'Cityman' Quad HD Microsoft Lumia exposed in AdDuplex report, static market share for Windows Phone

The June numbers are out from AdDuplex, one of the largest advertising platforms for Windows Phone and developers. The figures are gathered from apps running on Windows Phone and are used to measure market share within the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Because there are fewer new phones hitting the market, there is even less movement this month over last. Instead, we see the continued trends of the Lumia 63x and Lumia 535 growing in many regions, including in the US, France, Italy, and Poland. However, these are modest shifts mostly at the cost of declining Lumia 520 users.

In the US, the Lumia 635 is up 2.8% from last month and now commands nearly 40 percent (38.9%) of all Windows Phones when combined with the Lumia 630.

Despite great reviews, the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL do not seem to be grabbing much of the Windows Phone pie just yet.

Microsoft and Nokia continue to control the Windows Phone market with a massive 96.74 percent of all devices.

Those utilizing Windows 10 Mobile on their phone now account for 2.5 percent of all Windows Phone users, a number certainly to grow in the coming months. As AdDuplex notes, this means one out of every 40 Windows Phone users is on Microsoft's next-gen phone OS.

New Microsoft Lumias

Finally, AdDuplex has identified two new Lumias evidently being tested. They include:

  • Microsoft RM-1104, RM-1105 with a 5.2-inch 1080p display
  • Microsoft RM-1100 with a Quad HD (1440x2560) display (size unknown)

Microsoft is rumored to be developing at least two flagship level phones codenamed 'Cityman' and 'Talkman'. It is more than likely that the devices spotted here are part of that development process. Here are the details that were reported earlier on those devices:

'Talkman' rumored specifications

  • 5.2 inch QHD display
  • Qualcomm-based six core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3000 mAh removable battery
  • USB Type-C

'Cityman' specifications

  • 5.7 inch QHD display
  • Qualcomm-based eight core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3300 mAh removable battery
  • USB Type-C

Windows Central can now confirm through our various sources the specifications noted above for 'Cityman'. Additionally, we can add that it does have a 20 MP rear camera and a triple LED flash like the one in the above fan-render. Expected release of those phones is later this year, likely in the October or November timeframe.

