Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile video hands-on with the early beta

Earlier this morning, we reported that the new version of Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile was discovered in the Store.

The new app is different from the previous Windows Phone 8.1 version (which is listed separately), and currently, the Windows 10 Mobile version appears to be an open beta.

Check out our hands-on video to see it in action.


While the Instagram app for Windows 10 is still in an early preview the overall look and feel are headed in the right direction. There are certainly stability issues, jittery performance, Facebook login woes and problems with posting photos, but these are all known to the developers and part of the app's beta status.

Instagram for Windows 10 is ported from the iOS version using Facebook's Osmeta developer tools and is not based on Project Islandwood from Microsoft. The app is also based on version 7.17.0 of the iOS app making it current with the iPhone version that is on the Apple Store including multiple account logins.

As to why Facebook is using Osemta, which they acquired in 2013, versus Islandwood is anyone's guess but it likely has to do with them wanting to use their own technology that they bought versus Microsoft's. There is also the issue of Islandwood still being a few SDK builds behind on iOS putting limitations on app porting where certain APIs are needed.

Interestingly enough, if you go to your Profile in Instagram for Windows 10 you can long-press on a photo to create an Apple Force Touch effect. You can see the result below in the screenshots for an example.

Overall, Instagram for Windows 10 is headed in the right direction. There is certainly a lot of room for improvements, but being an early release will result in these types of initial bugs and performance problems.

There is no word if Instagram will go to Windows 10 for PC. Currently, Instagram does not even have an app for the iPad and their strategy appears to be keeping it mobile-only for the time being regardless of Microsoft's ambitions. Luckily, Rudy Huyn's Windows 10 version of 6tag is likely to span to all versions of the OS including the desktop. However, there is no ETA on that release just yet.

Tip: Installing the app to the SD card appears to cause issues with the app loading, but only showing a white screen. Try uninstalling and/or moving the app to internal storage using the Storage feature under Windows 10 Mobile Settings.

Let us know what you think of Instagram for Windows 10 so far in comments. One thing is for certain: we'll be keeping an eye out for frequent updates.

Remember, to download you need to use our provided links or QR code as the beta is currently not searchable in the Store, nor does it share the same link as the older 8.1 version.

