable is not a use case unless it comes with portability and you're basically saying it doesn't. So you're talking about a device that is less portable than a small tablet and performs worse and is bulkier than a larger tablet.
  • iPad is for kids.
  • Reading this "device that is less portable than a small tablet and performs worse and is bulkier than a larger tablet" make me wonder what your opinion was when the first Surface came up. Where you one of those that only could say DOA about that new device and were utterly wrong? Did you see the point at that time for a device that was not a tablet nor a laptop and has at the end been copied by all manufacturers (even Apple with the iPad Pro)? Man, can't you wait until we know how this device is going to be (if it ends being at all) before making that kind of statements?
  • Actually I was waiting years for Microsoft to release a Surface.... I saw it's potential as an iPad killer as soon after Microsoft released there Metro design language for Windows Phones. The first Surface was kind of DOA until it was improved upon with 2 and finally 3. Something with the convenience of a tablet and the power of a laptop was something I was waiting for a long time for. Even though it was my dream device, I passed on Surface 1 and ended up getting a Surface 2 however the form factor didn't hit really hit it's stride until Surface 3, and I'm typing this on a Surface 5. So I've always been a fan of the concept long before it was even a concept. Similarly. This device is not likely to hit any stride on version 1 because they appear to not even know what they are marketing it for and people who even support the device also have trouble answering that basic question... It's more like a "hey we have a folding screen too!" device. The MS Courier would have been a great device if they managed to release it before the iPad, but releasing the same concept 10 years later is not adding much. However if they created a folding device and focused heavily on gaming or content creation and created a specific UI and several killer apps for it, then that could be something. I just don't see today's Microsoft doing that sort of thing. They're likely to just slap regular windows on it with a few tweaks to the UI.
  • The folding feature can improve upon the light and thin use case / portability (and also design), which is undoubtedly important for people otherwise people would not get so crazy about thick bezels and compact ultrabooks etc.
  • "The folding feature can improve upon the light and thin use case / portability (and also design)" That's the problem... Any folding device today is going to be thicker and heavier than a non folding device. The additional hardware (hinges, magnets, etc) to make it fold, splitting up the electronics and making everything sturdy enough to fold over and over. A 13" iPad that doesn't have to worry about that mechanism is going to be thinner and lighter than any 13" foldable device. However If you can put the foldable device in your pocket then at least it would offer that convenience that an iPad wouldn't have, but Daniel is basically saying you can't put it in your pocket. So to me it sounds rather pointless and just a gimmick.
  • You have written far more words concerning a product you know nothing about than Dan, who does know something about it, did. Wait until after October 2, then let us know what you think.
  • Or maybe you could just ignore him, if you don't like his conclusions? This wouldn't be much of a site if people didn't voice their opinions, hopes, concerns and dislikes...
  • Voicing opinions is fine. I don't comment on every opinion. I rarely comment at all. That wasn't the point of my comment. And, of course, you could have taken your own advice as well.
  • Not sure yet if it will be that much thicker than a not foldable version would be (the ipad will probably be thinner but that has more to do with smaller batteries and sacrificing ports & other features for a thinner design). E.g. x360 laptops are also not thicker compared to standard laptops because of the special hinges (and the added weight is mainly because of the touchscreen glass).
    In the end it will all depend on how MS implements it.
  • "If you take a 13" tablet and fold it in half, it's now 6.5". No it isn't. That's 13" diagonal, not 13" width. A 13" screen folded in half is about 9.5". IOW, the size of an iPad mini. WAY too big for a pocket. "What tablet does that today?" None, because that's not how it works. Why does no one understand this?
  • 9.5 is pretty similar in size to an Ipad, a bit smaller so ideal for 1 handed usage (with the other hand for note taking/drawing). As 13 inch it is ideal to use as an Ipad Pro (12.9). Seems pretty handy for pro users.
  • Yes, a thin, light 9.5" iPad mini. If it's 13" folded in half, now its a thick, heavy 9.5" iPad mini. At some point you will be carrying around a brick. Why not just take a 17" laptop and have it fold up 4 ways? Now you have an 8" device that is 3 inches thick and still weighs 4 pounds.
  • You don't know if it will be that heavy or not. An Ipad Pro 12.9 is also not all that heavy at 670 gr (it is not feather light but it is light enough). If this will be similar, I don't think it will be that much of an issue. If it will be much heavier, than I agree it will probably be a gimmick.
  • Lol, the latest iPad pro is so thin and light that it can be unintentionally folded. :P
  • This is hilarious!
  • So, your way of deflecting from MS's failure in mobile is to redefine what mobile means. Clever I mean Daniel. Clever.
