Joe Belfiore: We're working super hard to bring customers their favorite apps

Joe Belfiore
Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore is a man the community has come to know as the face of Windows Phone at Microsoft. He’s been on hand for all major previews and launches of the operating system and runs the team responsible for Windows Phone product definition and design.

Belfiore recently sat down with the BBC for an interview about the current growth in market share that Windows Phone is experiencing. He did this last week, but we missed it and figured a few of you might have missed it as well. There are some interesting points brought up by Belfiore that are worth pointing out. There’s also a video after the break and some highlights from the BBC interview.

So why is Windows Phone currently seeing relatively stellar growth? According to Belfiore, it’s the support for the right languages, right mobile operators, right price points, and full catalog of apps that is why Windows Phone is seeing growth. He does acknowledge it’s taken a few years to get here.

What is Microsoft doing to close the “app gap” with Android and iOS? Microsoft is working with specific companies to supply them with the resources needed to put their app out on Windows Phone. Depending on the app and the demand for the app you’ll see them doing things like helping out with marketing, sending in their own developers to help, introducing a company to a contractor, funding it, and more. It’s clear that Microsoft is committed to helping put the best apps out for Windows Phone.

There’s no doubt that 2013 has been a great year for Windows Phone. While a few of us may lament the lack of work done to the operating system itself, it’s hard to ignore the work Microsoft has done to growth both market share of Windows Phone and the availability of quality apps that users demand.

Check out the BBC link below for the full interview and article. If you're reading this in our app, you'll need to visit the BBC in IE to view the video. 

Source: BBC

  • Need you for RT also
  • Wp os needs to be the tablet os
  • True, especially with the Lumia 1520
  • But Windows RT is more powerfull then Windows Phone, has more feature and is more complete, so why would you want to take a step back? Also in comparision with iOS and Android, Windows has snap feature, support multi-users, has the compatibility with all traditional Windows hardware and more. The only thing that is lacking in Windows, compared with others, are the apps, so why you want to do a step back?
  • WinRT is way more feature complete. If they make Windows RT the OS for WP9 and add the apps from windows phone that would be a huge step forward.
  • I agree. I'm nervous about this whole 'Phone replacing RT' thing. I don't want a big phone (even at 7-8"). Android and iOS already do this, and the whole point of Windows tablets is that they're small computers rather than big phones.
  • They're not replacing the os's they're jst merging the app stores together
  • There were rumours (covered by Mary Foley on ZDNet, and subsequently posted here) that Microsoft would phase out RT in favour of Windows Phone on low end tablets.
  • If you saw an Acer W4 then to put out anything like wp for 8 inches is pointless. That tab rocks the boat and here in Malaysia the ipad mini 2 and acer iconia w4 got the same price of 1200 RM (roughly 400$) but for iconia you get full win8.1 ms office 2013, 64 Gb, 2 Gig ram. And etc. It lacks only the retina display but i dont think it will hurt me that much. The only downside is the lack of LTE on that thing. But i still gonna get it. It's a win win8.1 situation.
  • Which brought me to the point of RT is no good and WP on a small tab is even worse. No hating though on RT since 2520 but one can see the advantage of 64gb for this price and frankly at this point i hope the bail trail will be strong enough to handle full 8.1
  • I want RT. I want a "secure" tablet, that _doesnt_ run any old exe on it. Part of having a secure device (and one of the reasons iPad is so successful) is that you can only download from the store. RT if anything should continue along its evolution, get rid of Desktop mode completely and MS have Office Metro style. I would LOVE that.
  • +100%
  • they should be merged together, RT will benefit from apps and WP will benefit from features
  • This ^^
  • Totally agree!
  • because it is not selling, and i'm afraid if they decide to ditch winrt and expand wp to tablets. one we will lose all the functionality winRT has currently, secondly, current RT devices might be doomed just like WP7.5 devices.