Download Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: instagram

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I had to use the link through app raisin to find the windows store link on my 950.
  • Missing the swipe
  • Thanks for the tip. It wasn't working for me either on my 920. I wonder if that's an edge issue, an insider program issue, or an issue with the the modified scale setting I use. Or something else entirely.  
  • Lol, you can download it 
  • Read the article and see if you want to ask that question again. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Long press = force touch. Genius.
  • This is exactly why I keep saying that force touch is not something special...
  • I don't even know what it is. Don't want to know it is, either. All I want is for Apple to choke on their own vomit, metaphorically speaking.
  • Force Touch is actually not just a simple long-press action we know for years, it uses pressure to trigger action and it can be actually anything. Though unfortunately even Apple for some reason manage to make Force Touch badly executed this stage in terms of UI interaction. I can see the potential to other application though like it can be use for digital painting that using fingers can emulate smudges, etc. Honestly I wish Microsoft should adopt similar technology too (I guess Microsoft should have no problem acquiring license from Apple because of license agreement). Just hopefully Microsoft executes it better than what Apple did (crossing my fingers to that).
  • Except it is something special. I own windows phone two but don't let your hatred for apple make you say stupid things. Have you actually used force touch? Its pretty cool
  • Well we're in a Microsoft-centric site, so fanboys against Apple (and other competing companies) are really expected here. :/ It is really cool and tons of potential about ForceTouch, I don't own iPhone 6 but I did test from my friend. In some areas the Force Touch is have usability issues but overall its still good. Microsoft should seriously adopt the similar tech soon.  
  • Oh I know, but im just saying its stupid to deny a good technology on that basis. Lol
  • i bet you never use that feature tho
  • What's funny is I use the long press all the time, specifically for paste. Which, on the login screen of the new Instagram app doesn't work. Also don't get a clipboard icon, either. Another issue I've found is that typing without using Wordflow doesn't pop up suggestions like it does elsewhere in the OS, except when you use Wordflow, it does.
  • Shake your phone and tell them that.
  • Shaking the phone to provide feedback doesn't work for me.
  • I had to send feedback by going to Settings > Report a problem > General Feedback and then it popped up a message (iOS style - ugh) asking if I wanted to enable shake for feedback. I still didn't turn it on so I can't confirm it works Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • It does. But anyone know how to turn it back off? I dont want the shake feature enabled
  • the irony
  • Press Volume Down & Power Button
  • Press Volume Down & Power Button
  • That's about as funny as telling people to delete system32
  • Shake your phone to tell them that shaking the phone doesn't work...oh, wait...:P
  • I'm neither apple fanboy nor windows fanboy. But force touch not the same as long press. You should use it first than you know the difference between them. I bet you just watched Apple video introducing force touch and said like this. lol Don't judge for the stuff you not even using. :) 
  • It wasn't that ingenious. That's exactly what force touch is.
  • I couldn't care less about anything that has to do with Windows Mobile again. My whole experience with wp has been one catastrophic waste of time.
    Can't wait to lay my hands on some real money and ditch this joke of an OS.
  • "I couldn't care less about anything that has to do with Windows Mobile again."
    I have been using the world wide web and information superhighway for years, so please heed this unknown trick from a master: You should probably stop reading articles then that mention 'Windows 10 Mobile' in the headline. This trick of reading topics and then avoiding the ones you find uninteresting will surely save you time in your life from having to comment on the article. Going through life and reading articles, then leaving a comment only to then find out it was a topic you "couldn't care less about" sounds like a debilitating infliction and I hope you find the help you need and deserve. Signed, Internet super genius
  • R E K T
  • Sane people dislike Trump; sane people also read Trump articles.
    You shouldn't need two brains to understand that this comment is obviously from a long-time wp user who has had enough of the numerous frustrating disappointment that is now windows phone.
    I know you think you have posted some genius reply, but if you could get your head out of your arse for a moment like is expected from an actual writer you would realise there is more to life than proudly speaking like a boring joke.
  • All these flavors, and you chose to be salty.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Dude, you got pwned. Admit it and move on.
  • Why are you here? Answer that simple question...if it's even possible.
  • If Windows 10 Mobile were the Donald Trump of mobile operating systems, it would be doing a lot better in the market right now.  Are you the Jeb Bush of commentors?