  • What deflection? Why are you still talking about phones for Microsoft when that ended 2-3 years ago. What does it have to do with a dual-screen tablet PC that folds? And if you don't think tablets/laptops and wearables don't fall under mobile, then you're just wrong.
  • Definitely a matter of opinion. Laptops certainly aren't mobile in my view. Portable yes, but not usable on the move.
  • 'If you take a 13" tablet and fold it to 6,5 "... That's the Andromeda device, not the Centaurus? THIS device would be awesome; the Centaurus, which folds from 15" to 8" or something like that is a device, that just folds smaller for no real reason. The point of a folding device seems to be to change form factor into something pocketable.
  • Yeah, Andromeda is not expected anytime soon. Centaurus is though - basically a larger version. It's thought that if the bigger one succeeds Microsoft may make a smaller version and that's Andromeda.
  • But the two don't compare well, so the success (or lack of) of one won't represent the other. I have no use for a large tablet that folds into a small tablet, but I could definitely find good use for a small tablet that folds to fit in my pocket! It's like trying to sell snowshoes in Thailand, and using the sales numbers to determine if there's a market for flip flops...!
  • "I really don't get the point if it's not pocketable..." That really says more about you than anything else.
  • Why? What does it say that's so negative to warrant such a remark? I happen to agree with him; foldability is a functionality that is only justified by making easy to transport ie. being pocketable. If you have to carry it in a bag, you might as well choose a bigger and better device.
  • The foldable aspect does allow you have 2 devices in 1 though; a smaller Ipad-like device and a bigger IpadPro like device. One ideal for note taking on the go or quick thumb typing / browsing / emailing etc, the other for more complex work/programs or drawing on a table/bench or such.
  • What you're describing is much better served with an Andromeda-like device, which would be pocketable in its folded state.
  • Don't you think we should at least wait until the reveal and see how it works before reaching any conclusion? I have no idea how so many of you have certainty on this stuff. I have no idea if it'll be good or not.
  • Imagining how a tablet that folds works is no great stretch. The point is simple; it folds so that it can become smaller. Why do you want it smaller? Easier transportation. When is a device easier to transport? When you don't need a bag to carry it around. Simple.
  • This is a valid point. Though it does not necessarily make folding on tablet-like devices useless, since it will still allow you to take a smaller bag or such. Also carrying such an expensive thing in your pocket might not be a good idea, it would probably be larger than a normal phone which could damage it over time when you walk or bend. In that regard, why not just wear a small shoulder bag and put the device in it?
  • Personally I think I would be more curious too for an Andromeda device but that is also because I want to see a revival of Windows Phones. With the current w10 app support, a bigger folding device would make more sense than a small folding device and a bigger folding device would have the advantage of giving notable extra screen estate vs the smaller device.
    Finally because the bigger screen allows better productivity I personally would be more inclined to pay more for an big folding device than for a smaller one. (also why I would shell out more for a good laptop than for a good phone)
  • Folding a laptop in half makes it much more portable. What don't you understand about this very simple concept? Your comment reeks of ignorance. Ultrabooks are a thing because people want thin, light portable laptops. It's why people aren't lugging around much more powerful and heavier laptops. That's not even getting into the usability aspect of a dual screen or foldable device.
  • Has there ever been a laptop that wasn't foldable? The foldability is what makes a laptop portable compared to a desktop pc. A laptop isn't mobile as such, though; sure, you can lug it around in a large bag, but you can't use it while you yourself are moving about.
    Now, whether you're packing a small tablet or a large tablet, it's still just portable. Yes, you can carry it in your hand, but not comfortably, and not all the time. A mobile device is either pocketable or wearable. Folding a tablet into a smaller tablet doesn't change it's category. I'm not saying there aren't people out there, who will have a use case for lugging around both a small and a large tablet, but they will be extremely few and far between. Edit: By the way... If you want to be taken seriously, drop the derogatory jargon; you have neither the wit nor the intelligence to pull it off, and in any case it's extremely bad manners.
  • "Folding a laptop in half makes it much more portable. What don't you understand about this very simple concept?" The purpose of folding a laptop is so that input (keyboard + touch-pad) collapses with the screen to essentially make a desktop style computing experience portable and easy to carry. The purpose of a folding screen is simply to make a screen smaller. You are not changing the weight or thinness of a device by having the screen fold. The only reason you would make the screen smaller is so that you can carry it easier either in your hand or in your pocket. You also have "dual screen" laptops that basically mimics a keyboard and mouse with one of the screens. There are lots of issues with dual screen laptops. However according to Daniel this won't even be in that category. Instead it will be in some weird category where it is too big to fit in your pocket yet too small to be used as a real laptop.... So it kind of boggles the mind as to why someone would create such a device other than to just add another failed attempt to the pile of dual screen devices.
