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Microsoft pulls in an impressive $1.35 billion in revenue for Surface line

Best Windows Laptop
Best Windows Laptop

Microsoft has just announced their second quarter fiscal year 2016 results and the numbers are looking outstanding beating most estimates in all divisions.

One area where of healthy growth was with their Surface line bolstered by the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The solid numbers were attained despite ongoing criticisms of stability and OS software issues.

The company reported $1.35 billion in revenue, which beats their previous record of $1.1 billion from the same time last year and more than doubled last quarter's $672 million number. That means coming off of the holiday season the Surface line exceeded previous sales although that is likely helped by the price bump of the Surface Pro 4 and the all-around high price tag of the Surface Book.

Questions remain about how long Microsoft can sustain that kind of sales push although a Surface 4 will likely arrive in the next few months to help keep momentum.

Regardless, these numbers speak volumes about Microsoft's success because if they had missed that billion-dollar mark, there would be some serious doubts about the sustainability of the product line.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Great. Now let's use that brand name and make a phone that stands out above all others EDIT: Being "first" sucks. You get all these notifications of ppl replying to just the first post. Don't know why ppl get boners over this smh
  • You mean something like a Surface Phone.....maybe?
  • yours is an explanation for idiots i suppose?
  • Be nice, my gentle little bunny tooth friend.
  • @salazka - glad you understood it!
  • And, in other news Microsoft pulls in an impressive $1.35 in revenge from it's Lumia line...
    Impressive because analyst thought that it would actually be negative! Just enough for a pack of gum at the employee store on Redmond's campus... :D
    ..... And, Satya says ""I'll take that!.. Yoink!"
  • We should never forget that there is always a chance that Surface phone gets cancelled, along with Windows mobile.
  • Man! I was thinking that yesterday!.. That's scary, but look what happened to McLaren, and the Surface Mini.. It's a mean possibility.
  • Windows Mobile is a part of the Universal app strategy. Even if WM is not profitable, Microsoft wants the Windows in every form option for those who do want it. Otherwise, they might as well shut down the Windows store and that will be the end of Windows period.
  • Do you understand the purpose Microsoft has been talking 2 years (or more) rewriting the whole Mobile OS to bring the OneCore? do you think they are doing it so they would just drop it? the OS is on Myerson's hands. same as Xbox One, they are making One core, one platform and all, They are building one windows for everything. and that's why it's silly to think Windows Mobile is going to be cancelled... Microsoft hasn't even really released it, they have been working on 10, making apps from zero, and still work in progress. but if they work on the Windows desktop, they are already working on other versions of Windwos. that's the purpose, that's what Microsoft is aiming for, someday this OS will see the light and people will actually take a look at it. but it's a work in progress. just like Xbox Original, it seemed like it was crap and it took years for 360 to be released and then become a serious console maker. it took years.... Microsoft is not someone who works for the next 3 months but the next 3 years. slow you might think, yes but someday it will be effective and Windows 10 will be everywhere, and it will be one team working on the same OS aiming different devices. like Universal APIs they show what Microsoft is aiming for. Surface Phone might not happen, but whatever Microosft does in the next months, I am sure it will be better because Windows 10would be released, more apps would be released, Windows 10 desktop would have more marketshare and little by little Microsoft will get to the goal of being relevant on mobile and tablet and desktop. That's the reason there was the rumor about Windows 10 on arm. because one OS for every device is the right thing to do, but it takes time, and nobody will ever be able to make it, not even apple, since apple would need many years to do what Microsoft is making. unless they drop OSX and add iOS to the desktop which would be a dumb idea.  
  • This guy gets it... and to add to this, it may not be a bad idea to take a bit of a break on phones until it's at a point where they can really push it.  Let's be honest, there are some issues with the phone right now - but there does seem to be some momentum around Universal apps.  When the OS gets more stable and the apps are better is when you want to launch premium phones and put the marketing effort behind it.  I think we are seeing the calm before the storm.
  • We're not talking about them killing mobile, just turning on a Surface phone... I mean, they still have the Lumia line of devices... We can't forget the plan that MS said a Build. They are gonna service high-end, enterprise, and budget segments.. They obviously can't do all that with the Surface line... Plus, the Surface line of phones "doesn't exist" yet..
    To ask us "do you understand the purpose Microsoft has been talking 2 years (or more)??""