  • Another Android gimmick owner speaking, keep ur asses tight, watch windows grow, android is at its apex and has lost all manner of ideas, soon very soon u will hop back like the prodigal son Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Hey Daniel,
    I want to ask you 2 questions, something sort of survey like looking for better opinions..
    I hope you answer them
    •which would you choose (for smartphones)
    The better OS or better feel?
    Some elaborations please
    •Do you think windows 10 mobile has degraded in neatness and got to many unnecessary changes?
    (also do you think its going more towards Android side?)
  • Your reply is always sickening, OsayiSN is right. I came to Windows phone in the year 2013 and I have always loved it until now Microsoft brings Windows 10 Mobile making the future of Windows Phone seem like its going to be filled with bugs. If the so called released flagship L950/XL by Microsoft can have soo much bugs in its OS, what do you expect from Hp Elite 3 or acer jade primo???? Its best for you @DanielRobino to stop commenting on peoples comment and just do what you know how to do best(write articles). Makay Chapulets | MTN CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • "Filled with bugs"
      You need to try programming, because that's how it is universally.
  • +1
  • Ask someone how frustating the OS is, who has  -more than 70 apps on SD Card -Which suddenly refuse to get updated with error code 0x80073cf9 -only two workaround, one is hard reset -second is move apps one by one to phone storage, and then update -you can't tell more than 2 apps to move to phone storage, until they are finished moving, otherwise storage app will crash, and you will have to start again -don't know if it will update, if I move tham back to SD when my phone storage is full.   950XL on latest updates (NO insider)
  • I mean, you say you couldn't care less and yet, here you are posting on an article about Windows Mobile. Your words and actions aren't matching up.
  • I couldn't be more excited about the current happenings in Windows Mobile. My whole experience with "Windows Phone" has been one crazy eye-opening experience. Can't wait until the whole picture becomes clearer for everyone (including me) to see. (Instagram APP is far from what I refer :) )
  • I'm with you. I find all of the things happening with Windows Mobile to be pretty exciting. The idea of desktop converging with a device that fits in your pocket is simply incredible and the sort of technology that I've been waiting for in a large way since I was a child watching SciFi movies.
  • You can absolutely dislike Donald Trump and still read articles about him, but it would be silly to claim "you couldn't care less about" Trump if you are reading and commenting on articles about him.
  • I honestly never thought this would leave beta.
  • It still hasn't... It's another beta.
  • Awe you're right. Windows Mobile long beta testers unite! Lol
  • Windows 10 Mobile is beta,  Instagram is in beta, Cortana is in beta.  Everything is beta.   They should just name the OS Beta.
  • Cortana is not in beta anymore.
  • It should be, 'cause it sucks ass at recognizing my voice on my Surface Pro 2. Whereas Google Now, inside Chrome on my Surface Pro 2 and on my OnePlus One, recognizes every single word/number. Heck, sometimes it even recognizes what I meant to say when I'm expecting it to fail due to my throat going soar in the middle of a question. Didn't need to do any voice training nor customization (if that were even possible in Chrome), whereas even after doing that with Cortana, it still sucks ass. For example, I just asked Google Now in Chrome, "what is 57.85 + 89.76", and it did the search and read out to me "the answer is 147.61". Cortana opened edge and did a bing search for "What is 57.6 miles plus it's 9 points?" Posted from my Surface Pro
  • Bring back betta fish.
  • That makes me hungry. :P
  • ...Winbeta??....oops that already taken lol
  • #betatestersmasterrace
  • Nice, but only crash to open. Lumia 640 xl .122
  • Try moving it to the Phone Storage.
  • Imma try that right now. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • But.... Yeaaa!!! Finally we got sm good looking Insta :D .... Though still in BETA.
    But it's gud (y)
  • Well it is " as the beta is NOT searchable in the store " and not " now the beta" the last para... Ppl get confused..
  • No need to uninstall, just move to phone storage..
  • Bro you seemd to have made your comment on wrong comment..
  • Can't get it to load. Just does a blank Instagram page. No load screen or anything. Tried all the regular things but just won't work on my 950.
  • I tried a couple things and it came down to one of the two. 1.) Install on phone storage instead of SD 2.) Let it sit for a little while on that blank screen and the login will finally appear
  • Thanks! Worked perfectly. Can't believe I forgot about moving it to internal storage.
  • thank you for the tip! it works now.
  • Uninstall it... And again install it in your internal storage... Same happened with me.. But now it's working perfectly
  • Install in phone storage.
  • I could only get the app to open by moving it off the SD car and into internal storage. Working great now. Good looking app. 
