Introducing our new Surface devices forums!

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Today, Microsoft revealed a ton of new Surface products, including, shockingly, the Surface don't-call-it-a-phone Duo. And hey, we want to get your thoughts!

We've opened up a range of new forums dedicated to each new device announced today, including the Windows-powered folding Surface Neo, the Android-powered Duo, the classic Pro 7, the ARM-powered Pro X, and the Ryzen-powered Laptop 3.

There's a ton of things to talk about, discuss, and agonize over, as we slowly glean new information about all of the new devices. While we ramp up our coverage of the show, we'd like to get your thoughts in our forums above!

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • This was a stab in the back. I have a Windows 10 phone and have been waiting for the Andromeda. So they show off a tablet with the new window dual screen software. But when they reveal the pocket version, its nothing but a dual screen android phone. Sure, take me away from your eco system, give me a reason to make my next computer a chrome book. Arrrgh!
  • How is this a stab in the back? It was probably either going to be no phone period or phone but on another platform. Plus, for a long time now Microsoft has been focused on providing services on all platforms which is better than being closed off and not having anyone stick around due to a "dead ecosystem." I'm not surprised at all. Microsoft already has a ton of services available on Android, which at least I definitely use (Microsoft launcher, outlook, to do, phone link, one note, word, excel, etc). The fact that there is now another Android device out there, doesn't give me any reasons to leave the ecosystem because I'm already in it even if I'm on android for my phone.
  • Or how about this - Loyal Windows Phone user (since back in the Motorola Q days) holds out, keeps using Lumia 950 till the bitter end. Finally caves in and drops a grand a Note 10+ mere weeks before the Surface Duo is announced. Ain't that a kick in the teeth. Thanks a ton Microsoft.
  • I'm not sure if you're sarcastically responding to the original poster or agreeing with him lol, but I hope you're not seriously blaming Microsoft for not releasing something according to your personal preferred schedule. As I tell anyone, use what works for you when you need it. Don't "hold out" on waiting for the next big thing because there will always be a next big thing.
  • So, what's the choice if nothing works for you at the moment? I dislike Android (and hate Google), but loathe iOS even more. A phone sized regular PC with phone capabilities was the answer, and instead I'm given a half-arsed Android device? If course I'm feeling down...!
  • Announcing it 13 months out? The hype will have died down by then, or interest in these dual-screen devices could have waned. If I get a notification or a call I have to physically open the phone to see it? 90% of my phone calls these days are spam - I want to be able to just glance at my phone that's on my desk, not use both my hands to open it up. Finally, people don't like to actually get real work done on their mobile devices. At best, people will read work emails, and compose short replies. Generally, they're for faffing around on and avoiding work. If I need to write an email that is of any considerable length I'll do it on my laptop.
  • The only thing I might agree with what you said is not being able to see calls/notifications with a glance if it's closed. That being said, I'm sure you could leave it flipped open too, so just do that? It's less of an issue for me because I can see who's calling on my fitbit versa when a call comes through. I agree that if there's a lot of work to do then I'll just do it on my laptop or computer because it's faster for me, but there are still times that I might be on the go and am forced to do more work on my mobile device.
  • The hype died in four days...
  • A week on, and there are 12 posts on the Duo forum, three of which lament the choice of Android. Good call, Microsoft. Good call... 🙄