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Intel 6th-Gen Core 'Skylake' processors officially introduced and optimized for Windows 10

It's been a long time coming for Intel, but the chip maker has finally and officially introduced its new family of 6th Generation Core processors. After previously revealing the unlocked Intel Core i7-6700K and Intel Core i5-6600K desktop processors for hardcore PC gamers at Gamescom in August, the company has now revealed the entire lineup of 6th-Gen Core desktop, tablet and mobile processors.

Intel says it has worked with Microsoft to optimize the 6th-Gen Core chips to work with Windows 10 and its new features:

The 6th Gen Intel Core processor family helps optimize Windows 10 features such as Cortana and Windows Hello for more seamless and natural interaction with technology. Devices with the Intel RealSense Camera paired with Windows Hello let people securely log in using facial recognition. True Key technology by Intel Security is also available on many 6th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems to deliver a secure experience for logging into devices and websites without the need to remember each site's password.

All in all, Intel plans to launch 48 different processors in the 6th-Gen Core family, including one that's unlocked for gaming notebooks. The company said that these new chips have "2.5x better productivity performance, 3x longer battery life, and 30x better 3D graphics performance when compared to a 5-year-old notebook PC":

  • Five 4.5W Intel Core Y-series processors for small-screen 2 in 1 detachables and 2 in 1 convertibles.
  • Ten 15W and four 28W Intel Core U-series processors for 2 in 1 convertibles and ultra-thin clamshells.
  • Six 45W Intel Core H-series processors for thin clamshells and large-screen notebooks.
  • One 45W Intel Core H-series unlocked mobile K SKU for enthusiast notebooks.
  • Two 45W Intel Xeon processors for mobile workstations.
  • Ten 65W and eight 35W Intel Core S-series processors for gaming towers, stationary All-in-Ones, and mini PCs.
  • Two 91W desktop Intel Core S-series processors for overclockers and gaming enthusiasts

Intel also confirmed its plans to release a new version of its Compute Stick HDMI PC dongle with a 6th Gen Intel Core M processor. Details, such as hardware specs, price and a release date, were not announced.

Source: Intel

  • Time to sell my SP3 while I can still fetch a pretty penny for it and wait it out for SP4 :)
  • Lol, sold mine already for £500
  • Wait, is this a tick or tock?
  • Tock.
  • Awesomsauce. Thanks.
  • May i know the difference? Lil confuse
  • They are referring to Intel's "tick tock" CPU release cycle. A tick release is a manufacturing optimization on the already existing CPU architecture. It results in lower prices and better efficiency, but no design changes. A tock release is a new architecture. Those have the potential to bring significant advances.
  • I think you mixed them up. Tick is the new architecture and Tock is the optimization
  • No, he's right. Intel's naming scheme is dumb.
  • Already rocking the Intel Core i5-6600K (3.5 Ghz) on two desktops. Nice processor. Can't wait to see it laptops and Surface, ahem, I mean tablets and two-in-ones.
  • Nice! What graphics do you have paired with it? Isn't the "active-listening" sleep supposed to be with this new gen?
  • Currently just a lame GTX 730 on both, but tomorrow going to GTX 960 and GTX-970 OC. Not sure about active-listening, but sounds like something that would be there. Probably needs an OS update to make it work.
  • Movin' on up!
  • Titan X in 4-way SLI. Who needs food
  • lol, if only I actually gamed (don't have time)
  • Then a 730 should do just fine! Hehe.
  • Have fun with your terrible DX12 optimization on those GPUs.
  • 1. He said he doesn't game. 2. 960 and 970, are fine for 1080p-1440p when paired with a top CPU, like he has. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You should get the R9 390.About the same power as the GTX970, but 8Gb of vRAM. Could come in handy, if you have a multi-monitor setup
  • Nooooo. Don't. Both really bad value wise. The 380 is a better GPU than the 960 and the 390 is a better option than the 970. There's zero reason why you should get either of then today.
  • Sweet you can finally play angry birds!
  • Hey D,
    When they list 'mobile' there, does it mean future W10M phones may run on Intel processors..??
  • At 45W of consumption? Surely not, my friend. I have a 5th Gen U series i7, that sucks down 15 Watts, and even with being that low is WAY too much power drain for a phone.
  • 45W? Dont forget about ATOM CPUs.. x3,x5,x7
  • Is the x-series listed there? No.
  • Ihave been using the 5th Gen U series i3, om my ASUS X SERIES im very impressed with Intel iCore, I haven't felt any heat from it what so ever.
  • First of all i7 means nothing there are different variations from low end which yours is to higher end running at 57W.  These aren't meant for phones.  Tablets are considered mobile.  And this is simply based on thermal design, they fluctuate based on usage.  A phone version will likely be made available as well.  But the GPU in these things is quite more advanced as intel is putting more effort into GPUs now. 
  • Need the highest end in sp4, as apple put in mac air and mac book pro
  • The highest end 2-1 processer yes.
  • I will assume that it will have the highest end.. The Surface 3 has the latest x7 in it so hopefully..
  • Can't see myself updateing. My processor works just fine. Also my computer too. Maybe windows 12?
  • There wont be a Windows 12
  • Depending on what you do, switching for the ddr4 ran may be the key. I'm rocking an i7, 32gb ram and a Samsung pcie ssd and it is FAST. Rendering is much faster...
  • No updated Atom chips for a Surface 4? guess we will have to wait until next year
  • Surface 3 just came out a few months ago so I don't think that will be a problem.
  • The Atom chips were recently updated. We previously had Bay-Trail and now we have Silvermont. Like the one in the Surface 3.
  • SP4 will have this processor
  • Holiday wintel blast
  • Those power ratings look amazing compared to the last time I did a system build.
  • Are they over 9000?
  • Lol, how long ago was that?
  • I'm waiting for the 300watt version.
  • Are they the same as Core i series? I'm confused. Also, nice.
  • This is 6tg generation of the I series.
  • Yes this is referring to the Core i series of chips. Which as you can see there are many of lol. Atom, Celeron, and Pentium haven't seen their 6th Gen. Tho they differ somewhat, Atom just recently got the new makeover to x3, x5, and x7 so i dont think we'll be seeing any new architecture on those for a bit. Celeron and Pentium might follow closer to the Core i series. But they also recently got a big architecture change with Braswell which moved those chips to the 14nm process.
  • Thanks! I still don't know why Intel is even still moving with Atom, Celeron and Pentiums. Too much stigma attached to these series because of awful performances in the past. Intel should move on from them and invest in exploring Core M based tablet and phone SoCs. With Windows 10 setting up as a hybrid OS for Win32 and WinRT, it will make a lot of sense. Atom might have gotten better with newer iterations but lets face it, its reputation is tarnished.
  • To what "stigma" are you referring?
  • This classification is power consumption based which confused me. Lol. I wish OEMs should give complete information about processors like 6th Gen. 2.0GHz Quad Core i7 35W processor instead of just saying Intel 6th gen. inside. Might give users an idea of what to expect in raw output power and battery life when making decisions to buy mobile machines.
    These lineups and numbering schemes are too much convoluted already. Lol.
  • Mhmmm
  • The article mentions "mobile" processors. Could that be meant for the rumored Surface phone or do they just mean tablets?
  • Mobile here is for tablets and laptops.
  • Awesome.
  • I just got the compute stick. The WiFi issues need to be fixed. Other than that, it's pretty capable for light duty on a 50" TV. Glad to see it made it to Gen 2.