  • the app feels really good! All options and menus are working fine with a good set of animations. The only thing that bothered my is that the scroll is a bit laggy. Posted from Windows Central on Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • I can't get the app to load either. Just tries to open and crashes
  • Move app to phone storage..
  • hmm. long press to get "force touch" doesnt work for me
  • Maybe that's only or high-end phones ? This feature does not work to medium phones on Android...
  • Oh. That makes sense
  • I have a Lumia 640 and that is working great! App in general is not lagging and it's even installed on SD! :D
  • Why isn't it working on my 640?
  • No idea bro... :( You have it installed on SD Card? What do you see when opening the app? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Ok nevermind now its working. Strange lol . Thanks
  • No problem! Glad it's working now! x) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • That makes ZERO sense. It's just holding down. All phones support that
  • App porting will definitely introduce some UI fragmentation for Windows 10 Mobile. User will have to accept iOS design elements like having dedicated back nav buttons within apps, force touch, iOS toggle switches, etc. Microsoft really has no choice if they want developers to port their apps, but intersting to think about long-term. I doubt developers take the time to redesign certain aspects of the UI to be more in line with Windows 10 Mobile design guidlines after porting their apps. I'm also curious as to how developers will handle app updates after their initial porting.
  • Most apps have their own look and feel anyways. I have been on an iPhone 6s for a few months now, only a handful of apps have the "iOS" look... everything else is proprietary and custom to the app itself. So yeah, there won't be a "Metro" look in most cases, but that's not a porting problem, it's a design choice. I think it's fine.
  • Yes and no, if they had used Islandwood for the port then some of the UI elements would have automatically taken on the Windows 10 aesthetic. And then they have the ability to tweak each screen or view independently if they so choose. I'm sure most devs will be lazy (at least until Windows 10 picks up more steam for the UWP) and just let it look like iOS. I don't need a lot of apps myself, but if it helps build the ecosystem and get people to use Windows devices then I'm all for it
  • Well even with official development tools, developers still have a choice whether to follow UX guidelines or not. Heck even Microsoft own apps is bit inconsistent with each other in current Windows 10 apps. But yeah, the app porting though not bad at all, the possibility of developers not to even bother changing the UX designed for the platform is really a concern when in regards to consistent user experience. I hope that Microsoft should at very least still push but not forced the guidelines for the ported apps at least for the sake of the users. Consistent user experience within a platform should be a rule (while still giving some freedom to bend it when its necessary).
  • The "Get App" link is not working.... Any one facing similar issue...
  • If using Windows 10 Mobile and using our Windows 10 Mobile app it is 100% working just fine.
  • The TradeDoubler links are always broken on my end, but the "Get App" button in the app bar works like a charm! :)
  • In my case I also found having my browser set to mobile instead of desktop helped.
  • Using a lumia 950 - it goes to the webpage.  The button - get the app is greyed out and it does not open in the store.  On the lastest fast ring build.  Think the other user has a point.  I can't get it either. EDIT: If your browser is in desktop mode, that happens.  Chaging to Mobile gets you to the Store.
  • Yes me too on 1520 win10
  • Works just fine for me.
  • You have to go into your settings and switch edge to mobile version. Then it'll work.
  • Only thing missing now is Messenger for Windows 10! Posted from my Lumia 730
  • I agree, that's almost the only app I'm using and with this and the Windows 10 apps actually showing up, I'm getting excited again!
  • That's a far better experience from what I am getting and I am using the same phone. Doesn't show my camera roll and taking a photo and adding effects is very buggy. Posted from Rebel Base, Hoth.
  • Beta
  • Ummm basic
  • Prefer 6tag... Constant development that outpaced Instagram on all major platforms
  • "if you go to your Profile in Instagram for Windows 10 you can long-press on a photo to create an Apple Force Touch effect.​" - on instagram for android same effect - this is not Apple Force... And this feature also work in the Search Tab, not only Profile
  • For a beta app works great it's little lagy same times but it's ok,a new tile would be perfect.
  • Anyone able to download for 1520 using win10???... I get to the link but then the "get app" icon shows but nothing else happens... Any help please
  • Switch your browser to mobile instead of desktop view
  • I QR scanned the article with my phone. Piece of cake. Yea, it's Beta. But guys and gals.....isn't this what everyone has been screaming for? The so called APP gap really is just a few apps that MATTER to folks. This is one of those. It's GOOD news. :)
  • And there you go what we always said, they "invented" long press and called it force touch :D