AdDuplex will post their full numbers for June on their blog on Monday, June 29.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • All lumia on the list. As it should be of course :D (its strange that the 1520 is on the us list yet the m8 on three carriers literally isn't on any list. I really want to know how many of those actually sold. I'd expect less than 5,000). That being said I want to see leaked images of cityman soon :D
  • Possibly do to the sales rep misleading people that the Android M8 is better than the WP M8.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Want even the 840 come out of shades .!! XD
  • I'm not sure I would say "misleading."
  • I would
  • hay, hay now, Misleading, pretending, fooling, lying,..........title belongs to CrApple. Please watch what you saying, CrApple might get made, if their misleading label gets tossed around like that. Watch it:-)
  • Why do you hate the M8 so much? Other than Lumia, it is the only other high end phone. If you were a true windows fan, you would appreciate it at least. There aren't many OEMs that are willing to make high end windows phones at the moment. And variation is always a good thing.
  • I don't hate the m8 lol. I just find it irrelevant. I am a true windows fan hence why I own surface and Lumia. I prefer to buy from those that are true windows OEM and 100% support the platform. On the desktop that of course is Microsoft or someone like Lenovo and mobile that would be formerly Nokia now Microsoft and if they made a quality windows phone high end model, blu. I dont like second tier products from second tier oems. Besides, I didn't say anything negative about the m8. I am just curious to se show much it has sold and why it still has sold significantly less than the 1520 and even 928. And I'm willing to bet, htc 8x
  • I think of myself as a "true windows fan" too.  I have owned the surface RT, surface pro, surface pro 2, and now the surface 3, but prefer the M8 to any of the current lumia options available.  With regard to 100% of the platform, I got Update 2 on my M8 on AT&T and my wife is still waiting for it on her 1520.  I'm still really happy with my purchase, and don't feel any less of a true windows fan.  That said, I don't think anyone will come out with a phone that could convince me not to get a cityman (especially if it has stylus support).
  • The M8 is inferior to the 1520 and 930/ICOn in my opinion, but i suppose someone who doesnt need a quality camera and more of a guarantee from an OEM to be speedy and reliable as Nokia/Microsoft was/is and gets excited over things like a IR blaster and front facing speakers, I suppose i can see the appeal of the M8 to a degree. As i said before in the M8 article, It wouldnt surprise me if it is easier to get the updates out to the M8 users because there are so few people. I  believe the Lumia 635 also got the update 2. So perhaps there is another reason the 1520 hasnt got it. I dont count that as a con that the M8 got it before it simply because HTC usually is behind anyway so they are due one or two surprises. :D But i agree with yoru sentiment. The Cityman will be awesome and it will be mine :D  
  • All of your points are valid, for you.  The value of a phone is an aggregate of all features, but on top of that, it's all subjective.  I think all lumia phones are great, I've owned 5 of them now. But for me, at the time I had to make a purchase, the M8 was the best option.  I could go over the internal calculations I had to go through to make the decision, but I don't think it really matters.  Still loving my M8, still looking forward to Cityman, still a windows fan.      
  • Also, Sprint Customers have very few options when it comes to Microsoft/Nokia
  • You mean option, since Sprint only offers one WP. Sprint is ridiculous pricing the 635 at $179. Every other carrier sells it for less then $100 unlocked. Sprint does it so when they can't move them, they can say "windows phones doesn't sell".  
  • The M8 doesn't have a screen that glitches out and taps itself like the 1520. 
  • But neither the 1520 nor the Icon are even on sale anymore, at least in the US. The camera on the One M8 isn't quite as nice as on the 930 or 1520, but it is faster and, in bright light conditions, I think it actually holds it's own against those two. As to updates, it's the most up-to-date of any WP, so I am not sure what you're talking about there.  HTC > MS for updates. It also has the aformentioned IR blaster, the fantastic speakers, the much, much, much better hand feel, the on-screen buttons (for that reason alone, the M8 is unequivocally better than any Lumia), wider accessory support (since it's a top selling phone), and oops protection, and you can chose your carrier and then get the One M8, as opposed to having your phone chose your carrier for you (again, in the US, at least). Honestly, it isn't even close.
  • And yet your phone is irrelevant and no one is buying it lol. You do have to applaud HTC for their support. Also Microsoft is is updating their phones fairly fast. Unfortunately carrier devices lag behind but from my understanding many of the lumias are updated just fine :D Most of those pros you mention are irrelevant for most of us lol. But by all means please justify your purchase and defend your precious m8 :)doesn't change the fact it doesn't sell and for it to be superior the other lumias are what people prefer.
  • Nobody is buying any Windows Phones! They are now below 3% market share! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can't buy it if it isn't for sale, I wen to T-Mobile the other day to see the lumia 640. The salesman didnt even know what I was talking about he said he hadn't even heard of it, and couldn't even find it in his system, which us a lie as I know its on the web. They said they only had one window phone and it ended up being in the back storage room and was a 535. Made me want to complain thought thats not my style, he had a bad attitude and even the salelady next to him made negative remarks.
  • Lumia phones are almost always last to get updates. Every time an update comes out, Lumia owners whine because it's taking so long. Im honestly not sure where you're getting your info from.
  • Yes carrier lumias. The non carrier lumias usually have their updates way in advanced.
  • A true windows fan doesn't care about the hardware. Many OEMs flat out refuse to make windows products. And considering how many phones the platform has, ever phone is relevant in some way. This isn't android. And you are obviously ignorant on HTC and Microsoft. HTC has been making windows phone, windows mobile long before even Nokia considered it. They have a much longer standing, and are still going with it. I remember when you could only get HTC phones, like the HD2 and HD7. You are obviously new to the platform. So please, just stop the constant hate for the M8.
  • A true android fan will go for Nexus because they want the untouched Android experience. Similar to those who wanted the true power of a Windows tablet, it is why we have Surface. It does seem like after surface became a thing, the windows tablets and laptops started becoming more innovative and creative. And with windows phone, if you want the true experience...you get Lumia. Let's establish one thing...Windows Mobile is not Windows Phone. Windows Mobile is another Era..and was an Era where HTC was relevant and a leader instead of a follower like they are now on both android and Windows Phone. I have been with Windows Phone 8 since 2012(and played around with it in Windows Phone 7 days)...In the last 3 years i've experienced more with my various lumias from amazing support to excellent  hardware and innovative features(1020) and exclusive apps...I could've never gotten that experience from a Non-lumia and that is why I and most of us are loyal to the lumia brand. HTC, Samsung and no others have provided anything close and have done little to build loyalty with their customers and it is why so many people avoid their products anad left them for Lumia(or in Android world, Samsung and others). We're talking about today and as of today, HTC really doesn't matter...and with it's 1.6 percent marketshare if we lost them, they'd be forgotten like Huawei is now.