  • Yes Robert Wade, DelRio Diver. Please pay attention.
  • I am also not holding my breath. I would like to see an even like back in 2015 where they announce the new foldable PC/ Mobile thing. If they keep waiting it will be too late then. They are letting others beat them to the game they have had for years in the making/planning. again I am not going to hold my breath but I have very little hope.
  • Hold your breath.
  • Will it be detachable?...Centarus?
  • No reason to believe it will be detachable.
  • See, to me that would be unique. Because not only could you have a dual screen when you need, you can have a more portable version for other uses. However that form factor would follow the Surface Book, and you might be right since Centaurus will run another iteration of Windows.
  • The mobile game is over, it has been since 2012. WP7 was their shot, they blew it.
  • Mobile is laptop, phablets, phones, and wearables including soon AR glasses. That's all mobile computing. The idea that smartphones are only mobile is very 2012 thinking. It's why smartphones have overtaken tablets - my phone is 7.2". These categories are merging, splitting, evolving.
  • A 7,2" phone can still be used while you're mobile; a laptop can't. In my point of view laptops aren't mobile. Tablets only barely.
  • That's a silly notion, mobile would involve mobility, in other words, the ability to take it with you on the go, which you can do with a laptop
  • 7.2"? Are you carrying a Mate 20x or what?
  • Just launch your android phone (even if it makes no sense) and get back into mobile. I can't imagine Windows without any apps or mobile focus in 5 years anymore.
  • Not going to happen. MS makes profit using iOS and Android with little effort. Why would they waste billions on their own Android device? What would be the point?
  • Look a bridge quick! Oh wait Microsoft lit it on fire. That is how I feal about MSFT. Sad to think about.
  • "could rival 2015's historic launch" uhm what? Calm down hyped boy. You do realize out of MS fan base noone gives two sh*ts about Surface or even knows about it's existence, what's left for what Microsoft showed in 2015 lol... "historical" is such a strong word for something so irrelevant to so large percent of World's population. People know or care only what happens in Cupertino around September
  • Okay "oraora". I'm not sure why I'm supposed to take this comment seriously. It's all opinion, and not a very well supported one. Going over ALL your posting history here, you're a troll. You just post stuff here to hate on Microsoft and Surface. If you don't like Microsoft or Surface, that's cool. But go find a site where you do have a positive passion vs. just spewing nonsense. Life's too short (and if you need help leaving here, just ask! I'm more than happy to assist. That's an open invitation I hope you take.)
  • How about stop calling "troll" everyone in this forum including Bleached, GeorgeOnArm, ScubaDog etc. everytime one speaks the truth or have a different opinion? I am here because I am a Microsoft user (and a developer/architect/manager in one of the biggest corps on Earth btw) and I have the right to express what I dislike (and hint - there's a plenty of). End of discussion.
  • You're right. According to Mr MS Daniel Rubino anyone who has their own opinion is a troll and a MS hater.
    This site needs to have a rename to Property of Microsoft Central.
  • I'd rather you just leave lol. It'd be much easier.
  • You sound like a troll because Surface is pretty big now worldwide (it differs per region of course).
  • Whatever you say pal. Ask anybody on the street. Just anybody. Stop a random person no matter of the age or area or country and ask him - Hey dude what do you think of Surface? Then try, hey Dude what you you think of iPhone (or Samsung or Kindle or whatever product). The answer to the first question would 95% be "WTF?" Oh yes, Surface are niche business devices right? Then why Microsoft is tearing their a**es off to promote it everywhere and building CONSUMER flagship store in London full of Surfaces Apple-style? Because they so badly want to be consumer-seen and everywhere just like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. but they fail hard. I will repeat noone gives two sh*ts about Surface or even knows what it is. You can name the 2007 iPhone keynote historical. Any Surface keynote is just a keynote like others with zero to none World impact. "historical"... Facts. Call me troll again.
  • Replace Surface Pro with Macbook and you will as much confused faces as you will get with Surface Pro in my region (and Macbook exists much longer). Does that make the Macbook line a failure to you?
  • No, you're wrong. Surface isn't big at all in actual numbers. Daniel Rubino himself points out in the 'Microsoft's Surface 'Centaurus' may be niche, but it's definitely not doomed to fail' article that the entire Surface line represents just 3.6% of the whole computer market.
  • If you don't want to be criticized for your stupid opinions, then stop posting stupid opinions. It's not our fault you can't grasp the concept of context. I'll happily call you an unintelligent troll with poor arguments.