  • Is the livetile working? I'm guessing 'no' at the moment since it appears to be an almost direct port from iOS right now...
  • I haven't tried the app yet but it seems like at the moment it doesn't support Live Tile. Hopefully they will soon as the development goes further.
  • Didn't Mark Zuckerberg promise to support Windows 10 with Facebook and Instagram apps a while back?
    And that comes in the way of a ported app, using an older system?
    Is that 'All In'?
  • What do you want? Facebook uses a already working technology they actually own and that is capable to cover all platforms to port the app. It is totally understandable. Should they wait for Islandwood?
  • Well 'All in' sounds more like created from scratch and built to fully take advantage of everything Windows 10 can bring. Ported isn't that great.
  • Not working on my 950 XL
  • White blank then crashes after 10 seconds or so. I'm excited for an update!
  • Try to install/move the app on internal storage ..then have a little bit'll open up to sign up screen.
  • Liking what I see so far, being beta and all. Nice to see some love for the platform.
  • That's great but are there any news about snapchat on windows phone
  • you naughty you
  • :)
  • Hahaha look that smile :D
  • Snapchat wont release an app for Windows, deal with it already
  • :'(
  • LOL, it's beta again! xD Jokes aside, yaaay! Finally a fully featured official Instagram for Windows Phone. But why only for Windows 10 Mobile?! W10M didn't even officially came out and a vast majority of windows phone users are still on WP8.1. What's the point of WP8.1 lack of support?
  • Because why prepare for the past? They're building the future
  • At the Windows 10 event thingy, they said they were building a Windows 10 Instagram app. Why would you expect it to also come to WP8.1?
  • Can't install it on my 950 xl. Same problem as with a lot of updates. sync error or sth:/
  • Could be an SD card corruption error. Try moving to phone storage. If that doesn't work, resetting with the Windows Device Recovery Tool might be necessary
  • If this was ported from ios version why isn't multiple accounts supported? Otherwise app is a lot better than previous beta so far.
  • It does Posted from Rebel Base, Hoth.
  • Multiple accounts are actually supported. Check the setting menu
  • Finally got it on my 950xl. Still can't get it on 1520 and 930.  For the first beta, I must say its very impressive! Hopefully, facebook also gets ported!!!!
  • would Facebook not port Facebook or messenger to windows 10 with Osmeta then?
  • I bet you money they release it at /build/
  • So far working on my L550 it lag's a little but working ok.
  • Sexy! That was what I was looking for! If we have to borrow from others then why not all?? Though w10 mobile is uglier than wp8 and 8.1 but this seems to be compensating enough. iOS apps are well developed and iPhone is the only one in mobile world that I ACTUALLY saw performing TRUE MULTITASKING! The app resumes where we left it. I really want to see that in w10 mobile. Hope there is soon revelation of Surface Phone!!!!!!!! I am about to bus a phone and already confused between NuAns Neo, Vaio Phone biz, Lumia 950, acer(entire set) or HP(entire set). If surface phone is sexy, I would say .... ... To others.
  • The live tile needs a little work. I mean, that's the reason I'm a MS fan. It should give information about something.....
  • It's not live yet Posted from Rebel Base, Hoth.
  • Is there a difference in the quality of upload between Instagram and 6tag? If so, which is better? Thanks!
  • I've had several issues out of the gate. When typing without wordflow, I get no suggestions (suggestions do show up with wordflow). Other apps do, so I'm assuming it's the Instagram app. I copied my password from LastPass. When I tapped in the password box on the login screen, there was no clipboard icon for me to paste. I tried a long press and hold for a pop-up menu with no luck, either. Just to make sure I had it on my clipboard, opened OneNote and was able to paste it with no issues. When you log in, it tells you to use shake to give feedback. Until I enabled it in settings, the shake didn't work. If you're going to tell me to use it either prompt me then to enable it or just enable it. Anyone else seeing these issues?
  • Continuum isn't disabled but doesn't show anything when opened. Still though might be working soon. Also errors give ios pop ups
  • Can't download app still nothing happens...950xl
  • Me too. Can't DL.. No links work. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • I hope it comes to desktop, that would be awesome :) but I'll happily have 6tag, as that is fantastic :)
  • "force touch" also works on the explore/search page
  • THANK YOU. I was tired of the old Win8.1 Beta version and 6tag wasn't cutting it. Had to pull out my old iPhone everytime I wanted a seemless experience using instagram. Definitely have experienced some bugs so far, but so glad to see some progress with the official app!
  • I played with Instagram on my girl's iPhone 6s plus and man it was blazing fast!!! I try not to touch her phone too much, don't want to get jealous. Overall I am enjoying my Windows life... Lo!!!! I'll take the good along with the bad. I'm enjoying this new beta app, just hope they'll update it often to get it up to par. I'm also enjoying this new Windows Central app. It crashes a bit, but loving it. Hopefully things overall will get better. Hopefully with the new surface phone or HP device, all apps will fly with speed!!!
