iPAQ 510 Coming soon

Gadgetorama has been keeping a close eye on the HP Store's iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger page and noticed that the availability is now listed as "coming soon." Good news, that. The 510 is one of two new iPAQs that are designed around VOIP - for $319.99 you get a quad-band edge with the usual Windows Mobile 6 Standard amenities - plus some really elegant VOIP solutions. Basically the new iPAQs show up as standard SIP phones on your office's network, meaning that if your office is already using VOIP these little jobbers are basically plug'n'play with your network.

We had the briefest of glimpses of the iPAQ during the 3GSM Conference.

HP's Home and Home Office website (their US consumer online store) is now listing the iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger as Coming Soon. The price is listed as $319.99 USD.

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