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The iPad Pro outsold Surface last quarter; detachable tablets on the rise

Despite the usual mockery and skepticism, Apple has once again proven why their brand still carries authority The International Data Corporation (IDC) just published their Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker for Q4 2015 and with it comes two interesting observations: (1) the iPad Pro outsold the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book combined over the holiday season and (2) standalone slate tablets (i.e. devices sans keyboard) are basically dead or dying.

Overall, the tablet market is still facing a decline similar to the general PC market, but within that decline two-in-one devices and detachable tablets are rising significantly.

Here are the IDC figures:

  • Q4 12015 saw 65.9 million tablets shipped, down -13.7% year over year
  • Total tablet shipments for 2015 were 206.8 million, down -10.1% from 230.1 million in 2014
  • Shipments for detachable tablets reached an all-time high of 8.1 million devices
  • Pure slate tablets experienced their greatest annual decline to date of -21.1%
  • Detachable tablets more than doubled their shipments during the fourth quarter of last year

The news here is clear, folks: straight up tablets with no ability to expand to other categories are on their way out. Consumers want a tablet than can replace their computer, or, at least, approach that realization. In that sense, Microsoft was ahead of the curve in anticipating the Surface brand, and they are driving this category.

That's the good news. The bad news – for Microsoft – is that Apple had more success with the iPad Pro than many would have thought. According to Jitesh Ubrani, Senior Research Analyst with IDC:

"We believe Apple sold just over two million iPad Pros while Microsoft sold around 1.6 million Surface devices, a majority of which were Surface Pro and not the more affordable Surface 3. With these results, it's clear that price is not the most important feature considered when acquiring a detachable – performance is."

Microsoft's quarterly report noted that they did $1.35B in Surface revenue, which nearly doubled the amount from the previous quarter and was higher year-over-year. Regarding Surface sales, however, they were likely very much similar to holiday 2014. The reason for the claim is that Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book retail for higher prices than the Surface Pro 3 so while sales could be similar, the revenue captured would be higher.

An appropriate analysis here is while Surface is doing well, it is not significantly expanding regarding growth. Within one calendar quarter Apple was able to step in with an entirely new tablet and outsell Microsoft, who had many more SKUs for sale. Needless to say, even we are surprised by IDC's numbers (assuming their accuracy).

The other interesting analysis is that price is not a factor. While many have lamented the higher cost of the Surface series – even the anemic Surface 3 with an Atom processor – consumers are still willing to pay up when they see the value. This result is perhaps even more surprising with the iPad Pro as that device is not marketed as a replacement for a laptop, even by Apple standards.

As a whole, Microsoft made up about 2.4 percent of the entire tablet market for 2015. Apple (28 percent), Samsung (17.3 percent), ASUS (5.1 percent) and Lenovo (4.9 percent) all outsold Microsoft by a large margin.

Finally, IDC sees Lenovo as being positioned for a stronger comeback in 2016 with their new two-in-one Yoga, MIIX, and ThinkPad brands, many of which run Windows 10 (though some are Android-based).

Are any of you surprised by Apple's success with the iPad Pro? Will an improved Surface 4 – expected this spring – help turn the tables in Microsoft's favor? Let us know in comments.