  • I hope this app acts as an example for other major developers to port their iOS apps over!
  • Early beta??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone else go to take pictures but the camera isn't focusing?
  • Imo the old instagram beta is better. The ui design in this one looks horrible
  • Send them feedback for whatever features not working or buggy and also request new features from app. Show them we care about the development of this app on win10 From WCentral app for Windows 10
  • Given that it says "Designed for Windows 10" has anyone tried using this with Continuum to see if it is supported? My dock hasn't arrived yet. The app works pretty great for me on my Lumia 950XL, the only thing that's broken is I can't browse my photo library to post something, only the camera and video capture works. I've reported this to their support. The other thing is that it asks you to shake the phone to report a problem, however this function was turned off by default, so I thought it wasn't working, but after I reported this as broken it asked me if I wanted to turn it on,
  • When you long press (as shown in the article) and slide up show some extra options. I am using it on a Lumia 920, maybe in a 1520 all the options are shown without sliding because of the screen size? Not sure. Just my 2 cents! 
  • I have never had an Instagram account and don't want one but I almost want to create one just to show support of the developers and add a +1 to the Windows userbase of this official app....almost.
  • Your Facebook account can be used for instagram because of Facebook owns instagram. All you need is to pick a username and start snapping photos with that awesome Lumia camera :)
  • Thanks for the information.
  • please do so lol
  • Lol
  • The long press is not really a force touch feature. It's available to all iPhone devices :)
  • Really awesome to see this finally! Love the functionality of it, but will still be using 6tag as my everyday app. Nice to be able to have better DM capabilities though.
  • Exactly... DM is faaaaarrr superior than 6tag.. This is why official app matters ...
  • Amen, Daniel
  • Really wish they could use the IOS version of FB the on Microsoft building is garbage as of now Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • by the time this becomes a full release, people will move on to the next popular social media app
  • My God!!!! Instagram? What the f is wrong with people this days? Is this pice of s*it program that much of a life saving or something ? Get a life, for God sake, if i see another post about this app i swear i take a bat and beat the beer out of two freaqing android users...just like that to see instagram posting about it. No joking! Just laughting
  • Yes, change browser to MOBILE version and it takes you to the store ... It worked 100% on my faitjful 1520
  • How to change app language Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Very smooth experience on my Lumia 950. This looks promising.
  • Its quite stunning.   Very smooth.  I like it.
  • is this how gonna be with w10m ? Some apps will have iOS UI, others will have Android UI ? that just sad.
  • This long press thing also works on iPhone 5S. Not sure if it is 3D touch feature.
  • Its not a ios port then why the hell it looks like ios app. All animations n ui everything looks like ios. What's the mystery?
  • It's crushing every tine when opening on a 730
  • Don't install it on sd card. If did move it to device. It will work. For me its working ok on L625 with some lags
  • Can they use this method for snapchat?
  • how to download this?
  • Tap on d link provided or scan d qr code
  • Force touch? Haha. The Lumia 550 is now a compelling upgrade to the iPhone6.
  • WP10 has debug mode now to install any kind of app.
  • this must be the first app that is better than its android counterpart or at least on par with android version in terms of features. thanks to ios app bridge project. I believe multi account option is not yet there on android version. 
  • Too buggy to be actually useful right now, but it's clearly headed to the right direction. I just hope if they will use the same technique to port a full featured Messenger app (with Live Tiles it might be even better than iOS versions)
  • I still prefer 6tag. Do any one prefer it to? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • If it is a port then it cannot possibly move to the right direction. Or is the android version a port too?
  • Doesnt open wen installd in sd card, open 16 times, crasd ten times lol, thout of moving the app in phone storage but dint care to do that, so finally I'm happy after uninstalling xD
  • I can't use it on my 640. Crash on start, I have try it install on sd car and internal memory. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • WUOOHH..
  • I have a 950 and I can't get the new Instagram App.. I have the old beta one and I'm trying to check for updates on the store but no luck.. How do you get the new update ?
  • I checked this out the other day and could only enter Contacts from a Facebook account. I DON'T HAVE FACEBOOK AND WILL NOT Removed Instagram app
  • Why can't I get the app using my Lumia 920 W10M? I can't find the app also in the store. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks