Intel introduces Tremont microarchitecture, which will power Surface Neo and other devices

What you need to know

  • Intel revealed details about the new Tremont microarchitecture.
  • Tremont microarchitecture has higher performance than previous generations while using little power.
  • Tremont will integrate with Lakefield CPUs to power the Surface Neo and other devices.

Intel revealed details about its new Tremont microarchitecture at the Linley Fall Processor Conference today. Tremont is the latest low-power x86 CPU architecture and has a "significant performance boost over prior generations" according to Intel. Tremont will integrate with Lakefield CPUs to power the Surface Neo and other devices.

Intel states that Tremont microarchitecture brings significant IPC (instructions per cycle) gains when compared to previous generations of Intel's low-power x86 architectures. Intel designed Tremont Microarchitecture for low-power and compact packages. Intel will integrate the new microarchitecture with Lakefield processors to power devices with new form factors.

Intel Tremont Chief Architect, Stephen Robinson, expands on the new microarchitecure,

Tremont is Intel's most advanced low-power x86 architecture to date. We focused on a range of modern, complex workloads, while considering networking, client, browser and battery so that we could raise performance efficiently across the board. It is a world-class CPU architecture designed for enhanced processing power in compact, low-power packages.

Tremont microarchitecture will integrate with Lakefield CPUs using Intel's Foveros technology. This packaging technology allows manufacturers to combine several pieces on a smaller motherboard.

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