Microsoft's recent decision to include middle-finger emoji in Windows 10 appears to be reverberating in pop culture. We covered the story on Monday, and it is now making the rounds on US TV.

Last night, on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host took to showing off and talking about the new somewhat offensive – yet hilarious – symbols to the crowd. The punchline, of course, was those watching on TV could not see them due to 'standards and practices' making the show blur them out.

The other joke though was not lost on Kimmel either, which is if you flip the fingers upside down, they look like ice cream bars, which can be shown on TV.

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In the end, such bits of comedy are certainly irrelevant to the success (or failure) of Windows 10. However, seeing as Microsoft is the only company to let these emoji onto to its platform it is something fun to talk about. That is a good thing.

It may seem silly, but it is little stuff like this that can help drive awareness and a certain hipness to Windows 10. Throw in Cortana, Minecraft, Surface 3, and HoloLens and all of a sudden, Microsoft is no longer your parents' OS, but something the kids can get behind.

Anyway, watch the 90-second clip and have a laugh (or not). We did.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Rokibul H., for the tip!