iOS App Store vs Windows Phone Store in 2014 – How do they compare?

Time to check in on how the Windows Phone Store is doing against competitors. While the app marketplaces for Android and iOS are larger than Windows Phone, the gap between high-quality apps gets smaller and smaller each week.

Today we're going to check out the top 25 free apps in the iOS App Store and see if they're available for Windows Phone. If an app isn't available, we'll try and offer an alternative for Windows Phone fans. Let's go.

The data

The following data comes from App Annie (, an analytics and business intelligence company with co-headquarters in San Francisco and Beijing. They offer store stats for iOS, Mac, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.

The data from their store stats is available as a free online service. In their store stats you get daily rankings, ratings, featured placements, historical rankings for apps and games that you can separate by country and categories.

The data below was taken on July 1st and represents the top charts for the iOS App Store in the United States. (If you go into the rankings now, the apps might have moved position)

iOS Top Charts 25

1. Guess The Emoji: Emoji Pops

  • Publisher: Conversion
  • What it is: A guessing game where emoji are paired together. Your job is to figure what word the emoji represent.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Some third-party knock-offs exist in the Windows Phone Store, but nothing official.

2. True Skate

  • Publisher: True Axis
  • What it is: Another game, this time an 'authentic' skateboarding game. Reminds me of those Fingerboards in elementary school.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: None. There are some skateboarding games on Windows Phone, but none that appear to be similar to True Skate on iOS.

3. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

  • Publisher: Glu Games
  • What it is: An 'official' game about Kim Kardashian…
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Hahaha. I would hope not.

4. Paperama

  • Publisher: FDG Entertainment
  • What it is: Another game, this time a puzzler with an Origami theme.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Nope. Sadly couldn't find any similar games.

5. Fit the Fat

  • Publisher: FIVE BITS
  • What it is: Another game, this one with a fitness focus. You help your character lose weight by going to the gym.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: None like it.

6. Two Fingers, but only one brain

  • Publisher: Jake Zachman
  • What it is: A collection of over 20 mini puzzles. This is a game that requires you to beat two games at once.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Nada.

7. WatchESPN

  • Publisher: ESPN
  • What it is: The best, and only, way to watch ESPN live on your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: No, to the dismay of everyone watching the World Cup

8. Facebook Messenger

  • Publisher: Facebook
  • What it is: An app to message your Facebook friends with stickers, photos and more.
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes! [Download]

9. FIFA Official App

  • Publisher: FIFA
  • What it is: The official app of the 2014 World Cup Brazil. You use it to get exclusive coverage of the massive sporting event.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Bing Sports is probably your best bet to stay up to date with the World Cup. [Download]

10. World of Tanks Blitz

  • Publisher:
  • What it is: A free-to-play MMO action game. You get to play with tanks!
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Nothing. Though you'll find a shady game from a shady dev trying to front as the real thing.

11. TwoDots

  • Publisher: Betaworks One
  • What it is: A minimalist puzzler. It's a beautiful game.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: None. This game has polish like no other. You might find an imitator here or there in the Windows Phone Store, but they aren't close at all.

12. YouTube

  • Publisher: Google
  • What it is: The official YouTube app for iOS. YouTube is the largest streaming site on the internet.
  • Available for Windows Phone: HAHA
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: myTube [Download] and MetroTube [Download] are the community favorites for third-party YouTube apps on Windows Phone.

13. Instagram

  • Publisher: Instagram
  • What it is: A free photo-centric social network.
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes, but beta + missing features [Download]

14. Snapchat

  • Publisher: Snapchat
  • What it is: A messaging app where users send photos and videos that get deleted after a few moments.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: 6snap is the best third-party client for staying in touch with your Snapchat friends. [Download]

15. Facebook

  • Publisher: Facebook
  • What it is: The world's largest social network
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes [Download]

16. Piano Tiles (Don't Tap The White Tile)

  • Publisher: HU WEN ZENG
  • What it is: An addictive game where you play on a virtual piano and tap as many black keys as possible.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: A few in the Windows Phone Store, but they're clear knock-offs and we won't link to them. You can find them if you'd like.

17. Google Maps

  • Publisher: Google
  • What it is: Google Maps for mobile. GPS navigation, street view, search and more all in one app.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Some third-party apps do exist if you want Google Maps on your Windows Phone. Try GMaps+ [Download], Gmaps [Download] and gMaps [Download].

18. Real Boxing

  • Publisher: Vivid Games
  • What it is: A well-received boxing game.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Try Real Steel World Robot Boxing to get a similar game. [Download]

19. Pandora Radio

  • Publisher: Pandora Media
  • What it is: Streaming radio service, one of the oldest and most popular.
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes [Download]

20. Spotify Music

  • Publisher: Spotify
  • What it is: A music streaming service with over 40 million users.
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes, but missing free streaming option [Download]

21. WhatsApp Messenger

  • Publisher: WhatsApp
  • What it is: A very popular messaging application with over half a billion monthly active users.
  • Available for Windows Phone: Yes [Download]

22. Univision Deportes

  • Publisher: Univision Interactive Media
  • What it is: The sports channel for Spanish language broadcaster Univision. To be honest it's probably in the top 25 because of the World Cup going on at the moment. The app allows users to watch games live.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: None at the moment. There's an official Univision app, but you can't watch sports live.

23. Bubble Witch 2

  • Publisher:
  • What it is: A knock-off of 1994's Puzzle Bobble. This version comes from, the makers behind Candy Crush.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Tons, but the best game that's similar would probably be Zuma's Revenge with Xbox Live Achievements [Download]

24. White Tiles 4 - Don't Touch The White Tile 4 ( with Piano music and Guitar music just Tap it and watch your Step and it has 17 Awesome Game Modes better than Flappy Bird)

  • Publisher: WANG BOXUN
  • What it is: Besides an app with probably the longest title ever? It's an addictive game with over 16 modes and looks to 'borrow' from many popular games like Flappy Bird and the piano game above.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: lol no.

25. HexSweep

  • Publisher: SplitCell
  • What it is: An endless-runner type of racing game, but with some sweet graphics.
  • Available for Windows Phone: No
  • Alternatives for Windows Phone: Try taking Hypernaut for a spin to get a similar feel. [Download]


WatchESPN Not available

  • Games are very popular on mobile platforms.
  • On iOS, 13 of the top 25 free apps are currently games.
  • None of those chart topping iOS games are available on Windows Phone
  • Of the 12 free apps on iOS, only 6 are available on Windows Phone

Microsoft still has a lot of work to do in order to get developers creating apps and games for Windows Phone. The data above helps show what's currently popular among users on one of the most popular mobile operating systems. Right now a lot of those games might be fads, but they're fads that Windows Phone owners are going to miss out on. While you may never want to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Windows Phone, a potential customer might and will chose the platform that has it now. Windows Phone then loses out on the sale because a game that's popular today isn't on the platform.

That's been a struggle for Microsoft and isn't an easy problem to solve. You need more users to get more developers interested in devoting resources to Windows Phone today and not a few months later when the gaming fad has sailed.

Games are one thing; they're transient and don't last long. While it'd be really nice to get the hottest game today, a healthier ecosystem needs more apps with substance. Windows Phone is doing a lot better today than it was a year ago, but it has more work to do.

Of the 12 apps in the top 25 that weren't games, only 6 are available on Windows Phone. We have Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, but we're missing out on some really great apps like:

  • WatchESPN
  • FIFA Official App
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Google Maps
  • Univision Deportes

Three of those apps are super popular right now because of the World Cup. Anyone walking into a store to buy a new phone will turn down Windows Phone because they can't watch the World Cup live on their new smartphone. Instead, they'll turn to iOS.

Now it's a little unfair to look at just the top 25 apps AND games on iOS and compare it to Windows Phone, but it's a good way to get a quick snapshot of the difference in the two ecosystems. So what's missing on Windows Phone when we look at the top 100 chart for iOS? We'll ignore games, because they're pretty temporary in popularity, but here are the apps missing on Windows Phone:

  • WatchESPN
  • FIFA Official App
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Google Maps
  • Univision Deportes
  • SoundCloud
  • Gmail
  • CloudDownload for SoundCloud
  • Free Music Download Manager for SoundCloud
  • Tinder
  • Fly – A fast new video editor
  • Uber
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Flipagram
  • RetailMeNot Coupons
  • Dropbox
  • Google Translate
  • Music Download for SoundCloud
  • Fitbit
  • Chrome
  • Cartwheel by Target

Those are just the apps in the top 100 missing on Windows Phone. Hit up the iOS Top Charts on App Annie, and you'll find dozens of games missing from Windows Phone like Clash of Clans, Plants vs. Zombies 2 and others.

It's also sad to see apps like ESPN Radio, Kik, Pinterest and Expedia in the top 100. But wait, we have those on Windows Phone? Yes, ESPN Radio and Kik haven't been updated in years while Pinterest and Expedia are nothing more than web-wrappers posing as apps.

Is all hope lost? No, not at all. We wouldn't be running a site dedicated to Windows Phone if we didn't believe in the future of the platform. We just wanted to paint a picture of the current app landscape compared to iOS. There's still a lot of work to be done by Microsoft to help get these publisher onboard with Windows Phone.

There's also a huge opportunity still for indie developers on Windows Phone. Look for apps that don't exist on Windows Phone by browsing the top charts for iOS and Android. Don't build a generic knock-off, but take the time to study what that app does and built an alternative worthy of Windows Phone. Find a MySpace in those iOS charts and build a Facebook on Windows Phone.

Did you move to Windows Phone from iOS? What apps are you still hurting for? Sound off below. Windows Phone faithful? What do you think needs to happen for developers to take Windows Phone a little more seriously?

More to come!

In our follow up article we turn the tables: What are the top apps + games for Windows Phone and are they on iOS?