Source: IDC

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Honestly not that much of a surprise. Disappointing for Windows fans, but not a surprise.
  • in how many countries MS is selling the surface ?
  • In how many African countries is the surface sold? In how many African countries are ipads sold? I have yet to see a surface irl. Ipads are plentiful though. Posted from my Note 5
  • I see surfaces the time.
  • Just for the record surfaces are in Africa but not really bought in Africa, why not make them readily available here. Almost everyone I know that has it didn't buy it here. That's poor from MS, besides the same can't be said about the ipad
  • Exactly, comparing absolute numbers does not work in this case. The entire MENA region did not even have the Surface choice, and even if it did, it currently has 0% market share, so it needs at least 3 - 4 years in the region in order to out sell anything.   I dont understand these business analysts. :S
  • I don't believe that Apple is sellingf iPad Pro everywhere currently, only few markets... But even if they were, its MS fault of not selling and marketing them in more markets. I heard the same excuse when comparing Xbox One vs PS4 sales fiigures, no one was stopping MS to sell in more countries/regionns. MS made a business decidion to sell in selected markets.
  • Not only in Africa, but here, in South America, we don't have all the Microsoft Products to buy. In Brazil we just have Lumias and Xbox...
  • iPad Pro has just released so wonder how total sales of iPad Pro stand up to total sales of Surface models. Those who already have a Surface will not be buying every release.
  • The 2 Million number for iPad Pro vs 1.6 Million for all Surface only includes the iPad Pro, they don't include the regular iPad Air or Mini.
  • Thanks - but iPad total sales have still decreased by 25% YOY so be interesting to revisit sales in 6 and 12 months.
  • Very true. I have a Surface Pro 3 and my wife has an iPad Pro, so I know what I think is a better device. The iPad Pro I call the iPad Monstrosity.
  • And yet...both numbers are complete speculation, as neither Microsoft nor Apple has released numbers for sales of these devices. All we know about iPad sales in the most recent quarter is that the entire product line's sales were DOWN 25% and that the entire product line sold around 11 million units. There is no breakdown for how many they sold of each of the now *several models* of iPad currently on sale.
  • The more important question, and accurate comparison, would be sales of iPad Pro against all convertible tablets from Microsoft and Windows OEMs combined. That would be the true representation of this category, and a precise study of consumer interest in the form factor against preference of operating system. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm surprised. IPad sales have declined year over year for a while now. It's incredible that adding a keyboard and a "pencil" made that much of a difference. The rest of this year & next holiday season will tell, after it's been on the market a year and the halo effect has worn off.
  • Even though iPad sales have been in steady decline, they have still sold in huge numbers the whole time. The Pro model alone outsold all of the Surfaces, that isn't including any of the non-pro iPads.
  • We don't actually know that. These numbers are pure speculation, as neither Apple nor Microsoft have released sales figures for these devices.
  • "pure speculation" is a bit exaggerated. iPads as a whole obviously outsell Surfaces many times over, and it seems the iPad Pro may be outselling all of Surfaces combined (even including the non-pro Surfaces). Whether iPad Pro can sustain its sales is the more interesting question, IMO.
  • I concur with your statement, evidently when people on these forums read that iPad sales are down and that Surface sales are up they don't get that iPad sales still far exceed Surface. If Microsoft sold half the number of Surfaces in a good quarter that Apple sells iPads in a bad quarter it would be a huge win for Microsoft.
  • I'm not surprised. Pen input is awesome.
  • Heck, I am an Apple fan and I am surprised!
  • Well I'm not surprised. Apple will rule the world soon.
  • We live in a post Apple world now, dont you know? Thats what all the Apple fans were saying when PC sales started to decline. Now tablets are too, and the iPhone is flat... ;)
  • actually the iPhone is kinda rounded around the corners and the back.  but very flexible, so with the right tool can be made very flat:)
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *Apple + Fanboys (Even tho that Apple Pencil  just amazing. just like its $99 price and the way it charges /s)
  • I'm surprised that iPad Pro did as well as it did. I am encouraged however that any device by "competing OEMs(Asus, Lenovo, etc)" running Windows is perpetuating Microsoft's ecosystem and thier success works in Microsoft's favor. Particularly as Daniel points out here, Microsoft is leading (and intentionally pushed the industry toward) this category. 2-in-1's rise in the industry are helping to push Microsoft's ideology of context conforming devices - something I posited not long ago as foundational to the markets preparation for the anticipated Surface Phone. So, its all good. :-)
  • Intel was the bottle neck to this category explosion, It took them too long to make capable and competitive SoC vs ARM that Windows can shine on. Imagine the type of designs that will be capable with 10nm in a i7 fanless configuration.
  • And ARM will sit still... They are improving as well with each new release
  • I agree, it seems like the original vision of the Surface line (a device to showcase the windows platform, and a new form factor) is playing out, and competing OEMs can see the value of this category. I truly believe the iPad Pro's success can be attributed to the larger form factor, keyboard, and "Pro" status. I think consumers inheriently believe that these additions mean the device's capabilities are now greater than the iPad Air, without realizing the direct similarities. It will be interesting to see whether or not it will continue to generate growth, or if it will dwindle like the iPad Air.
  • Agree. They may have been beaten in sheer numbers this time around, but they drove this category and disrupted the somewhat stagnant smarthphone-tablet-laptop world we were in. They deserve credit for that push in innovation, making things more affordable to other markets. I too see some turnaround here with large OEMs hopping on the W10 bandwagon, if CES was any indication what is to come. I am scratching my head now, thinking what to do with our two macs, two apple TVs and few iPads in our house, not counting the iPods.... I feel like I'm in a deja vu from 15 years ago when Apple was growing strong by day and came out with Darwin and Aqua and huge MSFT lazily ruled the IT world. Now, the rules have flipped. MSFT is the underdog with **** after R&D and customer experience, while Apple has gotten too large to be a flexible mature startup it used to be. It's simply too big now to be manageable and still enjoy organic growth as it used to.
  • Proof that the average person is an idiot.
  • Not brand new info. They have been buying crappie devices for years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So because they didn't chose the brand You like, they are idiots.... ok Maybe they wanted something that does 99% of what a laptop does with an awesome ecosystem and local support, without all the viruses.  
  • Sorry my friend,  the ipood pro does NOTHING that a laptop does.  Its only a large table with a keyboard.  Nothing more.  And IOS scaled to the larger screen looks horrendous.  Also,  I have been using windows since 3.1.1.   I have never had a virus on my computer.  There are virus for apple crap too. 
  • Well if you think that virus is the problem of Windows devices then i think you should not click any where on those bloody ads which says congratulations you won an iCrap!!! ;-)
  • Let's talk about viruses. My mom managed to get one on her iPad Air within 2 months of getting it, while meantime, in my Windows-only household, I have yet to get a virus that does anything more than installing some adware.
  • How does it do 99% of what a laptop does when it doesn't even run a laptop OS?
  • Basically. I was sitting next to a lasy in a lobby as she used her iPad Pro attached to its awkward angled keyboard case, propped up on her purse in her lap. Only to browse through a calendar app. Unless you're a digital sketch artist that uses an iOS specific app, there's no real reason to get the Pro over the standard iPad.
  • The larger screen itself is a real bonus even for non-artists, if you are an Excel or Word user, both of which are excellent apps in iOS, by the way. Would I get an iPad Pro, though? Seriously doubt I would. Too pricey and still runs iOS, which I'm starting to dislike more an more. I ended up giving my iPad to my son to play Rayman and kids games. I'm really hoping for a good update on Surface 4 this summer, a good all rounder, affordable, yet not too slow. iPad Pro will run out of its breath after the "wow" effect wears off, and iOS will be to blame for that.
  • Only disappointing if I somehow think that Microsoft's profits affect my device.
  • Not really much of a thinker, are you?  If you are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem then any Microsoft success will be good for you.  It's not Microsoft's profits that people directly care about but Microsoft's ability to and interest in creating devices and services that they want and enjoy using.  Certainly, far too many people attach too much of their own self-worth on the brands they use but it's not all superficial.
  • Not a surprise. How many of the people who bought an iPad Pro already had the latest iPad, the latest iPhone, the latest iPod, the latest iTV, etc... Apple has a devoted following snatching up every morsel they can get from that table. It is an automatic sales generator. The fact that the surface wasn't utterly blown out of the water is encouraging to me.
  • look at the price difference between the ipad pro and the surface tablets. it's just stupid. And Daniel stop pretending that does not matter.
  • What's your point? The price difference between the 2 is negligible. Infact the IPad Pro cost more than a comparable Surface Pro 4. 
  • Exactly because the IPad Pro is more expensive AND it still outsold ALL SURFACES is impressive. Then again, it's Apple we're talking about here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft services in iOS have made "iPad Pro" Pro... Take that Satya ;) ..
    ..joke aside..
    Comparing sales of a phone OS hardware and a PC OS hardware doesn't make any sense for me.. This was anticipated since PC sales are going down.. May be professionals needs a real PC... For common people like me, our phone/phablet does things .. Like Satya mentioned "iPhone Pro" .. Many people are going away from Programs and are convinced with phone apps which are easy to use..
    Microsoft really needs to start marketing their services and devices as Apple do.. And build up a fan base so that people will buy whatever **** they release like Apple fan boys do...
  • Not surprising. Besides MS basically wanted the surface devices to be examples for the other OEMs. Now that they have shown the way there will be more surface like devices out in the market which together will outsell iPad pros like windows laptops do MacBooks now...
  • I'm not sure it's disappointing.  It really depends on why Surface has plateaued.  If it's because other PC vendors are selling similar products, then who cares?  Windows is still doing well. Indeed, I think MS' main goal with the Surface is not to sell a lot of them, but to make their partners sell lots of Windows devices. If the iPad pro took a lot of would-be PC buyers' money instead of Windows, then there's a problem for Windows fans.
  • Actually one thing that the Surface line did was revolutionize the Windows tablet line. MS' previous tablet pc lines were really bulky and didn't pan out too well. Having a real tablet form factor that actually worked well kind of showed how a Windows Tablet should look and feel. The devices since then have largely copied the Surface form factor in one form or another and the idea of a touchscreen Windows device isn't nearly as strange-sounding as it used to be. I agree that their goal likely wasn't so much to sell a lot of them as it was to get PC makers to change the way they made these types of PCs. I also don't think MS will really be able to catch up until the Surface is sold in more places and they can address the universal apps a bit more.  (though the ability to run regular Windows apps is a huge positive to me, it still doesn't always run them well in a touch-only interface)
  • Not a surprise at all. Ppl Apple sold Apple Pro in more than 40~50 markets in DAY 1 and it have expended to almost 100 by December. MS, in the order hand, sells surface in what? 20 countries or less more than 3 YEARS. 
  • Well, the Surface Pro line is advancing very well and is having a well reception all over, but it's just initiating. It can not be compared in sales with the ipad pro because ipads has many years selling with a probed OS and MSFT is still in the making of its own OS, but the hardware is there. And like FernandoDB says, in ho many countries is MSFT selling its devices? Not many. Here in Mexico you can buy an Ipad Pro or any apple devices in its mexican website and you'll have it the very next day. In the mexican MSFT website you onlycan buy their office line of software but no hardware, no surface, no lumias, no xbox. So there is no way that MSFT will ever have apple's sales numbers until they really want to sell.