    Really?... Are you gonna seriously ask us that? Maybe you haven't been here the past 6 years! This isn't the first time "things are finally gonna work"...... We're skeptical.... Proudly skeptical.. And, if you're not that's not our fault, nor is it logical, at this point. It's a waste of your time explaining MS's plan to us, as if we don't read these articles the same you do.. Lol.. I think you've probably not been here from the very beginning.. I'm talking bout WinMo days.
  • He said "along with Windows Mobile" and you agreed with him.
  • This is exactly what I figured out the day I bought my first Lumia phone, cyan 800. I could see this coming some day. I admit that I thought it would happen quicker but better late than never!
  • "do you think they are doing it so they would just drop it? "   I'm sorry. Have you not been following Microsoft the last 5 years? This is EXACTLY something they would do.
  • windows mobile isnt going anywhere matey, 1 because microsoft said it already very clearly and 2 becasue alot of windows desktop and tablet users want to live in that 1 eco system where all their devices are conective and theyll jump ship isf microsoft were no longer suporting mobiles with the os and they know that.  It would be the first move into consumer inscurity.
  • No "Surface Phone" is going to save Windows on phones. Not until they have apps. You can make the coolest hardware ever, but it it doesnt have Snapchat and the other apps people want, its not happening.
  • For example... I love my 1520, but I'm forced to find an iDroid device so that I can run the Vance&Hines tuner app so that I can adjust the fuel/air ratio on my bike...
    Windows has less than 5% of needed, and wanted, apps that the individual consumer has to have... Popular apps make up only a very small percentage of apps when looking at the situation from a head pulled out of ass point of view... Even if Windows had all current popular apps, all the time, it still wouldn't be enough... Windows needs serious developer support for mobile to survive, and flourish... A lot of fans try to downplay the situation, but the reality (and MS knows this) is that the situation is dire!... MS is in a submarine 20 leagues under the sea that just got hit by an opposing torpedo.. That's critical!.... Anyone who doesn't understand this by now will never understand this.
  • 5%? I think that's a severe under exaggeration. We have a lot of the big name applications, except for Snapchat and Google. What we're lacking is all the small applicatons, like bank apps and smart appliance apps.
  • See.. You guys really don't understand how bad the app situation is.. It's really sad.
  • How "bad" the app situation is is entirely subjective. For me, I am perfectly happy. I don't want Snapchat, nor do I use any Google applications. Not once, in the two years I've used Windows phones, have I ever gone "oh gosh I need/want that specific application." It just hasn't happened. For you it might be bad, and that's just fine, so Windows phones aren't for you. But don't come here and claim that just because it's bad for you that it's bad for everyone else as well. Seriously, how arrogant do you have to be? Have your opinion, but don't shove it down other people's throats.
  • Bank apps are not small applications and no it's not only missing Snapchat and Google Applications BUT updates to already existing big name applications like Spotify and Kik for one which MS being babies removed when was the last time the app was updated and these apps haven't been in years with Kik abandoned. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Get your head out of your ass Rodney. Wtf do you pluck that 5% figure from? And to those that keep banging on about Ms future in the mobile phone market rests on a piece of crap called snapchat needs to get a grip of reality.
  • Snapchat has nothing to do with MS's app situation.. Yes, 5%!... Of course not 5% of the apps iDroid has, but probably les than 5% of the app around the world that Schools, Banks, governments, and business have available for consumers.. I'm not talking about the relativity small amount of games, and social media apps.. Those are important as well, but they are small potatoes... The fact that you even mention Snapchat shows just how far your head is up your own ass... Looks like you guys have no idea.. None. Yeah, 5%!
  • All small to enterprise business users will fall for Windows Phones, because of the superior cloud services that Microsoft offers. They won't care there is no SnapChat app. Finally there will be that much momentum that app builders will be happy to join the Universal Windows Platform. Just wait and see. The foundation is there, Redstone will bring more uniqueness this year and in 2017 the majority will want to upgrade to Windows from iOS and Android.
  • Wait a minute.. Hold up... Are you sure about that? You sound as if you're sure it'll work this time.... Maybe we should be saying "the plan is all small to enterprise business users will fall for Windows Phones"
  • ;-)
  • What he's trying to say is, if Microsoft can make a dent in the enterprise/business sector and get large/medium companies to buy into using Windows Mobile, they can get those devices into more people's hands who probably would never think to look at a Windows device outside of work.  They may actually come to like the OS as we do and switch their personal phones over.
