Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile video hands-on with the early beta

Earlier this morning, we reported that the new version of Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile was discovered in the Store.

The new app is different from the previous Windows Phone 8.1 version (which is listed separately), and currently, the Windows 10 Mobile version appears to be an open beta.

Check out our hands-on video to see it in action.


While the Instagram app for Windows 10 is still in an early preview the overall look and feel are headed in the right direction. There are certainly stability issues, jittery performance, Facebook login woes and problems with posting photos, but these are all known to the developers and part of the app's beta status.

Instagram for Windows 10 is ported from the iOS version using Facebook's Osmeta developer tools and is not based on Project Islandwood from Microsoft. The app is also based on version 7.17.0 of the iOS app making it current with the iPhone version that is on the Apple Store including multiple account logins.

As to why Facebook is using Osemta, which they acquired in 2013, versus Islandwood is anyone's guess but it likely has to do with them wanting to use their own technology that they bought versus Microsoft's. There is also the issue of Islandwood still being a few SDK builds behind on iOS putting limitations on app porting where certain APIs are needed.

Interestingly enough, if you go to your Profile in Instagram for Windows 10 you can long-press on a photo to create an Apple Force Touch effect. You can see the result below in the screenshots for an example.

Overall, Instagram for Windows 10 is headed in the right direction. There is certainly a lot of room for improvements, but being an early release will result in these types of initial bugs and performance problems.

There is no word if Instagram will go to Windows 10 for PC. Currently, Instagram does not even have an app for the iPad and their strategy appears to be keeping it mobile-only for the time being regardless of Microsoft's ambitions. Luckily, Rudy Huyn's Windows 10 version of 6tag is likely to span to all versions of the OS including the desktop. However, there is no ETA on that release just yet.

Tip: Installing the app to the SD card appears to cause issues with the app loading, but only showing a white screen. Try uninstalling and/or moving the app to internal storage using the Storage feature under Windows 10 Mobile Settings.

Let us know what you think of Instagram for Windows 10 so far in comments. One thing is for certain: we'll be keeping an eye out for frequent updates.

Remember, to download you need to use our provided links or QR code as the beta is currently not searchable in the Store, nor does it share the same link as the older 8.1 version.

Download Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile

QR: instagram

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