  • It's obvious you are not a true windows fan. Just another Lumia fan boy. Other than the camera, the lumias don't really have anything truly special. Really, the only thing I miss is clear black, and that is about it. And many of the things you argue can be said about HTC as well. The build quality on the M8 is fantastic, with no other Lumia being full metal. Also, the speakers blow every other phone out of the water. An IR blaster has never been seen on a Lumia before either. My point is, stop being a fan boy and open your eyes, all OEMs have something to offer. All have lows and highs, and as many are needed in the windows phone space.
  • And it is obvious you are just an HTC apologist :P I couldnt care less about a metal phone. I am sure they'd be nice and I wouldnt turn down a Lumia phone with metal of course. But i do also like the polycarbonate of my 640 XL and my 1520 and i think the 930/Icon and 830 are incredibly well-made phones.
      If there is nothing special about Lumias, then there is even less than nothing(is that possible) for HTC phones. But hey good for you   having speakers that are irrelevant in an era where selfies/cameras are important to consumers and a remote(most people again dont care) control built-in. Kudos....Nokia set the bar with the pureview(1020 especially) and htc lowered it with their ultrapixel 'innovations' Thankfully i am not here to really care whether you think i am a windows fan or not. There is a reason why most of us own Lumias....that's fine if you preferred HTC or Samsung. No need to try and justify your purchase. I am sure you and the other 200 M8 owners are enjoying it and for that i am glad. The rest of us(out of the 10 million lumias sold each quarter), are enjoying our phones. There's a reason why even in 2015, the 930 is sitll considered the Flagship WIndows Phone 8.1 device despite the M8 being newer and why when tech enthusiasts speak of Windows phone they always compare the Lumia 1520 or icon/930 to other flagships...not the m8 windows.
  • You still didn't even acknowledge the last paragraph. Sigh. And different people have different needs. Not everyone takes selfies. Not everyone is obsessed with their phone camera. Different OEMs have different specialties, and if you believe that we only need one, which is focused mostly on cameras, then you really need to open your eyes.
  • I can agree....you are absolutely right. Different OEMs offer different things :) HTC simply offers me nothing and i'd say that is likely true for the other 96% windows phone owners :)
    Not everyone is obsessed with music coming from front speakers(that's why i have great headphones as well as my phone hooks up to my car) or a remote control app....I am old-school,i like my remote :D What i think this OS needs is amazing hardware(which we already have) and OEMs that actually are bringing innovations(there's a reason why so many people wanted Lumia with android or pureview cameras and other Nokia things...there;s a reason why many Non-lumia windows phone owners want lumia apps). I'd love to see Lumia become the premium brand and have a great company like blu picking up the low end market as well as embracing the other regional manufacturers who are bringing out and doing more for their windows phones than HTC, Samsung, or LG do. Speaking of lumia apps, I am hoping that we'll keep that one exclusive thing. I dislike the fact microsoft feels the need to take away that exclusivity to give them to OEMs who do nothing :) But i guess i'll wait and see. You are too defensive over a phone LOL.
  • You must have no life. You make a post, don't reply back. You are trying too hard to prove to your self that buying lumia is joinig a vip club that we give little s$@# about. You love Lumia? Great. No one cares. I like Blackberry and iPhones. No one cares. I don't brag about how inferior you are by having a Lumia do I?
  • It actually sounds like you're the one is is too defensive over a phone LOL
  • > "i think the 930/Icon and 830 are incredibly well-made phones." They're not.  They have heat problems and touchscreen problems galore.  For build quality, the only decent WP is the One M8.
  • Based on your standards. I'd take a Lumia 930 design over HTC. Lmfao I prefer my 640 xl design over the m8....and gasp...i can actually crop pics taken with its camera.
  • I went into Verizon with every intention of buying the M8 but after comparing its camera with the Lumia 822 I had the time (even with the M8 and its superior screen), it was obvious that the M8 had an inferior camera - even by 2 year old midrange standards.
    Deal Breaker.
  • You chose well
  • I did the same exact thing.  I still have my 822 and just deciding if I want to pick up the 735 to hold me over until these flagships come out.  I know there is a 1mp difference but I can deal with that.
  • The 1520 is in several markets worldwide. The M8 is only sold in the US, know for it's distaste of WP. I don't think I need to say more. I do like the 1520 better though, but I wouldn't say no to an M8.
  • I also said US only. In the US....the 1520 is only available on one carrier(or was) which is At&t...the M8 is on the two largest carriers(Verizon and At&t) as well as it was on T-mobile. There is no reason to not assume this phone has sold poorly in comparison. Not to mention the 928 is also on that list as well as the 920 and 1020 and 822 all of which were available on one carrier here in the US. I just find it odd that the M8 has literally never shown  up on these lists at all....despite being the only flagship. It literally is the only flagship in the US right now and people are avoiding it worse than the lumia flagships.
  • You really sound like you're talking out of your ass whenever you start your M8 bashing.
  • I think the M8 is great.
  • What high end lumia? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dear God, please please please don't let these phones be ugly.
  • I'll buy it even if it's pink with brown stripes if they just let me and not make it a cthulhudamned EXCLUSIVE again.
  • LMAO! I'm with you too!
  • Because it's region locked to the US.
  • All I care about now is that what kind of design the next Lumia will have. I want it in metal, I've got bored of seeing the brick-like lumias. They should bring an all new unexpected design. If possible MS should make the screen edgy like S6 (used it today and it looks awesome compared to the normal S6). I also expect their next phone to have an IR blaster, I really get jealous of Android users with those IR blaster phones. This is what wish MS to do with their next Lumia. Maybe I would come back to Windows if they bring these most required things with their next Lumia. (And sorry if I used bad English somewhere). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My thoughts as well, bought my wife the S6 Edge... Tiles would look great on that screen!
  • I want it to have the same design as the Lumia 830. IMO the 830 is the nicest designed windows phone. Its light, its the perfect size. I would have bought it over my Blu Win HD LTE if the price wasnt 200 bucks more for the same specs.
  • The lumia 640 is not on the list.
  • Great
  • One with a 41 mp and one with a 20 mp camera... Now that would be GREAT... ! It feels as of now... 1020 will still be without a successor... I hope not..... MS can though surprise the world next year at MWC.... With these two covering for the holiday season...
  • I really want the 1020 successor but I don't want to use my 925 until next year... Somebody please get me a 940!
  • No it's not! Who need Quad HD really? Consumes more battery
  • if you want to start attracing the android crowd to WP, you have to start competing on specs. Since all windows devices have the same software, the only thing they really have to compete on is design and specs.   Almost everyone I know who is a die hard android fan chooses their phones based on specs. The S6 is arguably the nicest android handset, but alot of my friends chose the LG g4 for its better battery.   Both of these rumored lumias have huge batteries, and with WP being much more optimized than android (hopefully windows 10 will carry on with this tradition), battery life should not be an issue even with the large screen resolution.
  • The greatest specs in the world won't matter to Android users if the apps are missing, especially the Google Apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who cares about Android or iOS? The whole purpose is not to attract users from different mobile OSes who are already a different demographic because of different values (that's why they choose Android and iOS in the first place). But to give the customers and users who want a WP device (because of the OS, not because of the specs) a good experience with their devices. The iPhone 6 doesn't even have an FHD display, despite its display's size of 4.7", looks like iPhone users don't care much about resolution. Your statement reads like "we just want to lure in some Android users". And what good does it if the resolution ain't good for nothing? Are there any real benefits besides being able to decrease the font size (not like it was that huge on current phones)?
  • Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on anything I'm about to say but it seems you're referring to the 5.7" model and I agree with you :) In screens this small, the difference in pixel density is minimal and it drains more power. It looks like the 5.2" phone has a 1080P screen though from the AdDuplex stats which is mostly a good thing except for the slight drop in pixel density compared to the ICON/930. Most Windows Phone fans know the ICON/930 has battery life and heat problems so keeping the same resolution screen makes things easier for Microsoft to resolve those problems in the 5.2" version :) Mind you, if Microsoft can somehow find a way to run a qHD screen in a phone with other top of the line specs and have good battery life/no heat problems, the only thing that would stop me from buying one is a lack of money :P
  • The Icon/930 heat thing is purely because of NFC, which is on by default. Almost nobody needs NFC. You turn it off, you get a very well cooled phone, trust me!
  • Okay, so you guys at the Windows Central staff have already seen pictures of the phones or just the specs?
  • Sorry, I won't go into details this early. I refer you back to what is written above. When I say something this definitive, you better believe it.
  • Well, I see no reason not to believe you. Obviously you know more than meets the eye. Somehow I'm feeling the urge to ask you if you know more about the "tough choices" mentioned yesterday. :P
  • I just hope those flagships come as dual SIM variants too.
  • Omg you ain't lying.... Need it for a personal and business SIM. Hate giving out my personal number and refuse to use 2 phones...
  • You know, it's pretty selfish of you to not just spill all your information and tell us your sources. You don't need a career. /sarcasm I think we all trust you pretty well, in reality. We're just beyond ready for these things.
  • Any confirmation on wireless charging for either of these?
  • Surprisingly, no. However, I doubt they would omit that unless it's a design thing (metal back cover).
  • I highly doubt they'd omit wireless charging. Especially with Samsung adopting the tech into their latest flagships. Plus, I think Microsoft has to go all in on this one. They can't afford to dink this launch.
  • I can't be the only one that thinks chucking in the 810 is a mistake. Particularly following recent emails.
  • im hoping they throw in the next gen of snapdragon chips. By the time these phones are out, the 810 will be old news.
  • I have to agree.
  • I see this variety of comment on so many hardware discussions and find it disheartening the ignorance people have when it comes to this subject.  Most hardware is not developed like a PC.  There isn't a socket family for these chips.  Every new chip is unique in its design and the boards they sit on are designed specifically for it.  Why?  Because there is currently no reason to design a system that allows the chip to upgraded.  Suggesting that the 810 will be old news and should be replaced by whatever will be available by the time the phones ships shows a lack of understanding in how technology is developed and manufactured.  It takes a lot of planing to make these phones a reality.  Manufacturing is just the last part of a very long process.  You can't just scrap it because a new technology emerged.  Nothing would ever make it to market that way. 
  • I hope they have wireless charging, I can't go backwards!
  • Any comment on Stylus or Surface Pen on either phone?
  • Fall can't come soon enough!
  • So you can't yet confirm the Talkman specs (just double checking)?
  • Correct, although they are likely to be accurate. I can, however, only definitely speak to Cityman.
  • "speak to Cityman." Plot twist: You mean that literally. :P
  • The Cityman and Talkman names are really growing on me. I actually want those to be the official names.
  • They won't be though. Guaranteed lawsuit from Sony.
  • Can you confirm if the 20 megapixel sensor has been changed at all or is it basically the same as the 1520?
  • Oh God I hope not. The f2.4 aperture on the current sensor was a disappointment & it isn't great for low light video recording (even after denim). It's still a great camera & the fact that it competes with the BEST (like the S6) is proof of that . . . but they need to leap frog Samsung & LG coz they've definitely caught up & their flagships (ironically) do much better in low light. I've heard murmurs of a brand new, slightly larger 1/2.3 sensor that can shoot 4k at 60fps but we'll have to wait and see.
  • That's a yes then :¬)
  • Talkman has a 1080p display as with their listings.
  • Hi Daniel,  Just wondering what your thoughts are on the specs, and why would they make them so similar, besides screen size and processor.  I would of thought maybe different resolution of camera.
  • @thecanuckguy, It may not appear to be much difference from 5.2" & 5.7" but from a usability standpoint it does. I hope they something around 4.5" just for those who prefer a smaller phone, have small hands or short fingers.
  • You better ask Jason Ward about this... He is the one who can explain everything.. May be he will cover it in coming Highs and Lows series ;)
  • Would love to know the status of qi in the next phones....
  • "RM-1100" - looks like Lumia tablet or whatever name it will have. Fine.
  • I very much hope they have chosen a proper SOC and not one of the resent overheating ones from Qualcomm. SD 810 has by now a very bad rep.
  • SD 810 v2.1. You cannot ignore that updated chipset, which reportedly fixes the overheating.
  • I hope so but a reputation is an reputation and something hard to get rid of even if the version 2 has fixed things. A such it will always be an hamper wathever the facts. Still it needs more than a version number to still my fears. I will wait for a proper analyze from sites such as anandtech for example before I'm hapy. (Not an slur on WPC, just that I feel better when there is around20 sides of fact sheet backing this kind of rumer up)
  • Except it doesn't. Sony is using it on the Z4/Z3+ already and the problems remain with customers complaining already. It's to the point where vendors are warning people about devices with the SD810 in them and the Z3+, with the v2.1, is performing worse than the Z3 with the SD801.   Microsoft would be wise to just skip it altogether. If necessary, wait for the SD820 or simply go SD808 in both devices (or get an Exynos from Samsung).
  • To be fair, the Xperia Zx series always had a heating problem regardless of the SOC.
    People always complained about it in Z1, Z2 & Z3 .... My brother have a Z1 & I saw the Phone Is Getting Hot notification plenty of times.
    As far as I know, the 820 is scheduled for a 2016 release .... Fanboys would snap lol
  • I say wait for the 820.
  • That's too bad, its the first time I listen the 810 overheats. Just wondering what about the chip of the Galaxy Note 4, the 805, would't it be better than 810 since it doesn't overheat?
  • basically the problem wasnt overheating, but throttling. The 810 pulled ahead of its hexocore counterpart (806) on initial benchmarks, but if you ran the benchmarks over and over, the 810 rapidly dropped in performance, where the 806 only dipped a little bit. Its the reason alot of phones have chosen to go with the 806 instead of the 810.
  • 808?
  • Microsoft =exynos-from Samsung, that surely sounds ground breaking
  • Daniel, any chances of an Intel-based phone running x86 or x64 version of Windows 10? Or is everything for phones still strictly ARM based for the foreseeable future? WW
  • This ^ The Surface 3 has Atom Cherry Trail which has similar performance than a Snapdragon 810, so Microsoft has already used Atom CherryTrail and has made  a very fast tablet with the Surface 3.
  • I run some network benchmarking and simulation software on my surface 3. Runs like a breeze. I would love an atom processor in phones.
  • Hopefully it solves issues and improves performance. My 920 gets cooking-level hot at times, and it drains and destroys the battery quite badly. So, to see better thermals and some GPU clock boosting, hopefully it can both get the new phones to reasonable temperatures, while allowing for less thermal throttling. But, as with AMD's Fury X and DX12, I'll believe it when I see it. Here's hoping we see it soon, because I want a new phone already.
