Jewel Miner - Review

Jewel Miner is an interesting game for your Windows Phone where you play the role of a miner trying to fill up mining carts with crushed jewels.  You have to match three or more jewels of the same style and color before you can crush them.  The more jewels you crush, the more cash you earn, the further you progress in the game.

The game menu gives you options to play the game, view the only leader boards, access gaming options (sound/music on/off) and help section, and check out other games from the developer.  The game does have a Bejeweled like appearance to it but once you get to playing the game, you realize that the similarity is with appearance only.

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When you first start to play Jewel Miner you'll need to establish a player identity. This player name is what will be displayed on the online leader board. Once you start playing, your gaming stats will be displayed next to your player name.

Jewel Miner Menu

Jewel Miner's game screen has a grid that will slowly fill with assorted jewels.  As  you progress through the game the pace quickens and speed of crushing the jewels becomes more important.  You'll find the mining carts lined up at the bottom of the screen ready to be filled and your jewel hammer is at the top of the screen.  Your current earnings and levels are displayed just above the mining carts.

To play the game you match three or more jewels of the same shape and color by tapping on them. Once tapped, the jewels will shake to help identify them. Once you've matched three or more, you tap on the hammer to crush the jewels and load them into the mining carts. As you clear the jewels, more will be added.

Jewel Miner has three game modes; Crush, Arcade, and Endless. Endless Mode is just that... endless play. Arcade Mode is a multi-level game where the jewels replenish faster as you move up the levels. Crush Mode is also a multi-level game but, unlike the Endless and Arcade Modes, if your game screen fills completely with jewels the game is over.

Jewel Miner is a fun game for your Windows Phone. The biggest downside to the game is that the vibrating jewels that you've tapped are sometimes hard to pick up on. As close as the jewels are spaced, it's not difficult to tap the wrong jewel and if you try to build up a large group it only takes one to spoil things. I would have rather seen the jewels highlighted or the vibration more noticeable.

All in all, Jewel Miner is a entertaining game for your Windows Phone. The game has a slight addictive quality to it, much like Bejeweled, and is a nice game to pass the time with.

Jewel Miner is a free ad-supported game and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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 It's a free game.  Game concept is easy to pick up and with three game modes, there's plenty of gaming to pass the time with. Jewels tapped to match vibrated for recognition.  Sometimes that vibration isn't easy to pick up on.
 Even though I would have liked to seen the tapped jewels highlighted better, the game is entertaining, somewhat addictive and a fun way to pass the time with.  Jewel Miner is a Mango app so you'll need to update your phone to Windows Phone 7.5 to play it.
George Ponder

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