  • Windows RT and Windows Phone hardware should be compatible. Microsoft have never explicitly said so, but I believe WP7.x hardware was cut-off because it doesn't boot up in a way compatible with the Windows NT kernel. Windows RT devices use UEFI as the boot interface, and ACPI to describe to the OS what hardware is present and how to talk to it, just the same as x86 and x64 versions do. Windows Phone 8 is known to use UEFI to boot the kernel:   Replacing the device bootloader is a pretty risky business, and UEFI and ACPI are complex, likely not fitting into the existing boot block area. Generally third-party implementations are purchased (e.g. Phoenix, AMI, the traditional BIOS authors). Add to that a completely different driver model from Windows CE and Microsoft strongly favouring a class driver model for the sensors (which require the sensors to report events and accept commands in a certain way, likely not compatible with existing sensors), which would mean writing all-new drivers for most sensors that wouldn't be reusable on real WP8 hardware, and you're left with huge costs to upgrade devices that were either obsolete already or soon would be.   Windows RT is no effort at all for Microsoft to maintain. It is Windows 8.x, recompiled for the ARMv7 instruction set. There are no features exclusive to Windows RT. However, because it is simply Windows with a different name, it carries around all the cruft of the desktop environment. I suspect Microsoft don't know what they can cut out and still have a working Windows RT. In addition, Office is still a collection of desktop Windows applications and since their differentiation from iPad and Android tablets is that it runs (nearly) full versions of Office, the desktop has to stay a little longer.   Windows Phone is essentially the rewrite of Windows (above the kernel level) whose native programming interface is, or will be, Windows Runtime. I would expect the next versions of Windows Phone and Windows to get closer and closer together, as Windows Runtime gets more complete, until apps can run on either with no changes, and Office RT is complete. At that point, "Windows RT" will be killed and replaced with Windows Phone but both will be rebranded.
  • It should be rebranded Metro and MS should duke it out in court.
  • well. RT's and WP app stores are merging soon. so I don't see why they would need to
  • Yeah ultimately if the Store's merge and apis merge to the point where any app made for the Windows Store could run on all platforms (Windows, RT, WP, and even Xbox), you can keep the UIs different between the 3 major platforms (Windows for Desktops/Laptops/Tablets, WP for Phones and other sub 7-8" devices, and Xbox being on well Xbox) since they are built to have a similar look, but function better for their relative form factors and sizes.  That's what I hope is happening slowly but surely with the shared core and APIs.
  • I'd appreciate it if Mr. Foire port wRT multitasking and dual windows to the 1520. So far its just a gigantic wp. Doesn't make any statements that says this is a WP phablet. This is why our phablet is better than the Galaxy Note. Also fix the music playback controls. Maybe a swipe down from the top.
  • Actually we need lots of changes to operating system first, lots of features are missing here, then we can think of apps i feel
  • You all need to remember that WP is a very different OS all together. Adding all these other things like a notification center, swipe this and that, etc... Makes it look more like all the other os's minus the tiles. The tiles are ur notification centers. The os doesn't need a center for all of them. Just dev support for the notifications and a smoother way of them disappearing when you go into that app. The more we add to WP the less it looks different.
  • How about setting a ringtone from your music library? How about complete silent mode (no vibrate) -toggle? These are very simple and expected things that are still missing.
  • You CAN set a ringtone from your music library. GDR3. It's been confirmed, it's been LEAKED, and you can LEGALLY put it on your phone TODAY. Just because there hasn't been an OTA yet doesn't mean you can act oblivious
  • Sorry, did not know that. It's nice that I can finally get that major feature next year. P.S. Group ringtones would also be nice, oh well, maybe in the next 3 years... P.P.S. I really do like WP interface, but some of the (as of yet) missing features are really annoying..
  • The Live Tiles are not the same as a true Notification Center.
  • By different you mean you lower volume while listening to music and later when you exit music still volume is lower and then you miss taking you calls due to loer volume. WP needs to be functional and not hide behind an excuse that "its different".
  • Again, I'd rather have a more functional OS than one that is "different". There's a reason Android and iPhone are as popular as they are, and it's not because everybody who owns a phone with those OS' on them are "sheep". WP is so close to greatness. It's little things like the lack of a notification center that are holding it back. If you don't want continued improvements to the OS then don't update.