  • Sony has the revised 810 in the Z3+ and it still overheats. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Revised-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-810-no-longer-overheats-Video-of-a-Sony-Z3-prototype-begs-to-differ_id70270
  • just an observation, is running the camera sensor & display until it's hot the same as an overheating CPU?
  • I would say yes, some people use the device to film concerts or on holiday. The thing is, the processor has a bad reputation and is subject of debate. You don't want that in a new high end phone that has to convince people to choose a new platform.
  • Xperia Z4 uses v2.1 of the 810 and it recently(and literally) fried the user's Z4.
  • It would seem the SD810 v2.1 is even worse. I saw a review of the Z3+ (which I believe ships with it) where the phone got as hot as 45 degrees just playing back 4k video. It got so hot when it was actually recording 4k footage that it didn't get past 2 minutes before cutting off.
  • Hi daniel, i saw a report in gsmarena that the snapdragon 820 is in the final stages of testing.....from your insider sources- is there any indication that microsoft may consider it if it becomes available?
  • Afaik sony's z3+ is using that new v2.1 rev and even its waterproofing can't help it from getting underclocked+hot
  • hey Dan, are you sure? SD 820 is testing by qualcomm. so there is a possibility for msft go for it. LG G Pro is announced with SD 820.
  • Looks like the Talkman have the new SD808 (same one in the LG G4) ... While the Cityman have SD810 V2.1. People need to give the 810 a chance & stop judging it by preconceived Ideas ....
  • Agree. My 1020 got hot as hell! Doesn't really matter, possibly used battery a little quicker. Oh well... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not running right, it has problems,people paying good money for a product want / need to know its clean no problems, not even a speck of doubt, so to quell that, the best thing is to move away in my opinion.
  • 5.2" Talkman FTW
  • My actual hope is for a 5" Talkman as I don't have the biggest hands. Besides, two models at 5" & 5.7" seems to make more sense then 5.2" & 5.7".
  • Very well may have a small bezel, in which case the .2 inches won't matter
  • Yup.
  • Let's hope you're right
  • This is great news!! Finally we are seing some deviced tested! We are just s few month of their possible announcement! Hopefully we will get more details soon.
  • I just hope when they are announced, it is not another 2 - 3 months before they are released.
  • I really am optimistic about the launch. I think we'll see them do this right.
  • Need 6"+ Lumia...
    4.7", 5.2", 5.7", and for us folks that are serious, 6.2" high end devices would be really cool.
  • Nah bruh...only with the lumia you will get laid...the size doesnt matter.
  • Why is it that people who say "size doesn't matter" always have the 4.0" model? LOL. ;) just kidding... sorry, I couldn't resist it.
  • A 6.2 Lumia would be awesome!!! Only for those who are willing to take things to the next level.
  • Definitely would be!!!!
  • Well spoken rodneyej and cdb033! Microsoft should honor Lumia 1520 owners with a successor flagship device. But I guess until then, I'll purchase the 5.7" Cityman. Now let's campaign for some Windows 10 Universal apps from Chase Bank, Slack, Evernote, Instagram, Peerio, Avaamo, Box, and Citi Bank.
  • Forgot SNAPCHAT?
  • Slack for WP is in development. Rep on twitter told me that they can't give proper timeline.
  • L940XXL?  :-)
  • Hi Rod, this time around we won't agree! I'm totally in for a Talkman! What would I have to consider, like, to jumping for a Cityman, please? I can't get such a big phone, man! Still not convinced, though I'm sure I like the 1520 much more than the 930... But, in this particular case, because of other things... you know.. Cheers!
  • The talkman and cityman sounds nice. That 20mp camera!!
  • Release date is in such a long time!
  • i believe cityman is upgrade to the lumia 1520 and talkman is an upgrade to the lumia 930
  • Sounds right... Nevertheless, there's still a market for a 6"+ device...
    If the 1020 is popular, then the 6" 1520 is just as important, because they both sit at around 3% market share.. Hopefully MS is still planning a "real" 1520 replacement for 2016..
  • The 1020 was never "popular" actually. It's famous but it was a niche device that sold as such. Don't forget Windows Central users do NOT reflect the market at all. DinnerTray-Phones are also a niche device and sell accordingly.
  • I don't think they are fair comparisons. The 1020 was born out of a niche market with a passion. The 1520 was born out of a lack of alternatives as much as anything. AT&T only offered the 1520, no smaller device. There shoudl be a market, but I imagine that the number of peopel who freak out over 5.7 vs. 6.0 is pretty insiginificant, while the difference between the 41-MP 1020 and the 8-MP mainstream WP8 launch devices was massive.
  • I think the Lumia 1020 was the last international Nokia flagship device, where I live the Lumia 1520 and 930 never arrived so people stopped using high end WP and switched to Samsung or Apple.
  • That should keep all those impatient trolls happy? Not to shabby i think! Bet ya someone will moan the cameras not 50 mega pixels
  • All they need to do is make a 1040 & 1040XL... Problem solved❗
  • I suspect these are the 940 and 940XL which have a camera less powerful than the 1020 (40 Megapixel). This means we might need to wait until 2016 to see the 1040 or 1040XL with the camera of the 1020 (or even something better).
  • The 1020 seems good enough for size. XL makes an already incredibly niche device more niche.
  • To be fair the 640XL is barely going on sale starting today with AT&T in the US
  • Exactly.
  • To be fair, the 640XL is not a competitor of the Cityman or Talkman. They're in way different pricing categories. See all the people listed in the charts above holding onto 822s, 920s, 928s, 1020s, 1520s (and probably 925s too)? They're all strong candidates to upgrade to Cityman or Talkman, but probably not to a 640.
  • A 640 would probably a hold over or a test device, especially if they do plan to continue the insiders programme for phones. We have only heard that about PC's. Unless I've missed the announcement?
  • Exactly. Premium, not mid-grade (yes that was an allusion to gasoline)
  • Phones Camera
    L640 8MP
    L740. 12MP*
    L840. 20MP*
    L940/talkman 20MP .. Not enough for a flagship ;)
  • Yeah...!!! 27MP would be effective ,even a 41mp shooter comes out near future
  • The iPhone & Galaxy S6\N6 seem to do just fine with 8MP & 16 respectively
  • Except the 830 was at 10 MP, and you're extrapolating things that aren't reality. This is more of a 940/940 XL lineup than an 840/940 one. It's in the vein of Galaxy S vs. Galaxy Note. I mean, if the 640 is 8 MP and the 640 XL is 13 MP, then the 740 could be 10 MP or 15 MP, and optionally involve OIS, depending. Remember that the camera resolution was the same in the 930 and 1520, but the guts weren't 100% identical. Those cameras were fine, and software tweaks should make them respectable imaging devices. The high-high-end camera will be in a 2016 device, as has been expected for a couple of months now.
  • I was just pointing out the comparison between those devices in terms of camera ... Becasue 940s are going to be much more expensive than 840s... So MS have to convince us how different they really are... If the differences are only the processor and the RAM most of us will go for 840.. I hope they wont bring retina scanner/fingerprint scanner to 840 and 940 will be like over priced .. I agree that 41MP is not necessary.. Still it can help them to differentiate 940s from 840s.. Or may be MS will release 1040 in 2016 to be the real High-end ..
  • So if ONLY the core components that run the phone are different, you'd skip the 940? What the heck do you want it to have for advantages? I mean, the 920's advantages over the 820 were display resolution and OIS, but they packed the same chip and camera resolution, and the 920's display caused horrid battery life and heating issues vs. the 820. There were honestly days I wondered if I shoudl have gone 820 over 920 because of the battery life issues on the 920, simply because the performance on the 820 was better (thanks to lower resolution and better display power consumption). The fact that the 830 offered such a weak chip is the reason it was panned by many users (though not a majority, I don't think). The SoC (CPU, GPU, and RAM) are what give you a smooth experience. They are the core components. It's like saying you wouldn't buy a better laptop just because it boots faster and rusn software better, becuase that's what an improved SoC gives you.