  • With small businesses I also mean to say all those one person businesses in what is commonly referred to as the developing world. Not to forget the USA where 40% of the population is expected to do work for own account. Billions are waiting to have a great personal productivity and communications device in their hands for the first time. And yes, enterprises need some time to review and buy into it. Microsoft has a stronghold with its server and cloud software, not to mention Continuum which has great potential to bring the number of devices down and therefore save costs. Dual sim and Continuum are extremely enteresting for everyone to bring down the number of devices. I bet that it takes until 2017 for all to get track, that is to get mainstream understanding and move to Windows. All these doom preachers have most likely not read the articles about Microsoft being beyond the bend here on this same WC. Microsoft is into a seamless Mobile experience, that is something completely different than the curves of a phone. That the Lumia brand is dying is a shame; such a nice name.
  • We all know what he's trying to say.. The bottom line is that it's another, of many, if's, might's, and this times.. Lol.
  • I work for a Fortune 200 company that enforces MDM through Airwatch. Just returned my 950XL and contemplating switching to iOS or Android (currently have Lumia 1020 that is long in tooth). The reason: Lack of SD encryption which means I cannot get company email/calendar and contact. I imagine that every windows phone fan that is in Defense/Aerospace and Healthcare industries amongst others are facing the same dilema. Yes I do not care about snapcat and other quirks that windows phone might have and YES, I want to fall for Windows Phone. However if Windows is truly serious about Enterprise Users, please take care of us. Getting through AES policies is a bare mininum. Enable Bitlocker on the SD!  
  • @intltrojan Ask for all your need in the Windows Feedback app.
  • I love this comment.  I work for a Fortune 300 company in the financial services industry and we enforce MDM through Intune/SCCM.  Lacking SD encryption is a hard stop.  We love iPhone.  Why?  No SD cards.  Phone breaks?  Take it to the Apple Store.  Boom, outsourced support, cost already built into the ecosystem.  I am the BIGGEST Windows Phone fanboy every.  Had 5 of them starting with Phone 7.  I still thing WP has a far superior interface.  But Android won the installed base wars (numbers) and it came out about the same time as Windows Phone.  Why?  Because despite what humans say out loud, they don't want pretty, they want functionality.   On the topic of the article, I feel the heat of Microsoft's success on Surface every day.  I manage and participate in the group that does all things Windows desktop for our company.  We have a preferential contract with a big PC vendor.  I was forced to add Surface to our standards, first due to VIP demand  then supported by volume demand over a longer period.  I drive an SP3 and SP4 myself.  (I know the pros and the cons.) We were able to quickly adopt Surfaces into our standard processes (SCCM/MDT) because it was known technology.  Now, SP4 is our gateway drug to Windows 10.  Demand is HUGE.  Those kids at Microsoft finally have a hit. A Surface PRO Phone that looks like a Surface and has Windows10 on it would definitely get the attention of my company.  But Microsoft only has a few months while both the consumer and corporate attention spans are on the product line. I had to chime in, although since I drive an iPhone now I don't check into the site as often.  I do read WC in my Facebook feed and find it really informative.  These are day-to-day topics at work for me.  Great topic.
  • a premium windows 10 phone will all the features will sell in great numbers even if theres a app gap and the apps will come.  8.1 mobile was working but very slowly.  change in atitude had changed and apps atarted apearing albiert not fast paced, they rebooted it which took a few steps back.  Universal windows apps is great, i love it on all my windows 10 devices, i loved 8.1 mobile and like winodw s10 mobile  Out of 2 billion people about 200 million people use snapchat so its not exactly a giant killer app, ,Yeh having all those apps will help windows grow but after 6 years on iphone i can honestkly say i only miss my banking app, flicvk nfl and games are scarece on the windows platform compared to the others but im certainly not feeling desperation there, yeh it needs improving but you first need to build a flagship phone and improve on it each year, not destroy it by cursing its opening release date with onedrive changes and puting it in a budget plastic looking case, that aint gona help sell anything, hell onedrive changes alone will acount for about 30% of the lost 950 sales, the rest id atribute to the fantastic flagship speced phone looking like a cheap plastic budget 520, soz but it does..  people embeded in their iphone or androdi phone need more than apps to move over, i certainly did when i came to 930 lumia from iphones and that for me was cortana and live tiles and to this day i still feel i made the better choice.