  • I don't call them trolls, actually. I'm calling YOU a troll because I can see your posting history here: it's all negative, that's it. Just look at the garbage you post:
    "The amount of retards (inclunding WC) that think Christian Reber's tweet was not a deliberate publicity stunt, probably paid, to draw attention to the upcoming in the suspiciously very next few days new To-Do design is mindblowing"
    I see no reason why you should remain in this community.
  • Because I and people with sober thinking like me make it vibrant and spark an actual discussion. We are labeled as trolls.
  • 'Bleached, GeorgeOnArm, ScubaDog etc.' - all of this are account owned by you?
  • Bleached, GeorgeOnArm, ScubaDog' - all of this are your accounts? ;P
  • Yes! You cought me!
  • "You do realize out of MS fan base noone gives two sh*ts about Surface"
    Oraora, you sound like a troll.
    I am not sure about where you live, but here in Australia (where I live), Surface is huge, you can walk into any university, library or cafe and you see people using them.
    I see Surface devices, outside of my workplace, in the public, on a daily basis without fail. I couldn't imagine it's too different in the US, Daniel?
    Either way, for a device that wasn't aimed at the consumer market, I'd say it's doing very well from my observation.
  • The greatest troll of all time.
  • No one cares about apple products as much as they used to champ. I second that Surface products here in Sydney Australia are becoming more and more common. Apple products aren't as premium as they used to. And MS did a great job with W10
  • It wouldn't make sense for Andromeda to happen any time soon. They simply have no mobile play. But if this Centaurus Windows Lite thing lives up to its promised potential and kicks off a successful new category of ultra mobile friendly laptop/tablet hybrids (i.e. double screened digital journal devices) a new Windows Lite based Windows Mobile might not just make sense but might only be a step or two away. Yeah they've already lost a market with now rapidly dwindling profit margins but one can dream 😁
  • Mobile devices are gonna transition out in favor of AR in the next decade, so they only need something that keeps them somewhat relevant to developers and consumers until that inflection point hits. (And to not screw up that transition) Even if Centaurus is successful it's not going to change that dynamic much. Even if we do get an Andromeda at some point it very likely won't be around for that long before we're looking at a consumer HoloLens.
  • You're putting AR on quite a pedestal here; for certain things, AR could take the role of the smartphone, or more likely the smartwatch, but lots of use cases can not be covered by a HUD-like display in your glasses (or contact lenses, if we're looking really far ahead)...
  • I think all this talk is really interesting. Fact is, what mobile computing is like in 2, 5, and 10 years gets really hard to predict. It's likely a combo of all these things: wrist, glasses, small screened device (or small, multi-fold screened device), probably a smart ear piece too. And there's bionics... That's why I love talking about this stuff. It's clear as day mobile computing is in transition (well, unless you're Bleached), but the what that translates too is definitely not decided yet.
  • There are no phone use cases that aren't covered by a sufficiently developed HoloLens. HoloLens is not a HUD like display like Google Glass. HoloLens like AR eats the smartphone long term, because the only thing the smartphone is good for, besides the camera, is the portability. Small touch devices are bad UX for almost everything. It's the most restrictive and limiting set of interface patterns in our devices outside of smart speakers. There's a reason why they keep trying to make them bigger, even as that cuts against the one thing they have going for them, which is that they fit in your pocket. Real time spatial mapping for 3d object placement with full gesture and voice support gives you hands free interactions, digitial integration on top of relevant real world environments and features, and the same tech allows you to turn any and every surface into a functional touch screen of pretty much arbitrary size if you need a more standard 2d interface. You can duplicate the entirety of the phone interaction pattern on a block of plastic or glass with no actual display, not that it'd make sense to do so. And it works with any input modality you care to use, like a mouse or keyboard.
  • You'd think they'd consider using mixer for streaming these events, rather than twitter...
  • I think it may be on a few places, but we're weeks out yet.
  • They streamed an event on Mixer before, or am I tripping?
  • The E3 press conference was streamed on Mixer, but that makes sense since it's gaming.
  • Isn't mixer really only for the streaming of games? Sure some other content gets in there, but if you look at the categories in Mixer, it really is for gaming :)
  • Looking at the image, it brings hope that surface book 3 will be available in black.
  • Dude the black Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are hot. I saw someone with one the other day (I think Laptop) and I was kind of jealous. It just works with the Surface aesthetic.
  • I'll be watching.
    I have been waiting for a small forum factor dual screen device for a long time and I have a feeling I won't be disappointed.
  • I don't think too many women would think that 8-12 inches is small ;)
  • Windows Lite = Windows Mobile 10 (2016) It will suffer the same fate as WM10 and for the same reason; Google + Microsoft turf wars
    Google will make SURE that none of their apps (GMail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) will run on it, thus killing it in the crib (like they did with Windows Phone.)
    Microsoft will make sure that W32 apps won't run on it properly, cripple it hardware-wise (somehow) and tie the ENTIRE THING into their Bing + Azure Cloud in a heavy-handed way that screws the entire thing up for end users.
    No OEMs will touch it with a 10-ft pole, remembering how HP got torched with their WM10 devices when Nadala pulled the rug out from under them after they invested tons of $$$ in it.
    At MOST it will be a niche device for a few years, then whither and die when MS decides to "reinvent Windows" AGAIN as W10 starts to show it's age around 2022 and lurch into ANOTHER massive re-write of the Windows product. This time with a full subscription model run from the Cloud (think; Chromebook for Windows.)
    Once again, MS will snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. Just watch.
  • "Google will make SURE that none of their apps (GMail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) will run on it,"
    Um, it has a web browser. That's literally what ChromeOS is. What more do you need for Google services? For UWP we have EasyMail, myTube, and you can run Google Maps a PWA in any modern browser including Edge. In fact, you can run Google Photos, Gmail, Maps, and more as PWA right now. Did you think this through?
    "Microsoft will make sure that W32 apps won't run on it properly"
    Let me repeat: the only things you know about Windows Lite is what we have told you.
    "No OEMs will touch it with a 10-ft pole"
    You already seen Lenovo's foldable PC for Windows Lite. So, that's wrong.
    "At MOST it will be a niche device for a few years"
    Why is niche bad? My Panasonic Toughbook 55 is niche. It also does well for Panasonic who's been making them for 20+ years. Saying something is niche is not the same as saying it's a market failure. Most tech is niche. I feel some of you learn the word "niche" and think you can just use it as pejorative instead of a descriptor, it's weird. The whole Surface brand compared to all of Windows PCs is niche. That niche business also pulls a billion in rev each quarter.
  • The browser didn't save W10M and neither is this. People want to go from point A to point B the fastest way possible. PWA's are nowhere near native apps, at least not in the moment.
  • The browser on W10M was and is too simple and definitely lacks features (I use a Lumia 950). The Edge browser on W10 is much better and is imo the best browser for Windows tablet-like devices (aside from Firefox for the best combination of privacy+security but sacrificing good touch support and pin features).
  • Comparing Mobile Edge to a desktop browser for a PC in what will be a PC makes no sense.
    "People want to go from point A to point B the fastest way possible. PWA's are nowhere near native apps, at least not in the moment.
    Did you tell Google this re: Chromebooks? Because that's how they work and they have seen success with them especially in schools/younger people. Also, have you tried Gmail, Gmaps, Google Calendear, Google Photos as PWAs? I don't think you have because you wouldn't have reached that conclusion.
  • You are right, of course. I can be too pessimistic after all the nut-punches MS has given me over the years.
    MS is killing it in the Cloud space right now and all that succulent cash pouring in from it is a powerful incentive to tie anything and everything into Azure (that is not necessarily at bad thing.) See the current success of XBox for a viable model of a future, locked-down-Windows OS development.
    It would not surprise me one bit to see Nadela shunt all Windows development off to the side to concentrate the companies brainpower exclusively on Azure assets what with the returns they are getting on it now.
    If what I am hearing from within MS is true, Windows Lite will rely heavily upon Azure back-end functions and be a "Chromebook-style" OS (again, not necessarily at bad thing) with full-time LTE/5g background communication a mandatory thing (that would be kinda cool actually) with WiFi6 fallback. But always on.
    I was not sure Surface would go anywhere either and look what that has spawned. That form-factor pretty much saved the entire PC industry from the iPad/Tablet-craze so what do I know.
  • So how does Google Maps' turn by turn navigation do in your browser? "Let me repeat: the only things you know about Windows Lite is what we have told you."
    LOL. Ignorance is bliss "Why is niche bad?"
    Because niche things are easier to get killed (silently) and for you to lose any support, like it or not. So your custmer commitment would turn to throwing money for nothing to someone that doesn't care for you. You know what is comitment and is not niche? That's right the iPhone that's running for more than 10 years now, because someone at Cupertino gave a damn and stands his ground like a man and not weasel. That's why people love Apple. They are commited to produce stuff that are going to be REALLY successful, not niche. Let me make it simple for you - if a corporation like Microsoft with basically unlimited amount of power, money and resources produces something "niche" it's a pure failure. That's something you can expect from some chinese brand or Kickstarter initiators, not from the most valuable company on the planet. That's why is bad. "The whole Surface brand compared to all of Windows PCs is niche." But they want it not to be so badly, don't they? Otherwise why would they market the **** out of it in a million dollar CONSUMER store in the heart of London? The math doesn't add up "That niche business also pulls a billion in rev each quarter."
