Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore is a man the community has come to know as the face of Windows Phone at Microsoft. He’s been on hand for all major previews and launches of the operating system and runs the team responsible for Windows Phone product definition and design.

Belfiore recently sat down with the BBC for an interview about the current growth in market share that Windows Phone is experiencing. He did this last week, but we missed it and figured a few of you might have missed it as well. There are some interesting points brought up by Belfiore that are worth pointing out. There’s also a video after the break and some highlights from the BBC interview.

So why is Windows Phone currently seeing relatively stellar growth? According to Belfiore, it’s the support for the right languages, right mobile operators, right price points, and full catalog of apps that is why Windows Phone is seeing growth. He does acknowledge it’s taken a few years to get here.

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What is Microsoft doing to close the “app gap” with Android and iOS? Microsoft is working with specific companies to supply them with the resources needed to put their app out on Windows Phone. Depending on the app and the demand for the app you’ll see them doing things like helping out with marketing, sending in their own developers to help, introducing a company to a contractor, funding it, and more. It’s clear that Microsoft is committed to helping put the best apps out for Windows Phone.

There’s no doubt that 2013 has been a great year for Windows Phone. While a few of us may lament the lack of work done to the operating system itself, it’s hard to ignore the work Microsoft has done to growth both market share of Windows Phone and the availability of quality apps that users demand.

Check out the BBC link below for the full interview and article. If you're reading this in our app, you'll need to visit the BBC in IE to view the video. 

Source: BBC