  • As a consumer, I have watched Apple grow, watched Android grow and now watching WP grow. I am a WP 920 user now and love the wireless charging at home and in the car, the super sensitive screen, the double tap to awaken and photo apps i.e. Refocus. Now does the, for example, iPhone have these? So why are Apple not on the BBC explaining why? They have, imo, tiny screens too. Does this make them useless? Basically, I see the media view one sided. WP does not have as many apps right now, so fair enough comment for some. But iPhones don't have the above so why don't we hear about that? Just my opinion. I'm happy with WP at present and like the direction it is taking. So just wishing the bias didn't exist imo.
  • How about bringing us OS improvements first? Not even your damn Xbox music is good enought and still fails to even pull artist art from your servers, improve THAT.    
  • Yeah and I would also like to rewind parts of a song without having to start the song from the beginning.
  • Hold the skip back button down and it rewinds
  • Not intuitive at all, most times I trie that, it just ends up starting the track again. A simple bleeding slider with a higher hit target for touch would do the trick, that functionality was definitely not tested as part of their UX tests on users. I just disabled cloud sync as as after GDR3, all my albums are still duplicated!
  • There is always someone else who moans. People moaned about Instagram, you have it. Give them a chance! They have pushed three GDR3, bringing OS hardware support on par with (Android) or better than (iOS) its competitors in just 12 months. Now with that out of the way and apps flowing in 2014 can be the year when GDRs bring feature parity, store merges, unification and more.
  • Moaning? People have been asking for a "week view" in Calendar since WP7, which was available in WM BTW, therefore more than moaning this is dealing with, to put it gently, a deaf counterpart.
    I need a decent Calendar with week view, zoomable month view, coloured categories as in Outlook; an improved email client, again at least as good as what we had in WM; etc. etc.
    Check how patient users of WP are: We are not talking about apps here but core functionalities of the OS; personally I am waiting until WP 8.1 and see what it will bring....
  • Still call that moaning. Ok you didn't get calendar view like you asked for, for 3 years. Bad Microsoft. But you got a core that can merge with Windows RT and magically bless WP with apps that sync, extra 100,000 apps and Windows store with extra 180,000 apps - without anyone even asking. You got quad core from single core in a year. You got 2GB RAM support. You got tablets and phablets running the same core that in a few months time will have identical OS. Did those backend changes not justify a little slacking from Microsoft over a calendar view? Did gaining market share and mind share each quarter not justify it? Remember Microsoft doesn't make WP only. It launched Xbox One. It revamped Outlook, Skype, Windows 8, Office 365, Enterprise services, Azure - all in 2013. Did that not justify those uservoice requests given lower priority and left to be dealt with in 2014 GDRs?
  • No moaning at all, for me is just basic business: if a company offer what I need they get my money, if it does not.... another one gets it. Sic et simpliciter
  • Mate, I'm sure Microsoft has a team for each department to take care of their deadlines and product launches.
  • See my post down there. I'm a developer for Android, iOS and about to enter into the WP phone. I know how you feel of being a Windows Phone user. Perhaps, you feel jealous with your Anroid and iOS friends out there who have more good apps in your phone. You want it to have on your phone but it doesn't and it can't exist in your current phone. Developers can't develop good funtionality apps like in the Android or iOS because the current WP8 OS is so limited interm of functionalities (APIs). Microsoft need to provide APIs and developers can't do nothing more than just to wait a green light from Microsoft to release their APIs. The problem is when Microsoft is going to do that? They said: "We are working hyper hard" since several years ago. You judge.
  • download and install MPATool...that will fix your problem...
  • I'd rather he focus on making an amazing OS that will bring developers to the table.
  • +1
  • Can't he be doing both?
  • Yup, absolutely. It's only recently that they started to bypass carriers, but only for the enthusiasts. It's a good start, but I hope more surprises are in stow.
  • Amazing OSs don't bring developers to the table. Users (potential customers) do.
  • +1
  • But to get users you first need a great OS then (for most smartphone users) many apps. Most people with Windows Phone did not select it for it's apps but for it's special OS, sadly it lacks in several terms, but more apps never hurt.
  • I would say WP is already a great is for 90%+ of users. That's why they are hitting apps hard now... the core is is pretty much working. Now they need to silence the "not enough apps!" crowd. In reality, they need to constantly be working on both of course... but focusing on apps this year was probably a good idea.