Sam Sabri
  • App Store sucks!
  • That's not fair. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of their app selection. And the quality of the apps the two platforms have in common.
  • Apple is known for their app store. And status symbol. That's y such ppl go for iPhones.
  • Don't be an immature fan boy. App store is 100% times better than Marketplace, they have all the quality apps.
  • +520
  • I agree, but stop calling the Windows Phone Store the marketplace --- we've moved past that dark---well darker period Microsoft's Mobile platform.
  • Plus, App Store has Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. With quality like that, of course I'll be ditching WP for iOS, like yesterday. /s
  •  like yesterday LMAo
  • App store also has Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. While freemium, I have been playing them for months and haven't spent a dime yet. Eventually I will make a $5 purchase on each to support the creators because they keep improving the games and making new content. Windows Phone has some good things going for it, but Microsoft needs to get more of the top apps available. Microsoft needs to do something to get more of the top apps. Maybe offer new apps a 10% or even 20% discount on how much MS takes for the first year or first six months or something. 
  • Read his comment again. How did you come out with the impression that he is a fan boy? What he said is true. The App store is Apple's biggest advantage. Without that app store, their phone and tablet are considerably less impressive when compared to the competition.
  • Yes, there are other OS out there better than iOS and Android. But without the apps, that's like having a castle in the middle of nowhere, without any connection. There's only so much you can do isolated in a nice house while seeing the what the rest of the world is doing (or pretend they don't exist).
  • Living in an isolates castle sounds wonderful to me.  Not sure you can equate that to a mobile platform though.
  • I'm not so sure. Microsoft may not have the apps at first sight, but don't be mistaken. They are very strong in the business2business market and know how to market their products there. This is going surprisingly well! Beyond that the appstore comparison is a little wonky. WP8 has platform exclusives too and a large portion of those iOS apps aren't available on Android either, while Android has a much larger marketshare than both iOS and WP. Note that things like ESPN are only valid for ONE country; in my country I have a solid WP8 app that livestreams all world cup 2014 matches to my phone (and other sports if they have the rights to those). Works brilliantly actually. Many of your missing apps in that list are valid only for the USA, NOT for the rest of the world where WP has a much larger marketshare and where the "app gap" is a lot smaller. Google Maps? Really? We have Here Maps and Here drive. While the first is on iOS and Android, the 2nd isn't and there's still no comparable free option for either. Remember, Apple maps is still horrific and Google Maps isn't better or worse than Here maps. Also don't forget that on WP8 there are more built-in features. iOS is crippled without apps, WP8 isn't. The WP8 audience is different and like Android so are their app-purchasing habits. Remember; we have Bing Sports, meaning we don't need 5 apps or 10 apps for sports, no, we have and need one! (for the most part, you get the point). WP8 uses more RSS readers for news and similar apps like Bing News; meaning I don't need an app per broadcasting network. Those apps usually don't add anything beyond a glorified RSS reader anyway! Most people around me have a WP8; NONE of them ever complained about missing an app. Whining about apps is mostly done by people that do NOT own a WP8 device. We may not have the applisting comparable to iOS, but the platform isn't comparable either! Start comparing on WP8 terms and iOS becomes a bleak outdated mess, partially because it's so dependant on all those different apps that only cost more time to use (as you have to go through all of them for the same info you can use ONE WP8 feature or app for!) Basically it would be a lot more fair, honest and sensible (especially considering WP8 is NOT iOS) to be comparing 'things you want to do" instead of "apps we have available". And yes, obviously Microsoft should market this way to the consumers, but Microsoft appears (yet again!) clueless when it comes to normal people. Yes, of course it's a negative point for growing the platform, that there are missing apps (at first glance) but there's a lot WP8 does instead of those where in reality people aren't missing apps as badly as some might think.
  • +525
  • +2520
  • +3310
  • Well said. And lets not forget Cortana which I find to be superior the that other thing. Voice street directions are way better in WP. iPhones have horrible instructions and come way too late to do anything about them if you're in the wrong lane. I am mostly happy about the switch and wont be going back.
  • +1850
  •   I see a lot of people make the case that apple/google app stores have like 60% junk out of the millions of apps they have. Honestly MS marketplace aint much better, in fact it worse. Ill say about 80% of the apps, in MS marketplace, i wanted or needed were complete junk, buggy, or full of spyware. I love google maps and some of the other google apps. Of course not here. You have to trust a 3rd party app made in china/india to sign into your google accounts. At times i was embarrased to own a WP because I didnt have a basic app or function that 99% of the phones on the market could do. Plus no official or decent youtube app. Both android and WP do offer download video/music options though. Im pushing for WP to succeed. Tired of android and apple i will never try. But so far WP is always behind even with big updates.  iOS does have some great games. Games that not even available to android.   
  • I broke away with google maps and google plus and most of their products a long time ago and i really don't miss them. I like others have mentioned I use Nokia Drive, Nokia maps and Waze. In the morning I get a notice on how long it will take to get to work and a map showing the problem areas to work. On my way to work I use waze which helps me look out for traffic jams, cops and accidents. That way it wont be to late to take a detour if the is a traffic jam ahead. Sure we could use more apps but the ones it arealy has is sufficent enough that i want an adriod phone or iphone. Besides there is only so many apps, music and pics i can load up before i fill up all my storage space. happy with my 935, agig
  • You know Waze is owned by Google, right? So you are still not completely free from their clutches.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Did not even notice they got bought out last year. I still like the app and i am glad it was a transparent transition. Glad It didn't turn into a YouTube fiasco.
  • is it that hard to open IE and type youtube? beeing pussies about that youtube crap app...not to mention HERE drive/maps are waaaay on top of IOS and lagdroid apps+Cortana+design that appeal to grownups, not that childish look on IOS and lagdroid. You can find any app you need or replacement in the store...and about the I said..WP8 is for grownups
  • +625
  • exclusives? like MS created products going to ios & Android first n later coming to wp, exclusives like cortana which MS wants to move to ios & android? Not WP8 lags everywhre, but its far far behind, for example take subway surfer, its a fad for time, when everyone else got bored of it, it came to WP n tht too partially, not for 512mb devices,  
  • Yes, what has been said is very true. MS may not have all the apps the other platforms boast of. But, after buying a windows phone, I had no regrets. I am enjoying each and every part of it. It is just flawless. It performs when I need it. As far as  customization goes, the transparent tiles of WP 8.1 are more than enough. With the retro UI, it is a new perspective that everyone enjoys. With liver tiles, I spend a lot more time fiddling with my WP phone than even my android. The apps may be less. but the quality of whatever apps that are available are wonderful. Wih simplicity the key, the Windows OS is a formidable platform against iOS and Android. It is just a matter of time before the app gap closes and every one clambers for a WP. You need to be a window phone user to just admire the beauty of whatever apps are available. As far as maps are considered, I find the apps provided by nokia in symbian and the here maps provided in windows to equally competitive, actually much more simple and useful than that provided by Google. Being a fanatic of smartphones, I have already used android and apples. But once I got my hands on a WP, I dint feel the need for so much of customizations that I had been using on other platforms. Suddenly, I wasn't worrying any more about closing background tasks or switching off bluetooth. It jus windows and it performed. As I already said, it is just a matter of time. A job well done microsoft. Although I feel bad for the original nokia.
  • Exactly❕
  • Then to be fair, take away all the WP store apps too.  iCloud is superior to anything MS offers. One stop shop for syncing Many things. Apples Native apps would be preinstalled if they didnt have an App Store.  iPhoto, Garage Band, iMovie, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Game Center, Find my Phone, Remote, Podcasts, Find My Friends, iTunes U, Airport Utility, Itunes Movie Trailers, Apple Store App, iBooks. itunes Connect (business)  All those are in addition to all the native apps that are on it out of the box currently. iMessage, Facetime, Safari, Passbook, Mail, reminders are all better than the MS alternatives (some MS don't even have)  iOS mail is better than any mail on any platform for everyday users. Mail Fits the screen and I don't get a notification every 3 hours saying " your X account needs attention " like WP.  Sorry, I have the Nokia 1520, and iPhone 5s. The Nokia is there to take picures that blow the iPhone away. Other than that, its a paper weight. The Nokia has a 6" screen that didn't bother to resize web pages and content to fit MORE on the screen... everything is giant sized instead...
  • Mate, I think there's something wrong with your Windows Phone. Safari better than IE?  Whatever you say.  Mail fits the screen and you don't get a notification asking for attention every 3 hours?  Sorry, but my mail fits the screen and I do not get this notification.  It just works out of the box.  Gave my phone to my mum and she remarked how easy it was to get her mail account up and running without problems. Sorry, I have the nokia 1520 and in addition to taking great pictures, it DOES resize web pages to fit the screen.  The moment you load up a page, you can see the WHOLE page.  This is for convenience.  All you have to do is pinch-zoom, or double-tap a paragraph and it will resize that page element to fit the screen.  ARE YOU SERIOUSLY complaining that the phone doesn't AUTOMATICALLY zoom in on web pages WITHOUT your user input?  Are you too lazy to zoom in yourself?  I'm pretty sure people would get annoyed if the phone automatically zoomed in on web page content for them. Giant-sized?  Like I said, on my 1520 web pages fit the screen.  I call you out as a troll because if you actually owned a 1520, then you'd realise half your reasons are just make-believe. If you're only using the 1520 as a camera and nothing else, then you're silly.  Sell it and get an actual digital camera.
  • Apple users need automatic zoom in, because of their tiny weeny screen size. imagine loading a whole page on a narrow 4 inch screen. anyone would need automatic scaling on that size! lols
  • i do not know what you are talking about. i have lumia 1520 and everything works like charm on my mail. x account needs attention? never happened to me, unless i changed passwords. maybe the nokia phone feels that you're an ios fan, so it doesn't like you in return haha. paper weight you say? i've been using my phone like a companion. it's not the perfect phone given i cannot download many games that ios and android have, but not enough to let me switch to either os. im planning to get a windows tablet and install bluestacks, it will be a monster after that. all i need from android is games. everything else i can get from windows and windows phone.
  • Talking about fanboys .... :)
  • agreed. That's why Lumia is "only" my second phone. I still have an iPhone as the apps are better. And judging by daily esperience, the iPhone is a better phone because of that.
  • And as I do not have any use for the apple store because I have WP, that makes apple store useless!
  • That's dumb.
  • it really is.
  • +1520
  • If you think about it, it's not dumb at all. I don't need any crappy google products or lame games (like don't touch the bla bla). I have everything (fb, whatsapp, here maps, xbox music,, ie11 and so on) I need in the wp store. I don't no-life with a phone.. I have a laptop for that.. which runs Windows. HA!
  • How is it dumb, rodneyej?  None of the apps on the apple store interest me either.  Ergo, it makes the store useless to me too.  What use is a store that contains nothing you wish to buy?  Would a person with no interest in health foods walk past a health food shop on the street and say 'that place doesn't concern me as nothing it sells interests me' be acting dumb?  Obviously not.
  • Because Rodney said so... You need to learn that, son.
  • -----------------
  • Shhhhhhh... Let's just wait and see what he say's... ;-)
  • @ Aashish13 it's not a status symbol. The app store is a true asset to the iOS ecosystem. I defected to iOS in Jan '13. While the iPhone 5 has issues, the app gap IS real (I left because of no WP8 app for my bank and MLB, when BOTH existed for WP7). The app experience is so much better on iOS. With Foursquare on iOS I am alerted to coupons and offers when I check into a resturant. On WP7 and 8 I only got a few points for my check ins. I still follow WP becuase I want a useful phone and not just an iToy now that I am upgrade eligible. -SAB
  • lucky you.  Outside the U.S. half those features (coupon alerts, etc) don't even work.
  • But it is fair. I've been trying to reconscile quite a bit of my Windows Phone enthusiasm as of late for a number to reasons: The App Store isn't getting that much better. Every once and a while we get an application that we've been clamoring for but the feature parity isn't there. Add on the fact that Google straight up refuses to develop anything for Windows Phone hurts the platform as well. You also say to ignore games that are in the top 100 but we shouldn't. Many of those games stay in the top 100 for months.
      Microsoft isn't saying anything about new flagship 8.1. devices. Had they said the 930 was coming to the States or another, more feature complete device was coming to the States, I'd be inclined to not bring this up. However, sitting on the 1020 and the 1520 is dumb. The 1020 should have been upgraded months ago and the lag of other device manufacturers bringing Windows Phone to market should be putting off alarm bells at Microsoft.
      Speaking of alarm bells at Microsoft, I am seriously worried about the manufacturing QA that is going to be taking place now. My Surface Pro 3 took four times to get right. Three Surface Pro 3s had dead pixels in the display. It's been a common issue since they came out and Microsoft hasn't acknowledged it. What happens when they take control of all the Lumia manufacturing?
      Microsoft's Metro design, something that was supposed to be a unique experience to Windows Phones, is popping up in iOS and Android. Sure, it isn't a tile-based OS like Windows Phone but the design language is there. If developers are starting to move towards this design language but aren't making Windows Phone versions, what is the break down? Is adapting apps from other platforms to Windows Phone something that no one is even interested in doing? iOS and Android L are taking the house the Microsoft built and running with it.
      At this point, Cortana is the only exclusive thing to Windows Phone and the impressive cameras on the Lumia line. Otherwise, there isn't a lot to really say, "This is awesome!" OneDrive is everywhere. Office Apps are everywhere (and better in other mobile OSes). Xbox Achievements are on iOS and Android (albiet, not as prevelent as with Windows Phone). (Before anyone tries to say "FANBOY!!" here are all the Windows Phones I've used: Lumia 800, 920, 1020, 1520, LQ Quantum, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, HTC Surround.)
  • TL;DR
  • It's about time you started reading, you might learn something and stop being so ignorant...
  • I'd read it, but I don't have the time. I'd respond to how wrong you are about me being ignorant, but I don't have time for that either.
  • Then you must read very slowly.  I read it all in less than 30 seconds.  And yet, you think that's too long to read but are totally prepared to waste time acting like a smarmy git.  Quit trolling.
  • Good for you! Have a cookie.
  • +820 broda..I can totally relate
  • Well, I did read it, and I agree with you. I'm on an iPhone because I didn't want a 1520, and the rest of WPs at att are lame/old
  • Thanks for the novel. lol
  • WTH is wrong with you people. If it's not a "one liner" your brain can't process it?  Were the writers of the movie IDIOCRACY prophets foretelling the future? I swear it's becoming a reality.  
  • Lots of good points. I'm sticking with WP right now, I'm too invested in the MS ecosystem and design language (and way of working, I find WP so much more user friendly than iOS and Android) but if Threshold doesn't bring huge changes I think I'll need to take an objective look at whether I should continue to stick with the platform. Fingers crossed though, they have every chance to make it work...
  • Well Microsoft has all or more of their services on other platforms, so...
  • Quick somebody give dzdj free telco service.
  • I don't want telco service man. I just want Windows Phone to succeed, somehow.
  • No telco service, then what's the point? If they offer you some, would you mind sending it this way?   HAHAHAHAHA
  • Omg, yes. I've been with Microsoft and WP for years now, and I'm starting to get annoyed. We need a 1020 successor already!
  • Its called the 1520.  Now stop whining and get one.
  • This is what I hate. When people like you settle for less, and tell people who want something COMPLETELY different to get something else.
  • The 1520 is a giant of a phone. I don't regret not having the extra screen real-estate.
  • A 1020 successor would NOT be anything like the 1520.  It'd basically be a more up-to-date 1020 with a possibly even better camera.  I will always associate the 10xx line as the 'cameraphone supreme' line.
  • As with many people here, I've been sitting... patiently waiting for MS to get up to speed with the app selection.... I WANT to support WP but IOS and Android seem to keep passing WP up on hardware and software selections..... I have an upgrade this fall... and i'm thinking that if WP8 doesnt start getting it right.... then its farewell until they do  
  • You've pointed out many bitter truths but I agree with you.
  • +520
  • +920
  • Agree. I love my Lumia and have been a dedicated MS fan for years now... But tired of waiting. I'm seriously considering jumping to Android where I can get the features and software I really want NOW. That in no way means I've given up on WP, just means for now and I'll come back to it in a couple years and see where its at. This decision is painful to admit BTW, I want WP to be successful, and I'll sorely miss the Metro UI. But the UI alone isn't worth the personal compromise right now.
  • Good point, mate. I agree with you there. Fortunately I'm one of those people who don't have much use for apps. I'm happy with the basics but all the points you have made are valid. Plus, we're beyond the point of saying, "Windows Phone will be there, one day. Just wait..." I don't think Windows Phone will ever close the so-called app gap, although, not a concern for me, it is a concern for most.
  • My sister is the same why, which is why her 928 is her lifeline. She loves how easy it is with OneDrive to get her pictures off her phone and don't have to worry about losing them like she did on her iPhone. She really only uses it for pictures, facebook and sms.
  • With iCloud and Google+, there is no excuse for anyone losing any pictures on the iPhone these days.If she didn't take the time to set it up, it's her fault. 
  • Same here. I don't care about apps (I actually picked WP because it seemed like it wouldn't really need apps so much... well, that didn't pan out but it was a good idea), but most people do, especially many young kids. When they can't play what their friends play, they will abandon the platform.  
  • Yup ur 100% right! It concerns me that Microsoft don't seem to be in any sort of hurry wen the opposite should be true. They should have thrown every single v resource they had at Windows Phone as soon as WP8 was released but they didn't and it's embarrassing having an app like Skype working MUCH better on other platforms especially it being a Microsoft product that's essential. I don't know maybe having Satya running the company is bad for WP especially wen they are more making shitloads of products for other platforms, wen the reverse used to be true.
  • If you like the 930 so much get the united states equivalent Icon/929. It's the same phone.
  • Totally agree with you. Feature parity is now the biggest problem to me - official Twitter, Foursquare, Spotify, Line and even the updated Facebook Beta is not up to par yet. The reason i chose WP over iOS and Andriod was the Metro design, fluidity and security they provide back in WP8.0 but consider the lack of features (particularly app features and notifications) has cost me a lot for holding onto this OS. While WP8.1 has cleared some of the problems (i.e. action centre), it is still not up to par with iOS and Andriod because they are improving much faster than WP. Now that both iOS and Andriod provide metro or flat design, and the upcoming Andriod L that improves fluidity has made WP becomes even more incompetent. Office mobile and OneNote? I do use these two apps frequetly and as a college student i can't live without both of them. However my college do provide free Office 365 ProPlus so switching to other platform wouldn't be a problem to me. The only thing WP now has is Cortana. I intend to use it while driving but WP8.1 has ruined the bluetooth pairing with my car that makes both my car and phone's microphone useless when they're paired together. After that i've discovered that not having Cortana isn't causing me any problem, which means i do not find any need for using Cortana anymore. Theregoes Cortana.  So in conclusion, WP doesn't have any exclusive features that can hold me anymore. The only thing holding me from switching is Andriod's security issue (Not sure on Android L though) and iPhone's battery life.
  • JyhJinn, I see that your using the WP 8.1 DP and Cortana and having issues with your Speach recognition correct? Go to the bluetooth settings and a click Advanced. This will expose a check box to "Use an alternate Bluetooth audio connection for speach". This should hopefully give you better speach recognition in your car. HTH.
  • true! spot on
  • I'd be interested to see the reverse, our top 25 apps, or 100 and seeing how they fare against it. Make it happen Mr. Sabri
  • +822
  • Not enough apps for a top 25 ;-)
  • Why our top 25 apps are mostly nokias camera lenses and 3rd party apps.
  • Yeah right! Flip the script.
  • It would be great to add Android to the comparison too if possible. How many of the top 25/100 iOS apps are on Android? And conversely, how many of the top 25 Google Play apps are on iOS and Windows Phone?
  • Probably all of them❗
  • Of the top 100 Android apps, 43 are "regular" apps. The rest are OS-specific (i.e., AV, memory optimization, etc.), duplicates (i.e., two flashlights in the top 100), or games (which I don't have enough familiarity with to look for WP equivalents). Of those 43 apps, there are 26 first-party matches (60%) and 6 third-party equivalents (15%) -- meaning that I could easily find 75% of the Android apps in the Windows Phone store. I can't speak to the completeness or quality of the apps since I don't use most of them. If someone knows the game market well, you can do the same comparison at and Note that you'll have to click "Load all" at the bottom of the page to see anything beyond the top 100.
