Indoor Bing maps on Mango

Another awesome feature (should it be gradually made available for users globally) that has come to light is indoor Bing maps on Mango (opens in new tab). Thinking about going to a nearby shopping mall, but can't be bothered to visit the website and check the map? Soon your Windows Phone might be able to lend you a helping hand.

Mango will feature Bing indoor maps so users can view the insides of locations and buildings - stores in a shopping mall for example. Unfortunately this is still in apparent early stages, but I can't think of another smartphone off the top of my head that features this unique functionality. There's also a button in the top-right corner that allows you to switch between levels in multi-story buildings/locations.

Here are some indoor maps (opens in new tab) that Microsoft has added to the desktop version of Bing maps. What do you guys think of this feature? Neat, eh?

Source: PocketNow (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • very cool! this would have come in pretty handy when i was in vegas last week. those casinos are like mazes.
  • So US only
  • Mango is going to be the **** !!!! i doubt i can curse on this site but we all know that im telling the truth. Can not wait to upgrade my HD7 to the rumored phones i.e HTC, Samsung and Nokia. I just want at last a 4.3 inch screen like i have with a FF camera and better screen resolution because i watch alot of netflix on my phone. I can honestly say Microsoft should regain the throne by two years time, Apple is slowly dwindling and the only competition is Android. Palm would be a competitor but their phones NOT OS but phones are terrible. Cant wait for the fall.
  • Well said. It just can't happen soon enough.
  • Awesome stuff Microsoft... Keep it coming.
  • This is quite impressive. Honestly, to have ALL of these features built in and integrated beautifully right out of the box makes WP7 that much better. Very exciting stuff.
  • i feel like this is the key defritiator between wp7 and the alternative OS's. Integration > jumping between 30 different apps. like the other day i wanted to know what song was playing, did i have to run shazaam, then find it in zune market? no, i just pushed search, ran bing audio, and then clicked on the link to get the song. i love what they're doing with this OS, and i can't wait to see where thye are going to take it post mango. :)
  • Bing (mango) actually has an indoor map of the Mall nearest me but it only lists and shows the 2nd floor. The Scout Feature also rocks so far and Bing Maps is much more functional. OOPS, spoke to soon, it has 1st, 2nd, with every store, its info, its their link and also reviews. It also has showtimes for the movies at the Mall Theater. The Mall link it self just showed the 2nd floor. Very Cool considering its a fairly small Mall in the suburbs of Atlanta.