    Uhm, still eager to see the actual numbers when R&D costs are removed? Where is it? Because at the end it might turn they even lose money from Surface... This thing "Surface is a billion dollar business" means literally nothing "Chromebooks? Because that's how they work and they have seen success with them especially in schools/younger people."
    Yes, in America maybe there are some numbers. In the rest of the World, noone has even heard of Chromebooks. And just to add something not to be labeled troll again - Surface would have been a mass SUCCESS as it is right now if it was produced by HP, Dell or some other low rep brands, not the MVC on Earth.
  • As troll-esque as your comment may originally appear, I don't think there is too much merit to anyone who would argue your reasons are completely imaginary.
  • This new image looks like a key to me. Idk.. May be reaching but keyboards with the office key that has been rumored?? Match that with cortana's new focus to office products under the office team, the opening up of cortana to everyone 20H1, and a need product to be the new hero device that shows what windows lite can do...i can see a connection
  • I'm sure the dual screen hardware will be fantastic. But I'm pretty sure the software will cripple it. We need native apps. Not emulation.
  • I am sure more apps will follow. In any case, you can still use Edge to pin sites to the taskbar or to start and that works quite well and is better for the privacy and security since you can run an adblocker like ublock origin with it in contrary to apps.
  • For some reason, the graphic picture of that MS logo looks like it might be telling of the next evolution of Windows!
  • If this dual screen gets sim and remains connected all the time then there is no need of a phone... At least for me because I only call through what's app and other social apps. Even for my work I only need Skype and slack calls. So a 6.5 screen turning into 13" is a dream device for me. I am going to have it ..
  • "So a 6.5 screen turning into 13" is a dream device for me." Keep dreaming. It does not work that way. Two 6.5" screens = about a 9" screen device. Screens are measured diagonally. Look at the screen in front of you right now. Let's say its 22". That is from lower left corner to upper right corner. Now measure the width. Its about 18.5" wide. Halfway of that is 9.25". Park your mouse pointer along the top of your screen at the halfway point. Now measure from the lower left corner to your mouse pointer. THAT is the size of a 22" screen folded in half. It's about 15". So two 15" screens does NOT equal 30". It's 22". I have 2 iPhone 8 pluses here, 5.5" screens. Placed overlapping, so the screen edges are touching, makes a 7.25" screen. NOT an 11" screen. I have 2 iPad mini 5s here. 7.9" screens. Placing them overlapping, so the screen edges are touching, makes just over 11". NOT 15.8". Half of the 7.9" screen is 5.75". I have a 12.9" iPad Pro here. Close enough to 13". Half of that is 9.25". So it would take at least a 9.5" screen device to fold out to a 13" screen. Not pocketable, not practical. Why does no one understand this?
  • Nice analyses there
  • A 9.5 inch device is more portable than a 13 inch device, it is not rocket science.
  • It really isn't, though... Sure it fits into a slightly smaller bag, but you need a bag regardless; would the extra few centimeters really matter?
  • You've just literally argued against all laptop innovation for the last 20 years. Congrats.
  • Hardly. If what you need is a laptop, there's a choice to be made between weight, battery, power, price etc.
    If what you need is a tablet, there's really only one parameter; the size of the display, which basically equates ease of handling (if you're, say, a kid).
    The Centaurus will offer you the option of reducing the size of the display, but without the benefit of lesser weight or lower price.
    Again, I'm not saying there isn't a very specific use case for the device, but for the vast majority I see it as a step backwards. You're basically selling to the people who are carrying around an iPad and an iPad Mini at the same time; I can't imagine there are a lot of those around...
    Now with the Andromeda, you'd be selling to the people carrying around an iPad Mini and a smartphone; still niche, but a lot more common than the aforementioned category!
  • At work, I carry a moleskine notebook around in my hand - and in a bag. It's certainly more convenient to do both when it's closed!
  • This is a good point - we don't carry books open 😂
  • lol, I like the way you think.
  • At work, I often walk around with my moleskin taking notes and doing sketches, and I keep it in the inside pocket of my jacket or coat. I can do this with a tablet or a phone as well, but one is too large to put in my pocket, and one is too small to do the job comfortably.
  • The real question here is, is the industry ready for this? I think I've been waiting for far too long to see something new and exciting from MS. The Surface Book was intense, The Studio was perfect, and now I want to see this new form factor. Now a days, the industry moves after MS, I like it.
