Watch Jimmy Kimmel joke about new middle-finger emoji in Windows 10

Microsoft's recent decision to include middle-finger emoji in Windows 10 appears to be reverberating in pop culture. We covered the story on Monday, and it is now making the rounds on US TV.

Last night, on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host took to showing off and talking about the new somewhat offensive – yet hilarious – symbols to the crowd. The punchline, of course, was those watching on TV could not see them due to 'standards and practices' making the show blur them out.

The other joke though was not lost on Kimmel either, which is if you flip the fingers upside down, they look like ice cream bars, which can be shown on TV.

In the end, such bits of comedy are certainly irrelevant to the success (or failure) of Windows 10. However, seeing as Microsoft is the only company to let these emoji onto to its platform it is something fun to talk about. That is a good thing.

It may seem silly, but it is little stuff like this that can help drive awareness and a certain hipness to Windows 10. Throw in Cortana, Minecraft, Surface 3, and HoloLens and all of a sudden, Microsoft is no longer your parents' OS, but something the kids can get behind.

Anyway, watch the 90-second clip and have a laugh (or not). We did.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Rokibul H., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I love this show...he's so funny! And he totally nailed that joke xD
  • It's a great show!
  • I also love YIMMY!!  /Guillermo
  • i prefer this jimmy than the other jimmy (fallon). fallon's expressions are so fake it makes you cringe. i enjoy kimmel's social experiments more.
  • I'm glad we are finally getting the finger.
  • You can always get one.
  • Type 'Snapchat' on windows phone. Keyboard ll automatically suggests you middle finger Emoji. Just show Snapchat ****
  • Haha u nailed it bro!!!
  • It should be the same for Google. type google and the middle finger comes up
  • Lmao
  • Lol
  • I'll tweet them(SnapCrap) that :)
  • Just drive slowly in front of me and I will be happy to oblige...
  • I thought those were colorful "candy apples" on a stick... fudge bar... didn't see the finger...  ;)
  • An apple got fingered..
  • @hagjohn:
    Yes. This is the NEW Microsoft. Satya Nadella is giving us the middle finger finally! Ballmer would have never done that.
  • All hail the new, and improved middle finger ..... LMAO
  • Pop culture. Eh. Good for exposure, but ain't it a bit sad that the things that take off in culture anymore usually has to do with sex, vulgarity and the like.....
  • "but ain't it a bit sad that the things that take off in culture anymore usually has to do with sex, vulgarity and the like....."
    Nope, it's awesome.
  • Imo, I think its ridiculous how adults today act like teenagers who just learned curse words. Everything is over-sexualized and no one can have a conversation, written or vocal, without f bombs galore. Some people can't even enjoy entertainment unless its crude and vulgar.
  • You're absolutely right, you've hit the nail on the head.... Which is not dissimilar to what my wife did for me last night if ya catch my drift ;)
  • Well played.
  • What's awesome, Sex or vulgarity? :D Ps I've tried both, no conclusive winner yet :P
  • IMO sex is the clear winner by a longshot, but sometimes they overlap
  • Sex edges out vulgarity by just a bit. But vulgar sex is better than the other two combined.
  • ^^ this
  • :/ I hear you... I try very hard to avoid the water cooler at the office... the next big thing that they heard or saw which has everyone's attention yet is not news at all... Just drama as misery loves company... Which is so seriously true.
    What you want to do for love... Which is really not... It's just getting the attention from the short attention span of the masses.
    Now this is really something to me that is just another form of communication ans should be there because it is an emoji and some people use the pinter to get a point. But the attention is not because it is the middle finger... But more that Microsoft allowed it... That's cool... What's not cool is that people will only see its the middle finger and it will be abused... Like a young immature punk chatting online gaming... Cursing for really no rhyme or reason to make it worse... They can't chain a sentence with profanity correctly.
  • People do this most likely because they hate their job and need to blow off steam. Talking about ISIS at the water cooler and then going back to your drone job is likely not very uplifting either.
  • Well... No drone job here... I get lots of toys, perks, and my thought, opinion, and solutions are very much appreciated. Weather it is ISIS or the finger... Most conversation in reference to pop culture and the media mongers is meaningless conversation and a real waste of my time. Shoot anything that is not what I want is a waste of my time... But may make the day for another... That's cool as I am no compass. I have learned to view things from as many angles as possible so other opinions are warranted... Morals are subjective and that's that. What is good?! But I know good for me... I can't tell anyone what to do or how to live their lives. But I am the director of my own life. I chose what goes in or out. No hate what so ever... People will be people and there is no simple answer but keep moving... :) Well... I better get going with my day. Nothing life altering is coming my my banter on the forums, lol. Keep up the good work Daniel.