  • Do you use Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it? If so are you experiencing lag?
  • Yes and yes. The issue is pretty well known. I bought a USB hub, a USB WiFi adapter and a USB Bluetooth adapter. I made it work but that defeats the whole point really.
  • What is the point of comparing 6th gen's performance with 5 year older notebook's. :/
  • Because that's about the lifecycle of laptops these days: that's how you convince someone with a Windows 7-era laptop to upgrade.
  • Aaaaaand I have a feeling orders were just given at Microsoft to postpone the release of the SP4 to accomodate this new "Windows 10 optimized" processor family...=P
  • Wouldn't surprise me. And I would be thankful, too. Can't wait to see what is unveiled. Hopes are high, but with a shot of real, too.
  • I'm pretty sure this announcement isn't a surprise to MS. It wasn't even a surprise to me or most other people following this stuff. MS has probably had samples in prototype devices for months. It's likely that they already have truckloads of these processors going into devices right now.
  • I'm pretty sure the article states that Intel said they worked closely with Microsoft in developing these new chips, so it's not like they didn't know.
  • 2600k FTW!
  • That means 1 gagillion times faster than my Tandy 8088.
  • Good luck finding the 6700k. Got mine yesterday at MicroCenter. The only one in stock in the entire company. No one has them in stock. Stuck in 32gb of Ballistix Elite. It purrs. And I'm not even overclocking it. Using an Asus Z170 Deluxe.
  • Lots of choices. I like choices.
  • It is really nice to see Microsoft and Intel working closely together again. The dark times between them (AKA Windows RT) were awkward and there was blame on both sides for why it happened so we'll just move on. I am on the verge (sorry), cusp of a major tech refresh in the coming months if everything I've read about comes to pass. This will start with the Surface Pro 4, which I expect to be more evolutionary than revolutionary as the SP3 was, but that will be fine. I'll take some of that "legendary" battery life along with Win 10 Pro and Windows Hello and Cortana.
  • Amd and intel new beasts will seurely boost windows 10 sales
  • Microsoft needs to acquire AMD ASAP.
  • Surface. Pro. 4.
  • Was it a bad time for me to get the Surface 3? Got it yesterday.
  • Yes.
    Edit: If its a surface 3 then you're good. For Pro 3 then yes it's a bad time.
  • Yes, it's the regular Surface 3, not the Pro. :)
  • Surface 3 was released just over two months ago. Microsoft has no intension to replace it for at least another 10 months.
  • Just going to stick with Sandy-Bridge until Intel actually makes some significant performance upgrades.
  • There is literally no advantage in upgrading. Even some older gen Intel CPUs are only a fraction slower than Skylake. This was a flop. I'm excited to see what Zen brings.
  • This is a tock release... Meaning optimization.
  • This is a new architecture.
  • Well this is good finally intel working with software companies to add support dedicated software features somewhat like arm Imo which is good they should do this more often
  • It would be nice if the upcoming Surface pro 4 used the Intel 6th Gen skylake processor.
  • My gaming pc currently has intel ivy bridge i5-3570k @4.6GHz (overclocked  with liquid cooling) and Asus ROG MB with Z77 chipset. While my rig is nearly 3 years old, I haven't faced any performance issues yet. Beside the architecture (22nm vs. 14nm), Memory support (DDR3 vs. DDR4) and TDP (77w vs. 91w) there are no significant differences i can see. Also the TDP of ivy bridge is lower than the skylake. That means ivy bridge runs cooler than skylake, no? (please correct me if I'm wrong) Can anyone please tell me the real life difference between these two? What are the real advantages can i get by upgrading to skylake? confused
  • For people saying they're isn't a significant boost, you better go check out the specs on Anandtech, because there is quite a boost. Between what you have now and what the 6700k does.
  • I'm on the same boat. The Skylake family processors is intended for laptops and mobile device in mind. That is way you see that the performance is almost the same but the saving power in comparison to the last gen processor is night and day. I will stick with my AMD 6 core because I have a desktop. The benefits of the Skylake family processors is not intended for my Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Might be in my next device.
  • Will this include the voice to wake features that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago.
  • Huh?
  • See Dan's reply to my comment above.
  • yes.this processor supports active listening.
  • I got one for my wife and should be arriving Thursday. Also picked her up Intel 750NVME with a Asus Z170 32GB of corsair vengeance and a GTX980Ti. Should make for a happy girl
  • This is just wonderfully epic.. On the note, when they list mobile there, does it mean future W10M phones may run on Intel processors..??
  • Windows 10 Mobile supports Intel chips. But not these ones. With "Mobile" they are referring to tablets and small laptops.
  • Surface Pro 4 with a Xeon.  While I'm dreaming I'll go ahead and add a 2Tb SSD.
  • meanwhile they leave sb to rot on w7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android On W10
  • I can't wait for Skylake in laptops here in Spain. Sadly enough, I can still see Broadwell computers in shops everywhere.
  • Sorry in not well versed in computer stuffs. But does it mean with this new release of processors, I will also need to buy a new motherboard? Or it can be use with current motherboards?
  • Another disappointing CPU from Intel
  • I'm looking forward to buying a fanless design device... Can't wait!
  • video link dead (delete the comment when u see this)  still thanks for the update sir