Incipio Ultralight Hard Shell: A splash of color for your Lumia 920

If opted for the black Nokia Lumia 920 and are looking for a way to add a little color to your Windows Phone, take a look at the Incipio Ultralight Hard Shell. Even if your Lumia 920 is already bright and colorful, the Incipio Hard Shell can give your phone a little variety.

Along with adding color to the Lumia 920, the Incipio Ultralight also offers a little protection to your phone from scratches and minor dings. Not sure how well it would protect the Lumia 920 from drops though.

The design of the Incipio Ultralight Hard Shell case is simple. It's a molded chunk of molded polymer that wraps around your Lumia 920. The end of the Incipio is raised ever so slightly to prevent the Lumia 920 from sliding out. Cut outs are present for the side buttons and camera. The Incipio case leaves the top and bottom of the Windows Phone exposed.

The Incipio case is light and thin enough not to add any noticeable bulk to the Lumia 920. The only noticeable feel difference is that the case does recess the buttons a little.

For those who use the Nokia wireless charging pad, the Lumia 920 will charge wireless when fitted with the Incipio.

The Incipio Ultralight Hard Shell Case is a nice case option to offer a little scratch protection and color to your Lumia 920. The Incipio case is currently running $23.95 and comes in black, neon blue, neon pink and iridescent gray. You can find the Incipio Ultralight Hard Shell Case here at the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

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George Ponder

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