Intel RealSense SDK updated with improvements in facial tracking and recognition

Intel recently released an update for its RealSense SDK tools that support the company's 3D camera technology. RealSense cameras support Microsoft's Windows 10, allowing users to sign onto their PC via the Windows Hello facial recongiition security system.

The update to the SDK, which was released on December 1, includes some improvements in facial tracking "in angles up to ~45deg, tongue out, and head centering". The facial recognition features have also been improved, and can now support up to 20 people in its database, along with higher overall accuracy.

The new SDK version also adds support for the upcoming Intel RealSense SR300 camera. It is currently in development and should be available to order sometime in the first quarter of 2016, and will be integrated inside Intel-based PCs later next year.

Source: Intel

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  • So when I only use my RealSense camera for Windows Hello, there's no need to download the SDK?
  • Correct​. Driver updates are distributed through Windows Update.
  • Any other webcam thingies other than Intel that work as well?