  • "I have learned to view things from as many angles as possible so other opinions are warranted... Morals are subjective and that's that. What is good?! But I know good for me... I can't tell anyone what to do or how to live their lives. But I am the director of my own life. I chose what goes in or out. No hate what so ever... People will be people and there is no simple answer but keep moving... :)" I wish more people had this outlook, the world would be a better place...
  • That's been the case for a long long long time. 
  • Those definitions change over time and vary greatly by culture. Some things we have become more accepting of, when we didn't used to be, and vice versa.
  • It's also sad that nobody cares about speaking/writing in proper English...
  • #BlackEmojisMatter
  • Power to the people!!
  • Yaasssss!!!!
  • More than the joke to the middle-fingers introduced in W10, I liked the joke at the immensly stupid censorship system imposed on American television by the FCC.
  • The FCC won't let us be or let me be me, so let me see....
  • Slow clap dude ... slow clap ;)
  • The "upside down ice cream bar" statement was brilliant.
  • Can't show a middle finger, but chop up a guy in a detective show and that's cool.
  • Yeah, it's really weird... a lot of US celebrities are shocked that Australia allows f-bombs on TV & Radio (I guess as long as it isn't excessively abusive). It's weird that the US pride themselves on their freedom (as if other Western countries don't have the same freedoms) and especially their freedom of speech, but from what I've seen (arguably completely subjective) they probably have one of the most censored medias in the western world!
  • And add windows phone and all the coolness is gone. Poof!
  • Nowt poofy about windows phone
  • Remove Windows Phone and add Windows 10. Coolness restored.
  • Funny enough, I literally just overheard these teenagers talking about this.
  • Things like this does bring awareness back to what is considered an unhip company. The other thing that has been taking off is So many people have been playing with it and posting it on Facebook that I wondered if they realized they were playing around with a product from Microsoft. They should have made that more apparent, but then again it may not have been as viral with the labeling.
  • That's totally hilarious!!
  • This from the company that wont let me swear even really mild swear words using voice recognition which means that I have to go back and manually type them out. Given that the main place I use speech input is when I'm driving, that's a problem. With the amount of press it's getting, I fully expect them to backpedal any day and say that those were an accident and weren't supposed to be included.
  • I don't want any of you to argue about the grey middle finger. You really should realize by now that Microsoft worked pretty hard with the Grey Aliens on Hololens. They deserve an emoji!
  • They prefer to be called Zeta Reticulans. Greys is ok, but Grays is offensive.
  • The Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system exhibiting characteristics to Sun. It cannot contain any life form whatsoever. I am an abductee and the greys which we are referring to as Zetas are actually a different species of humanoids living along with the tall and strong Pleiadians in unison in the Taurus constellation. They are nothing but peaceful beings and they told me to stop being a slave of the government.
  • Oh, different Greys, I see. Different species even. It's confusing enough talking to some Americans who say Indians when talking about indigenous Americans / Clovis, not actual Indians.
    Wen in Navajo Nation?
  • I'm not a yank mate. Don't call me that.
  • I don't assume to know where anyone here is from. I was referring to my own experience of people using a single term to describe different cultures.
  • I thought it was inverted ice cream.
  • inverted *melting* ice cream bar
  • He must have read my original posting about this on this site.
  • Meanwhile Cortana will censor words when you send a text.
  • One way or another, it is commercial time on tv for MSFT. And after a while everybody is talking about 'the finger' of W10.
  • Why in the grey colour? Lol
  • Ka-chow!
  • That's the undefined color. For those who are color neutral. Serious.
  • @Witness:
    I hate these filthy neutrals!
  • for the elderly, Betty White can use that one.
  • Wen in India :D
  • i think it ha sall the shades of india :P
  • India can get the finger any time bro :D
  • Jimmy Kimmel is great!
  • Best advertising for windows 10.
  • Does the American public (and other cultures) realize that in certain other cultures that the middle finger is not a bad thing?  Just saying...
  • Microsoft and Jimmy Kimmel are both made in America. That said, vulgarity is something everyone needs to get over, whether spoken words or body language.
  • on a side note, im finally able to see youtube at hd, 60 fps and its freakin awesome, thanks edge browser!
  • Nice I can say F u to people
  • can say/send it... But what there phone the question for me, lol! They get a smiley instead of the bird, lol.
  • That's what I was thinking! What will the fellow android/ios users see?
    Needs to be explained!anyone?
  • i agree with the author... its little things like this that drives awareness for Microsoft. I so love the idea. 
  • I have always wanted the middle finger emoji.... Finally its coming with my favourite OS. :P
  • Gray? It's for Kratos,..,
  • That's icrap logo.
  • Well, we can finally say we got something first! XD
  • Hilarious!
  • A much needed emoji.