  • I am so excited for the event, and fingers crossed Centaurus makes an appearance. I do a lot of in-library work that involves note-taking in various ways and would love a dual-screen, notebook style device to be my lil' research buddy. I've found the Surface Pro to be a tad large and clumsy, and the Go not quite up to the task, which makes sense because of its target audience. I'll remember to buy two and maybe we will see Andromeda in another couple of years after all ;)
  • This is what's annoying. The surface go is way to big for just a walk around note taking tablet for media consumption. Why make a surface pro SLIGHTLY smaller and call it the go? In no way is it a "go". So annoying. Also why is the cpu on it so bad. It's pricier than the far superior standard iPad. I would looooove a Surface Go with a slightly smaller screen, far smaller bezels and hardware, and upgraded CPU.
  • It is pricier because it offers more other features (ports, storage, memory, kickstand, better keyboard, magnets for the keyboard) and the pentium gold is not slower than a budget ipad proc iirc. Windows is just heavier to run as a fully fledged desktop os. Anyway I suspect your wishlist will be fulfilled (or partly fulfilled) with the next iteration of the Go except for the smaller screen.
  • Thank you Daniel for breaking this news to the Windows Central readers. I am super excited. I've been waiting for this since 2017 when the Andromeda story broke and have been following patiently for Microsoft to do something game changing. During those two years, Windows Central has been my primary source of information to follow the story. Centaurus will be cool, but I'm really more excited about Windows Lite. The current state of computing where we have separate devices, operating systems, and app eco systems for different form factors is really inefficient. I am looking for Microsoft to bring the world of computing to a place that makes sense and is simpler and cost effective for us all. Windows Lite will be this OS that moves computing forward into a future where the physical size of a device is not the only option of the form factor it can offer. Dockable, small devices is the wave of the future. Pleas keep the Windows Central readers abreast of developments you hear about. For now, I'll try not to pee pee in my pants.
  • Welcome. Yeah, Windows Lite is a bit of a mystery. We've seen pics of it, and have some general ideas, but how it all works, how it feels, what it can do...that's what we need to find out. Fingers crossed it's good.
  • I seem to remember some disruption in the Windows Insider programme recently... Didn't they start pushing everyone on to 20H1 instead of 19H2 or something? Is there a chance they were keeping the 'real' 19H2 secret as it contains things for this launch? Perhaps they were readying it for Windows Lite earlier than everyone thinks? I doubt it - but I'm hoping - I've been waiting for this device since the early Courier UX mock-ups and seeing a device at this launch, but having to wait until next year might kill me! :o)
  • Just for clarification because I hate getting excited about Microsoft... Lol. Didn't we already have 2 other Windows 10 lites that were pretty heavily advertised? First we had Windows 10 RT, then we had Windows 10 S which was very advertised as the lite version of Windows 10 and even shipped with some surface laptops. When will we stop getting new OS versions that get pushed as the "next" lite version of Windows that fail to follow through? I'm genuinely asking if this is the same thing because I'm confused.
  • We had Windows 8 RT, and Windows 10 S, but both are full versions of Windows effectively crippled. Windows Lite is a completely new OS - it's all the UI/UWP bits from current Windows, but not the legacy code. It will take up much less disk space, be faster, more iOS/Chrome OS-like in behavior and design. Completely different beast built off what MS has been doing for the last 8 years.
  • Daniel / Zac, I thought that Windows Lite won't be ready until next year? If that's the case, how do you see this playing out?
  • Both are true. We expect they may show off/talk about Windows Lite, but it still won't be ready for devices until mid 2020. This would let them do more around it with devs/companies for Ignite and Build before shipping. There's precedent for this too with Microsoft. Will MS have an open dev program for Lite is the real interesting question. No idea there.
  • I'm really hoping the Surface Pro gets a redesign. Thinner bezels plz.
  • For how many comments this article has, It proves that there is a good amount of interest in what is happening. Can't wait.
  • I wouldn't mind checking out a pair of "Morrison" earbuds!
  • Two iPads and some duct tape would only cost $663. You would quickly realized that two tablets attached with a hinge is pointless. Putting a hardware keyboard on one side makes way more sense. With current input methods, touch only is not an option for productivity.
  • Although I agree that a hardware keyboard is a much better input method than a virtual one, that doesn't mean that a foldable screen makes no sense. After all, one could just use a separate keyboard when necessary, and obviously this sort of device is not meant to compete with a regular laptop.
    I could easily see myself having good use of an Andromeda/Galaxy Fold style Windows device with a pen, both at work and in private...
