iPhone-up your WM Device

So we obviously heart Windows Mobile, but some folks on our platform-of-choice have a little space carved out for the iPhone. Can't blame 'em, it does bring the shiny UI better than anybody else. Well, VITO Technology is apparently one of those latter folks. They've been around developing Windows Mobile software for a long time (here's a roundup of their offerings back in March), and with the ability to crank out great apps like the following they should be around for a long time to come.

They've started up a new site, iwindowsmobile, which features some of their software that does a good job emulating (or bettering) the iPhone's interface. My personal favorite (at least until SMS-Chat is available) is probably ZoomBoard, which gives you a soft keyboard with a big old magifying-glass type zoom on the top so you can see just which button you're hitting with a quickness.

WC Staff
  • just die
  • just die
    I suppose I should let you in on a not-so-secret bit of info:
    WMExperts is a sister site of TreoCentral and [URL="http://www.smartphoneexperts.com/communities/">owned by the same company[/URL] and hence the content at times overlaps, as do the forums. :rolleyes:
    So chill.
  • COOL, thanks for the info :).
  • interesting, thanks for sharing
    but, i will buy an iPhone directly if so~
  • Used it for a while, the following is my conclusion:
    ZoomBoard seems not so promising compared with TouchPal~ I need to press down, wait to see if I am on right button or not, if not, move around~ OMG, actually it reduced my input speed a lot bcos I HAVE TO stop and see even if I am doing good~
    I think TouchPal has much better innovative ideas against~