  • If they do call it Surface Phone they better get it right. Otherwise they're just going to tarnish the Surface name bringing everything else down with it.
  • Oh, I'm sure your boy Panos is taking that very fine point you just mentioned into consideration.
  • I believe in Microsoft. Shiit will turn around and and fly again, boys.
  • That's what we all hope, but as far as Mobile I personally can't admit that I believe things will turn around.... I have faith that there's a moderate chance things could turn around if MS starts to take mobile seriously, market properly, and grow some balls... Can we admit that we are sure MS will do that??.. They haven't before, so why should we expect them to now?.. Frankly, setting delusion aside, it doesn't look good..
    Nevertheless, we're all hopeful..
  • In hind sight, The tech media loved to review the first surfaces for the purpose of giving them a thumbs down. Look at those now.
  • with windows 10 people have to stop thinking that the mobile portion of that is going to be huge in the consumer space as compared with ios or androin, they will kill eachother off over time. Windows 10 is an all device platform, thats every device that can run windows beit pc, notbook, 2 in 1, tablet. phone, watch, car, fridge, tv, bank machine. People have to start looking at the big picture here and not just focus on the mobile portion, Dont expect MS to release a lot of phones from now on, hence the surface phone(hero device) that will be updated as per the surface line, you will get a business phone that can be sold in bulk. and you will get a lumia(low end device). Windows on mobile is not going away but it is changing. If MS can really get this onecore ofthe ground(hence the build number on redstone, aligning with the mobile build) they will be the first to market with it, many years ahead of the competition. Thats the whole point here, not just mobile. For every desktop build they compile from now on there is the same mnobile build.
  • ^THIS
  • But, will it work?
  • Rodney, I remember you used to make some great posts several years ago.  Now you're just a bitter agitator.  Move on.
  • Very impressive indeed. Go Microsoft!
  • What do you think the average selling price of a surface device is? Probably right around $1,000. At that point they barely sold a million units. That isn't very impressive considering it is spread across 5 or more products and an entire quarter. Apple sells more iPads in one day. More Android devices are sold than that every day. That billion dollar number doesn't sound that impressive once you break it down! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will people shut up about the write-down they took in 2013 finally? Looks like the investment is paying off. Surface is excellent.  
  • Yeah, some people say that RT was a mistake and that it's dead forever... Windows RT might be dead (well, living on as part of Windows 10 & W10M), but the Surface team did not just "throw away" all R&D that was put into the RT platform. I've heard from my MSFT contact, for example, that their Windows on ARM64 project has been part of the WoA (Windows-on-ARM) efforts since at least late 2012, even though it was put on hold during the development of Windows 10 because of the success of Surface Pro 3.
  • If the Windows 10 universal app platform is successful at getting apps, I would not be suprised to see another run at something like RT. IMO Windows RT only failed because it didnt have apps. A no nonsense, almost malware proof, touch-oriented Windows device is still a great idea, IMO.
  • RT was also a terrible name. Consumers didn't understand. I love the idea, of an App Store only Windows device. (A bit like these large tabs running Windows Mobile) It would be a device to give to kids, or soccer mom, and not have to worry about removing viruses or malware. I also love UWP apps for their re-install and uninstall simplicity. The OneNote additions today for exmaple are an illustration of really starting to make the mobile/UWP apps more fully fledged. Good times ahead.
  • Windows RT was not a mistake per se, it served to prove that basing their tablet OS on their desktop OS was the wisest route they could choose.
  • Lol...these numbers are bogus.  Their hardware revenue actually went down so surface sales are not nearly as great as they are trying to claim.  This revenue includes their cloud services which are seeing an increase. Basically this whole article is totally misleading propaganda.
  • And phone sales completely ignored.
  • THey sold 4.5 million phones without even trying.. I wish they would market it better but i believe you and I know and Microsoft knows that windows 10 mobile just isn't there yet and those 4.5 million people who bought into it are early adopters again working out the kinks. UWP is really a great thing and would go nowhere without mobile phone formfacter being part of it so i don't think phones are going anywhere no matter how much people preach doom and gloom.
  • It's like Apple will not say how many iWatch sales are.....nothing new here....move on?
  • They weren't ignored, just got hammered. See the previous article.
  • As well as OneDrive, windows etc. It's almost as if this was an article about Surface products...
  • What about a worldwide launch? That could push sales for sure.
  • Surface Book preorders have just started for the EU5 countries.