  • "Two iPads and some duct tape would only cost $663."
    So go and do that and be that guy at Starbucks. Why are you so certain about how this will work/be without having seen anything? Do you go through life pre-deciding everything without trying it because your world knowledge is just that good? I cover this stuff, know more than most of you on this topic, and I have zero opinion on it. I'm waiting to see the reveal, hear how it works, try it out, and go from know, like a normal, rational human.
  • 'I cover this stuff, have more knowledge on it than most of you people, and have zero opinion about it' Imagination isn't part of your arsenal then...
  • Microsoft must have a use case, I highly doubt it will be viable though. I just don't see it and it sounds like you do not either. A laptop with two screens has been possible for a decade at least. Dual screen phones or two tablets taped (hinged) together are more than possible, they exist. Kyocera did it several years ago. The reason these devices do not exist or aren't popular isn't the lack of technology, they just don't make sense. They are pointless.
  • I truly enjoy how Daniel is roasting the trolls!!! It really is entertaining!!! I think most of the "haters" or "trolls" here on this site may have been avid Microsoft fans in the past, but, may have been burned one too many times. I get it...believe me I've road that train. I think they would rather bash on MS than to get their hopes up. Regardless, I think the Surface team has done a magnificent job! Saying this I feel its still gonna have to be
    a pretty significant event to rival 2015! Who knows...only time will tell.
  • lol, thanks. It's sort of my "thing" that I've been doing here. It's not about people disagreeing either. We have some very smart people here who make very good critiques of Microsoft - which is why I read the comments so much. Those are fun and engaging and I often learn a lot. But if you're like "Microsoft sucks" or "This will never work (PS I've never seen this device yet)" and all you do is post negative stuff here, well, I'm up for the challenge.
  • 'It's sort of my thing I've been doing here' Jeez, are you even listening to yourself?!? You're the sadistic old schoolteacher, for crying out loud! You're the busdriver who enjoys driving off just as someone is about to enter. King of your sad little domain...
    You were a pain in the *ss a few years ago, but then sort of mellowed out. Now you're back to your old obnoxious ways; did your girlfriend leave you or something?
    Your calling trolls out (and some of them are for sure), but you're much worse yourself; you're the schoolyard bully.
  • Yeah, he certainly has a high opinion of himself. Perhaps he takes on board too many of the worship posts he receives from his adoring crowd.
  • Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. You might wanna rub that brown stuff off your nose before you leave, though...
  • I own a Surface Go (under powered), Surface Pro 3, Surface Book, Surface Book 2. I have the following issues with the Surface Book 2. It does not include a thunderbolt bus and enough graphic horsepower for game development. No USB-C. Why is the SD card located in the base rather than the tablet? This is a problem if you want to do design work on the tablet and the file(s) are on the SD Card. Not very confident in any "game changing" devices. I still have my 950XL collecting dust, and two Microsoft Bands. Microsoft will have to convince me their new devices are in it for the long haul.
  • My 950 XL still is being used ^.^ (also regularly get security updates) and smart watches are gimmicky anyway unless you really like watches (I know people who regret buying android watches).
    The Go's under powered problem will get solved with next iterations (procs get faster with each year so that is a matter of time).
    As for the Surface Book 2, a 1060 and the quad core cpu seem fine for game development. Thunderbolt would mean sacrificing the magnetic charge cable, both are nice extras. The SD card I fully agree with.
  • Vive development cant be done on SB2 because of the lack of USB-C and Thunderbolt. Here's the thing:
    my option is to buy Lenovo P52 or something in that class. Why not a SuperMax Performance Base option for the SB3 in addtion to the regular flavors?
  • Well you would still have the problem with u cpu (which is located in the tablet part so heat management is tricky), but otherwise it is a good idea.
  • Actually the CPU is very underpowered. 1.something GHz. base clock it's a u series mobile chip and also poor cooling so it really stinks for high performance. The 1060 itself is fine though.
  • That is true but it is not easily solved since the proc is in the tablet part. And if you place the proc in the base or if the tablet part becomes to heavy it is not a Surface Book anymore. And on flip side, the u proc does give you good battery time which is also important for many people. What I do think that will help though is the finally more efficient Icelake and amd will have next some very nice mobile chips I believe. Also undervolting might help here a bit.
  • It absolutely does have USB C. I use it everyday on my surface book 2. lol?
  • Your right, I think he means usb-c with thunderbolt.
  • Words from an experienced developer. Talking about folding tablet and Xbox two.
  • I still miss my Lumia 1520, the best phone ever, until all the apps started to disappear ://
    I would be all over an awesome Windows Phone and android app store! Of course, with a massive screen!