Join the Subway Surfers crew as they head to Hollywood in Los Angeles

The latest update for Subway Surfers takes the crew to Los Angeles and the home of Hollywood. As well as a completely new area to traverse through, players will also be able to take Jake to the subway and movie sets.

According to the store listing, here's what is new in version 1.39:

  • Follow Jake and the crew on the World Tour to Los Angeles
  • Explore the marvelous movie sets of Hollywood
  • Shine up your surfer cast with the spectacular Knight Outfit for Wayne
  • Surf the Subway without jumping or rolling to earn challenging Awards
  • Go on movie-themed Weekly Hunts to unlock great prizes

The movie-themed weekly hunts will keep you entertained with prizes up for grabs. Download the update from the store and prepare to explore the sets box office movies utilize throughout production.

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Rich Edmonds
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