  • Available on Windows phone: HAHA :) nice one
  • being an app developer I can say other OS have better APIs compared to WP ... MSFT needs to give more APIs to developers if they want more apps to come in.   
  • Good point ^
  • thanks, I'm aware of this website... I have few features requested.  Requesting features on that website doesnt guarantee they will be available immediately, there are some basic apis they should have been available ... unfortunately WP team doesnt realize it
  • Can you share your ideas, please?
  • It's the Kardashian app right? Admit it, it's swaying you over. On a more serious note, I'd really love to give that True Skate game a try, I really enjoy Skateboard Party, so something a little bit different would be awesome. Also while I care little for sport missing an app like ESPN is pretty major blow, that's the sort of app that makes a huge difference.
  • I'm lucky to be light on apps... I don't game on phone, PC and consoles have spoiled me... and I don't use too many apps outside of core apps (email, txt, Skype, FB, calendar, weather and such)... so my transition from iPhone to WPhone was really painless. The only app that I'd really like to have updated is IMDB. That being said, AppStore is overbrim with quality titles, and for those who use them, well, power to them. I hope our Store will get there, eventually.
  • What's the expression?  "Opinions are like @ss holes... everybody has one?  Okay, so here's my takeaway.... This is an article that is (sorry Sam), wasted space imo. Anyone who wants "The top 25 apps" in the iPhone store should probably be buying or already has an iPhone. It's not the "apps" that make a platform, it's the design, it's the core functionality. I mean how many flashlight and fart sound apps do you really need?  No, it comes down to "What can my phone do that yours can't?"  "How easy is the phone to use for average users?" For example Kids Corner is a killer feature that is waaaaay underpromoted to the 20/30 mom dad club.  There are other features too that I won't get into for time and space reasons. The company that pretends to "Do no evil" won't create native WP apps not because the platform is bad... on the contrary, they DO see it's greatness. It's a very passive agressive approach that in the end really doesn't serve the interest of users like you and me. When Apple sued Samsung, it was the unique design of Windows Phone that was used in their arguments that one CAN create a phone ecosystem that doesn't mimic the iPhone. Microsoft has taken a longer view with their ecosystem and applications.  Office for iPad for example. Bing for Android etc etc. Where there is opportunity to grow the business as a software and services company, they do it irrespective of ecosystem. Fanboys cringe when Microsoft does that but they do so because it is good for ALL users and good for their business.
  • Totally agree with u, except for the last para...the problem isn't with MS provides services to other platforms, the problem is that they make those apps better than whats available to the native platform (Skype,Office), hence restricting potential customers from moving to WP.
  • Sam, but you are taking aa apple centric view too! there are quite a few Xbox games not available on IOS here maps not on ios (their fault -bugs in release) Why dont you do one the other way around.... I am not saying WP appstore is better but it would reflect what you lose as well as your above analysis of what you would gain. Oh you need to fix the instagram thing to include rudis 6tag its a better version  than any platform.
  • The App Store is great!
  • That HAHA for you youtube available
  • I want to see a list of Windows Phone exclusive apps iOS users are missing out on.
  • A lot of those are Nokia exclusives...
  • Why should that matter? Maybe Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is effectively an iOS exclusive. (They can keep her.)
  • I meant that to consider the top 25 apps/games on our platform, it should be for those that are available to all of WP.
  • No comparison 
  • The version of the apps that we have are always behind. That said, all I really care about are that the top most used apps are current or atleast up to date with the others. I love my WP8.1 NL925. Wants: Instagram video upload with FILTERS. & Share VIDEO functionality between these apps. Also, discovered the bluetooth file transfer doesnt work the way I would expect it to (for video atleast). When transferring video files I can only "OPEN" the transferred file, it isnt saved to my files. Which is super lame since we have a file explorer.
  • By numbers, and in comparison to the other stores, yes the WP app store seriously SUCKS❗❗❗❗❗..... No showbox!
  • Microsoft cannot succeed unless they improve OS, no background downloads, no smooth transition of app. It's just useless. A dumb phone not a smart one..... Smarty phone this days can handle app in background with smooth transition. I won't be sold out on WP unless it improves OS behaviour. I don't really care about apps
  • it's not useless.  Don't over-exaggerate.  Sure, the multi tasking needs work, but it's hardly 'useless'. Why would someone with no interest in apps be concerned about transitions?  On my 1520 if I hold the back button and change the app i'm using, it loads up in mere seconds.  Suspending an app rather than leaving it running in its full glory saves battery life.  I'd rather my phone lasted longer throughout the day - and the cost of a tiny inconvenience as apps 'resume'. Background downloads work for the store.  Not sure if they work for IE.  IE does not have a clear downloads manager - I couldn't seem to find one.  You could always download UC browser which does have a more complete download manager.
  • The cost of apps running in the background is really API -dependent. My Jolla -phone leaves everything running in the background (unless I close them), and the battery lasts longer than on my 925, with similar hardware, with 2-9 constantly running, mostly constantly updating, apps. Lots depends on the quality of the apps as well. WP uses dedicated background workers for getting things done when an app is not running, but there is a limit to how many of them can be active, the duration, and the frequency. Making a decent IRC-client (yes people still use internet relay chat), for example, is not possible without doing something very 'hacky' and expensive with a push notification -server.
  • I will let battery be affected a little. For eg. If I want to use torch and simultaneously check my FB I can't the torch will go off. If I want to download a movie on torrent it takes 2-3 hours so by that time I cannot use my phone for anything, what's the use? If I m checking my twitter and I visit some link read article and by the time I return to twitter it will refresh and I will lose other feeds it should take me back to where I left. If I have 10 videos in WhatsApp and I want to download them I have to not only keep WhatsApp in front but cannot even go to other chats or even let the screen lock. Enough said
  • Agreed, functionally it sucks. Androids Play store is absolutely the best.
  • 6 months of wp8.1 and we see...
    New SDK will change the rules ;)
  • Good to know that! Bring it on venetasoft :D
  • No it won't
  • If they aren't there within 6months, its time to look into android apps on WP. They wont be native, and they wont as good as native, but they will be available on the platform. If done right the average user wont notice a difference and it will plug the hole until native apps are available. let me get my riot shield.
  • Hmm I wonder how BlackBerry is doing with Android app support, surely they must have 51% of the market by now... oh, wait!!!!
  • I second this.....^^^ But I will not be downloading any of those.
  • Agreed. If I wanted to use Android apps then I would have bought an Android device but I didn't, I bought a Windows Phone. Android apps don't equal market share!!!
  • You are right, Android apps do not equal market share. APPS in general do. Right now devs aren't interested in making apps due to lack of a user base. The user base is down due to lack of developer support. Android apps would bring a bigger app count as a short term fix, and only a short term fix.
  • Problem is that "short term fix" for BB is now a permanent thing with the Amazon App Store for consumers and BBW (That's BlackBerry World for those of you thinking otherwise) is now relegated to Business users only. That's the danger, Microsoft may decide to make it permanent and not just a short term fix with the Store being relegated to Business users. If I want to use Android apps then I would buy an Android device, keep Android apps off Windows Phone!!
  • Only problem...Android apps aren't really that good aesthetically. And many have problems with scale and dimensions, with lettering sometimes being to small to appreciate the app. Not to mention no live tile support. Android apps would just diminish the WP finesse.
  • So you guys have more tricks up your sleeves to add to your already impressive app. Nice. Let the change cometh..
  • But what's the current number? App count today?
  • it's not all about the app count.  Quality over quantity.  iPhone has soooo many apps, yet most of them are junk.   It's about getting the key 'killer apps' on WP - without any cut features!
  • Another 6 months? I've waited 3 years.
  • I smell troll comments coming...
  • You have a good sense of HUMOUR.
  • App Store sucks because it takes me >3 hours to download an update. I mean, seriously?
  • That's your internet connection not the app store
  • You must not have any iOS devices. The speed on the WP store is way faster (both devices on same wifi network).
  • That's not Apple's fault. In my estimation you're either over exaggerating or you need to have a word with your internet provider.
  • App store really sucks because you need a tiny little screen iPhone to access it.
  • +1020
  • Or a big iPad screen...
  • Or a big Surface Pro screen that has over 8 million apps (applications), many that the iPad doesn't have and never will have. Plus you get to see all of the internet as opposed to the restricted view on iPad.
  • ... that costs over 1000$ here and does nothing special.
  • My apps download in seconds. Updates too. I have a 925, dell venue pro 8, Acer w3 and surface 2. Maybe your connection is slow. Try to test it on two different connections. The Acer was like that before I completely rebooted it, and then sent it in for repair because it couldn't find the files it needed for the new install. I was repairing it for my mom but just ended up buying her a Dell instead. Once the Acer came back I gave it to my 3 year old. Works fine now. A few hiccups here and there.
  • You gave a laptop to a 3 year old? :-o childhood ruined!
  • Tablet not laptop. I'm a tech guy and my kids are pretty tech savvy compared to other kids. It's not the same as 20 years ago. Times change. How many people do you know that still can't use technology. Something as simple as typing a resume. My kids school require them to use tablets in class and all of their homework is online. So no, childhood not ruined. Child ahead of the game. By the way she's playing learning games, painting, skyping with her grandma in Chicago, and aunt in California, and watching the few shows I allow her through Microsoft family safety. She still reads real books and goes outside to play.
  • +8X
  • She still reads real books Excuse me?  What's wrong with reading e-books?  At the end of the day it's just the medium of delivery.  The content is what matters.
  • I didn't mean something was wrong with eBooks. I just meant she's still a normal kid who dies normal things and doesn't spend all day on the tablet. She has plenty of book apps on the tablet as well. Especially the self reading apps. Those are nice for when I'm busy and can't read them to her.
  • Same in my house. I actually bought my daughter a touch laptop because of her school. She has been using these devices at a really early age also. She is actually waiting for me to get a new phone because she knows I will give her my L1020.
  • Been using Windows Phone since the original release of Windows Phone 7 (I'm on a Lumia 1520 with 8.1 now). I keep saying to myself "Oh, those apps are coming... only a matter of time now"  I wonder when I'll finally wise up and switch to a platform that has actual developer support. 
  • Switching will not help the app situation.
  • Yes it will, you'll gain the whole store by signing to apple on your iPhone
  • No kidding! Why does it feel like it's our responsibility to pour our money into one of the world's biggest corporations (Microsoft) in the hopes that it will improve? Microsoft seems so focused on trying get the devices into the hands of as many poor people as possible and if Android has taught us anything it's that poor people don't support good developers like non-poor people. If it wanted non-poor people bad enough they would purchase incredible app development teams and produce a plentiful selection of apps and games for our consumption. Instead they went ahead with that ridiculous Nokia X crap. That's what the Windows Phone community is being offered. Nokia X instead of an abundance of great apps. Entice us, Microsoft! We don't want to leave your side but we're being given so little reason to stay.
  • of course it will. The lack of app selection and crappy alternative ones are the biggest let down of WP
  • Knock yourself out. The only thing stopping you is air and opportunity. Good riddance to you. I've got all I need on WP8.1.
  • You mean like a terrible Facebook app, terrible email app, garbage instagram? How about the fact that there isnt even an AMEX app on WP?  WP is dead and buried. It's always "wait and the apps will come!" Sorry, but there is literally nothing but 3rd party garabge on the WP store. I switched from my 1520 to LG G2 and its like night and day how much more I can acoomplish. Also all of the Microsoft apps are better on IOS and Android. Look at Skype on WP, uttery garbage. Even Microsoft knows that its pointless to develop apps for their own operating system since nobody uses WP.    
  • So u love ur info to be sold. Get it that microsoft is a business to business company first and then consumer to business. That's the thing what separates them and most of their products from apple and google
  • I don't give a damn if my info is sold to the highest bidder at all. I have nothing to hide, if Google wants to sift through my thousands of emails they can go right ahead. Why do all you tinfoil idiots care if someone reads your emails? What are you the President? Are you some sort of celebrity? In reality nobody gives a shit about you. I don't care if google knows everything about me, how will that hurt me? You guys are way to arrogant if you think someone is interested in your meaningless existence. 
  • What you're actually saying is nobody gives a shit about YOU. Don't expect everyone else give up on their aspirations just because you have. If self-limiting rants are all you've got then you totally deserve the right to be forgotten.
  • Dunno what you drinking buddy but stop as its affecting your ability to make sensible comments. "3rd party garbage"??? So garbage that actual companies are licensing these garbage apps. Telegram app ring a bell???
  • Yea bro how are you liking that snapchat app? Or that crap Instagram app? Do I need to continue listing them?  You can defend MS all you want, but I had 2 WP and 1520 had 8.1 on it. They are leagues behind Android or IOS, and not just in apps.
  • SnapChat and Insta can go do one. I don't care for snapchat as I don't use the service but as for Insta, I'm sorry but you on one "bro". The official app is worse than that created by Rudy(a 3rd party dev) and going by his track record, id expect his 6snap app to be top quality too. His 3rd party app(6tag) is better than Instagram on both ios n android. The platforms wp so lags behind. Now don't get me wrong, MS has lots of work to do but your comment is too brazenly said.
  • @Slavik Petrakov - Then give ur email id , i will let u know what harassment means.
  • What's wrong with Skype really, I've seen people complaining all the time but haven't run into any issue myself after almost 2 years on L920.
  • Try using skype on an iPHone and then on a windows phone.  I love my windows phone but my work supplied iphone runs skype a lot faster than my 920. I did not notice the lag until I started using another phone.
  • Unreliable toast notifications, no theme or accent support, no file file attachments, (not even pictures) huge battery drain, that's the first things I think of. :-)
  • Sad but true. :\
  • +10000000 True Story.
  • What that has to do with him if he doesn't use none of those apps. I am just like him.. I have what I need between both my Surface and phone. If other stuff comes up that's fine and frosting on the cake. I am not a big gamer so that is not an issue with me. As far as social goes Facebook beta is good enough for me. I pretty much keep it simple with Facebook. And all the ones that are missing from the top 25 would not interest me one bit. I enjoy and is happy with my phone (Lumia 920). I agree with Microsoft needs to move with more urgency in getting phone out there and in bulk. Tired of hearing out of stock. Now I'm not stupid in order to get people to switch ecosystem you need the popular apps. Just saying there a alot of people like me too they need to recruit.
  • Gotta disagree here. Facebook app isn't bad. A little buggy, missing maybe two features, but definitely usable. Nothing wrong with the e-mail app. I don't use Instagram so I can't speak to that. Third party apps are hit or miss, I must say, but in my experience it's usually hit. 6snap and 6anything really are great substitutes for the official apps. Skype is also usable.
  • well said. The apps issue is the worst thing ever happened to WP. I am seriously considering to switch my L925 aswell. I'm so disappointed with the garbage app selection there is. Waiting for my contract to end and will switch back to Android  if things remain the same (100% sure it will)
  • Seriously, all of these updates and official releases and you say WP doesn't have developer support? R u insane? Most developers just now, have the required APIs to make there apps. Trust and believe alot more will be pouring in before the years up.
  • I'm with the plattform since WP7 too and I used to wonder why people needed apps until they separeted the hubs from the OS in WP8.1. I still preffer to have WP8.1 but I really miss the old message, people and images hub.
  • Same here. I miss that integration. It's what made me choose WP over others.
  • Interesting I'm in the same boat! Started worth flagship device on wp7 now on 1520. Still waiting for the apps top come. Hate it when someone pulls out an iPhone with latest foursquare app. But I'm standing there with something that hasn't been updated in a year.
  • Didn't take me long after having a Lumia 710 for about a year and a half. I've had an HTC One M7 for a little over  a year and I'm wanting to make the move back to Windows Phone later this year or early 2015 at the lastet --- but who wants to give up quality apps! Android apps get quick updates, great support and nice optimization. Where in the WP ecosystem, you can't help but ask why is Instagram still in "Beta" and nearly featureless?
  • If you are not finding the apps you want, by all means switch. You absolutely shouldnt stick with a platform that is letting you down out of some weird brand loyalty. I use WP because its my favorite. I have all the apps I want. I've installed some great games, but I find that I never play them on my phone. I used about 10 apps + browser, mail, messaging, etc and I like having a great camera. If I wanted any of those apps on the top 35 list that arent available, I probably wouldnt be on WP.
  • +8X
  • Those were the top apps in the IOS store?  Didn't seem very like an impressive bunch of apps to me.  A Kardashian app, really?  LOL.
  • Yeah games kind of skew the representation, but if you remove the games we're still missing a handful of the top apps.
  • Agreed.  It's just fascinating what interests people these days...
  • And kind of sad, actually. But I'm assuming a lot of this list is driven by the fact that so many ios users are young folks.
  • Most iOS users are old. More young people use Android and some Windows Phone. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Most iOS users may be older, but the second biggest group is young teens/pre-teens. A lot of these top 25 apps are for them, and not for the main WP age demographics.
  • Sam, the email apps are serviced by the built-in email support on Windows Phone... I've been pretty happy with that solution.  So I ask the question... Is it fair to list these as "missing" on the WP side?
  • Shouldn't they be serviced by the built-in email on other platforms? Nope. Those standalone email apps do things that you can't do with the built-in email support. For example, the Gmail app on iOS is a must have because it supports a variety of unique Gmail features. And it's popular.
  • So what's the point of a smartphone with exchange email if people are just gonna use an app? Are people that REALLY dependent on apps these days? What else do you need to do with your email that the standard phone can't do?
  • The article says Google Search is one of these missing apps, but we have it on Windows Phone. Is it not the same?
  • Yes ...looks like I'm not missing much ... even when Civ Revolution 2 is launching on iOS right now. Anyway nobody plays TBS games much less Civ on mobile devices... Those dumbs ppl at Firaxis should launch it on the Windows 8 store.
  • Civ Rev was an abomination on any platform. It tore away most of what made the game awesome, it was too short and wayy to heavily weighted to the modern ages for victory. I regret ever buying it.
  • Completely agreed.
  • LOL at that Kim Kardashian game xD
  • Easiest game ever BTW.  You get out of bed, tweet and collect 1 million dollars...
  • LOL. Seriously? xD
  • Who
  • hahahahahahahahha
  • The WP alternative is to hit yourself in the head repeatedly with your 920.  That will reduce your IQ by about the same amount.
  • Except the few stupid apps. I find app store very good. Windows store is also now improving. The only thing I hate is google play store
  • Yeah apps are heavily copied down to logo and description. The title varies ever so slightly along with the publisher being different. The google play store is rubbish in comparison to the iphone app store and windows phone store but it has all the "major" ones seeing as many companies advertise having apps for both iphone and android.
  • The part I hate is the Google Play Service, not the store. It's their key to monopoly against all the Android forks.
  • Most of that list is complete garbage, and nobody is going to miss that crap on WP8. Kim Kardashian? Really? If this is the top 25 apps, the the app store is not as good as I thought.
  • Apple users don't have good taste towards games!
  • True, ESPN Radio hasn't been updated. In fact, it's no longer supported according to an email I received from ESPN. BUT, it hasn't been updated on Android either since around the same time. While it was updated on iOS late last year, it has a 2 star rating, just like on Windows Phone (3 stars on Google Play, for the curious.) In short, ESPN Radio is a bad app on all phones and ESPN doesn't care.
  • ESPN Radio survives on name recognition alone. I've used it on both iOS and Windows Phone, and TuneIn Radio provides all the same stations. With TuneIn, you can even find ESPN Radio affiliates not included in ESPN's own app. Oh, and there's all that other stuff you can play with TuneIn. I suppose if you live in a major market or just want to hear the network's radio programming, and have no use for any other radio stations, the ESPN Radio app is for you.
  • Kim kardashian? How about no.
  • Give it time. Things will improve (because there's a hell of a lot of room for improvement.)
  • the wp one looks bigger