  • Not really. Users are happy to put up with an OS that is missing a few features as long as the big name apps are there. The draw cards for most customers go in this order:
    Cost > Apps > OS feel/uniqueness > OS Features
    Apart from the cost, this is why the iPhone remained so popular even though it was missing many features that other phones had; because it had apps and a nice UI.
    WP is already winning on cost and experience, but apps is still a big blocker for sales. Once there is app parity, sales can increase, meaning more users, meaning more money for developers.
  • As a consumer, I have watched Apple grow, watched Android grow and now watching WP grow. I am a WP 920 user now and love the wireless charging at home and in the car, the super sensitive screen, the double tap to awaken and photo apps i.e. Refocus. Now does the, for example, iPhone have these? So why are Apple not on the BBC explaining why? They have, imo, tiny screens too. Does this make them useless? Basically, I see the media view one sided. WP does not have as many apps right now, so fair enough comment for some. But iPhones don't have the above so why don't we hear about that? Just my opinion. I'm happy with WP at present and like the direction it is taking. So just wishing the bias didn't exist imo.
  • Well said. No one calls Apple out for having almost no built in features and very few complain about many their features being non-standard implementations. But everything Windows Phone does is criticised.
  • Exhibit A:  WebOS I rest my case your honor...
  • I've seen a few reviews where BB10 is called an "amazing OS" and much better than WP8....
  • That's a good way to look at it also. Considering the app void, I would hope more effort would've been sunk into OS rnd
  • Symbian had the most users, not many devs (that weren't hired by Nokia / Samsung).
  • You guys gotta remember that your needs are not everyone's needs. The os is great for me. Just wishing it had like 3 more things, but not big things, and they are coming so im not trippin. Most other people neither
  • I'm a developer and thought about it, but Microsoft has developed a closed-system vs. Google's model. I would really love to port my Android app, but Microsoft killed that with their dev requirements. I'm actually registered and everything with Microsoft. Who knows maybe gdr3 or blue might change that. That being said I love my WP8 Lumia.
  • What dev requirements did you mean? Gdr3 changes almost nothing, if you are a dev yiu should already have it.
  • Well, that's a bummer, and thanks for letting me know. So it maybe blue at this point. I focus on productivity type apps, so there are certain permissions that Microsoft has said, "no," to the average user while Nokia, Samsung, and others are allowed to have.
  • Less talk, more work, Mr. Slowfiore.
  • I call B.S. Full support commitment needs to happen. If I were on Apple and Android and see MS pushing updated apps to my platform or releasing a website instead of giving WP the leg up, it would not give me enough confidence to switch.
  • Or, it could give you a taste for the Microsoft ecosystem and make you wonder what it would be like to be a part of it.
  • I'm still upset with the BBC for what they did to Lawrence Gripper. His BBC News app was one of my favorite apps. The BBC didn't have one to replace it, in my opinion they were just being bullies.
  • If you downloaded it when it was available then it should be in your purchase history so you can reinstall it. The only thing you can't do is download it as a new user ;)
  • I kept it as long as I could but eventually the live tile had to be stopped and that's when I gave up.
  • PLEASE ANYONE, are snesx8, vba8 and vgbc8 delisted in the store???
    I just did a hard reset because of stupid other storage ( thanks Belfiore) and I was shocked to see I'm not able to download these apps anymore
  • Yes, the developer couldn't support them anymore. WPC did a story on it a while ago.
  • I know but he reuploaded them right??
  • It's a gutter that one. Apparently the dev just pulled them. To my knowledge he wasn't threatened by either MS or Nintendo.
  • Microsoft needs to put in safeguards so that nobody can completely pull an app from people who already bought it (or downloaded it for free apps). Nothing short of a court order should be allowed to steal apps from people who bought them. And in case of a court order people who paid for them should be fully refunded when the app is pulled.  
  • This! So annoying when you pay for an app and they stop supporting and pull it.
  • You don't buy software. You don't own it. You buy a lincense to use it. This is how the whole industry works.
  • So would you say the same if your Office or Windows license just stopped working? Or if Steam just decided one day to take away your library of 100+ games worth hundreds of dollars? Just because mobile apps cost few few dollars does not make it ok for Microsoft to just take them away.  
  • Have you checked your purchase history, they might be in there. The BBC News app was listed in mine.