  • HP and Lenovo will take over the selling of surface in different regions
  • A good news in a very long time!!!
  • Looks as though the write-down on SurfaceRT was well worth it. Stick with what you know, MS, x86/64. How many architectures has NT failed on now: DEC  MIPS IA-64 ARM anyone else remember more?
  • Don't forget the original CPU used when NT was being created: Intel i860 (however, I'm not sure the i860 was ever released as a general CPU). And wasn't there an HP CPU architecture a long time ago.
  • i860 was not a general use CPU, but it was released. It was intended for embedded systems. Microsoft originally developed NT on it because they wanted to make sure that NT was CPU agnostic. If you develop on a CPU that nobody knows how to develop for, then there will be less CPU specific code, and so it will port easier. i860 was cancelled shortly after WinNT 3.1 was released.     HP worked with Intel on the Itanium, or IA-64. It never took off because it consumed too much power, gave off too much heat, didn't perform well, cost too much, had no software for it, was hard to program to, and then AMD released the x64 instruction set around the same time. There was no need for Itanium when you could buy x64 chips that bested Itanium.
  • The changing silicon landscape can hardly be considered a failure or attributable to MS. MS can only target was it popular or in the market. Intel won, plain and simple (even Unix shops are dying off as the Windows + Intel combo of today can do what for modest pricing what Unix high could do back in the late 90s. Moores law changes the landscape) BTW, that work on ARM they did is used in both mobile and the upcoming WoA.
  • NT wasn't a failure on all those. DEC, IA-64 and MIPS failed, not NT. ARM is still alive in WP and there is talk about porting server to ARM where it would be useful for server farms that consume much less power and where not much horsepower is required (web page serving). 
  • Maybe now they can spend a bit more money to put a good WiFi chip in the next models, and hire some more engineers to fix the incessant bugs. Love my SP4. But I didn't pay $2500 just to look at it.
    Although, WiFi issues haven't really been bad for me. Shudder to think what it was like when the SP3 first came out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Never had Wi-Fi issues on my SP3.
  • As a recent Surface Pro 4 owner, I have experienced no issues at all with my device and I use it heavily on a daily basis. I made sure I installed all the updates, firmware upgrades and any OS upgrades when I first got this amazing Surface and never had a problem. I guess I was either lucky or MS has already fixed all the common issues :)
  • I only have had issues after latest firmware update, but uninstalling the WiFi driver fixed stuff.
    I'm pretty pleased. Except for the windows hello and sleep mode not working. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Surface 4 but the book still isn't working (right)
  • Next few years we'd see headline saying Surface Phone earned billion of revenue. I fan can wish.
  • Makes me happy. Love the Surface. Best tablet out there. ☺ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *best laptop replacement. It sucks as a tablet. Give me an Android tablet any day for simple tasks. It is frustrating using my Surface Pro 3 for these things. The big screen is nice for watching movies though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I bought a Surface 3. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it other than the terrible battery life of about 4-6 hours.
  • Don't use Chrome/Opera/Firefox/Vivaldi. The first two are the biggest culprits, usually.
  • Is it running W10? Mine on 8.1 has a very solid battery life.
  • Yes Microsoft has its fans too. Sent over Edge on my Surface Pro 4.  
  • They've definitely got something on their hands there! They better make good use of it but Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book launch issues and bugs aside, they do seem to be on a very promising path. In hindsight, basing their tablet OS on the desktop OS instead of the mobile OS like Google and Apple was the best decision they could do. This said, I have a Surface Pro 3 and LOVE it! :) It's my laptop, tablet AND PC and I use it every day at home and university for basically everything, including taking handwritten notes - I couldn't think of anything better for me right now. :)
  • I bought both a top of the line Surface Book and Surface Pro help with that 1.somthing billion. :)  
  • Bought two SP3, and recently a SB. If they keep making them better, I will consider a SB2.
  • Hey Microsoft! You know how to sell even MORE? Two words: "Worldwide Launch"
  • or 7  words, no more plastic cheap looking flagship phones.
