Insiders can now use multiple devices with Your Phone app on Windows 10

Your Phone Companion Android
Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Your Phone for Windows 10 now supports connecting to multiple devices for Windows Insiders.
  • The app now has an "Add a device" button that lets you connect more devices.
  • You can already connect a phone to multiple PCs.

Microsoft's Your Phone app has a new feature that makes it easy to connect multiple phones to Windows 10. Windows Insiders now have a new "Add a device" button inside the Your Phone app on Windows 10. This button can be used to easily link multiple devices to the Your Phone app on Windows 10. Technically, you could add multiple devices before, but this new button makes it much easier.

The Microsoft Your Phone Twitter account announced the feature on Twitter recently.

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As a reminder, you can already connect a smartphone to the Your Phone app on multiple PCs. This new button makes it possible to add multiple phones to a PC's Your Phone app.

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  • This button has been there for 6 months. The only issue I have had is removing a device redirects u to Microsoft family not the devices page in family. Must have been a/b testing
  • I had it once long ago, but then it disappeared. It was gone for many many months.
  • By the way, if you saw the Bat Signal somewhere over northern NJ, would you show up? Or are you one of these never-cross-the-Hudson types?
  • It doesn't even work with one device.
  • Works for me
  • I never got it working on my Oneplus or Moto.
  • Works fine on my Moto G4 Play and Moto G8 Power. Of course, you don't get screen mirroring.
  • Same. Have a OnePlus and have never gotten it to work.
  • Works great for me, but I have a Samsung. My spouse is not interested in trying it with her Moto.
  • It is very hit-and-miss, I thought I would give it a try since buying online is getting more of a pain in the backside if my phone is not with me, so I thought I would try Your phone for text. I still have no idea why it needs a MS account, since it works via Wi-fi, but I made one of them anyway and set up your phone, it works when it wants to work. When it does work the text I sent does not appear anywhere.
    So i tried it and it failed, so I will uninstall it from my phone and close the MS account down I did not really want anyway
  • Can it do one phone to multiple PCs?
  • yes I use it across 3 laptops.
  • Didn't read the article?
  • Yes I did. How? I had to set it up again on my phone to connect it to a new PC. There was no other to set it all up otherwise.
  • Works fine with my Essential PH1 on Dell Desktop and Surface Pro 4.
  • "You can already connect a phone to multiple PCs." How? I had to set it up again on my phone to connect it to a new PC.
  • All have to do open your phone app on the PC, than give permission from the companion app via a notification.
    Do you want to give give permission to this PC.