  • Speaking a Contract Windows Phone developer working in Microsoft at the moment... the amount of work done there is insane. The old saying "shut up and ship" has never held truer. Needless to say, I like working there so you will get no details about what's cooking.
  • Nice to hear! I'm envious of your job ;-)
  • Without specifics, can you at least say next year is the year WP stops playing catch up with features and specs and starts being more proactive in those areas?
  • Yes it will. We are as good as everyone else specs wise. Hardware is sorted. Core is sorted, its a PC on a phone now. Apps are coming. Shares growing. What's left to do in 2014 (three small updates + WP8.1)? - feature parity. I don't work for Microsoft, but I know from what I have been a part of since October 2010, this is the show time now.
  • I guess what I mean is will we get another resolution increase before this time next year? Will there be new devices with the snapdragon 805 sooner rather than later? Will there be support for running two apps snapped side by side? Stylus pen support? Some of those things we don't have that other OS's support, and I could easily see a galaxy s5 running the 805 chip months before a WP comes out with one. That's what I mean by stopping playing catch up and jumping ahead of the competition.
  • Probably not. WP isn't in a race for cores and big processors. That's not what it needs or differentiates on. Samsung on the other hand needs to keep pumping them out for keeping Android bearable and differentiating in saturating OEM market for Android.
  • For the record, I agree with you, but it's all about general (public) perception. They're gonna compare and rely on whatever salesperson tells them is the best. Most salespeople don't explain how WP doesn't need all of that, they'll just say, "Take this galaxy 5 or iPhone 6. It has better specs than the WP. You'll be happy."
  • In general, salespeople are the pits. They're either geeks who sell Android phones, or they've been drinking Apple coolaid and sell iPhones. The good ones who actually sell a customer what they need don't last long. I speak from experience as a past salesperson, and then a Nokia sales trainer. What Microsoft needs to own is the marketing. If there's one thing a salesperson can be guaranteed to do, it's sell anyone who knows what they want exactly what they ask for (less effort for the commission). So if more people are walking into stores asking for Windows Phones, they will sell.
  • Could not agree more. My personal experience in at least 8 different AT&T stores has been just that. I had to literally insist I wanted the original Focus WP 7 and in fact defend my decision that I thought the WP operating was going to someday tie the three screens together. What did AT&T do for me, well they NEVER released the update for the Focus that was available from MSFT. When I upgraded to my L920 I still had to " swim upstream " with the salesman in regards to my choice of WP !! Thankfully the 920 was able to sneak by the AT&T f--- heads with all its intended features from Nokia unlike the way they have stripped the intended specs' for a proper version of the 1520 . AT&T and its mostly fan boy sales force have been the biggest hurtles this operating system has faced. I shudder to think how many customers were lost to this state of affairs. I am a hard headed old fart ( 68 ) and had I not researched what" I " wanted in a smart phone I never would have made it past that first Focus phone. Thanks to Nokia I am still a fan . By the way I went thru three of those Samsung Focus phones with each having the same faulty charging port after a few months of use, otherwise I really liked the Focus and thanks to Qi wireless charging I don't know if my L920 is weak in the same area as the Focus. I'm so pissed that a carrier like AT&T was able to emasculate what Nokia intended the 1520 to be !!!! Rant over .
  • I'll give you a dollar.
  • Shame BBC don't support windows apps as much as ios and droid
  • Try reading one of their tech articles. They're insanely anti-MS.
  • Oh yeah? Make a bliidy steam client than
  • YEEESSS. Except that that's not happening. If that happens...well...
  • Great news
  • Work harder
  • It's always nice to see more apps, especially apps that are popular on Andoid and iOS but what they really need to do is vastly improve on the OS itself. Comparing Windows Phone 8 to my old Nokia N97 with Symbian it's missing many features.
  • Some things my Nokia N97 with Symbian can do that my Windows Phone 8 can't (if some of these are possible please tell):   - A file explorer - Send a photo via Bluetooth without turning on Bluetooth first. - Seeing details for a photo, like name, time and date, lacation, size and resolution. - Slide show for photos (never needed it anyways) - Weekview in calendar. - Profiles (like the good old Genereal, Silent, Meeting, Offline and the option to time it like having silent until end of school) - Dictionary, my N97 has a great (for it's time at least) built in dictionary and it's possible to download three languages and writing in one language and getting the dictionary result for another language, great for travel. - Built in recorder, although we have the feature with OneNote and many apps available. - Lower sound when activating speach (holding Windows button / green call button.