  • So while the 1.35B number sounds impressive - it's mostly been driven by the overall average increase in price of the new SP4/SB.  If you assume an average overall selling price across all Surface devices of about $1,250 - that means that MS sold about 1.08M devices in Q4 - which is about the same number they sold in Q3 at a slight lower average price of around $1,100. When compared to the top 3 PC sellers wordwide per Gartner for Q4 2015 where a total of 75.7M PCs were sold - Lenovo =15.4M, HP=14.2M, Dell=10.2M, MS has a long way to go.  Right now that 1,08M devices is about a 1.4% market share and MS is part of the "other" category according to Gartner.  Apple sold 5.6M PCs or about a 7.5% market share and ranks #5 behind Asus.   So while Surface devices are certainly unique,from a market perspective - they are still very much a niche item.  Which is what I think MS expects. The more intersting question is how much Office365 revenue was generated from that 1.08M units.  So what kind of Cloud stickiness is Surface generating ?    
  • @jpzarembap​. Surface are a nich product, they serve to show OEMs the best of what can be achieved with MS research and OS integration, this will stay that way, since they became an earning business, most OEMs have followed the 2 in 1s form factor and these are selling better than tablets which are on decline! If Surface Phone does exist, I think it would take the same route! It'll be a nich product to help and let OEMs follow!
  • Well said, and well supported.  But WC fans are the only ones that think Microsoft is trying to be a volume PC seller.  They are not.  They are building halo products (not Halo!)  (You do make that point as well, I am echoing.).  On your question of stickiness,  it's hard to say, we've only embarked on the subscription model for software.  Even at the speed of technological advancement in 2016, there is a lot of unknown due to the newness. 
  • microsoft want omes as well so i think theyll be happy that lenovo hp dell all do some sales, Ithink the surface line is more to empower the omes to make high end devices somehtign alot of them havent been doing.  Look at apple their high end aproach has paid of big time for them and microsoft know that.
  • Kind of disappointed with the number as this time around MSFT also sold surface book in addition to Surface pro 4.. Did surface pros sell in less number?
  • Well deserved, i love my Surface Pro 4, i'd  hope that windows phone had the same success though. I don't think that just make a Surface Phone could turns things out, yes the Surface brand is getting big but peaple already associate it to productive Tablet/PC, when it is about phone it would be all a new challenge, Lumia instead is better known in the phones market, also i can't really see a smartphone which runs desktop windows 10, it would be too hard to use in a smaller screen which has to be not bigger than 6 inch at most, so all that would change could be the name from Lumia to Surface and the design of the phone itself, but it should always run Windows Mobile 10, also cause Microsoft is been working very hard on it and it should be release this February, it would be a wrong move to abandon it now, even if just for the flagship phones.
  • Any profit? Usually if revenue is the only metrics published then it means loss.
  • Not really... they don't necessarily breakout the margins and operating costs for each market segment. Microsoft's stock surged on earnings yesterday... so they're in pretty good shape.
  • The revenue is good, but it still means they sold less than a million in the quarter. The Surface Pro 4 is a great product. I've had colleagues and family members deciding to replace their Ipad with a Surface Pro in significant numbers since I got mine... The product is popular, but I'd like to see the sales capture mainstream success, in the millions.
  • Yes volumes are pretty low. This unicorn Panos Phone with unproven platform & hardware would probably sell a 200-300K max / Q
  • Do you know ipad "pencil" is Bluetooth based and surface is chip based. Why Bluetooth based? Bamboo has those stylus for years. If iPad's Bluetooth is off, the pencil will not work. Even when you turn the Bluetooth back on, it still won't work. You have to "stick" it in the USB slot. In a sense, that's why they skip using AAAA battery as to hide the secrete because if you ran out of power, you will though the pencil is not working anymore. That seems to be lying... Windows is too advance for that. Phone too. Try it in Microsoft store then you will know what is windows 10 mobile multitask while desktop progressing with 2.0 GHz CPU with liquid cooler.
  • Whats a ipad pencil?  Is it anyhtign like the universal named pen for touchscreens on both android and windows platforms?
  • Ahh...pretty sure that revenue includes their cloud stuff.  Also pretty sure their hardware revenue actually went down.  I don't think they even break out their surface sales numbers.  In other words, this whole article is basically complete nonsense.
  • $1,35 billion is a nice score,but i thinking that they can so quickly lose this money as they earned hope is the last chance for ppl
  • They had lost it before they earned it. You don't hear them bragging about sales numbers or profits for a reason. A billion dollars in revenue sounds great until you put it into perspective. They may not have even sold a million devices across the whole line and that is during the holiday quarter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Very nice now what's the net profit or are we not allowed to know Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • i cant wait to own a surface pro 4 this year im so exited.  i glad to see that microsofts efforts here are paying off, after all its a great device that lots pf people love.