Intel 6th-Gen Core 'Skylake' processors officially introduced and optimized for Windows 10

It's been a long time coming for Intel, but the chip maker has finally and officially introduced its new family of 6th Generation Core processors. After previously revealing the unlocked Intel Core i7-6700K and Intel Core i5-6600K desktop processors for hardcore PC gamers at Gamescom in August, the company has now revealed the entire lineup of 6th-Gen Core desktop, tablet and mobile processors.

Intel says it has worked with Microsoft to optimize the 6th-Gen Core chips to work with Windows 10 and its new features:

The 6th Gen Intel Core processor family helps optimize Windows 10 features such as Cortana and Windows Hello for more seamless and natural interaction with technology. Devices with the Intel RealSense Camera paired with Windows Hello let people securely log in using facial recognition. True Key technology by Intel Security is also available on many 6th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems to deliver a secure experience for logging into devices and websites without the need to remember each site's password.

All in all, Intel plans to launch 48 different processors in the 6th-Gen Core family, including one that's unlocked for gaming notebooks. The company said that these new chips have "2.5x better productivity performance, 3x longer battery life, and 30x better 3D graphics performance when compared to a 5-year-old notebook PC":

  • Five 4.5W Intel Core Y-series processors for small-screen 2 in 1 detachables and 2 in 1 convertibles.
  • Ten 15W and four 28W Intel Core U-series processors for 2 in 1 convertibles and ultra-thin clamshells.
  • Six 45W Intel Core H-series processors for thin clamshells and large-screen notebooks.
  • One 45W Intel Core H-series unlocked mobile K SKU for enthusiast notebooks.
  • Two 45W Intel Xeon processors for mobile workstations.
  • Ten 65W and eight 35W Intel Core S-series processors for gaming towers, stationary All-in-Ones, and mini PCs.
  • Two 91W desktop Intel Core S-series processors for overclockers and gaming enthusiasts

Intel also confirmed its plans to release a new version of its Compute Stick HDMI PC dongle with a 6th Gen Intel Core M processor. Details, such as hardware specs, price and a release date, were not announced.

Source: Intel

John Callaham