  • Google Search is available for Windows Phone, its the only app Google makes for WP Also Uber's mobile website is fully functional in HTML5 and works exactly like the iOS/Android app. There may not be an official app in the store but there really doesn't need to be one.
  • Buy look how they have ruined it. Not even a single update. Its there in the store lying like a dead body
  • For some things you don't need an app. I prefer to visit a website sometimes in desktop view and not use space on my phone or tablet.
  • Its too early to compare them currently. We need to wait until hundreds of WP8.1 devices get launched. App count is nowhere close.
  • Give it 6 more months .
  • Hahahahahaha!!
  • I am finally throwing in the towel this year. Had the very first windowS phone HTC hd7 back when I was i college, now i am in the workforce (HTC radar, HTC titan, Lumia 900, Lumia 820, Lumia 920) i have bought enough windows phones and got little pay off. Xbox music was the last straw for me so I've elected to not renew my contract with ATT until the iPhone 6 comes out.
  • I'm giving it till end of the year, have an android nexus for work, much prefer my lumia but missing apps, id ios wasn't such a boring OS I'd switch for the apps
  • When you say workforce, what are you able to do on the iPhone that you can't do on windowsphone. Also why use Xbox music when you can use Nokia radio or even Pandora.
  • Because Google Music @ $7.99/month. Just cannot be beat, sorry. Love my 1020 and all, but my SIM is in my Note 3 98% of the time. It's sad. I use the Note 3's hotspot for my 1020 on occasion, but just can't use the 1020 as my daily driver. 
  • YouTube. HAHA xD
  • i dont know why but my Store on my Lumia 1020 8.0 is responding really slow takes time to open something...drives me mad ! Any ideas ?
  • Upgrade to 8.1 via dev
  • Of all those apps....the only two I'm interested in are WatchESPN and Fifa World Cup.
    Don't have the slightest interest in anything else on that list.
  • Exactly what I'm thinking, apart from those two the rest are just garbage!!
  • WatchESPN is definitely a big miss.  Along those same lines, not having a FIOS Mobile app is tough consider Comcast has one. 
  • In the UK so ESPN not missed, plenty of better options.
  • I hope they'll bring it soon tho, since its already in the w8 store, maybe they're making it universal soon.
  • Ditto... List of garbage. In UK its just Sky TV app for sports that I'm lacking... have every other box ticked. Wouldn't mind the US only History channel app, but if Sky TV gets an app... wouldn't need History.
  • Onefootball Brasil is a great app for following the cup.
  • Check out Flash Sports app if you want to watch FIFA or other sports.
  • Making apps for windows phone is easier than other operating systems. But y iOS gets everything b4. Even the updates. What actually attracts deva to make apps fro them their fanboyism or apples strong contacts with them?
  • Developer's irrational hatred towards Microsoft, irrational love of Apple.
    If anything, iOS is one of the hardest to develop for (easier to design for...) but it's just as easy to design for as Windows Phone because both of us have little fragmentation.
  • Irrational? It doesn't matter how hard it is to develop for iOS, developers go where the market share is, so iOS and Android. They don't love iOS, they love the market share. That's hardly irrational.
  • They also go where the money is and there is data to show that WP store is actually far more profitable for developers since more people on WP buy apps. That is probably why we are seeing more official apps making it to WP each day. And WP is growing, albeit very slow growth but growth is growth.
  • You're kidding right? The Windows Phone marketplace does not bring in more money than the Apple App store or Google Play. It's not even close. 50% of WP devices sold are the inexpensive budget phones, and people who purchase those devices do not spend big on apps. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I believe, he meant it as a percentage. The app store and google play store do indeed bring in a lot more cash than the Windows Phone store. The reason why people, or rather, Microsoft say that, "WP is more profitable" is because the app store and google play store have more free options to choose from and they have a larger user base, therefore, showing as "less profitable". I'm going to ignore the fact that people can sideload (cracked) apps on android.
  • It depends.  For Gameloft, Supercell or Rovio, then the App store and Google Play are likely far more profitable, I say likely cause I don't know for sure.  But if you're just a one man show who can't pay for the visibility the big devs get, then it's actually about the same.  I can't speak for the App Store cause I never developed on it.  But I made a game for the Android and Windows Phone, the windows phone version gets about twice downloads and makes more money.  
  • More market share with them.. :)
  • I'm a dev, usually it's the company's decision and they always go for whatever accounts for most traffic in google analytics. Ie iPhone. With recent developments making an app in wp is becoming so easy! And if they ever but xamarin we might see another big flood.
  • Exactly, it's all driven by Google Analytics.  And I can tell you that Windows Phone is usally less than 1% of traffic on most sites, which is why it gets ignored most of the time.
  • Everyone puts blame on the windows store but we don't think about the developers who choose what they are going to develop for. It's about money and popularity. I look at it the same way I do the Wii/WiiU. If you make decent games for Wii and announce and release them with the other consoles and not half hashed and a year after, people will buy it. I stopped supporting some games just because developers give Wii a watered down version but the price is still high and expect people to buy it. Make good games, people will buy. If developers make good apps for windowsphone the same time as other systems, people will download or purchase them assuming users are into it. A trial is always good. I never download a app without a trial and I'm sure a lot of people won't. You don't loose anything by offering a trial for users to test. Don't make a garbage app like facebook and think you are doing users a favor. Do it right, users will love you for it.
  • Grindr should wake up and come to WP, instagram had no updates... And they call the app a betta?? Didn't improve since realised.
  • Use 6tag. It's a lot better.
  • This is a bit depressing. I'm trying out a Nokia Lumia 822 right now and absolutely love the design language and flow of the OS and apps on WP, and I am encouraged by recent strides in high-profile apps coming to the platform, but there is still a long way to go to be able to stand toe-to-toe with iOS and Android.
  • Agreed
  • While I admit I wish we had the apps that ios has but I'm still sticking to my favorite platform because of the hard working developers and the very informative team at Microsoft also I'm happy that I can still get updates with ALL the features intact
  • Hmm good comparison. But I see no's everywhere. Why wouldn't I? It's WP, the slowly raising platform.(don't know the speed though)
  • Obviously an American article based on the ' can't watch the world cup live ' comment, I'm based in the UK and can stream the games live via the ITV and BBC apps... So.. Up yours. . . . . Perfect viewing on my 1320 Lumia
  • +i8750
  • Americans don't really even watch the world cup lol
  • Wrong again bob Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Flash Sports app allows you to do that
  • Rudy should do 6Kim #dontForgetYourOwnApp
  • Rudy isn't the only dev on WP, what if other devs stop the support for WP. What will you do than? Rudy won't be able to do a shit.
    I like Rudy too, but you guys really need to respect other devs too who work equally hard.
  • Rudy's name is the most used around here hence why so many people know him.
  • You need to chill. A developer won't stop developing for Windows just because I named Rudy. LOL.
  • wow...  those are the top 25 apps on ios?  thats just sad.  so it appears that iphone owners are kids playing games.
  • Exactly.
  • Lol I'm not crazy after all.
  • I like the fact that WP Central is willing to be a bit more balanced and critical of Microsoft when they need a nudge from their loyal userbase (the recent calendar foible being a good example).  Let's put positive pressure on them to make Windows Phone even better.  Of course, I have a strong preference for Windows Phone these days (my Lumia 920 is still amazing a year and a half in).  Nimblebit is probably the game studio that I wish would come to Windows Phone the most from iOS.  Pocket Planes, Pocket Trains, etc. are so much fun. I think Microsoft generally is on the right track however, and right now I am still planning on replacing my 920 with another Windows Phone device when it comes time to put it out to pasture.  The bigger issue for us in Canada though is the lack of availability of higher end Windows Phone handsets.  Neither the 1520 nor the 930 are going to be available here in any form, and it looks like the carriers here really don't want to support Windows Phone at all :-(
  • Nebulaeus... Cant you buy Sim free? Bought my 1520 brand new on Amazon in uk cost £350. Came with Chinese leaflet inside so I guess that's why I paid 200-250 less than price in high street.
  • I'm just waiting for Expansys or OmegaCell to have the 930 available and get it from them. I keep hoping that TELUS will surprise us with the 930 but I'm not holding my breath.
  • I'm with you on that one Nebulaeus. We have two WP phones in the house (L800 and L920). Both phones are up for renewal soon, but unless you buy unlocked in Canada you can't get many of the better WP devices. Carrier support seems to favour the lower tier devices. As for the app situation, yeah it is improving but as an example, you can't get certain banking apps and the mobile sites sometimes don't work the best in mobile IE. Kind of curious as to what this mind-blowing new thing coming to WP will be? It looks like but will happen right around contract end ± a month! Would be nice to see folks talk about WP for something like this for a change.
    Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Saddest WP post.
  • when commenting youtube app lol, HAHA
  • A Kim kardashian app is the 3rd most popular app on iOS? Buhahahahahahahaha
  • Most of the iOS users are bunch of retarded - inbred morons.
  • People like you, who make comments such as this, are an embarrassment to this website. Period. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Hi!
    Even if I come from a country which has a very limited app variety for WP O can honestly day that 85% of the apps in the app liat is in heard of in Sweden. This list must be taken from the USA list or something. I can't even relay to it and I Think måst of EI would agree.
  • Yep It's a US thing. Having to work in the US and UK. The american store has some strange app hits...
  • You must compare and in onather side.
  • Really wish we had flipboard though that's an app I'd like to have
  • Clipboard I pretty nice. I have it on the surface2. If you need news though just use fuse. You can add sources from anywhere. That's where I get all of this windows news from. I rarely use the wpc app since I can get more than one interest with one app.
  • Oh and it's pretty much like pulse news reader which I the only app I used on android.
  • More saddening is that Flipboard is already available for Windows RT
  • Never been an app person. I have been more concerned with the core OS applications and Microsoft services and have been mostly disappointed with things like email client still being unable to attach docs, pdf's and other file formats (especially now that file managers are supported), poor Xbox hub, abysmal music player (almost 4 years to add playlist editing, really?) and of course apps like Skype where WP seems to be an afterthought. Apps are a bonus and most times can be easily substitued with the website.
  • Good article! As a WP devotee, I will never abandon it even with the current app deficiencies. However finding a solution to this problem should be a top priority. My feeling is to keep making all price point devices that are super competitive and have strong selling points. Eventually WP will make enough of a dent in the smartphone market for developers to stand up and notice.
  • Of course we could always keep harassing companies and developers until we make a dent in their poor excuses... O_O
  • Agreed
  • Good article.
  • Piracy = Piracy !!!
  • How about doing the comparison in the other direction?  Kinda curious what that would look like.
  • Still we will lose, because most of the apps on WP are of shit quality.
  • 3 out of 25?! That's official count. And of the 3 I saw in the list those apps are not as robust as the othe ecosystems. The facebook app is terrible. Instagram I guess ok but I don't use it often enuff. I've had the other phones and don't care for the os. I fell in luv with WPOS which 8.1 almost ruined for me.
  • 8.1 is a great happy schizophrenic experience. It's kind of WP and kind of androidish. I can't stop thinking that this update will create some sadness for the old school loyal users.
  • I remember joining the Window Phone Bandwagon in March 2013 with HTC 8X (currently on 925), back then the Window Phone store was a real disaster, but with a lot of patience and hope, but most importantly emailing developers (I email BBC at least once every 3/4 months regarding app situation, they hate me) we are in a decent, not great, but in a satisfied position, and we can only hope for the situation to get better. P.S - BBC has acknowledged Windows Phones being a competitor to stay and will be developing some apps.
  • Good job on harassing. Most people complain but don't do anything about it. I harass square all the time. Still no hope though. Lol I don't really use my personal facebook. I use it for business and the facebook pages manager is good for that. I use 6tag instead of instagram with 3 user accounts. I'm on a 925 too. Wanted the 8x but by the time I went to buy it, they were not available. Had to get a 521 and wait on the 925 to come out. Still wish tmobile had a 1520 though.
  • You got luck not getting 8x, beautiful phone and amazing to hold but the battery life was god awful, even worse than 925 (I am extreme user tho). Personally the only apps I would really like are Tickld, BBC news also improved iPlayer, Flipboard and official YouTube (it's hard to convince people to get a Windows Phone when there is no official YouTube app). 
  • Sonos and runkeeper app are badly missed. Used them all the time when I used iOS. News apps like nu, telegraaf and nos are there but lack functionality compared to there iOS and Android counterparts.
  • WPCentral posted a while back that one of the higher profile Microsoft employees left to take a job at Sonos. Don't remember the name but I'm sure someone does. Maybe it will lead to a WP/Windows 8 app.
  • I truly hope so.
  • As far as watch ESPN. Who cares. My android can't watch half the time. How about a poll of WP apps others don't have. I thing Bing maps is better than Google's anyway. Just my opinion.
  • That's on Android, the iOS version of WatchESPN has favorable reviews and would be a very welcomed addition to my Lumia 1520. I use it on my Surface and other Windows 8.1 machines, but it'd be nice to see it on all my devices.
  • and that's just the top FREE apps
  • Apps given by Mobile nation on Android 1.) Android central
    Available on WS: HAHA
    Alternative: Nope..nope
    2) WP central
    Available on windows phone store: Well gotta give it
    3) imore
    Available on windows phone store: Lol
    Alternative: Sorry
    4) Connectedly
    Available on windows phone store: I'm sorry who are you people again
    Alternative: Puff Are all these apps available on apple app idea.
    Were Android central people given a free WP central app? Most probably yes.
    Were Wp users given a free one before: No Do other WP users like to read News from other communities?
    Hell yes! Are WP users ignored by people who have a separate team running for windows phone?
    No one knows
  • Yeah but the WP Central on Windows Phone is WAAYYYYY better. It can do SOOOO much more.
  • Ohh maybe..I have no idea..never owned an Android, Never wanna.
    But doesn't mean I don't wanna be up to date with news from other least a connectedly app would do for starters :|
  • Does I store has Nokia camera? LOL.. HERE maps???
  • Good point. When my wife navigates from her note 2 while in the car, I want to toss it out the window. Love my camera and so does she. I also love here maps. Travel from Florida to Chicago and California. Even with no reception, offline maps are a must.
  • In places outside 1st world country, Here Maps still leave a lot to be desired. But to be fair, Google Maps is not much better. We're just not worth the effort to do the survey.
  • Just loved the way Sam used Haha for YOUTUBE apps availability great sarcasm
  • Yepp :)
  • The point made in the article about perception and people going where the apps are is a good one. I'm more than happy with my WP and now my bank is on board, I have everything I NEED day-to-day, but it's disheartening to see TV ads etc for apps or products/companies with apps and only the Apple and/or Android store logos at the end. Increasingly, at least here in the UK, the Windows Store logo is appearing, but it's still very scarce in comparison. Great article, btw. Much better to compare the popular apps than just going by pure numbers of apps in each store. There's only a certain amount of malware and fart buttons a man can need...
  • This is a real good article. I'll wait for the "more to come" party specially...
  • With a fully updated Order & Chaos game im okay app wise. Maybe that Simpsons city building game I would be super duper happy, but O&C would do for me. Now I wont complain that I miss the hubs more, oh wait, I just did. :)
  • Stop doing this, not only is it unfair but it is not relevant to the actual experience. Once everyone can get beyond such petty thinking can the markets balance themselves out...iOS is a good 3-4 years older than Windows phone, so to constantly compare stores is like trying to get my brother, of ten years younger, to possibly match my level of maturity. =/
  • Totally agreed +920
  • The part that I like the most in this article is the description of YouTube app :) But yeah, unfortunately there are pretty much apps missing. I used an iPhone 4 few months before I got a 1520, so I don't have any discomfort so far.  
  • With 8.1 bringing a whole lot of new APIs, expect the end of 2014 to be filled with goodies.
  • Where is NHL gamecenter?????!!??!!?? Damn it Belfoire.....
  • I'd also like to see a comparison in the other direction. And I would  like to add to this comparison that: 1. I would leave out the google apps, as they still boycott windows phone and are only not available because google wants it that way. 2.To the Soundcloud downloader apps, i seem to recall we also have quite a few of them. Maybe not from the same developers but, for example, Music+ does about the same as those apps in the iOS store....
  • I don't know but in the last list the only app I really want to have is YouTube and, maybe if have better performance than here maps, Google maps
  • I can live without YouTube. What we need is a video service to compete with YouTube. Then people can be merry with fight videos, cat videos, and whatever else people watch these days.
  • Microsoft still need to work that extra bit harder. Apple Store still sh*ts on Windows Store by default imo; Top charts refresh frequently (unlike windows store when its always Facebook, Whatsapp etc in the top apps), more promotional offers and selections, interface is more smooth, easier to view details and changelogs, and of course, MORE APPS.
  • Honestly there are a few apps here and there I wish I had, like Salesforce for work but thats finally coming :), but I I've used every platform and have been notorious in the past for switching phones 3-5 times a year and WP and now more than ever WP8.1 developer preview has been the only platform to keep me loyal. Every time I try to switch back to iOS or Android yes the apps are there but the experience can't keep me. Whereas with WP the overall experience is so spot on for me that I'm willing to take the app hit. No phone, platform, app store, etc is ever going to be 100% perfect for 100% of the population but for me and the handful of people I've converted once you go Windows Phone its the last you'll ever own. 
  • ^true Windows fan spotted!
  • I'm glad someone agrees it's not all about apps. Experience is key. My kids being able to finally log into websites to get homework done. The android tablets I bought them couldn't accomplish the task. I had to spend double to convert to windows tablets.
  • I agree. The people I've convinced to switch over from Windows Phone back in the UK and now in the US love their Windows Phone.
  • Make a reverse demonstration, what top 25 apps in WP store has in App Store
  • That's coming up on Friday.
  • Rudy started a REALLY NICE thing on his twitter   :D Please Sam, help him with an article.   "Windows Phone users, if you see a website or a service that also forget its OWN app, please tweet them ! #dontForgetYourOwnApp #windowsphone"
  • Nice!
  • What happened to the reverse article on Friday?  I never saw one.  How do you make a list of the top 25 apps?  Would it be the top FREE apps or the top PAID apps?  Maybe the BEST RATED or TOP GROSSING 25 apps?  As for the exclusive Nokia apps, over 90% of Windows Phones are Nokia anyway. Why wouldn't we include them?  I'm sure there are some old iPhones out there that can't run 100% of the apps in their own store. It really irks me to think that people still think that the Windows Phone Store needs to have the same apps as the Apple app store.  iPhone people are 'different'.  They want different kinds of apps (like Kim Kardasian).  Windows Phone Store needs to stop trying to be like the iPhone app store.  Growth in apps is coming along and it's steadily increasing.  We shouldn't grade its success by comparing it to iPhone apps that really shouldn't (and hopefully won't) be in the Store.  That's just my opinion. Still, after all of that, I would like to see the reverse list of apps just to see how pitiful the iPhone apps store would look like against Windows Phone.  At least it would probably prove my point about how silly the comparisons have gotten.  It could also shut a few iPhone users mouths too. :)
  • Good idea. There are a lot of good apps. A lot of people underrate the store. Are people wanting some of these apps just because other people have them or are they going to actually use them. I can't think of one app that android and ios have that I desperately need except square. I found another payment processor I the windows store, until square stops being ridiculous and builds an app.
  • Oops! Didn't see the comment above.
  • Lol kim kardashian!
  • I don't care about numbers of Apps, but I wanna see a quality. And there is a BIG f.cking problem.
  • If that's the top apps in App store, I guess I'm more than happy with Windows Phone Store...
    Kim Karashvhdjxn .... Really?
  • We need to find out at exactly what market share does WP have to be at to get these devs to support us! It may not be a good answer but at least we will have a better Idea of if and when we can actually close the gap but lets be honest to our self's and find out actual % of market share needed to make apps and support them. Seen some reports of future predictions by2018 of 6.5% WP market share, but if devs need at least 10% ......were out of least for about 5- 10 years
  • WP has had around 35% market share in Finland for quite some time now, and companies are just now starting to offer WP-versions of their apps. Games seem to be the most likely ones to be multiplatform.
  • Microsoft store is boring, limited. Apple is where Microsoft keep saying "coming soon in the future" no flipboard on 1020 yet. Galaxy s5 coming up
  • Lets try the other way around.
  • Friday.
  • what needs to happen? well microsoft owns the server/business side of the internet, also the vast majority of real computers(desktops-laptops) they can make they(ios//android) suffer, just by making changes to screw up compatibility with all non-windows phone devices, all in the sake of "keeping updated and secure machines" just like google fucks up microsoft's youtube apps by changing their APIs if microsoft could get the "3 screens 1 cloud" thing right and made windows hardware a very tall walled garden, then, our dear google would have to cooperate or die struggling, and in my opinion, microsoft should do just that, before google does, because they show no reservations on that goal while microsoft keeps doing things peacefully
  • If microsoft decides to do this, people probably will start buying macs and chrome books by the masses, they could however make great functionality happen between wp windows 8/8.1 and maybe even xbox and a future smartwatch
  • sure, the masses are willing to change a ~1.5k computer which has a 3-5 years life cycle, instead of the free phone the carriers gives them every 1 or 2 years, not to mention the computer is there because there is work to do that truly makes sense ;)
  • Forget people, the DOJ, the EU will be so far up  their arses......
  • how about the alternatives of google maps? And what about here maps, that are the real thing with maps and navigation in wp? and the alternative of instagram?
  • Microsoft should offer developers cash to create apps that are in high demand fill the app gap in top 100 apps and games and people will flock to this OS. I love windows phone 8.1 It would be a dream come true if all my fav apps were here.
  • That would be a nice business model, but pipe dreams, I fear.
  • These assholes price themselves out. MS is smart in not paying what I'm sure most want considering that the average life of an app/game is short.
  • WP devs have the best tools, a good sigle dev with visual studio 2013 can develop in a half the time (or less...) a better app than a couple (or more...) of IOS devs.
    Best first and easy move for Microsoft to attract more devs/team on WP could be change royalties form 70% to 80% (as on the Windows Store) ;)
  • Yet again we see: We NEED the Google apps. There's no point in hating Google irrationality. Their services are popular and people like to use them.
    Microsoft should be more pro-active in trying to sway Google to support WP.
  • Really we don t need google services.
  • You might not need them, but many others and potential customers do.
  • Sure. But if you're just mainly focused on the search engine: Bing is better. I got straight A's cause of it. Google gave me no good results. I had a paper halfway done and if I didn't turn it in, I would get a B. The paper involved copying stuff from a textbook. There were no more textbooks in the classroom. I typed the first few sentences on Google and it gave irrelevant results. I typed it on Bing and the first page was the website to the online version of the textbook. Bing has a nicer design and you can turn off the background. You can ask friends on Facebook. You can get free money. Good image results and layout. Bing even gives teachers lesson plans based off of their background image and gives you latest news on homepage.
  • They don't!! Apple got that app game on lock
  • "On iOS, 13 of the top 25 free apps are currently games. None of those chart topping iOS games are available on Windows Phone". And this is exactly why we need Xbox gaming on Windows Phone. As a unique, awesome, and distinguishing feature, it is the only way that Windows Phone can have any leg up on iOS or Android in the gaming realm. #SaveXboxWP folk are the ones who understand that Windows Phone benefits from having a strong catalog of Xbox games. Those naysayers who criticize just don't get it: Windows Phone's app store will never achieve parity with iOS and Android--at least not this decade, anyway--so we'll never get all the newest games at the same time. Look at the list above for evidence of that. This has nothing to do with the cumbersome Xbox certification process because all those games already could be on Windows Phone without Xbox achievements, but they aren't. At least before we had games with Xbox integration to compensate for the app gap. Now, we have neither. Join the cause and save WP by saving Xbox on WP, details here.
  • People shopping for a new phone and are looking for the apps they want couldn't care less about Xbox support. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Speak for yourself. I know lots of people who bought Windows Phones solely for mobile Xbox gaming.
  • I saw nothing there that I would even consider switching platforms for. I am an app guy, but I'm not a "fad" guy. But for those who can't live without the next big thing, be confident: with the way apps have been pouring in on WP, this'll change pretty quickly. :)
  • I miss official Sonos app
  • This list reminded me why I am satisfied with Windows Phone and other people might not be. Of the 25 apps on this list there are only 4-- YouTube, Facebook, Pandora and Spotify-- which interest me at all. I don't play games on my phone, which elimininates most of this list. If someone wants the latest games they probably want an iPhone.
  • Unless they want Xbox games, in which case they would've gotten an Windows Phone.
  • I think the biggest thing is the games that are hot only for a short while. WP never gets these games and Android and iPhone has them. That's what we need to be able to compete. My wife has guess the emoji on her iPhone my brother has it on his Android. I don't. In the past year this had been the common occurrence and this is why non wp users think that we don't have any apps. Even if they are stupid and childish, so is the audience that at buying these phones. Cater to all
  • Allow WP users to install android apps and this problem is solved in zero time. WP users may throw a tandrum at the idea but let's face it guys, the situation above isn't going ot change unless drastic measures are taken. And while I personaly vote to fire Joe B. And Terry M. and replace them with younger hungier leadership who will not take 18 moths to deliver a buggy update, it seem Satya wants to give them one last shot. Ultimately I predict Joe B and Terry M will get booted because they are basically responsible for the worse train reck in the history of MSFT mobile platforms: windows phone. Basically they had a shot in 2011 and they blew it by not doing everythign they are trying to back-pedal on.
  • Here's the thing: If you need your phone to just cover the basics and look good while doing it, then WP is great. No hiccups, no strange errors, VERY few crashes (I'm looking at you Android) and pretty cost conscious, considering that I got my 8x off contract for less than 200 dollars. Obviously there are some apps that I look at on the App Store for iOS which I would love to have, and my commitment to WP is wavering a little. Cortana is a great feature which I use sporadically (mainly in the car), Here Drive is a KILLER feature which I can't believe isn't pushed more, especially the offline maps. But here's the problem: It's not the lack of apps, it's the fact that the apps we DO have, in a word, suck. They're usually third party apps with intrusive advertising, not fully featured (the Spotify situation bugs me to NO end since there's no apparent reason for not updating our app), and just plain bad. Microsoft needs to court developers but at the same time make it easier for developers to work with the platform, because if you compare it to Windows 8, the apps ARE there, they just don't trickle down to the phone form factor. That needs to change.
  • Lol the apps on Android are worse. They crash and give a Google Illegal message all the time. Also considering the fact that they have viruses, too. At least apps are on banners on WP and don't pop-up and disrupt what you're doing like on Android. Anways, iOS apps look too childish.
  • But they're there! The thing that Android got RIGHT was making adaptive form factors for apps so an app for Android works on all screen sizes. That is something that needs to be done between Windows Phone and Windows 8 but in reverse. Apps are being written for the Windows 8 marketplace all the time but for the larger form factor. With smaller and smaller tablets and larger and larger phones (compare a 1520 to an ASUS 8 inch tablet), the coding should be the same! The dream would be to have developers write 1 app. Just 1. For any and every device running windows, and the platform should be smart enough to adapt it to you.
  • How about the top WP apps or just games? There are excellent XBox games available, are those available for iOS or Android?
  • This guy gets it! Xbox games on WP dominate the download list of Windows Phone. And you know what? They're unique to Windows Phone. Most of the Top 25 apps downloaded on iOS are games, and Windows Phone has a unique feature (Xbox) that iOS doesn't have. This is why Xbox gaming on WP is so important and must be saved: #SaveXboxWP, baby.
  • The iPhone is for kids and women. Practically all the women I know have 1 and they don't play games on their phones but their kids do..
  • iPhone is pretty much the only phone that offers a simple, high end user experience on a 4" screen.
  • Google search is available, and yes it is published by Google Inc.
  • Ugh Bing is better. I got straight A's cause of it. Google gave me no good results. I had a paper halfway done and if I didn't turn it in, I would get a B. The paper involved copying stuff from a textbook. There were no more textbooks in the classroom. I typed the first few sentences on Google and it gave irrelevant results. I typed it on Bing and the first page was the website to the online version of the textbook. Bing has a nicer design and you can turn off the background. You can ask friends on Facebook. You can get free money. Good image results and layout. Bing even gives teachers lesson plans based off of their background image and gives you latest news on homepage.
  • Yes. Google lives on that.
  • I do not need more than 50% apps and the world is still spinning.
  • I'm happy with the apps I have on WindowsPhone. I can run my business which is the most important thing. Quantity of apps don't really matter since half of them just take up space on your phone. For you soccer or sports fans in general, the only app you need is flash videos and flash video. It comes as a free trial and is $5 for full version.. Flash videos lets you watch and download any tv show or movie. You can also watch cable channels like ShowTime and hbo. It's so good that I really shouldn't be putting it on here. Flash video will give you access to tv shows and sports. Live sports. I live in Florida and I don't pay for tv. This app let's me watch every chicago bulls and Chicago bears game on my phone. I watched/listened to the superbowl on my phone from the car. The quality is pretty good too. Ios and android will not let you watch every live sport including other countries unless you have a app that is subscribed to some type of cable service.
  • I really don't care for most apps on iOS and Android. Windows Phone has them apps that I need. Do I really care about Kardashians? No.
  • 2. True Skate - WP Alternative's Closet Skateboarding Games we have to this is Mike V: Skateboard Party Lite or SkateBoard Party 2 Lite while not the same style has True Skate, it is skateboarding afterall.
  • One good news. A popular rebel twins game will be available on windows phone next month.
  • We need more serious hardware the only phone my non wp using friends would ever want is the lumia 930, but even that one has it's disadvantages. We need htc, huawei and samsung to make their great android hardware run wp. That would attract some customers. And as long as microsoft keeps giving other platforms and us wp users more and better service, i, a eu user, feel like i'm seen as a lesser client that isn't important to them, something i,don't like.
  • And if the browser would get better it could do wonders
  • It's clear that Microsoft has a strategy very different from apple and google. Google don't release its apps for WP, while Ms makes office and remote desktop apps for android and ios even before WP.
    For us who already use WP for years (mine since HD7), I simple don't miss anything but the things the own Ms remove from the system like the fantastic facebook integration we don't have more on 8.1. Things like this was used to make the difference in favor of windows phone but they simply disappear. Even though, I still believe in the Ms strategy to get there and in all its money to spend in the process during this long wait.
  • I don't really know the bottom line of this comparison, Windows Phone is still developing and I'm loving it, official apps are gradually getting on board even in beta form. I don't see any app that I need more on Windows Phone that isn't available yet, I just pity the Apple and Android fanboys that may not get their beloved apps.
  • If anyone will switch to other platform, They would miss MS powerful support... Hahaha
  • So we don't have as many lame games. Fine with me.
  • Yeah, we're totally missing out on the Kim Kardashian game. How will we ever live!lol
  • I'll be waiting for the Lumia McLaren and if it doesn't impress me I'll be getting a iPhone 6 now that they have 3rd party keyboards and bigger screen there's no reason I should keep being guinea pig for MS.
  • Are you sure? iPhone has very little innovation. It's been out before Android and just now it's getting those features. You'll be stuck with an iPhone if McLaren doesn't impress you and then Windows Phone will surpass.
  • Available for Windows Phone: HAHA
  • Guys, lets be honest. We are still very behind, and we might have SOME of the major apps, having 3rd party ones, or the official ones come later, but whenever something new comes out, we usually never get it before a year of its release on IOS and Android.
  • Yes right. We get it when heat is over.
  • Who cares; we have Bing predictions for world cup :p...frankly speaking m not a kardashian fan m happy for what m getting.... Moreover windows phone os is still young so i believe one day we'll also have a good developers support...
  • All i read was no no no no no...
  • And out of that list of missing apps, WatchESPN is the only one that matters to me. Most of the other apps are just apps for the sake of having apps. I mean really Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?
  • Rudy started a REALLY NICE thing on his twitter   :D Please Sam, help him with an article.   "Windows Phone users, if you see a website or a service that also forget its OWN app, please tweet them ! #dontForgetYourOwnApp #windowsphone"   "Hello @Facebook, have you forget your own #windowsphone app link? only ios and android... #dontForgetYourOwnApp"
  • All WP users should support this move!
  • So lets all forget the horde of official and 1st party apps we have just received, and start moaning about the lack of official apps /s
  • I can't agree with this store story. I for an instance don't play much games neither I need 100 top applications so that I can say my phone rocks.
    I bought my Lumia because it was cheap and better then all droids in its price range.
    Don't get me wrong I agree that other stores are better then marketplace, but saying one platform is old because of games damn you missed the point of a smartphone. And to the guy who referred to lumia1520 as old which iPhone comparing to it is "new"? :)
  • I really don't care so much about all these high quality apps published by official side. All you seems to forget that there is another groups of apps that are (still) missing in windows phone store: apps for special purposes or of just local interest! just to give you some examples: the daily newspaper of my region doesn't have an app in wp store; also i am suffering that Panasonic doesn't published their remote app for wp. 
  • Its still enough for me. My 920 (2012) still takes pictures that surprise both me and non WP iPhone 5s users. I play games that make others search for the same games on the IOS store (which are NOT as good on ios-they cost more.) namely Survival craft, Jet Car for WP, and Total Defense 3D. Screen size also makes a difference. 4.5 vs 4.
    Also, I have a powerful printing app (HP Aio remote) that is just as or more powerful than IOS native printing.
    Another are the HEREs. If my family needs a great navigation app,(the rest of my family is iOS) they fall back on my superior HERE Drive. With 8.1, my iOS friends will probably be jealous of Cortana, and I am looking forward to all the new features.
    Meanwhile, my JBL wireless speakers with NFC, Bluetooth, and wireless charging make my 920 even better.
    Finally, the GDRs+Nokia updates have made my 920's battery last all day, and the battery has improved over time.
    Don't forget glance and super sensitive touch. I also have all the apps I need, including mixradio, to which there is no alternative on iOS so far as I know. Edit: whoops, meant this as a response to dzdj.
  • Sorry to say apple store and google play store is better. Windows need to catch up.
  • Whenever I use youtube, my browser mostly start flickering and error of code follows. Anybody know why?
  • To be fair, most of these apps are useless fads that will disappear soon. It's more or less of a good thing that they are not on Windows Phone - we're not tainted by teenage time-wasters.
  • True skate and the infinity blades are the only official games I think we still need. No more free/IAPs
  • Sorry to say but I switched from a iPhone to a Nokia 920.  While I love my new phone I *hate* the Windows app store.  It is utter garbage.  I have come to loathe it so much that I never bother downloading any apps at all unless I just cannot live without (Waze comes to mind).  I cannot believe how many apps out there for WP are not even made by their parent company or simply not made at all.  The simple lack of apps is appaling in our current mobile status. I still snag app after app for my iPad Air and it is a joy to puruse the Apple App Store. Funny enough I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro this week hoping to tie together my Windows 8.1 laptop, my phone and then this tablet.  Sadly the DV8P suffers from MASSIVE battery drain due to this Conencted Standby "feature" (more like a bug).  After about an hour of playing around and two nights worth of having to recharge due to battery drain I took the thing back.  I'm sure though had that device worked out I may have started using the Windows app store more, too bad.
  • Well, I'm missing bone of these games because I got a xbox for a reason. And there are already enough games that are fun on the go like Hypernaut. I do miss SoundCloud a bit since those alternatives always have something missing. Soundrivin' is my favourite at the moment, but it still is a bit slow and buggy. Audiocloud has no continuous play and that's a no-go for me.
  • Of the top 10 in the iOS store, I've hears about 2 or 3. Seriously, if those apps are the top most popular apps on iOS then that says something about its users.
  • Www what is the main issue here? This article just filled a free space and the comparisons of stores are not even worth doing as windows phone slowly is gaining ground compared to iPhones that have been out for sometime. I've seen alot of apps there were only available for iPhone now present in windows. Of I could rate this article I will give it 1 point as poor.
  • Hmph. Well one thing that he didn't say is that Windows Phone is missing viruses.
  • +Android 4.3
  • I've been using Windows Phone since the 920 came out and everything keeps getting better. I'm enjoying seeing more and more companies coming to Windows Phone. I do think the store is behind but it is so much better than it was. I'm fine. My biggest gripe is I want a better phone on AT&T. My Lumia 920 is starting to feel dated.
  • What color?
  • Red.
  • I'd really like Uber. That one is killing me
  • The difference between the two stores is Microsoft can only become better.
    What is wrong with Microsoft is Xbox..and making it the defacto music and video player.
    They will never be able to catch up to iTunes,not in numbers or Quality. Why...they don't know how to with their current policy.
    Separate them from the os completely,not just in name sake...allow real development for apps to take place..go after WinAmp and buy the company...bring out and develop new video codex like MX player that can handle all video..partner with as many movie studios as possible..
    Apples strengths is in giving it's customer base what it wants,and has done so since it's inception,and not just told folks to wait till next time like Microsoft always has.
    The potential is there to become a real force,but the leadership has to change directions and soon before they loose whatever momentum they had.
  • Yeah, support of FLAC or MKV wouldn't do any harm! Another point that many of you might not be aware: Windows products destroy all the metadata in mp3 that it can't read (TXXX-frames). One evil bug that MS is aware but didn't want to change in last years.
  • Also Steam. I'd LOVE Steam
  • I second this.
  • Yes..Steam too
  • 1. How about comparing the top 25 of the Windows Phone Store vs the Apple iOS store? I bet some, if not a lot, are missing in the iOS store. 2. Why compare to the Apple iOS Store when Google Play has a lot of more users. iOS may be big in the US, but compared to the world Android is dominating and iOS faaaaaaar behind. It's not even a race anymore. Here in the Netherlands it's allreadt Android first. Like the countries biggest child news has an app for Android but not for iOS. Marketshare of iOS is completely different compared to the rest of the World (maybe except for Japan) So WPCentral better compare Windows Phone Store vs Google Play Store. Makes a lot more sense.
  • HERE vs iMaps vs GMaps.
  • Let me note one thing that must be missing in the App Store or Google Play : Halo Spartan Assault (with xbox)!
  • Because ios is where the revenue is, there are more android phones but each user is less than a quarter ARPU than an ios user.
  • To actually answer your question Sam, MS needs to build a better OS in order to get people to come over. So far they have not done that. It was/is beautiful and unique but is still lacking the same functionality as the other platforms.
  • I am SO sick of people claiming an app gap mostly because they don't count all the third-party alternatives, which are usually BETTER than the "official" apps.  Also, I am tired of people counting GAMES.  Those are purely temporary and most people don't keep them on the devices for any length of time. 
  • Even tho i think there are way more quality apps in the app store, this comparison is unfair, you should've added the WP apps that are not avaliable for iOS like Files or Cortana or Nokia radio. iOS isn't the source of all apps haha.
  • Files isn't available for WP officially yet, at least not for the US consumer market which is what this article is targeting ;) Siri and iTunes radio are alternatives for the others, and first party as well.
  • Not too thoroughly impressed by the 25 from the app store in all honesty...
  • I feel your pain
  • Numbers 7 19 20 22 are regional exclusives so they really shouldnt be listed
  • Hey Sam and all the other editors at wpc. Games is the easiest thing for Microsoft to remedy, they've got games studies but no killer first party games on w and WP. If there are any it's few and far
  • Hmmm, let me think. No comment.
  • Well SAM guess you missed something!
    There is an alternative for WatchESPN, it's "FLASH SPORTS", it offers streaming live sports through various channels in it and covers most of the sports live in it.
    Well personally speaking I watched a full FIFA world cup game live in it and it was quite good!
    It offers 10 days of free subscription, after that user should spend few bucks to renew the subscription!
  • I'm a dev, usually it's the company's decision and they always go for whatever accounts for most traffic in google analytics. Ie iPhone. With recent developments making an app in wp is becoming so easy! And if they ever buy xamarin we might see another big flood.
  • I used to want Jurassic Park Builder and Viggle, but I'm not sure I want them anymore. I would love a way (an app if need be) to watch Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and ESPN on my phone. I might browse the Cartwheel app from time to time, but I honestly don't feel like I'm missing anything on Windows Phone. I'm happy with the Windows Phone OS and my (cyan) Lumia 920.
  • Office is built in, and Nokia hardware is the greatest...I'm staying here
  • Seriously! I'm missing nothing from that list...
  • Don't really see the point of this considering most of the top apps are games. Games are a bad marker of parity since a fair amount of devs choose to only work on one device, usually ios, for the sake of recouping their investment.
  • You keep saying Microsoft has to do something about this. But in all honesty, what are they supposed to do? I don't think paying the developers is a good idea because I'm willing to bet most of them are going to try to price themselves way higher than what they are really worth.
    So what are they supposed to do?
  • Thank you for saying this. They can only do so much to encourage development through tools, resources, and expertise. With the introduction of 8.1 and the convergence of platforms around app-X, no other platform can compare. Consumers are fickle. Those who have vision use the resources available to them to create something profound. There was a time when developers actually cared about that. These days, they expect it to be spoon fed to them. Before long, the only developers that exist will be those that are automating code development. Even worse, smart phones have effectively hobbled Internet standards. "Native" coded apps are preferred over HTML5 for some reason. But for every native coded app that is developed, the buying public has less choice, more lock-in and less money in their pocket. Fortunately, lock-in ecosystems are not inherently sustainable. Those who embrace cross platform standards will usually win. Right now, Microsoft is the only one who has ubiquitous assets but time will tell. Meanwhile, if you think Windows Phone should have more apps or better apps, you can actually do something about it. Contact developers, contact companies you do business with or learn how to code and do it yourself. Whining about it is just pathetic.
  • Let us also not forget that a developer needs to have a contractual agreement with a company to produce and official app for them.  As such, it's not as though anyone can just create official apps on demand, and I wouldn't be surprised if Google and Apple were paying some of the top devs to NOT produce apps for other platforms to help them retain exclusivity.  It's a common business practice to try to limit your competition's resources.
  • This is very true.
  • I've been wondering this about google and apple for a while now. It's way too easy to develop for WP at this point, and MS is actively seeking these guys to do it. There's really no reason not to do it unless you have an agenda (trying to use you app to sway OS sales), are being paid not to, or simply don't have a clue how to do it... and if that's the case calling you a developer is a bit lofty.
  • I'd like to start by saying I love iOS... That said, looking at a few of the top apps, I have to wonder if a lot of their members suffer from mental shortcomings.
  • I want offical UBER app!
  • I can say I gave windows phone an honest try, I did. I'm trading my Lumia 1520 for a nexus 5 though, I'd rather have crappy apps and jailed ecosystems separated out into two devices rather than on one giant one
  • U only miss what u know. Ignorance, they say, is bliss. I have absolute peace:)
  • Bbm
  • Anyone who lets availability of a Kim Kardashian app determine their choice of smartphone richly deserves to be ridiculed.
  • Overall I am very happy with all app I used daily, and trust me I never used IOS or android and I find WP very satisfactory to me, maybe the only app that would be good is more banks like union bank, capital one, but overall is enough for my daily used
  • I think a major issue with WP development is many of the potential developers are busy with their day jobs creating LOB applications with Visual Studio so when they do have any extra time they probably are looking at a couple of things 1) getting away from the VS IDE for a few - although it is a nice platform. A good way to keep skills & develop new ones is to try something else 2) bang/buck. If you are looking from a pure revenue standpoint, you develop for IOS and Android. Create a stupid ad-revenue game and chances are you'll break even. Universal apps and Xamarin might help a bit here Having said that - I feel (biased gut feeling) that the potential to develop great looking & creative/functional apps for WP8+ is better than the other platforms  
  • Wow. That was an unbelievably intelligent and informed write up. I don't know if its true but for a moment, I felt like I was in my happy place when you mentioned VS, universal apps and Xamarin.
  • Hmm... I am not missing any app. What's wrong? Maybe I have all I need in my Windows Phone?
  • I have an honest suggestion Sam and Daniel. If/when you do the other side of this article can you also speak on the real reasons developers haven't been coming to WP? I hear the whole market share thing all the time, and I really don't buy it. Anybody that is trying to make money is willing to get their product into more hands. Period. Developing for WP is really easy, not sure how easy compared to the other OS's, but I've read that it's definitely easier than ios.
    So as much as you all (maybe rightfully so) call on Microsoft to do something about the "app gap" (a new term I hate... almost as much as phablet) why not call out the developers and their possible agendas.
    And while you're at it, why not shine some real light on the mobile community as a whole.   Just my $0.02
  • The market share argument comes from their competitors not developers.
  • One other thing. Most developers are idealists for the lack of a better term. They are also creatures of habit and many of them are inherently lazy. They don't necessarily want to learn new tools even if they are using a language that they know. They also tend to be locked in as a developer for X platform. Ultimately, they will but as it is, if you develop for iOS, you are in demand. Some may have a personal agenda based on perception but income is a stronger motivation than idealism. It is telling that many iOS developers transitioned from web development.
  • See, I have been assuming all of this. I just want to know what people who are "in the know" have to say.
  • I'm basing my assertions on the developers that we have for iOS throughout the country. They are a bunch of prima donna's that are raking it in. But they are also more common than they used to be. Conversely, finding a solid SharePoint developer is like trying to find a three headed unicorn. If you have SharePoint, CRM, and SalesForce, you can probably name your price. I'm a technical solutions architect working with a national consulting services company. We are a premiere Microsoft partner but we are also a partner with Apple, SalesForce, Amazon, etc... We make a boat load of money from mobility but that is a drop in the bucket in comparison to how lucrative the Microsoft practice is. Around a year and a half ago, Microsoft reached out to me as a representative for Windows 8 and asked if we could work with Delta Airlines for a proof of concept. Naturally, I lit up all of our resources to try to get in on it but our development team dropped the ball and didn't follow through. Since then, it has turned into a huge deployment for RT and Windows Phone 8 that would have included alot of press. Point is, our developers were mum on it and they seemed to be timid about ramping up on the platform. I bring this up regularly as an example for stupidity with my director. That may or may not mean that I'm in the know but I would qualify my experience as contextually relevant.
  • See, this is the type of input the WP community needs. There is so much conjecture, and subjective "opinion" floating around, which are typically based on and driven by whatever rag article they like to read most. The part about the ios developers being prima donna's... wow, instagram, anyone...??
  • I would like to say that is limited to the iOS developers but its not. Talking about prima donna's though, I was working with a very well known video streaming company and their parent company out of the silicon valley. We were helping them perform a domain migration a couple of years after they were acquired. With an NDA being what it is, I am not able to talk about who they are but I can tell you that many of the write up's about silicon valley perks are spot on. Naturally, they were all developers or engineers. In-house Starbucks, café and all free. The general attitude was that we should be grateful to help them. On the contrary, it was miserable. They showed me a whole new definition for inefficient. Their licensing model was nothing short of wasteful. They were pissing money down the drain. In any case, this is one example for how detached from reality they are. But they are also really terrible at managing their infrastructure and I don't think I saw a single licensed copy of Windows or Server in the streaming company. The parent company probably has north of 1 million seats FTW. Many of those who are driving this industry live in a bubble. Redmond and the valley have a long history of not seeing eye to eye. BUILD definitely had an impact on bridging the gap though.
  • HAHAHA! Dude, I know. I've been working in and around the Silicon Valley for a while. I've seen companys grow, blwo up and crumble. You are spot on. 
  • iOS apps follows trends that go as quickly as they come so when an app or game doesn't come to our platform, I'm completely indifferent about it. Flappy Bird was one such game that I just didn't get why it was so huge. I'd rather apps and games that I'm going to keep on my phone and return to again and again. I want great experiences that last, now, when are Twitter gonna update their fucking app?
  • And who wants to play games or watch tv with phone anyway? With this tiny screen? Please...
  • I think if you really want Google apps on your phone that you should just rule out WindowsPhone, because Google doesn't seem like they will end this petty exclusion anytime soon.
  • I could almost say I'm missing a offical Youtube app, but the official Youtube app on iOS is a P.O.S, it doesn't use the native UI of iOS at all (like all the Google apps). But MetroTube is so good, and sticks to "the Metro way" so well, that I don't miss a offical app. So apart from that, I mainly miss banking apps.
  • There are 3 apps in particular that I truly want to see come to the Windows App store. Those apps are Starbucks, USSSA and iScore. The later 2 because my son plays travel baseball and the first helps me see who is playing in what tournaments and the second so that I can score his team as they are playing. For those two apps I have to run an android emulator on my Dell Venue 11 Pro.
  • Perfect example of what I mean by lazy. Not sure if it's still available, but the "official" Starbucks app was released in Mexico... but not in the US.  Make sense out of that shit. 
  • You could look at it from another perspective. Try looking at the top 25 in the Windows Phone Store and see if its also in the iOS App Store. That would really be interesting.
  • We were thinking alike! :)
  • Yeah.. Agreed with you
  • The top 25 of Windows Phone consists of knock-offs, rip offs of popular apps or unofficial third party apps. Trust me, you're not going to find any such thing on iOS.
  • Hey, don't we have apps that they can't get? Halo comes to mind. Fhotoroom. Insteon? Disqus? Fantasia Painter. Fresh Paint. All the Nokia/Here apps. One Love. I can't think of anymore off the top of my head because I don't spend too much time in comparison mode.
  • This one's for Youtube. It was because Google and Microsoft have issues. Official Youtube app was pulled away from Windows Store. But we have great apps from the community of developers dedicated to release 3rd party apps for Windows platform. Kudos to you guys.
  • apple store still has better apps than windows store. Windows store has bad quality apps these days whit no purpose just a reason to rase the app count numbers
  • For me, the only apps missing are banking apps (TD, specifically, but they've announced it's coming) and some specialty apps. There's nothing missing that is a show stopper for me, though... The store, for many, remains the weak point in the platform and continued effort in this area by MS is definitely required.
  • Ditto.  Of the six banks / investment firms I use, the only one with a WP app is E*TRADE.  These aren't small, regional banks either, and all six of them have both iOS and Android apps.  Trudging through their mobile sites is a kludgy workaround and poor UX compared to native apps.
  • Google-shmoogle.... Google sucks.
  • We need Grindr!
  • They don't.
  • I find comparisons structured like this are flawed.  It compares one subject against another as though the one it is being compared to is the default standard -bearer.  Just because something is in the top 25 on iPhone does not mean they are the top 25 apps in general.  Structuring the comparison this way is like comparing one person against another based on the other person's best traits.  What of the traits that the first person has that the chosen default standard-bearer does not?  We leave those largely out of the picture in this type of comparison.  That is like saying that a BMW in inferior to a Lexus because the BMW doesn't get as great of fuel ecomnomy or has longer braking distances than the Lexus.  It's misleading and doesn't tell the whole story. Secondly, I and others have often found that we frequently enough prefer third party apps over official ones.  Just because an app is "official" does not make it the best choice.  And in a comparison stating that Windows Phone has third-party alternatives as though that is somehow an inferior option is misleading and unfair.  Iphone and it's ecosystem or no more the best choice for everyone than any one car is the best choice for everyone.  I have a household income in the 6 figures.  I could afford to go out and buy just about any new car I wanted.  But I drive a 16 year old Jeep Cherokee.  Why?  Because I love it and it is the best fot for me. Lastly, for those bitching about the fact that there hasn't been a new Windows Phone released in months, keep in mind that with iPhone, you get new hardware every 1 year +.  The very fact that, until recently, you had only one current choice with iPhone, and typically at least 4 or 5 choices with Windows Phone should shut that complaint down.  Sure, it would be great if we could get a new flagship device every 6 months, but with as much bitching as goes on with every little stinking flaw, I would imagine that they are in no hurry to rush things out.  Many of you would be on here groaning "not ready for prime time" at the first hint that your first-world sense of entitlement had been inconvenienced. I work in IT, thus I have a pretty good sense of the ENORMOUS complexity involved in prducing technology products.  I have a ridiculous amount of technology I work with on a daily basis.  I also have a half a dozen tablets, laptops, and computers in my personal home ranging from low-end netbooks, to high-end 8-core PCs, to my Surafce Pro,to a 7 terabyte home theater PC.  I find that my nearly 2 year old Lumia 920 still holds it's own rather well against all but the most recent of competitors.  Part of that is due to the fact I'm running 8.1, but still...   I also have a 1020, but don't use it as often due to the bulk, and I don't need 40MP shots of most things I encounter daily.
  • Seriously, +920
  • Yup. That pretty much covers it.
  • As an ex iphone and present ipad and macbook pro user I can say that I miss apps like computer arts, paper, marvel, behance...there are so many nice apps in the app store. People who say that app store sucks, they dont know nothing about the app store. I love my lumia 925, but I cant understand how smart phone like wp can not offer the basic functions that android and ios has. first problem that i have with wp 8, contact, calendar and mail sync with gmail. I was not able to sync the data because my contacts have images? so i bought gcontacts, metromail and cal. these apps made their job good, but laggy a bit. when i tried internet sharing... disaster..."internet sharing isnt available". then i installed wp8.1. things were lightly better. just some problems that in contact list sometimes on some contacs their email was dissapearing, in calendar I can see events for only 3-4 months in the future, but I can not see events from the past, and only one event in live tile. in my gmail account i have several email addresses that im using for work, so in the core email app I can not choose from which email I can send email. thats why im using metromail. I have never had problems like this with android, ios or osx. If google is not interested in gmail app for wp, then microsoft, damn you, fix these basic functions. we can not dump our gmail, yahoo or whatever accounts. and fix battery draining, and give more core access to the developers, and give us global updates, atleast for unlocked phones like mine. i hope that things will be better, if not lumia until october 2014. I realy love the lumia design, but what can I do, i need fully functional smartphone, im not interested in games, only badland, that for my luck is in the wp app store:)
    sorry for my bad english
  • So...  You're using a Macbook Pro, and a WP Lumia 925, and trying to get them to sync through gmail, and you wonder why you're having issues? Do you have Outlook on your Mac?  If so, see if there is an Outlook Hotmail connector for Outlook and use that to sync your contacts and calendar.  Or, just get a Microsoft account and use and SkyDrive to keep everyuthing in sync.  I do believe there is a SkyDrive app for Macs.  I alsways try to leave Google products alone.  They have such a disturbing history of privacy vioolatiosn that I've stopped using all fo their products, and I haven't missed them.  
  • Well not for nothing but IOS can keep there teeny boppers and the kardashian app. How its even in the top 25 is beyond me. Let alone number 3.
  • Here in the Netherlands we can watch the FIFA world cup with the official NOS app. (The official news channel here)
  • First off, excellent article by Sam Sabri! A few well placed bits of humor mixed into some solid analysis. Secondly, I was expecting the comments to be filled with more of the same tired, old Microsoft bashing, and I was pleasantly surprised. Possibly Windows Phone's weakest selling point, the Window's Phone Store, and the majority of users are defending it. Here, HERE! (Nokia pun, get it?) Anyway, I found it funny that the majority of Microsoft bashing in this comments had nothing to do with this article. We get it, you hate Xbox Music, they never should've messed with Windows Phone 7, give me back Zune!!! Harsh reality is, had they stuck with the model that you hold so dear, Windows Phone would be in the trash right now, right next to all those Zune players that no one bought (For the record, I DID buy one.) As for my personal thoughts on the Windows Phone Store, it's Windows Phone's weakest selling point, like I said. It's always the first con I mention when describing my Windows Phone to others. I started using the Nokia Lumia 920 shortly after it was introduced, and now use an HTC 8XT (I also had an iPhone 5 in between the two. Prior to that, I used primarily android phones.) I do have to say that I'm fairly happy with where the store is at now. When it comes to main staples in the smartphone world, I think Windows Phone has most bases covered, others will hopefully come in time. Like Sam explained, it's just hard for some companies and/or developers to justify putting money into apps that won't add to their bottom line anywhere in the near future. My only major gripe would be with ESPN's presence or lack thereof on Windows Phone. Microsoft has what appears to be a pretty extensive partnership with ESPN when it comes to Windows 8, yet on the Windows Phone app (or at least one of them,) they have advertisements for their Scorecenter app which isn't even available on the platform they're advertising on. I'm no expert, but that just seams like a heaping mess of bad business. Regardless, the bottom line is that if you want more from your Windows Phone, stop badmouthing your Windows Phone! Especially, if you have Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. Guess what? Until your provider issues their own OTA update, you do not have the final version for your specific model of phone. Switch now, or forever hold your peace. If you want it to get better, start selling the $#!+ out of your Windows Phones. You don't have to hide the negatives, but focus on the positives. If you honestly can't find anything positive about Windows Phone, you should probably just throw it in the trash and get yourself a $10 prepaid flip-phone because you will never find a smartphone that makes you happy. Actually, I'm not even sure why you're even on this site, or the internet period. You should probably be on your Apple II computer running all your programs through floppy disks, and not the hard floppy disks, the floppy disks that were actually floppy. Enjoy playing Snake Byte for the rest of your miserable life, you horrible, horrible person. Ok, that last part may have been a bit harsh, but hopefully I got my point across. Seriously though, stop whining. Also, no Kim Kardashian apps. Please and thank you.
  • I never thought that Sam Sabri is so funny, hehe
  • The app situation is crappy compared to IOS but it's not all about apps all the time. I like WP because of things like the way the keyboard looks/works/sounds and the calender (when it's working). And the voice commands which actually understand what I am saying and the notification noises etc. I like it because it is great at being a phone and decent at being a camera. If I was really hankering after natty apps I would buy an iPad and then woah! I would have the phone I like AND access to Apple stuff AT THE SAME TIME! :-D
  • Apps I care about that are missing: WoW Armory. I think that's about it. And more games in general. Plants vs. Zombies 2?
  • What windows phone needs are more things like dky go and bt sport in the uk,everyone i know has these
  • Joe belfiore really needs to focus on developing the windows phone market. I honestly think Microsoft is not making a good enough effort in improving games in the app store. Some developers simply don't want to develop apps for windows phone. So that's where micorosft comes in and use game studios like turn 10 to create games like forza for windows phone or use black tusk and 343 studios to give us gears of war and halo 2 to play on our lumias and ativ s. When these games eventually pull in more wp users the rest of app developers will fall in, but the biggest effort has to come from Microsoft.
  • We need SoundCloud official app :(
  • I have dropbox on my 1520
  • Windows serious has a long way to go. But they've made serious strides, serves must be noticing by now.
  • Odd... You said you'd try to offer alternatives for the missing apps, but didn't. Two of the top six apps are flukes due to world cup coverage. Three have great 3rd party alternatives. Of those three there is nothing MS can do on two, they are Google apps. Only WatchESPN has no alternative.......but not everyone depends on ESPN. Rather poor article that I'd expect to see on an Apple fan boy site.
  • Sad. Very sad. Microsoft, we DON'T need, ALL apps on iOS appstore to be presented on WP store too. But, we JUST NEED top 1000 apps on iOS are available on WPstore too.
    Btw Sam, i like the availability of YouTube on wp store. HAHA
  • Actually I have 2 apps to watch World Cup here in Finland.
  • i have no problem with MS app Store, granted Apple and Google have tons more but MS has more than what i need. i can only say that( no disrespect to anyone else) my phone is not my life, i have a job, family & friends, there are times there r aps thati want but the ones i look for are not that important or i have access to online. ofcourse thats for me, it not that serious most ppl on Apple and Google doneven use their phone at its full potential they only get it cause someone else has it. having a million app mean nothing cause u cant install a million apps and most ppl dont use their apps literally everyday (imo). missing apps isnt that big a deal for me cause the phone is not my life (no disrespect to anyone else), i rather look up and see life, but then thats me
  • Watch ESPN does have an alternative it's Flash Sports, its not the best looking app but its really good. Been watching world cup, watched NHL playoffs on it several times and it has all the MLB you can ask for
  • A few of these apps are available on windows 8 but not windows phone, underscoring the importance of universal apps WatchESPN
    Yahoo Mail
    Fitbit Are all on Windows 8.
  • Although there is no watchESPN, I have been using Flash Sports to watch live World Cup 2014 streaming. It works very nicely. In fact, you can practically watch so many live streaming of different kinds of sport.
  • I don't use any of those apps listed and haven't heard of most of them. As long as I've got a good Twitter client (or Twittter) and a decent web browser them I'm happy. If I wanted to waste my day with a toy, I'd pick Android or iOS. There's a reason I use a Lumia 920 and a BlackBerry Q10 - productivity.  
  • It's plain and simple, get your worldwide market share to double figures...
  • Based on recent statistics where WP retreated to nearly 0% in China and lost half its share in the U.S., I can't see double digits being realistic for the platform within the next five years. If WP can hit 6-8% global share by, say, 2017, that would be an overachievement.
  • Official Twitch tv
    Twitch tv
    Twitch tv oh yeah uh
    Twitch tv dam how its Xbox one but not on the phones it amazes me for real
    oh official trulia app
    Nike plus
    flight club
    instagram because the official one is still on bata, unbelievable its 2014 and we don't have it yet
    fast and furious game
    HBO go
    world star hip hop app
    sound cloud
    uniqlo app
    gap app
    sole magazine app
    PayPal app
    yahoo app
    there's plenty more I can't think of anymore but you get the the picture Microsoft needs to get it together , I'm tired iPhone people telling why I have windows phone, its horrible, I'm tired
  • 1). It's not something that "Microsoft needs to get together". 2). Don't want to get too personal, but you need new friends. 3). far be it from me to judge what's important to another person, but that list... yeah, wow dude. 4)., and Path exists on WP as well as a arm load of NFL apps. Even with the Bing sports app you can pin the NFL to the start screen and it's as good if not better than any other NFL related app I've used. But hey, that's just me.
  • Wow thanks I appreciate the advice, thanks Dr Phil :D I thought we were still talking about apps for windows but yeah I've had a windows phone since the hd2 remember that version 6.5 froze alot no apps ect. so tell me how long do we have to wait until we see the same quality apps as ios and to tell you the truth homie I'm quite tired already of waiting
  • That's competely up to the developers. I personally think that MS is doing a great job to bring these guys in, but it's up to them to actually provide the apps. The market share excuse is BS for the most, it always has been and always will be. It's too easy to develop for WP, so anybody not doing simply does not want to or can't. I understand it in very limited cases, but not with all of them.  But this whole "app quality" thing is the next big wave of complaints. I don't know what you mean by quality, what makes ios apps "better"?   
  • Don't compare again :P
  • Really after reading this article I've started to hate MS... They suck they suck much more than any boring fruit seller oldies sitting at a side of footpath... Damn you MS
  • This "app" thing starting to bug many apps do we need REALLY? is it a numbers game guys ? Or that 1 game that's a fad for now? I think its bloody apples fault for turning the world all "Appy" I mean .......come on! Its a phone ffs.
    I've tried them all, but wp has proven the one for me.
  • Looking at the top sellers only reinforces my bias that iPhone users are a lot of airheads.
  • I actually moved from Android.  What I miss: * Anything Google-related. Current workarounds suck. This issue alone almost made me switch back. Instead, I just live with the inferior experience of workarounds and hope and pray. Probably will move back to Android if, in two years, the workarounds haven't improved (I'm going to go out on a very short limb and assume Google won't do a thing on their own on this issue). * A calendar app without major bugs. I expect a calendar app to be able to pull data from multiple calendars. The one in WP does this. But, it can't handle all day events properly (at least, not any that are pulled from Google). It spreads them out over two days, and as it appears to be a very simple issue relating to how the app treats time zones, that this issue exists at all is beyond frustrating. What's more frustrating? Pretty much every third party calendar app I've tried appears to just be a wrapper for the default calendar app, as they all exhibit the exact same issues as the default app (some don't even pretend to be their own application, and open the default app when you actually try to edit/create enteries). It's this type of incredibly lazy app design that plagues the store (wrappers, in general).  * Would love to see a more modern default messenging client. I'm American, and we still use SMS/MMS a lot. iOS has iMessenger. Android has Hangouts. Both are far and away more 'modern' than the messenging client on WP.  * Email clients. I don't know if this yet another example of the lack of good developers for the platform, but the third party email clients are all incredibly slow and/or ugly. In its defense, I suppose, the default mail client in iOS isn't great either, but there are a ton of very well designed third party clients on that platform, and Android has...a bunch as well. The default client in WP handles 'real' inboxes poorly, as I'm sure I can't be the only one that has a ton of emails, and only survives with well thought out mail apps/designs that help you organize/filter it all, rather than just giving you one incredibly huge inbox.  There's many apps I'd love to see that are on iOS/Android, but the above 'app' categories are what I consider essential, and part of the core usability experience for myself when it comes to the smartphone that WP is seriously lacking in (it's par for the course, or great in other areas).  And, while not an app issue per se (at least, I don't think it is, but perhaps it is), the notifications center needs work. I don't know if it's the OS, or the app developers, or a combination of them, but notifican reliability is incredibly spotty. I have some apps that appear to work all the time, albeit with some "lag". Other apps that sometimes work. Sometimes don't work. Apps that won't even show up under the Notifications setting for you to modify, until a notification is pushed through. It's a big mess, and needs to be cleaned up. While I suspect app developers are partly to blame, it's ultimately up to Microsoft to design the api in such a way where it isn't possible for app developers to create broken notifications in their apps. 
  • Interesting article Sam. I have to say that makes me sad. I've been on WP since the first lumia and I've suffered many times the lack of certain apps. I as many users here do not use a lot of apps, I do install many, but I end up using less than 10 on a daily basis.  Many here laugh at the games for being in the top 25, but that is exactly what makes those platforms such a hit. When someone asks me "should I get a windows phone?" and I say yes, it is a very nice choice, and the next question is, "can I do/play ...insert game here..." (angry birds is the old example, candy crush, all the games in the list, any popular game in summary) and sadly the answer is invariably no, then they might ask if on the Moto something they could get it, and most of the time the answer is yes, then they go android. Or they just skip it all and get the one that will for sure have all the games >> iphone.  I feel this is an unsurmountable fight, I admire MS for trying but I honestly do not see what can they do to get that kind of parity.  
  • The OP makes some valid points but they're points that didn't really surprise anyone. I think as long as you're using an iOS perspective, you're going to continue to be disappointed. Sure there's no Snapchat app, but those that know the ecosystem know that 6snap is much better anyway, just like 6tag is better than instagram. Perhaps if iOS users had Rudy Huyn apps they'd realize it too. As for the Google apps, if you're that entrenched in that ecosystem I would think you'd be using Android. As for maps and navigation apps, iOS users don't even use their native apps. It would be interesting to see what the metrics would show if Here maps/drive were available in the Appstore. You can use Cortana instead of sound cloud, which if Siri could do, how many people would need to use it. Fitbit is great but Health and Fitness destroy it as far as variety of information. The OP does speak the truth for the most part because for those that don't know WP, what's the chances of them getting quality information from a sales rep who probably owns iPhone? More people need to know you don't need the exact apps on WP.
  • One thing I think they MS could try is to go with certain developer lets call it FitBit since we know they are working on an app. My concern is that there will be a fitbit app that will be lackluster in comparison with the iOS version. So why not offer something in return of having the most up to date app ever for FitBit, with even newer or better features than iOS. Leap frog the existing apps in other words, that would make it good for marketing. I think of all the missed opportunities with Spotify, or the all the Banks, or any game. They could be late, they are surely late, but what if they come with a bang! That has not happened to my knowledge, not once. 
  • I agree IOS store is still better but. WP store is getting better day by day.
  • So pissed about the lack of watchespn. C'mon!
  • Lemme finish that for you:
    ...C'mon ESPN, you made an app for W8.1 why the hell won't YOU create an app for WP? There is something called univeral apps now so you really have no excuse.   There, that's better.
  • Any word on when more browsers will be showing up like firefox and opera. The maxthon developer said download manager is coming but its not there yet
  • Gente até um cego de olhos fechados vê que a App Store é Milhões de anos Luz melhor que a fagril e singela porcaria,Loja da Microsoft!Ou seja sou sim um usuario muito insastisfeito do WP pois não acredito que uma plataforma comandada pela Microsoft seja tão inferior após tantos anos,muita falta de criatividade,genialidade etc...Fora todo o sistema do IOS que Humilha legal o WP e não me venham falar que o sistemo do WP é superior,que não é!
  • From my experience there is nothing on the app store or play store that I need that isn't on Windows phone. Most of the stuff on there is actually trash, especially their games
  • I dont really see the big deal in having any of those top apps on windows phone, i would never use any of them anyway. apps are highly overrated unfortunatly. I would much rather have a phone that works 99.9% of the time and is fast, fluid and does what a phone is supposed to do.
  • I would like to see this comparison done in reverse... Just for entertainment purposes if nothing else. Of the top Windows Phone apps, how many does iOS have? We do have a handful of exclusives that don't get any attention.
  • I want Soundcloud so badly. Soundriving used to be great but not working properly after the update.
    Songza isn't working on my phone too. Microsoft should update their Soundtracker app as I think it has a lot of potential.
    Flipboard. I don't know why, it's just so different from any other news app.
    Stumbleupon, such a great app.
    GOODREADS and QUORA too.
    I still want an official Youtube app though Metrotube is great. I want the ability to upload vids.
    Do we really have a Facebook app? Nah nvm.
    I want the old xbox music
    Improve the podcast. It's too cluttered.
    Microsoft simply should begin with their own apps (hello Skype) before going over the other devs. They'll just do what they themselves are doing. Not giving us the full experience. I don't believe they are working hard on our OS. They work harder for other OS. Sad but true.
  • I agree about Skype. But if I remember right, Daniel Rubino (or was it someone else?) had said that Skype has had to basically be rebuilt to be more mobile friendly. Honestly, not sure what that means or where I read that. But either way it is high time. But while we're on the "Microsoft needs to" thing their Bing apps, and the Nokia apps are damn nice. So they are in fact doing something.
  • I enjoy Foundbite. Is it there in iOS yet? The wisdom here is, if you are using Windows Phone, you ought to make your exclusive app popular and a trendsetter.
  • If Microsoft cant even sway the top 25 apps to come to windows phone, then I think it is time to say that we will never ever close the app gap. And I'm talking about apps minus the games. Microsoft is the the new iMac in mobile, only less appealing and hated even by the hipsters. I also dont know why I'm supporting this platform when even I can admit that. And again, I will never see true dedication from Microsoft until they force Skype to include file transfer in our app. Yes my expectation is that low and yet they can't even make it happen. Admit it guys, WP apps suck big sweaty balls.
  • The Windows Phone store is still not ready for competition. It reminds me of the early days of Android (especially the terrible search!) and there is still room for much more improvement. I really doubt that WP8.1 will bring sufficient updates on the store.
  • Notice how all the apps today aren't on Windows phone ate just little game stores that won't be there tomorrow? That's because the large amount of iDevice Users... Then they all get bad and just plane stupid apps, that I'm glad aren't on Windows phone, timing tube store with garbage apps like those.
  • We, Windows Phone users, already know about how bad WP are with apps. Till now, we have the MOST 3rd party apps as alternatives as compared to iOS and Android. We need to depend so much on 3rd parties instead of official ones - even Facebook! Don't tell me that is officially from Facebook because it is TOTALLY different from the version on Windows 8.1 desktop. Even Whatsapp is looking bad on Windows Phone because we are seeing the SAME color bubbles for everybody chat! Not to mention the instable and slow notifications on Windows Phone as well. And animations are making the app opening very slowly. Same goes for the Facebook messenger. Every starting of the app requires loading of messages all over again instead of caching them well like on Android - contacts avatars as well as stickers. I can use the Android version smoothly even on the slowest network but it takes a long time to load when I'm with the Windows Phone version. Where is Candy Crush? Cut the Rope 2? Instagram BETA like forever?? Flipboard is still missing?? Seriously, if apps are not getting better especially after WP8.1, I guess I have enough of Windows Phone. Yes, the OS is indeed excellent and in good shape, but I will rather have a not-so-smoother Android but with OFFICIAL and always get updated CORE apps than 3rd party ones. MyTube is good, but no big deal because it will get bricked once Google changes its terms and conditions. Tired of 3rd parties.....
  • I agreed totally with you. but here most people are pathetic fan boys who thinks app store and play store contain fart apps. They didnt say Popular apps of WP store are of same quality of those fart apps..
  • Xfinity app from Comcast. Billion dollar company and they can't make an app for the windows phone platform.
  • Sure, but it's understandable why they don't.  They're a U.S. cable company, and in the U.S., Windows Phone is at 3% share, virtually non - existant.
  • Yet they put forth the "effort" to put out an xfinity app to begin with? I dunno, kinda just sounds like laziness to me. Much like the old and now gone directv app.
  • Most of ios and Android developers are already retired.
  • I still don't care about google apps hope they don't come or if they did i will never use them for sure
  • The WP app store is an embarrassment. It's the sole reason why I can't recommend this platform to anybody, regardless of the fact that I really like it and have used WP since shortly after WP7's release. It's been on the market what, four years? And we're still jubilant when like, Quantas Airlines makes an app. It's a joke. Living in app Siberia gets really tired after a few years. You get burned two ways, too: Not only do you not get big apps already out there, but you also have the assurance that future big apps probably won't be launched on the platform until much later (and inferior in quality), if at all. I can't say Microsoft has put 100% effort into the platform either; they're more concerned with stuff like getting Office on Android/iOS. Sorry for the negativity, but after years of my support things are pretty much the same as they always have been on the app front: terrible.
  • I'm not exclusively on WP----I have a Lumia 1020 mainly for the camera----I do own a Motorola Moto X and an iPad Air. But yeah, even the non-game, useful utility apps on iOS and Android never make it to WP.   There'll never be Dropcam sync, or a Withings Baby Monitor sync or Fuel Band and Fitbit sync, or Amplitude (hooking up your phone to a musical instrument) or an official Nest app. The platform is what it is, and unless global share figures hit the mid teens (let's face it, that's now out the window, never going to happen), the Markeplace will be what it currently is, a waste land.  
  • I don't have any apps of those 25.
  • I don't need those 25.
  • Whoever said 6tag is better than instagram you must've been dropped on your head when you were a child....and eugie you don't need the 25 your stupid...apps don't make your phone but damn there's nothing lol no apps at all look at WP top apps all stupid shit WP needs to do something because I love my icon but its lacking
  • This article focuses on the top titles, but the bigger problem is that in the iOS App Store you can find specialty apps for almost anything whereas the WP store is missing apps in a LOT of specialty categories.  Those apps might not have a lot of users, but they can be a make/break reason why someone chooses a platform.  MS also needs to address those specialty markets.  The iOS store not oly has raw numbers but depth and breadth that the WP store is missing.  I'm hoping this happens in the coming months. Sadly, the RT/Metro app market is even more limited making it even more difficult to recommend Windows tablets to new users (over an iPad).  And don't hand me that nonsense about full Windows tablets having "all" the Windows apps.  Apps running in desktop mode are rarely tablet optimized and have a less than optimal experience.  It's getting better, but it's not there yet.      
  • The big thing that's missing on Windows Phone is the entire universe of third party manufacturer support, particularly on iOS.     No docks, no sync with Nest, smart basketballs, no zero latency to sync with musical instruments, blood pressure add ons, and so on and so forth.
  • I've never had an iThing. I don't think Apple should be encouraged. However, I used to have a Samsung Android phone though, and I still have a Nexus tablet. I will say that when I got my Lumia phone in October gone, there were a few apps I could not replace coming from the Android ecosystem. In the 9 months since, there have been so many releases, that there is now only one app I can't replace, and a developer is working on releasing that really soon. Obviously, there are things I prefer to do on my tablet, but that's because it's a tablet with a 7" screen, and not because it's Android. Quite frankly if I could afford a Surface device, I'd ditch Android completely.
  • Instagram Alternatives for Windows Phone: 6tag, more featured than any of the fucking official ones.
  • Who cares about alternatives when official ones are not even here to boost the reputation of Windows Phones? Tell the iOS and Android users about 6tag and they will laugh at you.
  • If you really care about people "laughing at you" over an app... dude, I don't even know what to tell you. But for whatever it's worth, ask those same android people what they went through to get IG on android.
  • They actually didn't, but what made you think they'll laugh? Its better looking and has more features than what they've got.
    And please, everyone cares about alternatives, people go crazy when they get an alternative even to facebook's app, facebook paper for example .
  • I just got a work iPhone 5s last week after three straight windows phones. I don't dig the small screen, even compared to my 920, but actually found it quite adequate, mainly though because the apps are amazing. Uber, redfin, watchespn....I love live tiles and Cortana, but we are all seriously missing out on quality apps.
  • What are the top 20 apps in the windows store?  It would be nice to see what people with windows phones are getting....
  • iOS does not have Avirall Time Suite 
  • oic
  • Huh... We all know apple have the largest apps+games store specially those games.. No other OS is comparable to IOS in terms of Quality Games..
    •Windows Phone have not any game from the top 25 games of IOS..( blah blah) but I think games are only for entertainment and time pass purpose.. For this, I don't need lakhs of games.. On windows phone store we've alot range of popular quality games from Gameloft and other big names... We've vast variety of unique games from indie developers.. And how many games do you need.. And I've never felt that games on windows phone aren't entertaining enough for time pass.. That's all about games..
    • Windows phone store haven't Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and other google apps.. (blah blah).. Yeah we've no google exclusive apps and wouldn't get anytime soon.. But we've here maps, here drive & Some coo third party YouTube clients..
    Yeah.. Microsoft needs to do hard work for porting apps and games on windows phone that aren't available on windows phone store yet..
    But in country like India I've never felt that said app gap... Here windows phone is doing well and most of the official apps are available.. You've wrote article based on US where windows phone hasn't gained much pace.. Things are different in other countries.. Mr. Sabri & It'll be interesting to read how many apps+ games are available on IOS in comparison to windows phone store...
  • YouTube, HAHA. Best Part. I really do not feel the need of many of those apps which are topping iOS charts. I guess now I know why they are called insane people. Happy with WP. Waiting for WP8.1 to become happiest. :)
    PS: I do not want to install Developers' Preview.
  • I don't want that windows phone store should be compared with an app store where a game called "Kim Kardashian - Hollywood" is at third place!! That says what kind of people use iPhone., :D
  • And how much of top 25 apps in wpstore does iOS have ? Not much i guess ;)
  • Exactly! Google play store is full of shit! Not full of shit but most of the apps and games are nothing short of being called as shit! And google is proud of that i think! And same goes with the app store! In App store there are thousands of apps which were NEVER downloaded.. Not even once.. Its a Fact!
  • You know? Full of shit is better than not having even any shit in the store like Windows Store. At least users have different shit to choose from while we are just stuck with nothing. I repeat, NOTHING but full of 3rd party alternatives shit and these are not making Windows Phone any better in terms of user bases.
  • Maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather not have shit from any place.
  • Yahoo fantasy app :((
  • Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies 2
  • The look and design of App store is better than WP store..I find the WP store pretty dull and boring.Cant they make the WP store like the Windows store??
    Regarding the apps, many apps are there on app store which are not listed but are very critical..Still I would say WP store is growing and I love my Lumia irrespective of the apps..
