Indie console developers discuss why they aren't porting their games to Windows Phone

Our friends at WP7Connect have released the second article in their series about Xbox 360 indie games coming to Windows Phone 7. This time, the focus is on why individual developers do not plan to port their XBLIG titles to WP7.

I’ll summarize each developer’s response:

Novaleaf Game Studios, makers of The Sprit of Khon:

Spirit of Khon is unlikely to come to be ported due to its reliance on custom rendering shaders that WP7 can’t replicate. However, if interest is high enough, Novaleaf would consider porting it anyway.

Milkstone Studios, makers of Raventhorne:

The game uses too many buttons to be ported easily. Besides, Milkstone is located outside of the US and still hasn’t even been paid for their first WP7 game, Epic 7 Free.

Dannobot, makers of Pajamarama:

Dannobot really isn’t sure how to go about developing for WP7. But even then, they would want to wait for official multiplayer support (which is coming in Mango) before entering the fray.

DoubleDutch Games, makers of Speed Runner:

The game’s controls would be difficult to adapt to touch screens. Still, maybe someday.

Left: Breath of Death VII. Right: Cthulhu Saves the World

It’s no fun just paraphrasing somebody else’s article though. WPCentral spoke with Zeboyd Games, makers of awesome indie RPGs Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World about bringing their games to the small screen. Their response:

“[We’re] leaning against porting to WP7 at the moment - it just doesn't look like the market is big enough to make it worth the effort.”

Ouch! I don’t think the first four developers’ games are any huge loss. But Zeboyd’s titles would be perfect for touch screens and fill an important gap in the Windows Phone software library. Perhaps RPG fans should send Zeboyd an email.

Don’t think for a minute that all XBLIG makers are giving Windows Phone the shaft. Plenty of XBLIG games have graduated to mobile Xbox Live status, including Twin Blades, Z0mb1es (on teh Phone), and Shoot1UP, to name only a few.

Sources: WP7Connect, Zeboyd Games; Thanks, Dale F., for the tip!

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