  • You are not getting the point here... I completely agree with you.. But spending more money just for better perfomance makes no sense as far as I'm concerned.. If MS want me to select 940 over 840 and pay more money.. I must get something more than 'better perfomance' ... That's what I meant..
  • And in the case of laptops.. Comparing phone and laptop is aint right.. If so we may have to discuss why a touch friendly laptop is cheaper than high end phones with a smaller display and other specs..
  • Talk about not getting a point. What, better performance should be free? What the hell are you even trying to say? By that logic, better just go grab a 640, rather than this made-up 840 that we don't even have rumors on, because I can tell you all it'll give is better performance.
  • 20MP is plenty. The sensor is what's important, not pixel count. More pixels just mean slower processing, too. That's why the iPhone is still at 8MP, today. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nah, the iPhone is at 8mp so Apple can continue to milk its customers. You can't even do 4k if you wanted to with it.
  • IPhone 6 camera is not good as Lumia 830s , check internet.... Lumia's already very good sensors.... Of were give megapixel shot , then Windowsphone be indestructible in Photography part
  • Ok everyone arguing about iPhone 6's 8mp camera, it will be upgraded to 12 mp in the next version and don't forget that they have Ati Partinen (the former camera head of the Lumia team) in their team now. So probably he'll help Apple apply Lumia technologies to the iPhone.
  • Except that Lumia tech is patented, so he can't legally do that.
  • The stock iPhone camera app sucks, and it's pictures look washed out. There's a shitload of 3rd party camera apps for it that are amazing though. 
  • So based on this logic, Microsoft is worse and more money grubbing compared to Apple since no Windows Phone can record more than 30fps, even though the hardware is capable. Greedy M$! Or maybe its not as sinister as you think it is....
  • So based on this logic... do you know how dumb you sound? Hardware vs software. The iPhone (or any 8mp phone) does not have the EFFECTIVE MEGAPIXEL COUNT to do 4k video. Like i said, it can't happen with the current iPhone no matter how hard you try. If Apple tried to add (fake) 4k to the current iPhone the tech industry would call them out on it as it wouldn't be real 4k. You'll never see proper 4k video until they bump the megapixel count. You don't know MS's excuse for not adding more than 30fps video. Try making sense next time.
  • You are aware that saying it's only a software problem for Microsoft is really hurting your point, right? Honestly, if you're going to bash Apple, there's nothing that you can say that doesn't make Microsoft sound like stingy pricks that try to milk the consumer. At least Apple isn't physically able to get 4K, Microsoft can do 60fps, yet chooses not to....
  • YOU'RE THE ONE saying it's a software problem because you claim MS has the hardware to do so. It looks like you can't even comprehension what you're saying... I wasn't bashing Apple. I was stating facts. You sound butthurt because MS is not giving you something you want. They gave us Uservoice for a reason...use it. Again, we don't know the reason why MS chooses not to. Do you honestly think these old ass Lumia flagships were made with 60fps in mind? I could pull something out of my ass and say "well, maybe the lens isn't optimized for it. Or maybe the OS isn't optimized for it." But you're the smartass that knows right? Looks like you MISSED the point. You should bitch and complain when features are not available in the new flaships not the old ones. Best of luck
  • You literally started off your comment with saying "software vs hardware". Comparable Android flagships can record 60fps. The iPhone has 120fps. It's entirely possible that Windows could have it, but Microsoft clearly doesn't..... I don't know when "the iPhone is at 8mp so Apple can continue to milk it's customers" became a "fact", but you seem unable to tell the difference between fact and opinion, but that doesn't seem like that much of a stretch since you can't tell the difference between something I want (I really don't care about fps on a camera) and analogy to show you how misinformed you are about Apple. I can't believe I fell for feeding the troll.
  • What are you babbling about? How am i misinformed about apple? You're making statements with no basis. Somebody mentioned MP count on the iPhone. I said the MP count is not good enough for 4k. You can't get 4k because they keep producing the same shit that won't allow you have that feature. They continue to milk it for as long as they can get away with it. For the third time, you don't know exactly why Lumia flagships doesn't do 60/120. It could well in fact be a lens issue. But, let me know when you do ok? iPhone has 60/120...Lumia flagships have 4k. Does that make either camera bad? NO! You win some you lose some. btw, i don't come on here to troll.  
  • They aren't going to give up how fast it snaps pics. They won't jump to crazy megapixels until the hardware can do it, instantly. That was a previous marketing point for them, after all... If Apple is "money grubbing" so is every other company that manufacturers products. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The SG5 and SG6 takes pics just as fast as the iPhone at TWICE the mp count. Sounds like Apple's fault they don't have the hardware for it. Tell me which company milks there hardware more than Apple. They've been using 8mp lenses in a flagship device since 2011. I'll wait...
  • Until the iphone 6 /6+, Apple was all about form over function.
  • You're wrong dude, the iPhone 6 camera has been compared with the Lumia 830 which in some tests Lumia 830 still wins (on others Apple does) but that puts the Lumia 1020's camera on another category, still high above the iPhone 6. Remember than the Lumia 1020 takes raw pictures of 40 megapixels.
  • AT&T has the 640XL for $249 right now. I'm considering moving to that from my 635. Looking forward to the new flagship phones. Here's hoping that Edge is everything WP Explorer isn't. We really need a better browser!
  • So will there be 1080p 840 series , as 940 series took up the 1440p display....? That will be the future right.....? Anyways I love the new Flagships come and been waiting for what will Lumia 740 & 740 XL capable of
  • More likely 940 and 940 XL, I'd expect.
  • 940 will have 1080p and the XL variant will have 1440p
  • I'm surprised that one of them doesn't have at least 40mp. We don't need 2 phones almost simular
  • Go tell this to apple and samsung
  • lol
  • And I'm surprised it doesn't have a 101 MP Carl Zeiss PureView with optical image optimization, Snapdragon 821 Decacore processor, 6GB RAM, 8K display on 5.7" screen with 5,500 mAh ultra-light-weight battery with neon lasers installed for flash, full metal body with infrared charging. Seriously, how many smartphone users actually need a 40MP camera?
  • I prefer my Lumia 1020 for picture taking to my Lumia 1520 10 times out of 10
  • I want a Lumia 1020 but cannot afford the price, it may be one of the best phone devices made by men in history. Only time will tell if someone can make a phone which has a camera better than the 1020.
  • Obviously, it's the best phone camera till date. And yeah, it was goddam pricey when it launched here in India (about 50,000 INR which translates to $800 USD). But now it's available for just 22,000 INR ($350). Yet, beyond my reach. I'd love to include it in my phone collection someday, before it goes out-of-stock everywhere. Also, there's no carrier facility here so we've no choice but to pay full amount while purchasing a phone. Kinda sucks. On the bright side, we don't have to wait for updates :)
  • The 82x and 92x line were very similar when they released, and there weren't issues. A 40-MP camera is huge, and we saw what it did to the ergonomics of the 1020. That's a 2016 device that'll be sold at a price premium the masses won't want to pay for superfluous pixels.
  • "Windows Central can now confirm through our various sources the specifications noted above for 'Cityman'. Additionally, we can add that it does have a 20 MP rear camera and a triple LED flash like the one in the above fan-render. Expected release of those phones is later this year, likely in the October or November timeframe." Kind of disappointing, to be honest. 20-MP is something they've done for coming up on 2 years now. I was hoping they'd maybe step up to 25 MP, but if we're being honest, it's not the much of an issue. 20 MP is still more than almost all competing devices, and paired with OIS and (hopefully) improved stuff on the software side, we shoudl get an improved 930/ICON/1520 experience, and that'll be a great improvement from my 920. The disappointing parts, in reality, are the rest of it. We knew the SD 810 was the likely schip, and there's no superior alternative. It just sucks Microsoft opted to go back to the problematic fall launch, where it's forced to use Qualcomm chips near the ends of their life cycles (meaning a few months from the W10M launch, Android will be putting out SD 820 hardware). The QHD display shoudl be pretty, but it's possibly going to be a battery killer. Given the poor 920 battery life, I hope the energy consumption on the Cityman is a lot better, and that they keep the IPS LCD display (and that they give us Glance). USB type-C, I'm not sure on. Is this going to go over USB 3.0 for a PC or what? It's finally the upgrade we've been wanting/needing on AT&T (assuming it gets there), but it's also kind of the bare minimum upgrades. Get the near-replacement SoC, and let most of everything else stand pat. Nothing about these Lumias feels like a market shift from what Windows Phone has been, from a hadrware perspective. Same guts late to the party with a better camera, and cameras didn't get the platform to blow up the first time around. I'd like a launch parallel with Android, so their hardware is just as fresh and what HTC and LG are pushing (since Samsung has gone full-Exynos now). Lastly, I have to again point out that I was right. People didn't buy my comments early on, and they got voted down hard. I stated that W10M wouldn't make that summer launch, that we'd AGAIN be waiting well into the fall before we actually saw devices on shelves. I hate saying I told you so because I've been dying to upgrade, and this time frame means Microsoft's going to let millions reinvest in Apple's experience without giving them something to consider as an alternative.
  • Snapdragon 810 just had a revision 2.1, it's not that old and the newer one brings a few improvements.
  • So Daniel is sure about the processor of those flagships.. SD810 v2.1 ;)
  • Somewhat, sure. But a minor clock boost and better thermals won't be competition for a full-on new chip from Qualcomm, which should involve big performance boosts AND the improved thermals (of course, this is also true for the 810, but it went a bit awry). Is there something I've missed in my readings beyond those smaller improvements? Is there something major with it? Not saying there should be (same-year refreshes should be minor improvements, nothing more), just trying to be thoroughly informed of what I'll be getting into with my next phone.
  • To echo what someone below (@EliteMikes) said... it's the experience. You're looking at raw numbers. But what you need to admit is that the numbers you're viewing are top-of-the-line. They aren't revolutionary or groundbreaking no (I reserve that for the legendary 'surface phone'), but they are a premium. Look at the 1520, it STILL has great specs today and it's almost 2 years old. But again, it's the experience of how it all comes together. With a great design, hopefully huge battery, and nice materials... this could be a true hero phone
  • I don't know why so many are assuming it's going to be a Snapdragon 810, when Microsoft has stated it will take a new SoC from Qualcom that isn't yet available. Likely the 810 successor, as it will need hardware to function with continuum.
  • Rubino already said it's probably the 810 2.1, which is the 810 with better thermals and a few minor performance tweaks.
  • I believe Microsoft said they'd take a new chip from Qualcomm before v2.1 was made available.
  • Maybe MS should begin the design of their own SoC. If they do that way, there is a chance that some people will stop pointing out that the Lumia line is always behind the competition in specs.
  • MS announced at the start if the year that they would use the 810.
  • Qualcomm is testing sd 820 with their own kyro cpu. Lg g pro announced with it.. so may be msft go for it.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Given their track record, I HIIIIIIIIIIIIGHLY doubt it. They put a Snapdragon 400 into a phone (the 830) and called it an "affordable flagship," despite carrying a low-end SoC. Microsoft's not released a high-end phone yet, so I'm quite skeptical as to whether they'd release a phone with almost a beta-class SoC that would be high-risk in a situation where they really need something stable.
  • Did you see the issues with the latest Sony? I completely believe that you are fully in the know about the next devices, which means I'm certain that they will come with the 810 Snapdragon. Just wish you weren't right.
  • The people MS needs to sell these devices don't give a dang about what version of the chip is in it as long as the experience is great. Great performance, and good battery life is key.  Hopefully software starts to show up. 20mp is plenty of pixels, focus on a better overall camera is the right move, as long as it's not the same units that currently are in the 930/1520.  Although I'd be happy with that setup.  I agree, i hope the experience is improved.  I'd like to see high speed capture possible.  LED flash is disaspointing, but maybe it will suprise me.
  • Being 1440p won't kill the battery. I just got a Note 4 (1440p with SD805). It lasts just as long as my old 1520, maybe even a bit longer. These newer chips are powerful enough to handle 1440p. It looks amazing, too. It's not a waste compared to 1080p. I just wish Microsoft would follow the rumors of the Note 5 and put a massive ~4000mh battery in the 5.7" device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will you please explain why do you need more than 10mpx on a camera phone. I don't mean to be sarcastic or anything. I am really curious.
  • It's not so much a matter of need. It's that we're having to pay top-dolalr for these phones, so high-end tech should be given, not tech we saw in a 2-year-old phone aimed at the mid-range on a good day (830). My SD S4-packing 920 isn't sluggish or anything, but I don't want to buy another phone with that SoC in 2015, either. These are ultimately luxury devices, and when you're paying a premium for luxury devices, you expect luxury features, like a high-end SoC and an improved camera. I don't need the i5-4670K in my PC (which I haven't ever even lighlty considered overclocking, despite getting the unlocked version), but I still got it becasue it means I have headroom on PC performance for a few years. Getting a high-end phone with high-end tech now means my phone isn't outdated and sluggish the next time I turn around.
  • I don't think we know the size of the sensor friend. The 8MP camera in the Lumia 640 is notceably better than the (if my memory serves me correct) 8MP one in the 920. Better software, larger sensor perhaps, and overall better internals. Truly it's NOT about the megapixels. That's simply how many pixels are in the image. How clear the image is (which you can't tell from MP), and how accurate the color reproduction is, is what matters
  • Yeah, I know what a sensor is. I know about sensor size. I'm not an idiot. The 640's sensor might be better, but it also doesn't have OIS, so I'd probably take the 920's OIS capabilites over the 640's improved sensor, as I don't have very steady hands. You can say it's not about megapixels, but to dismiss them outright is just as foolish and putting all of your stock in them.
  • Isn't this hypocritical?
  • What's it hypocritical of?
  • @Keith Are you serious.. Even you are saying the same what i said above.. And you are still arguing with me for expecting an improved camera..
    "paying a premium for luxury devices, you expect luxury features,like high-end SoC and an Improved Camera" ..
    ^^this ... Exactly ...