  • Does N97 have same OS as a PC? Can N97 have apps that sync between PC and phone? Can N97 support quad core? 2GB RAM? 6 inches pure view screen? Work with gloves? Wireless charging?
    The things you listed as features are fugly lines of codes that can be achieved once a strong backbone is laid. Windows Phone 8 is capable to run PC OS now. These features will appear. Patience.
  • even MS /Nokia dont advertise the features that you've mentioned. :P they seriously are missing in marketing and advertisement as well, all I see in ads is they boast abt the camera, its not enough, the wireless charging, super sensitive touch all these need to be highlighted.
  • - No need for file explorer on a phone. Seriously.
    - NFC turns Bluetooth on if not already. Not all phones have NFC I know, but neither did the N97.
    - There are apps for that.
    - Ditto.
    - That would be nice. Maybe in Cortana?
    - There are apps for that. Symbian's dictionary UI really was horrendous compared to anything you get on Windows.
    - You already answered that.
    - This would also be nice. Again, maybe in Cortana?
  • Dont need more apps, thats Rudy's job, and he is doing much better than Microsoft and the companies they talk to. We want Windows Phone 8.1. All the features with sync and shit Windows 8.1 has. Cortana.
  • Good thing that's your opinion.
  • Yep, Rudy is great, but he's one man and the OS is growing. How long until he runs out of capacity to maintain his apps? Going from one developer to a team is not an easy transition.
    Also first party apps *matter*. Try convincing anyone in a sales pitch that Snapchat isn't there, but there's a great alternative. No sales person will go for that in case the alternative doesn't pan out, and then they've sold the customer something that doesn't work for them.
  • When I was buying my 820, I didn't worry about the apps as much as I did about Bluetooth support being available. People consider WP as a restrictive os and that is why WP doesn't have market share.
  • Bring Gamevil over!!. They amazing and fun games for ios and android. I would be so happy if Gamevil came to WP
  • They should be working on bringing users OS features that are missing in WP and on finding new OEMs to produce WP devices, because most people don't like hipster Nokias. They also should be working on new version of XNA, because C++ is very outdated. Then they could do the add comparing easy XNA game development against very complicated C++ development.
  • Then don't use C++ use Unity or whatever library you want. But saying C++ is outdated just proves the level you are at.
  • Comparing a library to a language? How about the multitude of game-engines that the C++ -support brought (which is the only reason we are seeing many of the games now btw)?
  • C++ is outdated ?? Do you know that core kernels of windows 7,8 are built using c nd c++ ... If you wanna take advantage of the hardware to its fullest,(like massive gameplay) you need to develop using something which is efficient in doing that. Repeat after me "C++ is the best programming language created ever" ;)
  • Actually C was, but i know what you mean...
  • I could care less about apps, I want more features on Windows Phone... still no notification center  , no vpn 
  • Haha, its soooo funny. I lovin my phone BUT IF my contract end (about 1 and a half year) and i will not see that this amazing os grow to android and ios eco sys. Then i will switch back to Android or iOS. I think a lot of you thinking the same. I mean i dont like Android at all, BUT how messed up and what a joke is that we got after 3year our first notification on Facebook?
  • As a non-US users I'm not in a contract (and if I was a two year contract for phones is not legal, one year max) I do like my Windows Phone and I don't like iOS and prefer to stay away from Google. Anyways, with a needed Lumia Black update Q1 next year and Windows Phone 8.1 Q2 it's looking good, if they only manage to merge to Windows 8 and Windows Phone stores next year. Other than that you have a great ecosystem with SkyDrive and I do like the Xbox eco system they are combining more and more of Windows 8 and Windows Phone API's and more so it's looking good on that end. If the new reorganized Microsoft actually plays well with each other and starts to release updates faster it will be great and hopefully your timeline of one and a half year will be enough for Microsoft to make Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox a great ecosystem and with SkyDrive and OneNote you have a great ecosystem for the one or two devices you or a family member has that is not Microsoft.
