Unleash your goofy side with Instant Photo for Windows 10

Instant Photo Booth is a creative photography Windows 10 app that delivers a photo booth experience to your PC or Mobile device. The Universal Windows Platform app has a host of photo templates and special effects filters that give your images a carnival funhouse style. Instant Photo Booth also has support for Continuum, internal and external webcams and direct integration with OneDrive, Twitter and Facebook.

There are a few differences between the two versions of Instant Photo Booth, but for the most part, the Windows 10 app is a fun photography app to give your selfies an old-school look. Toss in the filters and you can add a goofy twist to things.

Instant Photo Booth

The layout of Instant Photo Booth is simple, with a button to start creating your photographic collage and a menu button resting in the upper left corner. The menu button reveals options to return to the Home Screen, setup your camera, view your upgrade options (add more templates, filters and effects) and access Instant Photo Booth's settings.

The Windows 10 PC version also includes an option to review previous photo sessions, customize the layout templates and setup the camera.

Instant Photo Booth

Settings for Instant Photo Booth includes options to turn on or off the Fun House Effects, Self-timer Countdown beep, Shutter Sound and Back Camera Flash. The camera setup options include selecting the default camera and resolution (video and photo) for your pictures. If you are using the PC version of Instant Photo Booth, there is also support for external webcams or Sony Wi-Fi-enabled cameras. From there the two versions tend to stray apart a tad.

Instant Photo on Windows 10 Mobile

The Windows 10 Mobile version is a bit abbreviated and includes the Fun House Effects (an in-app purchase for Windows 10 PC). Photo sessions begin with the selection of your image layout or template. The Windows 10 Mobile version includes 10 collage templates that range from a single photo up to nine photos.

Instant Photo Booth

Once a template is selected, you can choose a Fun House Effect. The Windows 10 Mobile version offers you the choice of 11 Fun House Effects that warps your portraits. You can opt out of these twisted effects and capture a normal image.

Once you've selected the Fun House Effect (or opted not to use them), the app transitions to the camera viewfinder. The Windows 10 Mobile version has three control buttons running along the bottom of the viewfinder that includes a camera toggle switch (front/rear), a self-timer button and a shutter button. You have the option to take your images automatically by using the self-timer or manually by using the on-screen shutter button. The Windows 10 Mobile version also supports both portrait and landscape orientation with controls shifting as the phone rotates.

Instant Photo Booth

Once all the template slots are filled with photos, Instant Photo Booth transitions to a collection of effects filters that can further customize the image. Filters include grayscale, sepia, pencil sketch, lomo and several other styles.

The Windows 10 Mobile version has the ability to print and share the images. You can share the final image using the Windows Phone share picker (Onedrive, email, Twitter, etc.), print the image via a Wi-Fi printer, or convert the image into PDF format and save it to your phone.

Instant Photo on Windows 10 PC

Instant Photo Booth

Just as with the Windows 10 Mobile version, the photo session on the Windows 10 PC version of Instant Photo begins with selecting an image template. The Fun House Effects are available but through an in-app purchase.

The image capture screen displays your template to the left side of the screen and your image preview to the right. When you press the Begin button, the app starts a four-second countdown timer and then automatically begins capturing the images.

Once the template is filled, just as with the Windows 10 Mobile version, you can add effects filters to your photo booth creation for added impact. You also have the option to share the image via Onedrive, Twitter or Facebook. Any recently created photo sessions can be retrieved to share or print as needed. The Windows 10 Mobile version lacks this feature.

Instant Photo Booth

Another feature the Windows 10 PC version has that the Mobile version lacks is the ability to use a green screen, which allows you to import custom backdrops into your photo. This is a premium feature available through in-app purchase.

Say cheese!

Instant Photo Booth is a capable photo app for Windows 10 that can capture some interesting selfies. I would have liked to have seen more consistency between the PC and Mobile versions — the Mobile version is something to use when you need a quick photo booth picture, while the PC version could easily be set up for parties or more planned photo sessions.

There are some formatting issues with general layout issues (text bleeding off the screen) with both version of Instant Photo Booth, but overall it is a solid photography app. The free version of Instant Photo Booth has enough meat on the bone to give you a feel for things and decide if you want to upgrade to add the additional features. The upgrades can get costly, ranging in price from $5.99 to $25.99), but considerably expand the layout, filters and effects library.

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