Jennifer Lawrence's new movie Serena arrives on Xbox Video before its U.S. theatrical launch

The movie, set in North Carolina during the 1930s Depression, also stars Lawrence's Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper, and is set be released in US theaters on a limited basis on March 27 (it has already been released in theaters across Europe). Here's the description from the Xbox Video store listing:

George and Serena Pemberton (Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence) are love-struck newlyweds building a business empire. Serena proves herself to be equal to any man: overseeing loggers, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man's life in the wilderness. With power and influence now in their hands, the Pembertons refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their inflated love and ambitions. But their passionate whirlwind romance is threatened by demons from their pasts, forcing the couple to reckon with blackmail, jealousy and murder in this ravishing period film directed by Oscar winner Susanne Bier.

Fan of Lawrence's work? You can rent Serena now from Xbox Video.

Rent Serena on Xbox Video ($9.99){.cta.nofollow}

John Callaham
  • That's a first... Available to rent BEFORE the theaters. Usually its available to rent before others like red box has it available to rent.
  • Well, there have always been "straight to dvd" movies because they're either low-grade, limited appeal, or just awful. I wonder which category this one falls in... With top stars in it, I suspect this film is just awful :P
  • Limited appeal.
  • Having just checked the reviews, it is indeed a pile of poo. So releasing it for rental is an attempt to get some money back for it. It sounds like this is a tv-only movie and not worth paying a cent for. But hey, maybe some people will like it!
  • I'm gonna check it out just to support.
  • The VOD before a limited theatrical release isn't new. It's been done before with similar small movies
  • Been on ShowBox for at least 1.5 months....also, free, no time limit...just sayin...
  • Also, piracy. Just sayin'.
  • Not condoning, just sayin...
  • #justsayin is a thing in my workplace these days a lot....I could make it a thing here...hmmmm :P
  • Judge all you want, I wish ShowBox would come to WP.
  • Who's showing box?
  • Show us your box!
  • Actually...if you Bing Showbox WP there is an app...I just don't know which region. Not for the U.S., nor its content. Is it just shows or like the actual android version?
  • App is available in Canada!! I just downloaded it.
  • Let me know how it works!
  • Well....
  • You can download 1box... It's like showbox for WP, but come with ads.
  • Better yet, Pro Tips: None of the below are torrent sites or apps which contain pirated software. No, I'm not the developer, I just know a good thing when I see it. So will you.
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  • Yes!! F**k Google Play and ITunes!
  • What do you mean? It's on both of those too lol
  • Im not harsh, but I agree, Microsoft by far beats them with music, video deals, etc... They do work really hard to have loyal customers.
  • What on earth are you two talking about? It's available on iTunes and Google Play too...
  • Exactly
  • How are u planning on doing that? They have no bodies :S
  • Lol..
  • Be aware of aids... :P
  • I think you can get Adam Carolla's Kickstarter backed movie "Road Hard" starting today. It has a simultaneous theater and VOD release.
  • Serena van der Woodsen?
  • You know you love me
  • I like that they are trying something different
  • Never heard of it.
  • Yea u do, cause u read this article ;)
  • Crazy that the trailer advertises the video's availability on itunes but makes no mention of the other nationwide digital stores where it's available.  Also, movie doesn't look that interesting.
  • This is Mind "Bottling"!
  • Crazy right! How its possible that a mind can fit in a bottle.
  • She is sexy, oops wrong place :)
  • +1 i love her too... ;)
  • I think you have her leaks :p
  • Haha! Its been on the news, we all saw those.
  • And she uses a Lumia635 in the movie.
  • "The movie, set in North Carolina during the 1930s Depression" did a Lumia 635 go back in time?
  • Um...Lumia 631!!!
  • oh, ok... that fixed everything.  I stand corrected.
  • Not in Canada just checked. Maybe later today.
  • Sounds lame.
  • Ten bucks to hire a movie? Screw that.
  • Xbox Video subscription service!
  • +1 billion. If MS charged $20/month for unlimited content, I would pay it. They could even bundle it with music pass for $25/month. Every Xbox owner I know would subscribe...
  • Yes.
  • Twice the price of Netflix but also twice the content. That'd convince me to ditch cable altogether.
  • Yes, bring this double deal to the UK and they have my money.
  • +100
  • $10 is a bit steep for a rental, I think.
  • It is available to download since february 10 (illegally though).
  • Let's not steal or be dishonest.
    Best Wishes.
  • I wish xbox video was more like netflix and hulu, one low fee, that could be a selling point to new customers to the platform
  • Do this to all movies and I wouldn't have to go to those god forsaken ear drum splitting theatres anymore. ;)
  • 5/10
  • as Serena is available on iTunes, Xbox Video, Google Play, Vudu and other VOD services right now
  • Serena Quintenelas