Join Windows Phone Central on for some live fragging!

This afternoon at 4:30 PM EST we're kicking off our first of (hopefully) many live game streams on We tested things out last night in Titanfall, and should be all warmed up to blow some stuff up later on today. You can subscribe to the Windows Phone Central Twitch channel here, where we'll also be archiving gameplay if you can't make the livestream.

We're still testing the water for doing this sort of thing, since it's not only outside of the usual content we provide on Windows Phone Central, but it's really unique for any of the Mobile Nations sites. For now we're playing on PC, but obviously Xbox games are in the cards for the long run, and we'd really like to do giveaways eventually. In the meantime, we're all ears when it comes to feedback. What games do you want us to play? Should we be doing Xbox titles exclusively? Would you rather be checking out mobile games? Who on the editorial team would you like to see playing? Or is Twitch just not your thing at all?

Though you can always catch the action right on the Twitch site, there are a few Windows Phone apps you can use to watch while on the go, like LiveGaming (Store link) and Infinite Game Stream (Store link). We'll be active in the chat, so hope to see you guys there!

Simon Sage