Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide: Moves, tips, and more

Red Hood fights with pistols that double as electric hammers and throwing stars, all sure to bring pain to foes unlucky enough to get in his way. Learn his moves and background details in this handy guide.

Former Robin gone rogue

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

The Red Hood mantel has been used by several DC characters over the years, including the Joker himself. Thus it's only appropriate that the Robin killed by the Joker in the 1986 "Death in the Family" storyline, Jason Todd, should take on the Red Hood persona when he returns to life many years later.

The Jason Todd Red Hood was introduced in the "Under the Hood" storyline in 2005, where his story parallels that of The Winter Soldier in Marvel's Captain America comics (also released that year). Jason returns as the Red Hood, initially a crime figure who murders other criminals and antagonizes Batman. This story is dramatized in the (quite good) animated film, "Batman: Under the Red Hood".

Although Batman and Jason eventually resolve some of their differences, Red Hood remains a violent and angry antihero in the current DC Comics continuity.

Stats and special moves

Base stats:

  • STR — 1600.
  • ABL — 1650.
  • DEF — 1350.
  • HP — 1250.

Special moves:

Ground Mine – Back, forward, light attack.

  • Red Hood throws a mine on the ground that detonates shortly thereafter.
  • Meter burn available, which knocks the opponent higher in the air.
  • Press back, forward, light attack, and back to throw the mine close to Red Hood; back, forward, light attack, forward to throw it farther; and back, forward, light attack, and up to throw it very far.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

Spin Parry – Down, back, light attack.

  • Red Hood spins his pistols. If performed at the same time as an incoming attack, he will parry the attack and shoot his opponent several times.
  • Press down, back, light attack, down to parry low instead of high.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

Gotham Stars – Back, forward, medium attack.

  • Red Hood hurls a handful of throwing stars at his opponent.
  • Meter Burn available, which adds extra stars after the initial throw.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

Lethal Lunge – Down, forward, heavy attack.

  • Red Hood lunges at his foe.
  • Meter Burn available (press Meter Burn before or after hitting the opponent), and Red Hood fires his guns in mid-air after the lunge connects.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

(Air) Vendetta Slam – Down and throw (left bumper on Xbox One).

  • Against an aerial opponent and while jumping, Red Hood grabs and shoots the enemy.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

(Air) Akimbo Blaze – Down, back, medium attack.

  • While jumping, Red Hood fires his pistols towards the ground.
  • Meter Burn available, and Red Hood fires additional shots before landing.

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

Character Power: Electric Hammers

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

After pressing the Character Power button to activate the electric hammers:

  • Light attack to cancel.
  • Medium attack for Quick Shot (fires a single pistol shot).
  • Heavy attack for Hammer Slam (smashes the hammer towards the opponent's head).

See the in-game moves list for additional electric hammer combos.

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Red Hood

Injustice 2 Red Hood character guide

The Red Hood is an all-around character who doesn't excel in any particular area. He uses his trademark pistols in some of his moves, but to a lesser extent than Deadshot and other projectile-focused characters. His aerial moves offer a fair degree of versatility, and his Character Power provides some fun options as well.

Injustice 2 is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) for $59.99. Red Hood costs $5.99 by himself or can be bought as a bundle in the $19.99 Fighter Pack 1 or $39.99 Ultimate Pack. The Ultimate Pack is easily the best value for Injustice 2 fans, because it provides access to nine additional fighters as they're released as well as several bonus skins and shaders for character customization.

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