  • I'm constantly surprised with Apple fans, the iPad Pro is a larger iPad, the only real difference being it has a "pencil" (That doesn't come with an eraser), yes it has a keyboard too, but I've seen iPads with 3rd party keyboards attached for years. It's still JUST an iPad, I fail to see in any way how it's even considered in the same market as Surface. I think the real test should be if the device can run Photoshop or not, if the iPad Pro ran OSX then it could happily compete in the same arena as Surface but it doesn't and likely won't for a few years. The sales of iPad Pro would have mostly been iPad owners who saw a new iPad with a bigger screen, creamed their pants and bought the Pro, I don't think many sales came from people who actually want / need a productive tablet, because people who do need that would actually look at what's in the market and make a smarter choice.
  • Why is it disappointing? I'd be willing to bet that a majority of the iPad Pro sales were regular iPad owners looking for that upgrade. I believe this will be an initial bump due to previous iPad owners while 2in1's will continue to rise for those that want to be really productive.
  • Take all windows 2 in 1 sales and compare that to the iPad pro sales...that is the proper comparison.....Microsoft has OEMS they can't flood the market and piss them off.. If surface was one of a kind and only tablet running the windows 10 interface we would have a different story...there is only one iPad vs multiple windows 2 in 1... Microsoft losses sales to it's oems, but gains in windows market share..
  • Apple products ARE met with mockery and skepticism by everyone who is not on the Apple bandwagon, so that statement was definitely accurate. And the only reason they have good sales is because of that same group of iSheep.
  • I guess I'll have to try some apple products after all. Damn you Microsoft for putting us in this position
  • Well, never mind. The door is open. All windows are closed.
  • They're losing the phone game, & the Ipad pro is winning against the surface. Man when will Microsoft get some wins? This is pathetic
  • Why did anyone waste their money on the iPad pro
  • It's fast and future proof for iOS I guess
  • First buy one and then think of something usefull? Sometimes common sense does not apply.
  • It's not even good for productivity apps. The iPad Pro having split windows does not make it a work machine, like Apple wishes it did.
  • Because apple
  • So true. They have a reputation Microsoft can only dream of achieving someday.
  • A lot of artist I follow on Twitter picked 1 up. Skottie Young for example.
  • That you consider Skottie Young an "artist" is good but still an opinion nevertheless. True artists look at him as belonging to a different field - the field of Illustration. Not that it's a lesser category than "artist" but that it's just different. In any case, that a professional like Skottie bought an iPad Pro doesn't make it any more than what it is, a consumption device.
  • I'm not arguing what the iPad Pro is or isn't. I'm also not arguing who an "artist" is or isn't. I'm just saying that people that are known for creating images using a pen or pencil on paper or digitally seem to be buying the iPad Pro. I wish I could say I was shocked but those types seem to just go for Apple products. For me, the Surface 3 is the best bang for the buck. It's the perfect size for me, runs Sketchbook Pro and Manga Studio without issues, and cost less than the iPad Pro. 
  • Because people are dumb and they see Apple logo and **** on their pants. I am sorry to say it like that, but it's true. you can't even use a nice wacom pen on it, no real pro software like maya, premiere, photoshop, illustrator, no Zbrush or 3dcoat (although this needs a nice surface book with dgpu for best performace), no clip studio paint.... you are right, people don't have a brain to see those kind of things, there ir a reason why Pro label should be called pro, but people don't care to see that. No autocad, no rhino, no crap. only "office" and other limited mobile apps. Keep wondering why they do that, and we will still have no more answer than "apple logo" because evn the ipad pencil and the surface pen are even on what they do. even if some idiots think Pencil matches Wacom technology, it's just their fantasy dream. (dumb people are so blind) Wacom is amazing, and at least on a surface pro, you can plug a damn wacom tablet and work on a better pen technology, thing you can't do with iPad CraPro. But again, people are blind. no more than that.
  • What a load of BS. I bought me a Surface Pro 4 and quickly returned it; I am now getting to know an iPad Pro instead. Truth is, Microsoft hasn't even figured out the basic Tablet experience, instead shoehorning Windows on a touchscreen and hoping the masses will buy because Windows'; the "Pro" market knows what they are buying and in the end, they are the 1% percent. It's on Microsoft to justify why I should drop over $1,000 for a Table (excluding the horrible M3 CPU, which chokes very quickly).
  • Didnt the M3 benchmark higher than the A-whatever processor in the iPad Pro? I thought I saw a report on that recently...
  • Talking about BS, Apple hasn't figured out a basic tablet experience either. The iPad Pro is just a stretched up version of the regular iPad, which is, at the same time, a stretched iPhone.    
  • Without cellular capability, so iPad Pro is actually a 13 inch iPod Touch plus "Pencil". I am stunned by the power of brand, there is nothing else in it to justify the sales.
  • Oh please, features the competition had put out for general media consumption years ago was being flaunted as office friendly on Apple's home turf. 
  • Actually YOUR bs is the real "load of bs" around here and anywhere.
  • Because even though it has begun the transition toward being inferior hardware, it still has about 1000x the hipster cred versus Microsoft. Either Microsoft needs to somehow do the impossible and change their image, or learn to be content with a small market share. But it may be the latter -- Ballmer always said they weren't trying to put OEMs out of business, just to give them the kick in the pants they sorely needed. I don't think Microsoft has recovered from their antitrust PTSD enough yet to try owning the PC market all on their own.
  • Because Apple nuts would rather let their children starve then pass on the latest Apple toy. Yeah, I may be exaggerating a bit but you get my drift.
  • Actually you're not exaggerating. You'd be surprised at how many people on food stamps own iPhones.
  • I've asked people over the holidays this and the general response was, "they're not that big into tech and it's what they're familiar with."
  • Why did people waste over $700 for a 950XL with No apps and an unfinished OS? 
  • Because the phone specs wise is superior to the iphone 6s,  and because everyone does not need 50 million fart apps and stupid soical apps.  I use my phone for more than looking at crap apps.  I use my phone for work, travel, and very importantly taking photos while traveling.  Another place where the 950xl  has the crapple phone mopped.  The image quality from the crapple is horrendous.  Flat, soft, boring and without life.  Again.  The 950 xl is miles ahead of the 6s as a phone, camera,  and any other deivce you can come up with.
  • bc flat is the new black
  • Awe how cute of you to think that. The iPhone 6S has upgraded their cameras from 8MP to 12 MP, and they are 2nd or 3rd leader in camera technology (behind Samsung, of course, and maybe LG and the 950). They both have excellent cameras, eve thoigh I do agree the iPhone camera app is so simple and boring. However, since it's iOS we're talking about, there's an app for that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • + Camera + Dedicated Camera button + Offline-Navigation (full downloadable maps, out of the box), this is must for me (Very useful for those who have limited data connection) + Dual-Sim + QHD display (on Auto ~710nits display) + Dynamic home screen (Live Ties) + Wireless charging - some apps are missed (but, I am happy to use the browser if required)    
  • Because a) Apple  b) iPad availability > Surface availability.
  • Microsoft have never done a good job with building their brand. Trust in their products and devices has always been it's no surprise that people go to Apple - even if the devices are inferior.
    (Then again, with all the software glitches on Surface Book/Pro 4 - I'm not sure we can really say that they are better than the iPad Pro. The best device is the one that works)
  • Yep. Microsoft can do the marketing stuff, but still no persistent campaigns. The only two reasons left are either MS is being modest, to which I would say 'seriously?!', or they are fearing loss
  • Apple doesnt have to worry about partners because only their devices run iOS. However, Microsoft does. They could price the SP4 and S3 at far cheaper prices and sell many more of them. But they would then be competing with their partners and they wouldnt like that. The whole idea of the Surface program was to push the boundaries of hardware for their OEMs to follow and sell more devices. I think its easy to get caught up in races on who sold what hardware but we really need to look at how the companies make money. Microsoft makes money on software/services and in the cloud. That is who they are. They happen to also sell some hardware. Apple makes their money on selling hardware. And a bit more on the store and iTunes, but mainly hardware. Its much more important for apple to sell more iPad Pros than Microsoft to sell Surfaces. Just like its much more important people use Office 365 for Microsoft than people who use Apples productivity software. Apple and Microsoft really dont compete much anymore. But we always want to make it about that still I think.
  • This 1000 times.
    The Surface Pro 4 has a "Tablet mode" button (or rather Windows), in which I thought it would Appify Windows in case I didn't need the full "power" of Windows.
    But no, instead, it simply makes everything full screen.
    -Need File explorer? Sure, we'll just make it full screen! (this one is a shame because Windows M10 has a File explorer App). -Need Control Panel? Sure, we'll just make it Full screen! There are inconsistencies, like why can the Photo, Music, Video Apps be Universal/Touchscreen based, but not the File explorer?
  • Tablet mode, or lack of, is useless. I don't even bother with it because using W10 as a tablet in desktop mode works just the same. They really need to make the tablet experience like it was in W8.1.
  • How long have you used the Surface Pro 4 to come up with this BS? 1 minute? Everything full screen? You are telling me you don't know how to reduce the window size of apps in tablet mode? Why are you using control panel in full screen? As a matter of fact, why are you using control panel in tablet mode? Why did you buy a Surface Pro 4 in the beginning any way if you are placing more emphasis on "tablet experience"? You can now experience the "full power" of an iPad Pro. LOL.
  • Facepalm...
  • Microsoft needs to learn a thing or two about marketing from Apple. Apple knows how to sell.
  • Marketing is once again the problem with Microsoft. They need someone who can actually sell the idea to consumers, professionals and enterprise.
  • This time they marketed surface very well but its all fanboyism of apple
  • But, iPad Pro is in 5 times as many countries and it's just released so sales will be high this year. If the total sales of Surface against iPad Pro were used that may show a truer picture as the millions who have a Surface will not be updating every year. My Surface Pro 3 is going to last some time until I need to upgrade.
  • This! And only this as they should take nothing more from apple other than marketing skills
  • I read a rumour article about wireless charging in the next iPhone the other day. It mentioned how Android had used it on top handsets for the past year so Apple needed to catch up. No mention of WP using it since 2012. The general public are not aware of what WP offers and only MS can change that.
  • marketing ​has NOTHING to do here... only because many people see Apple logo and think it's the best regardless of the new device that is brought. I have never seen an ad from ipad pro, I only see iphone ones on few games. so whatever Microsoft does, it won't change people stupidity and blindness, because when people see two expensive devices and take the one that is worse for almost the same price, yes, that make them stupid people. Microsoft could tell everyone how Surface is better and they have seen it, still some people think "oh Pencil matches Wacom's technology" even if they saw a 120fps video on youtube that could be modified and was biased. and that was not Apple's work. Microsoft has told everyone how they can run full photoshop, illustrator and all. they even gave away SP3 on Adobe event and let people try surface book at MAX. and many didn't care, and many do care, and some will use the brain and think about real software and not mobile limited software. but not everyone does it, most people follow the Apple logo, even if Surface pro made coffee. Apple would say "why do you need a tablet to make you coffee" and people would believe it.
  • Not marketing? When has Microsoft ever advertise it's Surface capabilities with the Adobe suite on television?
  • That Apple logo is part of marketing. They marketed the hell out of that logo on the last 10 years, now its paying off as we see.
  • From the very start Apple has marketed itself as the anti-Microsoft. People always feel like they are "cool" when they are sticking it to "the man". Its not about performance. Its not about capability. Its about picking a side, and Microsoft has been (sometimes justified) seen as the evil corporation that is just out to make a buck, corporate greed etc. Apple users in the past thought they were supporting a company that was hip and cool and that has carried with Apple's marketing strategy into their current products. Notice Microsoft's latest marketing for the Surface's has been towards artists, younger audiances, "the hip and cool" folks. Apple fans sometimes do have a point in their use case scenarios. "It just works" is a fairly common saying in Apple. Something I think Microsoft needs to address with its spotty performance experience for some users in its Windows environments. Particularly now with Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. Luckily for us Windows fans, Apple patches have gotten worse and broken more things, while Windows has been seeing improvements (yet far from perfect). I am a bit disapointed to see these results as I find the Surface line to be great devices and find a oversized iPod as being a novelty. 
  • Don't really subscribe to the Apple "it just works" fable: They are just good at pulling the wool over iSheeps eyes.
  • Ha-ha no it has all to do with marketing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Surface is way better than a stupid iPad that is restricted to ios, a stupid OS with limited features.
  • Looks like you accidently described windows phone there...
  • Lol
  • Yea, I guess he did. Back to windows phone after a year, Yes the UI has changed a lot but still not fluid, I'll still purchase an android phone or an iPhone. I'm not into this fan boy thing, it's my money I buy which works best for me.
  • so? this article is about ipad pro vs surface pro. so stop bringing up stupidity... Windows Mobile has its flaws but it works for people and not all Windows Phones are $500+ I wish people like you would just keep the stupidity to themselves. Windows Mobile misses some apps but guess what? it works for many people, and features are okay. but we are talking here about supposrely PROFESSIONAL DEVICES, not phones that aren't used to draw comics, to make movies, to graphic design or anything. Again, stop being dumb and stop trying to imagine you are giving a smart answer when you are wrong, because while Microsoft has made many mistakes with Windows Phone for many reboots, they are finally merging both OS and everything should be better now. but only becuase it misses some apps, dumb apps like Snapchat, it doesn't mean WP OS is useless for everybody.
  • The fact that you call snapchat a "dumb" app says a lot about your understanding, or lack thereof, of why windows mobile is dead. Posted from my Note 5
  • Agreed, I love wp so much nicer to use but the lack of apps is killing me, I had to buy a £200 android tablet so could get "dumb" apps HSBC (3rd largest bank in the world) and apps like sky go and BTsport so I can stream the football. I really don't like the android interface but I was annoyed that I couldn't watch the Liverpool game on the weekend when out that i really am starting to consider going to android just for the apps
  • @collins2k1 ​ And of course you only have just 1 device /s
  • It is a DUMB app.  made for 13 year olds. 
  • Swype maybe? Touch version of Skype?
  • A touch version of Skype? You mean like the one included in W10?
  • Sad..
  • Cost factor along with brand value
  • Only time will tell... Let's give Surface brand more time. Very early days to start comparing the 2 brands given current market/consumer reality... Brand awareness plays a critical role here...
  • Microsoft should kill Surface brand and replace it with Lumia which even now after totally neglected by Nadella moves better volumes and is globally recognized.
  • Wrong, if anything, it should be the other way around, Surface = premium, Lumia = plastic failure
  • Yeah and Microsoft is the reason behind this..
  • I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic, reflecting the attitude of some supposed windows "supporters"
  • I'm saddened in my expectations more than surprised as I was hoping to be proved wrong with assuming that consumers had became wise to apple's lucrative marketing of it's sub-par offerings....iPad pro sold well *Inhales through closed teeth*
  • The stupidity of the general public never ceases to amaze me. It all comes down to marketing and supply. Apple make old tech appealing and deliver it day one to the majority of their customers. MS innovate but can't supply a cohesive system. If they could get that one thing right......
  • Duh. Its launch quarter. Apple early adopters were queuing and salivating over buying the iPad pro as per usual. Lets see how that is sustained over the coming months.
  • The company I work for bought about 10 of these. We develop apps for all platforms, and we wanted to make sure our software worked on the iPad Pro. One person, the guy in charge of iOS development carries his around, but nobody else does. With all those developers, developers, developers that Apple likes to talk about, I wouldn't be surprised if a number of companies did the same. Now that they have their devices, tested their software for it, will we see continued sales?
  • Until Apple releases exact numbers in the way that it is demanded of Microsoft to release exact numbers of Surface model, CPU type, memory size, etc. then these numbers of how many Apple supposedly sold are not valid.
  • There were only 3 variants of the ipad pro, not really much to break out there and I dont see how they arent valid.
  • No, it is demanded of Microsoft they tell us how many Surface 3 vs. Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book were sold. How many 64GB vs. 128GB Surface 3. How many Surface Pro 4 i3, i5, or i7 were sold. How many 128GB, 256GB, 512GB  Surface Pro 4 were sold. And then it is claimed that Microsoft has millions sitting on store shelves, that they are making all these devices that are in warehouses, claiming they are sold when they really not. It is demanded that these numbers be given to us, and until Microsoft does then it is a failure. But Apple refuses to tell us how many iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro have been sold. They refuse to break down how many are 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB sizes. They refuse to tell us how many are older versions vs. the current version (Mini 2 vs. Mini 4, Air vs. Air 2). And what is the result? "There were only 3 variants of the ipad pro, not really much to break out there and I dont see how they arent valid." In other words, make excuses for Apple, and then criticize Microsoft.
  • ...
  • One of the best, thought provking comments you have ever made, and it actually made sense. You should stick with just "..." in all your comments.
  • Oh you mean the way Microsoft releases the exact number of XBox One's sold? heh
  • Where are we talking about Xbox? We were not. And you are missing the point. So move along.
  • I think if this is worldwide, the reason for Microsoft's low share is their absence in many markets. For example, they arrved in India this year and that with limited options. While the iPad pro is available since beginning. Its complcated with Microsoft as always.
  • Surface isn't a product to run well in India.
  • How do you know? Did you try selling it and failed? I mean it has better chance of selling than MacBook at least. But hey, I used India as example, my point was Microsoft is not as well positioned in a lot international markets as apple.
  • Do some market analysis and conclude that y would one go for 82,000₹ laptop/tablet when u can get a high end laptop. Ppl are price conscious and reason rich ppl use iPhone here in India bcoz they don't want to lose their status symbol that they don't own one. And we also don't have other phones in the premium category.
  • The iPhone is not premium lol. No SD Card
    No wireless charging
    No Amoled screen
    No 2K screen
    No 4K screen
    Not dust proof
    Not water proof etc, etc. Plus, the hardware is mediocre too. Since when is such a phone premium, except in your delusional mind lol
  • It is a premium device mate you seem to be delusional Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple runs on fanboys. That's all I would say. That's all folks. Microsoft can convince enterprise customers and others but fanboys are the reason apple survives.
  • Sure, because Microsoft doesn't have its own legion of fanboys.
  • Because they always fail their fans.
  • Always?
  • Due to Microsoft history we have less fans. Microsoft has fans but not die hard blind as apple. So it would take time for Microsoft to build a big brand. Microsoft can only convince pro users and not hipsters.
  • Frankly, I'm not sure Microsoft cares that much. Curious how total Windows 10 detachable devices compare to Apple sales. Microsoft wants Win 10 and thier services on as many devices as possible. Another interesting data point would be how many of those iPad Pros are running Office and other Microsoft services, all those are a win for Microsoft.
  • Apple fans were salivating on getting a Surface......I mean iPad Pro so on release it gained big sales. Lets see how that goes a year from now. I would love to see TOTAL sales of Surface versus iPad Pro- that would be interesting.
  • Thank you. I think this is one of the best comments I have read so far today. Microsoft cares about their core strength. And Apple theirs. And they happen to be different areas. :)
  • Purely anecdotal but I looked at the Surface book for my wife but couldn't justify the price. Picked up an HP Spectre x360 with i7 and comparable specs for about ~$600 less than the Surface. Would have gone for the Surface but for the hefty price tag.
  • Microsoft still has a nice market for their Surface line sans-pro if they can get all the software bugs ironed out first. It took a few months to hammer out some of the show stopper bugs after releasing the Surface Pro 4. If they can ship a nice clean product and keep the Surface brand in a positive light it should be a little smoother sailing. They have a great product they just need to invest a lot more QA to make it friendly for the regular non-techy consumer.
  • Within one calendar quarter Apple was able to step in with an entirely new tablet and outsell Microsoft
    With the bugs that plagued the Surface 4 and Surface book at launch I don't think anyone is suprised.  People have history in knowing that Apple is going to relase a device that's great out of the gate.  This is not the same with Windows devices, and as predicatible as the sunset, Microsoft botched this release too. As much as I am a fan of MS products and services, the Surface 4 and Surface Book are just now at the point in their updates and fixes where I would consider buying one.  This is EXTREMELY poor execution by MS considering: This is their product, top to bottom with both hardware and software The premium price They desperately need to get it right the first time in order to beat the perception of sub-standard software/hardware quality.  Even with the NFL blunder, MS still took the blame by pretty much everyone simply based on perception.
  • You didn't pay attention to the iPad Pro, because it was plagued with many problems, too. For example, when you charge it, when you disconnect the Lightning cable it would freeze and require a reboot. It took Apple over a month to release an update, and in the release notes they simply stated that the fix **may** fix the problem. The big selling points of the device was the keyboard (which you need a degree in Origami to use) and Pencil, both delayed past the release date of the iPP. The UI is horrible, where Apple's own apps don't scale correctly to use the screen, some UI elements are small, some big, and the home screen still is only 5x4 icons with 4 in the shelf at the bottom instead of taking advantage of more realestate to hold icons. Of course, none of these are known to the general user since the media did their best to first tell us how Apple has invented a new category, told us we need to own it, and then told us how wonderful it is. Then they made sure that we knew of every single problem with Surface from the biggest (yes, people have power problems with Surface) to the smallest (it only has one USB port, that is not satisfactory, so buy an iPad Pro because it doesn't have any USB ports).
  • nohone, Amen!
  • And another potential problem: Don't see much Apple PR on this subject!
  • Hmm...It's been more than 3 months since microsoft last launched surface, there is still no fix for abysmal battery life and the fan sounding like a vacuum cleaner. There are almost no apps meaning tablet usage experience is below par. There are zillions of small issues and bugs in Windows 10 making it extremely unsuitable fore everyday media consumption tasks. iOS might be more restricted but it simply works. 
  • The last number I saw was over 700,000 apps in the store (not counting phone apps) - and that was back in October. One web site that counts the number of Apps in the Apple store using a web service count 704,855 iPad apps. Those are iPad optimized, not iPad Pro, apps. So if 700,000 4 months ago means there are no apps, what does 704,855 today mean? And there are zillions of small issues and bugs in iOS that making it extremely unsuitable "fore" [sic] everyday media consumption tasks. But I need a device that does more than consume media, I need to produce with it. I need to write code. I need to consume GB of data a nd crunch that data. I need to produce buisness intelligence data for my users. You would think that with the name iPad Pro you would be able to do professional work with it, but instead, the bis media consumption taks, like watching a movie, reading a web page, using email to send cat pictures - things I can do with my Surface 3, and Surface Pro 4. Correction: iOS barely works, for some things, and fails at all the rest. I also think you are lost, the site you want to be at is over at
  • And iPad sales still decreased by 25% YOY lol
  • And they still beat Microsoft and are Top Tablet vendor
  • Surface is a referenc design for OEMs and MS goal was to get OEMs selling designs inspired by Surface to take advantage of Windows (a design that the iPad Pro borrows from as intended with digtal pen, magnetic keyboard connector which MS owns the patent on).  From that standpoint MS and it's partners are outselling hybrids at a rate of 3:1, with Apple holding only 2 out of 8Million hybrid sales.
  • "There are almost no apps"... This is an irrelevant comment. It's a PC. It doesn't need apps. "There are zillions of small bugs in Win10.." The OS is perfectly stable and receives incremental patches like every other OS on the market. You seem to be regurgitating 2 year old talking points.
  • thats funny,  my surface is silent.  Theres a ZILLION HUGE issues with the ipp.  Like crappy scaling of apps,  piss poor keyboard / pen experience...oppps excuse me,  "PENCIL" experience.  I even love their terminology.  Its so childish like everything crapple.  Children use pencils,  adults use pens.  Children use IOS for apps and games,  Adults use windows for doing acutal work,  not just looking like a tool hipster at the local starbucks because they are too entitled to get a job.  and Give me a break on the "apple just works" slogan.  Thats a farce and a half.  watch out for the many many spinning beach balls on OSX, and freeze ups and restarts on IOS.  Just works,  yeah right. 
  • That is because the surface is only sold in US Canada and some EU countries. Microsoft need to change their marketing strategy worldwide to try gain some market shar and to increase their sales
  • This. Ever since the first Surface it took months, even years, to bring those products to Mexico. The Surface 3 isn't even available here to date. iPad Pro has been available from day one.
  • People will buy anything and everything apple releases just because. More at 11.
  • I'm more interested in the fact that Apple sold 2 million of these, yet iPad sales still tanked 25%. That's very concerning for the future of the iPad. I'm curious to know what number these things will settle around (similar to how the PC industry settled around 285m). Also of note: If Surface is 2.4% of all tablet sales, and Windows is 10% of the tablet market share, does that mean that 1/4 Windows tablets are Surfaces? Fascinating.
  • Exactly. IPad sales cratered to the tune of minus 25% Y-o-Y on the HOLIDAY QUARTER!
  • I am a little surprised actually... Also - i am not sure i would call the IPad Pro an all new device...? Seems like its mostly just a larger Ipad, or am i missing something?
  • People don't want tools that make them work better. People want things with a freaking apple logo on it.
  • People don't want tools that make them work better,  people want devices with an apple logo on it so they can look like every other tool!
  • iPad pro is available in more market than Surface..that may be a reason..
  • THIS!
  • But MS then sold licenses to many other detachable makers so W10 outsold iOS on those compared devices.
  • so? isn't Nadella smart enough to not give a damn about such numbers? it is well known the vast majority of the population lacks some grey matter, that an even bigger 12" iPhone outsold a professional grade computer is... expected?
  • Actually its far simpler: You can buy an iPad Pro anywhere in the world just a couple weeks after launch. Surface has been for more or less 4 years and still you can only get one if you live in 2 or 3 countries.
  • iPad Pro is the only 2 and 1 device that runs iOS correct? Win10 2 and 1’s are more than just Surface. If the other products produced by Acer, HP, Lenovo, etc. were factored in, wouldn't that make a difference?
  • and...iPad are sold everywhere while the Surface is not. In my country one could get an iPad Pro from the local dealers, Surface is a no show around here. Blame it on Microsoft and their foolish release schedule.
  • Yes. Factor that in an the W10 market is selling 3x faster than Apple.
  • Apple has become Microsoft. For the longest time you'd look around and see everyone using a dull product running Windows. Now I look around and see everyone using a dull product running iOS. Apple built some BS brand on bring the "creative" computer. These people were massive evangelists and fueled the Steve Jobs is god myth. MS needs to convince people that Windows is relevant again. We get it, but the masses think Windows is still Vista. As Apple stumbles and slowly sheds itself of creative customers, MS needs to flawlessly execute on the Surface brand and W10. It'll take time but they need to nail the experience. Period.
  • These can't be people who want to replace their notebooks. iPad pro is just a larger toy.
  • Anyone actually considered the ipad pro is actually a good device for what it offers and the people who bought it enjoy it? All the comments on being surprised are themselves a surprise, and seem to come from a lack of understanding and acceptance that consumers can enjoy products not made by Microsoft.
  • Certainly, I appreciate your comments. I’m surprised at the number of sour grapes and straight fanboy comments here. I have a Surface 3 and just bought a Ipad Pro a few weeks ago. Guess which one I use more? I’ll give you a hint, 3 is not in its name. Compared to a Surface Pro I don’t find the Ipad Pro to be very “Pro” at all, but as an extra-large iPad it excels. When my laptop broke last Fall my Surface 3 was able to fill in the gap until I got it repaired. My iPad could not have done that. However, how often do I need that from a tablet? What I do need on a daily or very frequent basis are email, browsing the web, streaming video, and apps. The iPad Pro does these tasks as well as or better than a Surface, with better battery life, AND I still have all of my favorite Microsoft apps. Some people simply buy the tools that work best for them without regard to what label is on the back of the device.
  • Same Here. The Surface Pro line is just not made to be a 'traditional' tablet; I despise the 16:9 ratio, which makes it uncomfortable as second device. The iPad Pro is thinner, easier to hold for lo ger periods of time, and consumer won't care too much about bells and whistles if the device is uncomfortable. There is a lot of biased comments and people that can't understand that concept; instead they resort to calling anyone who makes a different choice, as inferiors.
  • What you say you do on your iPad Pro I do on my Windows Phone. Sounds like the iPad Pro really is just a large iPhone but is Pro due to Office software.
  • Did you miss the part where I said I don't think the iPad Pro is very "Pro?" Sure, you can do the things I mentioned on a Phone, but I find most of them more practical and all of them more enjoyable on a tablet with a much larger screen. I also use it for taking class notes in OneNote and for annotating digital textbooks. Yes, you can do those things on a Surface too, but when you factor in a larger higher resolution screen, better battery life, and better app selection an iPad Pro meets my needs better that a Surface Pro would. Especially since I already have a Surface 3 to meet any Surface related needs or wants. My point is not that the iPad Pro is some fantastic “Pro” device (although for some folks it will be),  but rather that some people, like myself, buy them because they best fit the intended use. The assertions, frequently repeated in these comments, that ONLY iSheep, status hounds, and fools would buy the iPad pro is ridiculous. The Surface Pro is a superior device in some scenarios, in others the iPad Pro comes out on top. People should buy what their needs & wants dictate and what their budgets allow. Now if folks want to throw some shade at the price though I’ll whole heartedly agree with that!
  • Well, my point exactly - the iPad Pro is just a large iPhone in effect. With Mac running OSX and the iPad Pro running iOS there will be future problems: I would see the Surface Pro 3 I use as the better option with regards to the screen quality and full programmes available rather than apps. My Surface pen lasts 6-12 months with a small battery running it rather than needing to continuously inserting the pencil into an iPad Pro, which just looks silly. I don't see people as inferior, just the product and as iPad sales continue a serious decrease in sales and Apple admitting that iPhone sales will decrease this quarter (and refuse to give iWatch sales), seems more people are thinking my way. But, you are right about personal choice. Hey, if you prefer the iPad Pro then enjoy :)
  • Thanks for the link. Very interesting and an issue for folks looking for heavy weight apps. And yes, the whole Pencil charging situation is kinda silly!
  • Yes. And no :) All reviews say it;s for a niche public. Just wait how next quarters go.
  • Here is a major difference. Apple has long positioned themselves as the creative platform. When you see some from Adobe doing shows or tutorials they are most likely using Apple devices. At recent AdobeMAXX events all the focus is first and foremost on the cool new apps for the iPad and iPhone. The iPad Pro is getting buzz for its Apple Pencil among design creatives. When you combine this with the large install base of iPhone/Apple users its a natural thing. Microsoft on the other hand has catered the Surface line to business pros and not creatives. That is a very lucrative and large field that Apple has the upper hand in.      
  • Software like staffpad are for the creatives.
  • IPad Pro buzz: Plus, buy 2 Pro pencils and you can do some knitting in between using your iPhone and iPad- now that's creative. Also, odd how iPad sales decreased by 25% YOY in total and Apple admits that iPhone sales will start to decrease this quarter. Maybe creative people are going elsewhere?
  • Wait, so according to the article, it's not just Apple, but also that Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei, and ASUS tablets all outsold the Surface? Wtf?
  • Probably because the Surface is more expensive which is fine with Microsoft because they wanted the Surface line to be known as a premium product.  Microsoft probably didn't want to step on any of the OEM's toes either.
  • It's because you can buy Surface in 2 or 3 countries while the other brands you can get worldwide.
  • I can't believe people bought into Apples bs. Spend all that money on a closed system? *I wish I could be like the cool kids* /sarcasm
  • iPad Pro is available in the whole UNIVERSE.. and Surface SERIES is only available at SOME PLANETS.... this was surely supposed to happen.. Considering UNFINISHED and insanely buggy experience in Surface Series..
  • So Lumia has a slightly larger market share than Surface in their category. Good luck with the Surface Phone then, Microsoft!    
  • I have family at ATT and they said that the stores have only sold a couple, original inventory are still present.
  • 400k-ish difference is reasonable, I started reading the article thinking the iPad Pro outsold the Surface by 3 or even 4-To-1!
    Microsoft is on the right track with the Surface strategy... They must keep building the Surface brand & raise awareness of it.
  • Keep in mind that the iPad Pro was only available for about 5 weeks during the quarter while the Surface lineup was available the whole 13 weeks. So 3-to-1 is still correct.
  • Keep in mind these sales figures for Ipad Pro aren't end customer sales but units sold into retail and distribution.  Actual activiations show around 400K so Surface outsold Ipad Pro easily.  Most Ipad Pros are still sitting in stock at retailers. 
  • Apple, if they wanted, could sell a stone with the logo and would be a success.
    No surprise at all.
  • Well, everything else Apple is basically down..
  • Apple refuse to release sales figures for that iWatch junk - wonder why?
  • The point is that Microsoft has to bring their devices outside US and some European countries.
  • Not surprised because as we speak the Surface brands are very scarce here meanwhile the ipads are here within a week of release.
  • Kind of surprising, but the difference is that Surface has been available for years by this point, and the iPad Pro is a new product, so the Apple fans feel the need to catch up to Surface users.  :)  Not that concerned, even the podcasts on the iPad Pro on iMore didn't particularly impress me as far as usability and features.  I think the numbers for the iPad Pro will cool down.
  • Agree - all the Apple fans wanted a Surface so when the iPad Pro came out they jumped in. But still total iPad sales figures were down 25% YOY so lets see how it's looking next year.
  • Ha-ha no. If it's so niche it wouldn't have sold that well especially with the Surface being out longer yet it still did not sell as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I mean it's not as if they were meant for the same market. The surface was marketed as laptop wasn't it? At least that's what they said at the hardware release conference.
  • "We believe Apple sold just over two million iPad Pros while Microsoft sold around 1.6 million Surface devices, a majority of which were Surface Pro and not the more affordable Surface 3. With these results, it's clear that price is not the most important feature considered when acquiring a detachable – performance is." I disagree with that kind of conclusion. Apple product buyers in general are not that price conscious except if it's a non-Apple brand. So you cannot generalize. Second not sure how they came up with performance being more important than price. There are other factors like larger screen size.  
  • Yet you are generalizing about apple buyers, irony....
  • That's because Apple has by far highest profit margin of anyone. They own 90% of all profits in the phone market while they don't have a majority share and for the tablet market we're also looking at much higher margins than anyone. That generalization is not contested.
  • Non contested is that profit is mainly iPhone dependant and Apple stated that iPhone sales will decrease this quarter. Along with a YOY decrease in total iPad sales that profit will not continue. Nokia, Blackberry were profit dependant on phones and look what happened to them!
  • You missed the point. I'm not against generalization.I'm saying you cannot use an Apple generalization about price not being a big factor and transfer that to Microsoft product buyers.
  • I'm surprised this would be a surprise, I honestly would've been shocked if it sold less than the Surface line. I think expectations were a bit tainted because of how ridiculous the device is to non Apple fans, but you really shouldn't underestimate the power of Apple's "brand". It's a safe bet that a solid chunk of the iPad Pro purchasers are fans who were going to buy a new iPad anyway, or who just wanted the next "big" thing from Apple. The fact their tablet sales are still plummeting tells a bigger story. This is all good news for MS in the long run anyway: the Surface line remains popular despite it's premium price, there are loads of devices out there that lifted its form factor and are selling well, and all of them run various MS products... including the iPad Pro.
  • I'm surprised you're not surprised :)
  • We would be rolling out surface devices at work if it weren't for the idiotic decision not to offer win 8.1 support on the pro 4 and kill sales of the pro 3. We'll only be ready to roll win10 early 2017 and having 6 months this year with potentially no pro3 devices left in the channel to give to people isn't a option we can consider.
  • Another interpretation is that iSheep who have been pretending to be satisfied with their iPad finally admitted it needed a (semi)functional text oriented interface all along and dumped their previous models that they had been suffering with.
    It's pretty much the same story as with the iPhone 6. The iSheep swallowed their frustration with their previous gen small screens while trying to pretend they didn't list after or need a more functional amount of screen suave because Apple told them they didn't. But as soon as Apple copied everybody else they dumped their previous phones.
  • One thing I know for sure, just like an iPhone cannibalizing iPad mini . This show, iOS is cannibalizing OSX. 
  • Kind of a funny contradiction in this article, saying people are willing to pay extra for performance and better value while saying the iPad Pro is selling really well. It is the epitome of bad value.
  • Oxymoron: IPad Pro - Performance and value smdh :)
  • I expect an initial bump for the iPad Pro as the Apple faithful dutifully buy the latest iThing. What will be more telling will be next quarter after the initial got-to-have-the-latest purchases fade. I dont see the iPad Pro having staying power, but who knows. Its probably all some people need.  
  • Ipad pro outselling the surface line isn't a sad day for Microsoft, it's sad day for the human race
  • It's actually very simple. 1) iPad is available in more countries. 2) Microsoft is not the only OEM making a Windows tablet, hence more choices. Maybe they should add all tablets from all OEM's. 3) A lot of Microsoft's services are geared to US only, therefore, less appeal to people in other countries. 4) There was a lot of bad press for the extremely buggy SP4 and SB.
  • PLEASE someone tell this to a Microsoft exec because apparently they don't know or worse they don't care.
  • They don't care. Surface has been around for a long time. It's the 4th generation and they still don't care to spread it and market it worldwide. Maybe because they know they suck on marketing
  • I'm actually seeing a lot more people with Surfaces in coffee shops in various parts of Canada now.  Just last Saturday, I was in a Starbucks and there was just as much Surface's as there was iPads/MacBooks.  It made me feel good.  I think a big part though is there is a physical Microsoft Store in the neighbouring city.   I noticed once that store opened, the amount of Surfaces and Lumias I've seen in the public have really increased.
  • I wonder where Apple buried those millions of iPad Pro's in a landfill to get to those numbers lol
  • Surface is btw. not available in my country so no surprise, however it's 100% more useful then iPad pro.
  • Not trying to belittle Apples sales of the iPad Pro, however there was likely pent up demand among Apple users for a larger iPad so this probably played a significant role in their sales this quarter. It'll be interesting to see if the sales of the iPad Pro hold up or outpace Surface next quarter.
  • I'm sorry but **** the tech world. A bunch of ignorant morons with spare cash started this freaking trend and now they run most tech websites.
    None of them in any surface pro review found a need to pay the price tag, but for the iPad pro ( Aka the verge ) it was BRILLIANT even if they had no apps to use what's new with iPad. Freaking split screen actual multitasking. Some times it's funny watching from the outside a bunch of ignorant make each other happy with their apple products but once in a while it just pisses me off.
    The only thing they have for them is stability in their products, which started by them restricting everyone with hardware options. Now they got all the apps and noone can get them off their high horse.
  • It's amazing how many of you are completely clueless, yet say so much.
  • Well, You are on Windows central where many idiots really think they know what they talk about.
  • Exactly,  clueless is buying an ipad pro thinking its something other than a large ipad.
  • I think the big issue is that these are worldwide sales.  iPad Pro went on sale in 40 countries, the Surface 4 in 2-3.
  • Wait...really?  That seems insane, but if it's true, what is Microsoft thinking?
  • Seriously I think there is a mole at Microsoft. They surely can launch worldwide but for a retarded reason nobody knows they won't. Heck, Even worse, Windows Mobile left my country months ago so I can't find nor buy a Windows Phone the last available in my country was the 630.
  • That right about the Surface Book. Became just available for preorder. Surface Pro is available in more countries.
  • Microsoft need expand their reach. Its been 4 generations now and no retailers in the Philippines?
  • It was a new iPAD and direhard fans bought it, lets see if the this continues.
  • There is reason why iPhones and iPads sell. Its the brand. People want apple products because they can show off. It tells they have money... I think smart people choose Surface, because full windows, no mobile OS!
  • The Ipad is not even a pro.
    It doesn't even run on OX at all.
    What a shame.
  • Once a iSheep, always a iSheep.
  • This really just proves the power brand can have, when the mobile OS tablet can beat full featured one. It really was enough with just the Apple logo.
  • Takes some time to turn perception around. Would be interesting to see all iOS sales versus all Windows 10 sales. Will enterprises buy iPad Pro in huge quantities or will they buy like Windows 10 devices. This shift in enterprise spending still has to happen, hasn't it? Also read comment of The Verge  
  • Enterprise buying iPad Pro is mainly no for a guess: iOS and OSX are not compatible.
  • Microsoft did such a good sell job with MS Office on the iPad Pro! I wonder how many copies of Office they actually shipped?
  • So despite being far more widely available, the iPad only sold 400,000 more units than the Surface line? That is pretty darn impressive. Imagine if Surface would have been in all those markets too? We might have seen a different outcome. 
  • A telling stat as long as there's more sheep than wolves in the world.
  • Isheeps vs microwolves
  • I actually think that it's just because of how little retail presence Microsoft has compared to Apple. Apple started out as a hardware company and as such has been extending its retail presence for physical goods for a long time. Microsoft, as a software company, has not developed physical stores as much. This is even more true outside the USA. For example, here in the Philippines I can easily purchase an iPad Pro in any mall as they all have Apple stores but if I wanted to but Microsoft hardware I'd have to order online as no MIcrosoft stores can be found.
  • THIS. Apple sells their products worldwide. Microsoft don't.
  • I'm actually more interested in the marketshare of Windows tablets vs iOS/Android tablets, not about Microsoft vs other vendors.
  • That's ok. Some people will cut their teeth on a iPad "pro" and go Surface when they grow up.
  • The fact that it wasn't a total blowout is encouraging. The difference between devices is apples and oranges. As much as people want to tout the iPad Pro as a content creation device, most people are going to use it as a consumption device. Microsoft products have always been looked at as creation devices.
  • I got my first iPad which was an iPad Pro. I thought about what I wanted to use my tablet/laptop for and after using both SP4/iPad Pro, I decided on the iPad. The apps had a lot to do with it, even Microsoft's own apps, lol. I'm an extreme gamer but I'd rather do that on my desktop I built. Casual games are good for on the go on my tablet but for me serious gaming is done on my desktop. For my first iPad I have been really impressed and love this thing. To each his own but for some people it's not about being a sheep it's usuing what works for them.
  • So many uneducated people in the world...
  • Unfortunately their sources are stupid websites that found Surface Pro useless and iPad pro brilliant. So not all of them are to be blamed. Mostly the ones that think that have the right to either lie or give a false review on the products. Annoying, isn't it?
  • Also, Microsoft isn't selling Surface worldwide like Apple does
    PEOPLE, Come with me and let us leave this iWorld....! :P
  • I'm with you.
  • Wait for me but check if there's oxygen so that we can survive.
  • No worries people. Please stay here. Apple sell their iPad in 5x the Countries that Microsoft sell the Surface. And the Apple fans were so wanting a Surface......I mean iPad Pro that they all jumped in on release. Lets see how those figures relate in 6 and 12 months...... so stay around and enjoy the ride on planet earth :)
  • Haha enjoying this MS ride aka the "SOON" ride where the iPad pro got it its own office IPAD PRO OPTIMIZED apps where we W10 users including PC had to wait after W10 not even on W8 which was known as Touch based OS.
  • Oh trust me, its arranged.
    Besides, I do have arranged mountain dew. Will that work..
  • So yet again the great tech 'innovators' of our time, take other peoples ideas, candy-coat them, and wait for their Lemmings to believe the hype. Which sadly, they always do, leaving the Apple top brass laughing all the way to the Bank.  
  • Shouldn't we really be comparing Surface Pro vs. Macbooks rather than iPad Pro. The two don't really seem to be in same space IMHO. Long term, that story could really be different though as Surface brand awareness improves.
  • Like minds!!! just posted the same... Do we compare band 2 with iWatches now?
  • This is just insult to the computing ecosystem. And number of idiot people crossed the no. of wise people. IPad pro??? What should I tell it? A toy or crap toy? Though Surface is available at very selective market.
  • Yoo Buddy cool down the fact is millions of owners of old ipads owners are now updating to the new Ipad pro because it uses all their favorite aoos , has bigger setter screen and sound, has MS office and even now has a MS Surface Pro like keyboard accessory they have been wanting since the first MS Surface tablets first came out. this is going to cintinue untill a massive amount of Old ipad users get an ipad Pro. if you owned an older ipad you would get the ipad pro too.  I like Windows and Ipads Tablets. I do not own an apple ipad
  • shouldn't the ipad pro numbers be compared to the Surface RT... just because they throw pro in the name doesn't put it on the level of a surface.
  • That's good and expected since Microsoft isn't selling their tablets worldwide like Apple does.
  • Not surprised as I bet many were sold at AT&T and Verizon were you can pay monthly for them.
  • Come on now, how many more markets is the Ipad in? until the Surface is in the same markets then of course it is going to be outsold.
  • They should I guess launch in countries like Italy,Brazil,Switzerland etc.
  • Not very surprised actually. Its the brand that people want. Having apple products is more of a fashion now and everyone wants to be in trend. I dont say that what they make is bad, its just some are overpriced and dont do anything special. Why chose to have a tablet(which lets be honest is just a phone with very big screen) and a laptop from apple when microsoft made one device that has both. Yes, the software was buggy and it had problems, but you still have the i5/i7 processor while the updates will come. And why should we be surprised about the big difference? If u have surface 3, unless u really need the processing power, u dont need the surface 4 because it still is a great device. Apple products get outdated every year in terms of technology and fashion, and the last one is really the reason why people still get caught in this marketing trap
  • Have any of you actually tried both of them out side by side before saying how much you hate it?
  • No. Where does the SD Card fit?
    How does the Pencil compare in pressure sensitivity?
    What complete programmes does it run?
    Is the OS the same as the Mac? Not tried the iPad Pro and never intend to - I have an SP3 Pro thanks!
  • I have yes.  I took both at the local store and did different tasks....and the conclusion is exactly what I said,  the ipad pro is......wait for it......a big ipad.  The surface is Everything the ipad is trying to be but it fails.
  • I am one who considers the iPad Pro to be kind of ridiculous--however, I always expected Apple would sell quite a few of these due to its brand power and loyalty among iPhone/iPad customers. However, let's remember that when it comes to iOS, there is but one supplier--Apple.  Surface, however, is just one of a number of Windows-based devices making up the growing 2-in-1 PC device category.  Microsoft doesn't have to outsell iPads all by itself. There is a whole community of partners who are also selling Windows devices in competition with the iPad Pro. Still, I find it a bit sad that more people aren't buying and using Surface. The Surface 3, in particular, should have been selling in a lot more volume than it is, but it seems that "mainstream" consumers who would consider an iPad at this price point still aren't interested in Surface. Most Surface sales seem to be to power users or business customers interested in the larger screen and faster performance of a Surface Pro.
  • Look at the overall numbers regarding tablets, not just which is selling more this year than last year.  At the current pace, it will take the better part of a DECADE before more 2-in-1's are being sold than just ANDROID say nothing of iPads and Windows tablets thrown in there.
  • What is surprising is that the margin with which iPad Pro beats the Surface lineup is not a lot. Considering iPad Pro is still an iPad, that has good name recall and product recognition, because it is jut riding on the hype/markieting of the older iPad version. Considering this, Surface as a newer product is inching closer and will probably just do better in the future.
  •   ummm these are shipment numbers. not sales. I would expect apple to aways have huge shipment numbers because they expect their products to sell...despite the fact that they're sales of all of their products are slipping. This is a big to-do about nothing
  • Well Microsoft doesn't offer Surface worldwide, but Apple does offer iPad worldwide, so it is no surprise that iPad will outsell Surface all the time.
  • I'd only be disappointed if MS decided to stop selling Surfaces. Loving my Surface book and not really surprised that hipsters still want the shiniest toy on the shelf (even if they already have an iPad air). MS seems committed to surface, it rocks, and that's all that matters.
  • I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Enjoy your Apple RT tablets.
  • Again, im saying this from the beginning, price is a huge factor, hence the Surface 3 doing bad. Surface 3, for what it provides, is a very expensive device, not worth the money!  It has "FAIL" under its name since the beginning but Microsoft cant see it. The good news is, while Surface 3 is crap, other Windows 10 tablets with the same performance and a lot cheaper probably sold well too and its not computed in those numbers vs ipads. Now the other fail surface is the Surface Pro 4 core M.  Again, very expensive for what it provides, and should just be removed from the options.  For under US 50,00 you get the core i5, really Microsoft? Surface Pro 4 core M should sell for under US 650,00 to be a good deal.  Surface 3 should sell for US 300,00 and not US 500,00
  • I think a big factor that makes the price higher is the touch screen. Considering the technology that is in touchscreens, it not hard to believe that the Surface 3 can sell for $500.
  • I have a Lenovo (with same hd 64gb, same ram 2gb and same processor) that cost me US 140,00 I know the Surface 3 has a digitizer, but charing Us 400,00 means the digitizer tripled the cost of the device.  I know some people might want to use a pen with the Surface, but most of the customers just want a tablet, not a pen.  So, what happens?  No one buys it, as it is already happening. They should get Surface 3 to compete with ipad, not ipad pro. It would be a lot more successful...
  • I think people buy the iPads for different reasons that Surfaces. At my University the people who love Apple don't use iPads, they use Macs. I think Surfaces are far superior to Macs and iPads, and there are a number of people who have Surfaces too. I think that many people who buy Macs are just brand-blind to Apple.
  • That plays a huge part
  • All surfaces need to start coming with cellular connectivity capability for all networks. Many of my business customers would get the Surface over the iPad but need LTE. Many consumers get the iPads because they would prefer iPad over Android tablets. Microsoft is missing the boat by not including cellular.
  • I don't believe this for split second
  • All I can say is I see alot more Surface Pro's these days on planes every week - business travelers, while I have seen less than a handful of the iPad Pros. Also, my kids high school just signed for all new Surface Pros and moving away from the iPad learning -
  • Folks lets get real here there are Millions of MORE ipad owners than Surface Tablet Owners and guess what they are going to upgrade to the new and by far better Ipad Pro Tablet. it uses all their favorite apps on a bigger high res screen with better sound and hell it even has a Surface Tablet like keyboard hookup something Ipad owners have wanted since the microsoft surface tablets came out. Apple is going to make tons of Money as MILLIONS  OF OLD IPAD OWNERS UPDATE TO THE NEW IPAD PRO.
  • Where do they get their numbers?
  • I see surfaces more and more. My girlfriend and I each have the 3, and I cannot imagine using a 'regular computer' let alone something like the iPad pro ever again. I am surprised it wasn't a 100% failure in the market. It just...ugh. How do? Ugh.
  • The good news on this Dan, Microsoft lead this one with the Surface.  I'm glad they kept it up.
  • Anybody who brought that bigger iPad is clearly retarded or has impulse buying syndrome
  • If their numbers are as good as their analysis...he's their "Senior Research Analyst" and his analysis is "it's clear that price is not the most important feature considered when acquiring a detachable - performance is." All that analysis tells me is that he has no idea about the products he's supposedly comparing. A case could be made that the performance of the Surface Pro 3 exceeded the iPad Pro, while the Surface Pro 4 and the SurfaceBook blow it out of the water. That's not to speak of the performance improvement when you have a real operating system instead of a mobile operating system. Apple's sales have nothing whatsoever to do with performance (nor price) but everything with strength of brand in a particular category.
  • In the last quarter report, Apple listed the ASP for all IPads at $439, which is at the low end. If it were to sell 2M IpadPro (which has a much higher ASP), the number should be much higher. In other word, the IDC report of 2M IPad pro is not consistent with the actual number, as reported by Apple.
  • I think price is an issue. I'd buy a Surface if the price were lower. I also think anyone that buys an iPad Pro is a f'n idiot and are wasting their money.
  • This whole article seems floored as it's based on the premise that Microsofts success in tablets is measured by the surface. It's like seeing the poor sales of googles nexus devices and proclaiming google is losing it's battle with apple. I'd be more interested in comparing figures based on the OS.
  • I think it should be clear by now that Jobs sold his soul to devil, they just can't do anything wrong.
  • I have both ipad pro is horrible. I hate the size ratio. Well apple knows how to market it paying the media to talk good about it
  • Ipad pro vs. surface 3.   ipad pro,  IOS,  scaled poorly, and looks horrible.  Surface 3 w10 pro, scaled correctly,  loaded with REAL programs not toy apps.  Surface 3,  detach the keyboard,  use as a paperbook to take notes, drawings etc at work.  I pad pro,  fold up crappy desgined keyboard, take crappy knitting needle type device and color a coloring book. Surface 3 attach keyboard turn into a full featured "laptop" with all periferals pluged in via usb.  Ipad pro,  try to connect to periferals via bluetooth,  If available,  if not SOL,  unfold cappy designed keyboard afterthought,  try to type,  horrible angles for typing.  Try to connect my camera to the ipad pro ohhhhh right,  no usb port.  No full photoshop, lightroom, etc to edit share and print photos from said camera.  Get back to my home office,  put my surface 3 in its dock and enjoy a full 27" desktop experience using full periferals, sound etc .....Ipad pro....oh wait,  nada......i can just imagine how the ipad pro would scale the leap pad OS that is IOS to a 27" screen.  ha ha....Apple is a joke for hipsters and children.   
  • "Leap Pad OS". Now that's funny. It's so true. Thanks for the laugh.
  • It is totally true.  My son has a leap pad,  and it looks just like IOS.  I think Crapple stole their OS just like they rip everything else off. 
  • To whom it may seem surprising:   Whatever Apple release, at first, ppl will buy like crazy. So is iPad Pro. I expect similar decline in sales to iPad pro to that of iPads. Most of this early buyers will always buy whatever apple reelase. Its a new one from Apple, so I gotta have it! This is also the reason why Apple will release in many markets at once. Start with a bang!!!   On the contrary, MS products are met with skepticism, ppl wait and then buy, the way surface trend is going on. Everyone waited to see how good surface is, and slowing started buying them (increased sales). Hence MS releases in some markets and then expands slowly, as demand increases.   Finally, though iPad pro sold 2mil and Surface about 1.6mil, their revenue would be very similar. Always compare revenue not units sold.    
  • 2 million iPad pros = 1.5 million iPad pros w MS Office installed!
  • That proves people is stupid. Ipad Pro is completely useless, almost a ridiculous zoomed ipad.
  • I find this very unlikely. On the one hand this is the same IDC that said that MacBook sales had gone up in the last quarter and then Apple said they in fact went down. On the other, if the average price for the iPad is USD 439, again going by Apple's own numbers, if they had sold 2 million iPad Pros at the lowest price, USD 799, then the remaining 14 million iPads have to have cost less than USD 399, which is the price of the cheapes iPad Mini 4. So yeah, take IDC's numbers with a very big grain of salt.
  • Seriously... Buying an iPad Pro appears to be a foolish decision for common users.  Am I surprised they sold 2 million of them?  No, because they have fans.  To them, practicality means nothing.  Usability is out the window.  If you can be more effective and efficient on an iPad Pro, for that outrageous price tag (considering what you get), more power to you.  If you like it for you, I love it for you!
  • I don't see how. I know a ton of people who left their iPads for Surface's this holiday season.
  • Why every third article here is against Windows? The site is not pro, it's against Window ecosystem...
  • Hey man, this site also contains "news articles" and well news is still new whether its good or bad.
  • Not sure where I got this from, but this sums it up.
  • I don't understand how can they compare these products.I mean Surface series are 2-1 tablets-laptop,and Asus and Lenovo tablets with 100-299$ price.The Samsung 300-500$ max.
    It's like to compare 2 phones 99/500$.The apple have the biggest market share and this is true.I think MS should make and a low rage-mid rage tablets or make partnership with some Chinese companies like Xiaomi,Odda,Telecast a d others to promote their ecosystem.
  • This is interesting... And yet in the financial sector the news is Apple have lost billions in stock and a significant downturn in sales of iPhone and iPads and the stories started that the iPad pro is not performing as projected, with the new kids on the block, Microsoft's Surface range on the increase because of the versatility. The article states the reason why iPad pro was having problems gaining momentum was at the end of the day was because you still need a computer to be productive (as the article said, it is just a bigger iPad) and that is where the new gen (Surface, etc), two in ones, and tablets running W10 differ. Apple expected considerably more sales in their iPad range as the article went on to say. It's interesting to see the different sides of parts of the story.
  • I met someone who was using the ipad pro at a cafe today, it was bloody hilarious. He was charging the "apple pencil" in the lightning connector and watching a movie, I ask if his done with his lunch break since he was taking up three chairs - one for himself (obviously), one for his bag and the other his coat. He goes, "no I waiting for my pencil to finish charging so I can finish my work" rather confidently LOL! To this myself and my colleague just burst out laughing, the cafe owner comes upto us with my colleague's order (we're regulars at his cafe) and he goes I thought that was a mobile broadband adapter! Not able to resist a jab of his own The dude pretty much looked like he was about a dig a hole and run away. So I tell him, it's fine use what you find comfortable, but you got to admit "charging a pencil" sure sounds ridiculous :). Long story short, all three of us ended up talking for an 45 minutes about random stuff. If it was a random cafe, I'm sure it would have escalated into which is better the ipad pro or the dozens of 2-in-1 windows detachables out there however since my colleague and I are regulars we didn't want to drive away custom.
  • This is fine. MS does not even distribute the surface to the whole world. Apple has better global distribution. Its better, I think to combine the sales numbers of high end 2-in-1s from other OEMs with surface numbers and compare that with iPad Pro. That should get rid of the "global distribution" bias.
  • If slate tablets are dead due to a 22% decrease in YoY sales, then what does that make WP with a 50% decrease in YoY sales? Far less sales in absolute terms, too.
  • Considering that apple has massive customer loyalty with its hardware, this is actually an eye opener. The surface is always facing an up hill battle, but still sold a fraction less than the iPad pro, despite Apple having millions of dedicated sheep. Just look at their watch, it outsold everything else massively, even if it does continue to disappoint!
  • There are at least two unanswered questions in this article. 1. How many of those IPad Pros went to previous iPad owners who until now had no reason to upgrade. It's been pretty well documented one of the major reasons for the drop in iPad sale has been the lack of a compelling upgrade from earlier versions. 2. How many Win 10 based detachable or convert able (Yoga's, Spector 360's. etc) devices were sold. That is the real question as far as Microsoft is concerned. They are perfectly happy to share device market share with their OEM's, as long as Windows and MS services are the go to software.
  • Microsoft's problems since the beginning of time -- they don't globalize!! They announce to the world a new product, then goes on sale on five countires, for other places, that hype will be gone by the time they become available on their area. We only get "SOON". Heck, even at availability, their stocks mysteriously run out. The hell. By the time we can have it, we already wanted to have the next big thing, or the want will have been satisfied by competitors.  Compare it to Apple's. They announce to the whole world, and it actually goes on sale around the world. Can't say whether that is all there is, but I believe it plays a huge role - the predictability of Apple releases. Build that hype, and actually satisfy that hype. No "out of stocks", no "not available" - it's always there for you to buy!  I can't believe how MS always downplay effective advertising/marketing.
  • It's not effective advertising or marketing, its effective supply chain and manufacturing.
  • ahh yeah! that too.. thanks! I suppose they go hand in hand. Time announcements well so you don't expose the internal flaws, which in this case, probably the supply chain and manufacturing process.
  • Huh. Somewhat surprised since I have not seen a single iPad pro in the wild, but I see Surface devices all over.
  • So 200million units in a year makes a category of product 'dead'? Wow.
  • Not even remotely surprised. By checking the reviews of the iPad Pro, you see that many people who got one are not understanding what exactly is "Pro" about it.  Explaining how it outsold the Surfaces is simple: iPads already outsold Surfaces A lot of people wanted an iPad with a bigger screen. Looking at the reviews, that all the iPad Pro is. That isn't what the marketing told people to expect though... The release of these numbers are pretty much a mind share tactic. It is a useless statistic to measure unless the Surface line of products are available in every market the iPad Pro is available.
  • I'm a bit surprised, but also I'm not that surprised. The Surface line is super expensive, and the Book is insane even at the starting price. Coupling that with the bugs and battery life issues (eg, the ~5 hours on the SP4), along with the marketing behind apple, it makes sense.
  • The surface line directly competes with other Windows laptops and 2-in-1's as well. If someone has a laptop it's not likely they would buy a surface to go with it too.
  • iPad pro was a new product and so all the fan boys went out and bought one asap. i think you need to see what the next few quarters bring. normal ipads have been in decline for a long time. i suspect the pro will as well. surface have continually been increasing so i don't see much in this at all.
  • Microsoft the swindler..
    I paid thousands of dollars and bought this rising detachable surface book and it came with a manufacturing defect on it s screen.
    Now really micro "microsoft" refuse to take it back and also refuse to repair it since I am outside of US. They do not stand behind their product. What type of customer relation is this. Never faced with such kind of immorality
  • I don't honestly care tha much about the sales numbers and that MSFT got beat. All I care about that my W10 computer provides me great experience and services and, if other people found iPad Pro to be their baby, well... good for them. I consider this large iPad to be underwhelming, unlike their new super thin MacBook, which is like something from another world.. a real thing of beauty to jsut pick up and hold makes you smile. I do understand that sales figures are important, because they attract developers to the platform, I get that. But the $$$ aside, W10 already made a splash with 200MM installs, so MSFT is far beyond proving grounds now, devs and OEMs must have noticed already.
  • "We believe Apple sold just over two million iPad Pros" They either did or didn't do it. Something is up with this. At my store I haven't heard of many iPad Pro's selling!      
  • Even though I personally prefer the Surface Pro over the iPad Pro I must say that I am not extremely surprised. The iPad Pro had a very nice introduction at the release (even Microsoft was there to show how good and PRO the iPad is). The iPad is available in more countries and, to be honest, W10 is not as good on TABLETS (in tablet mode) as W8.1 or iOS is. I think Apple did manage to evolve their tablet experience further with their Pro (iOS9, size, pen, good office) but the Surface Pro has not evolved as much (and I personally think the tablet mode in W10 is worse compared to both iOS and W8.1). To this, we could add the “app dilemma”. OK, You can run W32 programs on the Surface but how fun is that when in tablet mode? The sleep bug etc might also scared a few “upgraders” away (why not stay on you working SP2/SP3 instead of getting into trouble).
  • And still I can't buy any surface in my country South Africa. Thanks Microsoft!!!
  • For a price,  I will purchase and ship a surface product anywhere.  Just contact me.  50.00 service charge over and above whatever the cost is of the surface, shipping to you, and insurance on the system. 
  • WHY!!! I just don't get iSheep. Surface beats everything iPad pro could possibly imagine to be except battery life.
  • A lot of people are sticking to the Surface Pro 3, for now, waiting for any remaining issues to be resolved with the SP4.   There's a LOT of iPad pros on ebay.  A lot.  Opening the box and using an iPad pro, initially, is quite an experience. It, to me, felt daft holding a great big iPad.
  • I´m an apple fan and also Windows fan(mobile devices). I bought´ an Ipad Pro and I´m really happy with it but everytime I go to a store and play with the Surface I feel some kinda of feeling of regret that I should had give a Surface a try but the truth is: most of the apps I use for university like Goodnotes its only avaliable on the Ipad but in the end of the day the Ipad is still only a tablet and design and solid speaking the Surface wins. If MS launch a Surface 4 I would mostly probably get one. If Apple doesnt turn the Ipad intoa morph of tablet+PC, I think Apple will lose the batller of Tablets in the medium/long term. Lets see if Apple will become more humble and assume that the tablet only market has no future.
  • It's a win for Microsoft!!! iPad sales are decreasing while Surface sales are increasing! just more 3 years to see a complete shift from consumers. Goodbye iPad & Welcome Surface. Or maybe a new device will be release by Apple. Wait I'm just checking for the name. Yes I found it the name will be MacPad the all new 2-in-1 laptop from Apple that run Mac OS. Only a Mac OS with touchscreen functionality can fight with Windows 10. iOS will never replace a laptop OS
  • 1.6 million sold, surely app developers will look at that...
    They have to start making the apps for surface which are universal??
    Surface is so good just APPLE have the marketing so superior to all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Considering iPad Pro is just an oversized toy, yes I am surprised. I guess it all comes down to those stupid mobile apps.
  • The apps will come for win10. With the amount of devices on 10 rising everyday, the developers would be down right stupid not to develop for it. The amount of income potential is great. And will not stagnante, over time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because people hates Microsoft now. Its only 'right' to do. When there is an alternative everyone will shun ms whenever they can. Nothing we can do nor MS can do really. MS is bound to keep innovate with everyone's acknowledgement yet still die off in the end. This is a brilliant example, MS innovates, Apple then takes the sales over. MS is doomed unless they can win back public opinion. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple could literally put their logo on a brick and people would like up to pay upwards of $100 for said brick. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • isn't that the iphone?  And they pay way more than 100 dollars for it.  Whats really funny is that in the general publics mind having an iphone gives the illusion of having money?  Thats why I see people with food stamps at the store with their iphones.  If you want to portray success....get a vertu phone.  NOW you can portray having money!
  • Couple of points on this. The first is I'm not sure where IDC got their numbers from, but I suspect it is an extrapolation of consumer surveys rather than anything more solid. Remember in Jan they said that Apple were the only company to post a rise in their PC (Mac) sales for the quarter, but Apple's numbers which came out with their results last week actually showed a decline, so basically the IDC number was bollocks. Secondly, the iPad Pro is one of 6 iOS devices which differ only in the screen size they come in.  The overall iPad numbers tanked yet again, so whatever number of iPad Pros that were sold, was likely just people buying a bigger iPad instead of the iPad Air.  Good for Apple in that they get to sell a more expensive device, but not a bid deal otherwise.  The postioning of the iPad Pro as a genuine productivity device is a figment of the imagination of the Apple marketing department rather than a reality and IDC seem to be going along with this myth (money changing hands?) How the Surface line does is more important in its ability to catalyse the other Windows OEMs to product better devices which get Win 10 onto more devices rather than did it sell 1.6m (or even 2m) in a quarter. 
  • The reason this happened is because some posts by @Apple Sucks weren't 100% all caps
  • 'We believe' What the **** does that mean? No actual hard facts then, just a 'We believe'
  • Today I just saw DigiTimes reporting Surface sales at 2.5 mil in Q4 2015, and that number is different from the 1.6 mil. iPad pro was 2 mil. The surface sales numbers aren't official but most of the medias love pro Apple news.      
  • So in other Words MS+OEMs are selling detachables at a rate of 3:1 compared to Apple who "invented the market" when they created the iPad allowing for later tablets with attached keyboards.
  • hey.....Surface line devices are uncomparable with ipad pro. ipad pro is  just a ipad.......  
  • apple and android tablets will sell the most becaus emost people use android and iphone phones, its not a surprise, heres hoping windows  mobile hits off.