  • You mean, change the background color from black to white?
  • Maybe I just want the WP store to look more like the Windows store
  • Ok.. that's kinda superficial and nothing to realy complain about. But since you're concerned, when I look at them other than the screen layout I don't see much difference beyond WP having a black background (easier on battery life), and W8/8.1 having a white background.  Is theres something specific that I missed?
  • LOL what a joke!...looks like the average iOS user is a 12 years old kid...what amount of useless crap does people with their phones! If that is the best offering from the n1 mobile marketplace...then I hope WP will never catch up. Or at least should that happen it wouldn't change a thing for me...the only apps I need in that list are on WP already: Spotify and YouTube
  • Im yet to find a single person who made a decision to buy a particular phone because of a game they could play on it, especially when spending over 400$. How was this survey done??? Windows to me targets a mature buyer who wants quality phone, smooth and efficient OS and in particular aphone that has office and windows ware on it. I for one went for the 1020 because of the combination of the camera (because I travel alot) and the seamlessness of windows. It never occured to me to first check out what games I could play on it!!!  
  • I'm with you on this one. I've only heard of this whole letting a free, or $.99 app decide where I drop $400+" in forums like this. I guess it does happen in real life, but it doesn't make any damn sense. 
  • Yes there are some there not listed hopefully soon Why dont you do one the other way around.... take the integrated apps and fill out to 25 for the WP store and do a comparison back to apple and only if they have a first party app.(same criteria) I think you will find some disparity the other way too... but there will always be some. ie Halo stuff.  
  • Top 3 app in iPhone app store is about Kim kardarshian
    That explains a lot
  • All the needed apps are available on WP and the Famous apps here are not available there
  • 24. White Tiles 4 - Don't Touch The White Tile 4 ( with Piano music and Guitar music just Tap it and watch your Step and it has 17 Awesome Game Modes better than Flappy Bird) •Publisher: WANG BOXUN •What it is: Besides an app with probably the longest title ever? It's an addictive game with over 16 modes and looks to 'borrow' from many popular games like Flappy Bird and the piano game above. •Available for Windows Phone: No •Alternatives for Windows Phone: lol no. well what about MIND THE STEP in windows phone store.
  • WatchESPN is available on Windows, so hopefully it will come to Windows Phone soon. I would like to have my cable company app and thinks like apps for garage door openers.
  • I need 1000 subscribes on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe
  • I dont need Android tablets and use Surface, but for my phone WP is too limited and I'm forced to stay in the android world.  I do limit my exposure for media, by using Amazon for MP3 and VUDU for movies, but I have to have my Comics and since Comixology left WP I had to go.  But I still hang on to my Lumia 920. Phones have to have apps, because moble browsers for the most part suck.
  • All I want is target cartwheel app, maybe chrome (but that won't happen)...already have fitbit setup to sync at home on my server, so an official app isn't a big deal for me for that
  • To be far the situation isn't even as bad as you paint it as many of the apps have third-party alternatives and others many people simply won't need by the very fact they've got a Windows Phone: WatchESPN FIFA Official App YouTube - third party Snapchat - third party Google Maps - third party, but you don't need it as already got equally good/better alternative with HERE/Bing Maps Univision Deportes SoundCloud - third party Gmail - why would you need it? CloudDownload for SoundCloud - third party Free Music Download Manager for SoundCloud - third party Tinder - third party (well sort of when it's up) Fly – A fast new video editor - excellent video editors available Uber - the only one I really miss Yahoo Mail - third party Flipagram - alternatives available RetailMeNot Coupons - alternative discount apps available Dropbox - third party Google Translate - Bing Translate Music Download for SoundCloud - third party Fitbit Chrome - don't need it Cartwheel by Target - lots of other stores do apps So that's only actually five that totally aren't available. Of those three are media/sport apps that probably rank high at the moment because of the World Cup. One is hardware related. So the only one that's really missing is Uber, and there you can use the mobile version of its website.
  • I am a loyal windows phone user and fan. I truly appreciate the article here. Besides games, not having other apps or meaningful alternatives does hurt Windows phone sales. I consider them best in terms of hardware. Their photography and Navigation apps are much better than those on iOS. The service network is much more extensive and penetrative. Battery life is much better. Cost is much less. There are uptenn advantages of Windows phone over iOS. However, any reviewer will always point to the fact that there are less apps and some of the most popular apps are missing in Windows Phone Store. Developers need a bigger ecosystem to be lured into developing apps. With option of creating apps for windows phone and windos PC/Tablet, the ecosystem will definitely grow. From MS view, they must look at launching more phones at mid-range too. Whenever they come up with a new series, (e.g. x35) they must come up with at least three models. that ways they will gain better market share and over a period of time Windows Phone store will not just catch up but leave behind the iOS
  • 2 Issues I would love answered or addressed by Sam Sabri. "There's still a lot of work to be done by Microsoft to help get these publisher onboard with Windows Phone." You and few writers have made this type of statement, My question to you is kindly give me some examples of what Microsoft should be doing to alleviate your statement above? Most of you say the same thing, but never read anyone of you offer what that is MSFT should be doing. They are promoting WP like crazy, offered the OS free. I know that you know that there are companies like Google who flat out refuse to develop for WP and would would not even allow third party like Rudy develop for them on WP, so what does MSFT do? Take them all to court? (FYI: MSFT develops solid apps for these companies' platform - office, skype, bing rewards etc) In my opinion, MSFT is doing a ton more by making sure all coceiveable WP pricepoints are available, They bought Lumia and did not use it to threaten OEM, They advertize like crazy, they offer all kinds of incentives to anyone ready and willing to build WP, they are polishing WP OS like you will not believe. The idea is that if you build it they will come and by George MSFT is building it and until YOU Sam can offer what else (Reasonably) that MSFT should be doing as we speak to get these developers to publish for WP, stop making that general statement you made that I put in quotes for you above.
  • The app store is the one thing that really lets WP down. The tech is good, the interface slick, and the camera on my L1020 is excellent but, you just can't get away from the fact that most of the apps you want these days are just not available on WP. My mobile contract is due for renewal next Jan and when it comes around I will be looking at all options and may, just may, end up drifting away from WP. Shame really, I've been on WP since 7 but lack of apps such as Coaches Eye etc. have resulted in me having to buy an iPad mini.! 
  • Oohh, "If I hadn't seen such riches. I could live with being poor."
  • LOOK, I went to Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store to see some differences and if the WPS is missing a lot of apps like most of you are saying.... So, I went to the Social section and I started to saw if Windows had the most downloaded apps... Guess what? I found ONLY TWO APPS (Social Apps) that Windows doesn't have L O L WPStore has the principal apps... And I love social networking, so I am happy with that! And a lot of games.. Windows Phone is very recent and it's unfair to compair it to iOS or Android... And MS achieved so much in such a 1/2 years... Get up!!    Facebook - both WhatsApp - both Messenger - both Instagram - both Skype - both Viber - both Twitter - both Snapchat - both (WP is not official, but still....) Badoo - both LinkedIn - both Google+ - both Ask.Fm - both Tumblr - both Pinterest - both (WP still in BETA) KiK - both Foursquare - both We Heart It - both and a lot of more.....   Thanks!
  • 12. YouTube Publisher: Google What it is: The official YouTube app for iOS. YouTube is the largest streaming site on the internet. Available for Windows Phone: HAHA Alternatives for Windows Phone: myTube [Download] and MetroTube [Download] are the community favorites for third-party YouTube apps on Windows Phone. That HAHA.. ._.
  • Meh, I don't miss any of those apps on my 925, there's so many games in the store and I don't really care about very specific ones. At least there's more games available for Windows PC than Mac, try closing that gap! Hehe
  • Well played.
  • This is not a Store vs. Store issue.  It's a develper problem.  Microsoft, bloggers (i.e. WP Central), and users need to support and encourage developers that WP is a compelling platform to write their apps.  Because it's the smallest of the three phone stores, it's a "sellers" market due to the lack of compeition and easier visability.  Developers also need to understand that when they write a Universal App, that it can be published across WP and Windows 8.1, without any code change.  Then with Xamarin + Visual Studio, they can easily port their code to iOS and Android.
  • Or as Ballmer would say, "Developers, developers, developers...."
  •  If you want to see something sad, look at the Windows 8 store.  Its a complete graveyard. There are far more W8 users than WP8 users, yet there are far more apps for the phone store than for the PC's store.
  • Apps vs programs...? W8 runs apps AND programs. C'mon dude...   (Excluding RT)
  • our office moved from iOS to WP about a year ago, we started with the original iPhone and moved to 3Gs then 4Gs. I personally had about 300+ apps mostly free, an mostly junk I downloaded to experiment with, the only one I purchased was Tomtom GPS, the only app that are missing for me are Google Voice, and RingCentral and we ultimately abandoned all Google services since they said they are not supporting WP. Gmails are forwarded to hotmail/outlook accounts we already have, and the main reason we stopped using Google is because we feel that Google is making the move to completely force people to use the Chrome browser to access their services. That said the HERE navigation apps for Windows Phones are amazing and the benefit to having offline maps is a bonus. Apps are ultimately a move backwards from how far we have come with the web, now instead of accessing information with one app namely a browser, you need an app for everything under the sun. We have also stopped using any online services that cannot be accessed from all platforms, because once you start using a service that only supports certain platforms/devices it's a slippery slope and you lose the freedom of choice.
  • Apps are ultimately a move backwards from how far we have come with the web, now instead of accessing information with one app namely a browser, you need an app for everything under the sun.
    There you go! Another thing I've been wondering for a while now. Why is it better to have an individual app that takes up and uses memory as opposed to visitng a site? Not saying using the web is the *best* way to do things but with so many "apps" being web wrappers anyway, why not just use the web instead? 
  • app store and android apps are far better then windows 8.1 apps, (windows apps are incomplete) eg: no calling option if fb messanger is installed on windows phone, viber is not working in widows phone (works only with VPN), 
  • hope they will bring google services on windows 8.1.....
  • What about the apps that Wp has that arent available on ios? Gps calculator.......Here maps....photobeamer.....Cortana....
  • Well, as I see, MS its a BIIIIIIIIG elephant, its almost impossible to take it down, but it moves slow, and may take years to get from point A from point B. Apple is big as well, but i see it more like a pack of wolves, with mobility. I mean tht it seems easyer to Apple to make decisions, and it is faster too. MS has to look to wt it has tht their competidors dont. As the article says, games play a huge part on the development of a "marketplace", and microsoft OWS XBOX. So I ask myself sometimes, while playing indie games on my xbox: "why dont ms get developers to do crossplatforms games?" MS should be all about enviroment, take a person like for example, I own 2 windows phones, a Xbox 360, a Xbox ONE, I use windows 8 on my laptop, and if I shall have a tablet on a near future, I would definitely buy a Surface Pro (if it was available here at Brazil, sorry about my english by the way). So, for me, and I believe it would work for almost everyone since I'm an average person, would be fantastic to have these platforms conversing with each other . To play a game in my smartphone, and be able to continue from where I stopped on my XBOX, or laptop. And as we say here in Brazil, it would kill 2 bunnies with 1 shot. Developers would be more than interested in build games for a platform as great as XBOX. I know we have smartglass, but it isnt nearly as friendly as it should be. In my opinion, something like this should be top priority. And as i said. Im an average person. If I think this way, shouldnt the greatest minds behind MS think as well? Some will say tht the platforms werent build this way...for those I say: WHY THE HELL NOT??? Back to the beggining: MS seems like a GIGANT ELEPHANT. Easy decisions like this take years to take place. Its time to lose some weight...get fit. A company as big as MS is its ALMOST impossible to be taked down, hell, it would take some time to even realise tht is falling. But once it does... sorry about my english again...
  • I'm very surprised Sam that you decided to point out the apps that iOS has that Windows Phone doesn't, but failed to mention that Windows Phone has apps that iOS or Android doesn't.  Just recently, right here on WPCentral, I read an article that stated how Windows Phone was getting an app designed for WP8.1 BEFORE it comes to Apple and Android.  I'm disappointed that you chose to leave out this information, and the link to that article, from this article.  So here is the link:  Are there lots of apps missing from Windows Phone?  Yes, but lots of developers ARE beginning to establish apps for the WP platform because they realize that the "unified apps" program will give them an even larger market share than just creating for iOS or Android.  You state, "Microsoft has a lot of work to do..." and I agree, however you shouldn't leave out the fact that Mircosoft HAS been working extremely hard to get more developers developing for the platform.  It sounds like you're acusing Mircosoft of not working hard enough" when in fact its just the opposite.  Why do you think there has been over 500 apps per day being created for the App Store and well over 255,000 apps now available?  Not even a year ago we were just passing the 100,000 apps mark.  That's 155,000 apps created in less than a year.  This makes Windows Phone store the FASTEST growing app store in the world.  Stop complaining about the lack of apps, they are coming.  Support the platform by emphasizing the benefits and apps that are propriatary to Windows Phone and more people will switch to the platform.  Then more developers will create apps and the store will grow even faster.  Joe said he will close the app gap and I believe him.  You should too!
  • Do you work at MS? It sure seems At the end of the article he states, and I quote: "More to come! In our follow up article we turn the tables: What are the top apps + games for Windows Phone and are they on iOS?"
  • No. I have used iOS and Android and seriously enjoy Windows Phone the most. I want this platform to work and continue to grow so developers will create for it. Articles that point out the negatives without some of the positives won't help that cause. I don't even work in the computer industry.
  • Connect+ - A new multiclient chat application for Facebook, Gtalk, and Yahoo all from the same app 
    Connect+ Basic Store Link  Connect+ Store link
  • YouTube app isn't good as ours, they can't download videos play videos as music.
  • The problem is that Microsoft only cares about USA, here is Saudi Arabia too people don't know anything about Windows phone and it's capabilities, but when ask them about the new Sony or LG devices they know some because they watched the advertisements on the tv, I only saw Asha 500 and Lumia 635 commercials on tv, but they didn't show any features of apps.
    The YouTube is full of ads, why they don't show them on tv
  • Same here at Brazil my friend. Surface Pro didnt launch here...
    MS complains about developers not taking its store seriously cuz it doesnt have enought users, and does the same excluding markets like yours and mine from the table...
  • Erik, then do universal apps... Its just a screen definition added so then you get 12% of the PC/laptop/hybrid market That adds another 150 million users?
  • We need more Worldwide awareness. Although I have to say I have experienced a slight growth and awareness in the Public here in Saudi Arabia. But there needs to be GREATER awareness especially in the Middle East where people MUST HAVE the newest and flashiest Phone.
  • 90% of the apps on ios are bulls##t. How many versions of infinite runners or messaging app do we need? Comparing numbers of apps is meaningless. What about comparing the top 25 on wp store with availability on ios as well. If wp store doesn't have an app I don't really care if I don't know about it or have any need for it.
    Plus wp users can watch world cup on 'TVcatchup' app or how about going to a pub?
  • erm - you're saying the alternative' to Google Maps is gMaps?  What about the whole alternative offline maps that you can get for free from Here? 
  • I would never say I'm disappointed by the WP Store. It has a decent collection of apps. Three cheers to the WP App Dev's. However, I use "Piano Tiles - Don't tap on the White tile" on my WP HTC 8X!
  • What is app store to those who don't even buy a 99cents app?
  • After so long, WP8 still doesn't have an app for scanning wifi signals & broadcast channel.
  • I mean, I adore Live tiles and Cortana, but Android has a Launcher8 and I don't doubt Apple has something similar. The only reason I'm hesitant to switch after my Lumia 625 dies is the need to jailbreak an iPhone and the utter idiocy that is removing the SIM card. Plus, I like the look of the Windows interface much more than an iPhone, which is outdated and drab. But the app store does it for me, man. Apple products might be hella expensive here in Aus, but at least they're available. Windows does in fact have a "Don't touch the white tile" app.
  • Sad about wp is ignorance is bliss. Im the only of ALL my friends with a WP they all have 5S. The only thing i know im missing out on hangouts which is why im content with its app selection
  • Everyone knows the main problem with Windows Phone is Apps. I have friends who are developing MS applications. They tried Windows Phone but had to switch back to iOS and Android because the lack of apps they need. I'm the only one who is still using Windows Phone. I am wondering if MS have ever thought about not charging app developers 30% from the app sales for a year or a period of time. Instead of investing lots of money on advertising, cutting out on the profit from Windows Store may be more profitable in the long run. $30,000 (30% of $100,000) may be nothing for MS but it is a big portion for a lot of smaller companies and individual app developers. For big companies with popular apps, I wonder if it is even possible for MS to set up a team to work with them to speed up the process of developing their apps on Windows Phone either for free or small fees. Just a thought.
  • 0  WatchESPN
    0  FIFA Official App
    2  YouTube
    2  Snapchat
    2  Google Maps
    0  Univision Deportes
    2  SoundCloud
    2  Gmail
    1 CloudDownload for SoundCloud (Soundcloud)
    1 Free Music Download Manager for SoundCloud (Soundcloud)
    2 Tinder (Timber shows up,Rudy's app appears some days ;)
    0  Fly – A fast new video editor (I can't even find this in Play)
    0  Uber
    0  Yahoo Mail
    2  Flipagram (paid 3rd party only)
    0  RetailMeNot Coupons
    2  Dropbox
    2  Google Translate
    1  Music Download for SoundCloud (soundcloud)
    2  Fitbit
    0  Chrome
    0  Cartwheel by Target Of these 22 apps, a find equivalents for 10 just by searching for the app name; I find the 3 soundCloud downloaders by just searching for SoundCloud (and the third-party apps that I find all do downloading). That leaves 9 with no easily-found equivalent.
  • Think its unfair to do this list without considering some of the alternatives to these apps such as 6snap and 6tin which are great apps.
  • Not gonna lie, I have an iPad 3, a nexus 4 and a lumia 920, and Apple does a really good job of showcasing and promoting its new apps. The app store layout is really nice compared to the play store or windows store. When talking about app selection, Windows store has all I need but I wouldn't mind some cool new (non-gameloft, non cheap knock-off, original) games now and then.
  • to be fair, why do we have to follow all the same apps?  there are great Windows Phone apps that are not available on iOS or Android.  it doesn't have to come from iOS or Android to be a great app.
  • WatchESPN is pointless if you don't have cable.
  • Comparisons like these serve no purpose. Yes, there are real app deficiencies between the Windows Phone Store and iOS / Android, but the Windows store has come a LONG way. If you have "app envy" then go purchase the phone with the app you want. Let's not forget about the library of apps that Windows Phone has that aren't available on iOS or Android, shall we? There will NEVER be complete app parity, and frankly, it shouldn't even be a goal.
  • I'm someone who moved from iOS to Windows Phone. I don't have a problem with apps at all. If I can't find an official app that I used on my iPhone, I'll look for a similar alternative on the Windows Phone Store. No biggie here. I can live perfectly happily using just Windows Phone, but I'll admit to having an iPod touch that I use, too.
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  • Hey, there IS a Tinder app on Windows Phone! One official, and one copy.
  • Official Costco app. Need some deals!
  • That's why windows phone is behind from android and ios. The main problem of windows phone is that the popular games on android and ios come after 4 or 5 months later to windows phone or even later.And for 512mb ram games comes after 1year.
  • Instead of using this approach, you could have compared the two app stores on the basis of uses and then checked whether any app is there in the store to do that particular task. And if it is there in both the stores, then which one is better. While deciding this, make sure that you take LIVE tiles into account. An EYE OPENER for you :P
  • I came to Windows Phone because I like the OS and wanted it to succeed. I left because the app gap was too much for me. The major apps that are there simply are not as good and way too many key apps for me are missing. I still put the SIM back into my Windows phone about every month or two and to me it hasn't got much better than it was a year ago. The list of apps that are missing for me does not include things like this Kim Kardashian crap.
  • Most of those are games. How about splitting apps out into games, utilities, video, audio, etc and the offerings for iOS, Android, and WP? What mystifies me is why devs aren't porting apps to Windows when there are tools available to assist in doing so. It's not like they'd have to re-write from scratch for WP