  • +920
  • Great to hear there working hard at least. Would be a shame if they just worked average. :)
  • More more more more more more more more more more more, need more!!
  • Where is my candy crush!?!?!?        
  • On Facebook!
  • On your sisters ipad
  • I left it at your moms house the other night.
  • They bring us one app thats been wanted for like 2 years and then they brag about it... Give me a break with this publicity shit and make some effing apps. Literally. You have all these small time people making third party ones that are BETTER within weeks. Are you kidding me?? MS does alot of talking. Not alot of producing. I'm not waiting for any apps. Just speaking my mind based on what others are going thru. Happy with my L925 and Nokias unrivaled services.
  • Because people make a big fuss (from WP users and not WP users) about a few big apps and Microsoft wants everyone to know that it's now available here as well and one less missing app for Windows Phone.
  • I get it. But still MS does alot of talking. How many times have MS promised something "in coming weeks" and its like a year later? Its happened enough where no one needs to disagree. MS simply wants to cover everything up. And everything they bring us after waiting is never what wed like to expect. Always over hyped. I simply think they can try harder. The money they have, there's no excuse. Impossible for them to have an excuse.
  • 'Coming weeks' ending up a year later? Give us one example.
  • Surprised one disagrees. Any other takers?. "year" is slightly exaggerated but 6 months isn't too far fetched. Anyone else work for MS? Or doesn't keep up with news and has input? Enter comments below.
  • 6 months != 1 year. Exaggeration == FUD. We have enough FUD already. I keep up with all the news. In general, if you want to complain about something, be prepared to give evidence for your claims or they will be challenged.
  • Freedom of speech says I don't really care. Ur one person. I'm explaining what thousands say already. Evidence? This isn't NCIS. I'm not under investigation lmao.
  • So you can just spout whatever opinion you want with no evidence to back it up? What is this, the internet? What happened to a decent argument?
  • A smartphone which doesn't have a proper file manager isn't worth defending, so stop with your fan boy shit.
  • Not a fanboy, and have no need for a file manager. I can do everything I need to (and so can most people) without it.
  • Let me remind you that I stated im happy with my L925. I'm stating what OTHERs say. Fucker
  • That makes two of us.
  • Lol. Story is over. Happy trolls. I mean trails.
  • Hahaha keep telling yourself that! Chutiya
  • Well,Mr.Sagar,MS will not be bringing a file manager anytime soon to windows phone,get that to your head.If u need file manager,or a phone which will replace your computer,kindly switch to android and be happy with the viruses,rooting and d phone which will be sluggish after a year.They have integrated skydrive totally into windows 8.1,the so called file manager for wp users is that.That is enough for people who use d phone as something in addition to the pc,not a full fledged computer
  • A cloud based option is not a solution, not until everyone has access to high speed cheap internet everywhere, till then skydrive is "NOT" a replacement to a need for file explorer.
  • I will probably leave the OS if these features are not implemented in 8.1, along with 76000 people who've voted for a file manager on the suggestion box. There is simply no excuse to not have this. SkyDrive cannot replace a file manager! After all the only files you can upload to SkyDrive are media and docs, what sort of file manager is that? What about code files? Or other misc files?
  • I don't want to have a file manager to access into specific files that I'm supposed to view like the system files. I want to create a folder, arrange my document, example I want this: root/documents/PhysicNotes/   - >contains hundred of powerpoint and pdf files root/documents/PhysicNotes/Lab -> contains hundred of powerpoint and pdf to be viewed in MS powerpoint + Word in phone root/documents/MathematicNotes - > contains hundred of others documents.   BUT hey, you can't manage your file that way like above. It's impossible! So, here is what you can do and restricted to put your files in one folder without the file manager: root/documents - > Contains few 2 hundred files in one directory and prevented to create folder.   Same goes to the photos. You can't move your thousand photos in the 'Camera rool" album into another albums without using a computer.     ==== This is to explain why most people need this file manager. Having a file manager doesn't mean we want to access the root. We want to manage the files and organize it systematically === PS: The android has a built in file manager but with iOS you can download a 3rd party apps. in Windows Phones, it's not possible.