  • No, that's because you're too stupid to get what I'm saying. You said it's dumb to pay for better performance. How is a better-quality image not better performance? /sigh, this site has some of the dumbest commenters at times, I swear. Between the fanboys and the techtards, I can't take it on a consistent basis.
  • Yeah right.. And you are the perfect commentaters over here.. Better quality image , better perfomance.. Now you dont have an answer and blaming others ...! Pathetic.. Never think you are smarter than others.. If you were that smart you would have been joined in WC team.. GTFO
  • Lossless zoom and oversampling.
  • The new Nexus devices and the Samsung Note 5 will also arrive sooner. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My contract expired in Feb this year. Since then waiting for new phone from MS. They should release it in October in all markets otherwise it will be a big disappointment
  • Can't wait!! Hopefully the bigger one ends up on Verizon... Although I'd take either one.
  • No doubt in my mind whatsoever that Cityman will be what replaces my wife and I's Icons later this year.  Verizon just damn well better get it, and in a timely manner. 
  • Same here , can't wait !
  • Wow. I'm speechless. This is fantastic!
  • So Verizon has until November to announce either of these or I jump to att or tmobile. I am disgusted by Verizon and their treatment of customers and their own employees.
  • Unlimited data is a nice perk that had kept me there this long. But I hate them sooooooo much
  • Me like
  • So it seems L1020 owners will have to wait for a proper replacement. Don't get me wrong, these phones sound nice but we've been spoiled by our 41mp shooters. Oh well. Hopefully MS doesn't make any "tough decisions" until "after" we get proper L1020 replacements. I'd like that as a camera at least should the WP division gets the Axe.
  • there was a rumored successor codenamed "McLaren"
  • Which has been cancelled
  • May be cancelled to make it better and release it again? ;)
  • We'll never get a 1020 replacement. Microsoft has new leadership, and won't waste the resources on something like that for the 8 of us dying for a replacement. I'm wondering if these two new phones are our last hurrah as it is. ...sad to say.
  • Will consider talkman if on T-Mobile
  • Talkman would be great for me but it MUST have Glance and wireless charging built in or I will pass. I'm not giving up these cool innovative features from the 3 year old 920. Looks like I might have to sell my 830 and go back to using my 920 until these come out.
  • Why sell the L830? Or is it so you can use the money towards one of these new flagships?
  • Exactly. My old 920 is still in great shape and not very pleased with the 830 or lack of Denim situation. Only paid $200 for it so I might sell it for as much as I can get and then decide to leave AT&T. Not happy with them right now.
  • I'm dissapointed about the rumored "McLaren". It had lots of potential
  • WMPowerUser reveals that the Lumia 640 has managed to reach 4% of WP marketshare in Germany - I'm using one of those! ^^
  • I really dislike the possibility of Cityman having a removable battery. I can totally see all the advantages of having it but the unibody feel of a phone (especially the flagship) has a much bigger value for me.
  • Agreed
  • Normally I'd agree, however, try a Lumia 735 or Lumia 640. Microsoft/Nokia imo have 'solved' this problem with their latest designs. A 735 you would swear does not have a removalble battery.
  • Daniel , the cover of a 730/735 is also covering the whole edges of the phone , like the 820 , which are very ugly for a flagship , back cover , I really mean just the back not covering the edges , like the 830 , would be alot better
  • The L830 cover is great in my opinion. It doesn't look removable at all. The L640 is similar in this sense as well.
  • Thumps' up for 940 thumbs down for 940XL thumps' up for 1530! No more XL names Microsoft.
  • Agreed !
  • Do NOT agree.
    Don't want consumers remembering a bunch of numbers....
    You see XL, you know it's big
    You see 1530, looks like just another name. Heck, I wouldn't know if it was a tablet, phone, or computer
  • What's wrong with XL? Seems clear it's a bigger phone. Clear and simple.
  • Haha lol! No 830!!!
  • What about the "noteworthy" new category of Windows phone that may be on the horizon? A Surface Phone perhaps? Might be worth passing on Cityman and Talkman for that. If it comes in 2016. http://www.windowscentral.com/highs-and-lows-part-v-microsofts-smartphone-strategy-rules-engagement-continuum
  • So the talkman won't come with a QHD screen.... No problem, 1080p is good
  • I love everything about the rumoured Cityman and Talkman, except for the removable battery!! I love Unibody phones!! Removable batteries have advantages, but the feel of the Unibody is more 'flagship', if such a thing were possible...... Still can't wait! Either the Cityman or the Talkman is gonna be my next phone!
  • Me want!
  • Do we have anything about the displays? I'm guessing it's going to be AMOLED/IPS as in 930/1520 but I'd love a 5.7" device with AMOLED.
  • Doesn't AMOLED mean no Glance support? If so, I choose Glance.
  • you are totally wrong. AMOLED doesn't mean no Glance. look at 1020. It has amoled and also a glance screen. what makes the 930 doens't have a glance screen is the screen memory.
  • 640 is a great phone. It's funny when people at work say why would I put a Microsoft cover on my iPhone (iPhone is chosen corporate device)
  • Looking forward to the Nokia P909, albeit it probably only run Android.  With a proper 42 mp camera, a worthey successor to their previous 505 Purview camera.
  • Nokia also owns a piece of Pelican Imaging that develops some new sensor tech. Lets see if it is mature for big time. Nokia itself has developed yet another sensor tech using graphene.
    Interesting to see what Nokia brings to the table next year.
  • Cityman + oneplus 2 , my next phones :D
  • It's impressive that a single company was able to create this much fragmentation in less than 3 years. In any case, I'm looking forward to the return of flagship phones.
  • How so? Like every phone except the 822(?) has the most up to date OS available to them. Most can use the W10 preview. Any fragmentation is caused by carriers, alone or people simply unwilling to bypass the carrier and get it directly from Microsoft, even though it's the exact same OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can I download windows 10 on a spare Lumia 822?
  • Why not?
  • Did Microsoft on any event or note talked about developing better lock screen notifications? Ever? Like having it detailed for more than just one app?
  • Talkman sounds like my next phone
  • I hope the 20MP camera is not the same one as in 1520/930(they are great, but can be improved) and is a newer improved module.
  • It seems to be a new sensor , triple LED isn't here for nothing...
  • Positive and negative led lights, like the iphone5S.
  • 3gb of ram only! It must be have 4gb ram . 3gb ram not enough for big games
  • -_- له يا زلمة شو هو اندرويد
  • how can you tell ? it is not a PC..
  • so I guess this means I'll be carrying around my 1020 for another 2 years for the best possible pictures *sigh*
  • I'm with you. 1020 successor or nothing for me
  • So if the phones are releasing in October November time span then surely windows 10 mobile RTM will be at that time
  • In the end if it hits the US it'll be an ATT exclusive...... Like everything else.
  • I really hope MS have developed them to have the same hardware. It should not be that the phone with the biggest display have the best hardware.
  • Me likey the specs of Cityman. But will kill someone if it comes without dedicated inbuilt digital pen.
  • Yay, a QHD display! That's great for battery life. /s
    Seriously, why are all phone manufacturers putting ridiculous definitions in their devices? They could still improve the quality of the display without upgrading its definition. QHD is great for PCs and TVs, but IMO it's useless on phones. Who knows, Microsoft could have been the first to release a phone with a two or three-day battery life. Looks like the spec war won't be over anytime soon.
    Edit: I just realized display manufacturers make those, not phone manufacturers (except for Samsung and LG). But still, my point stands.
  • The new specs are probably both to use the new W10 features and to attract Android users. If you're used to 8 cores on Android you'll probably think twice before you trust a 2 or 4 core device to run smoothly.
  • 1080p on a 5.2 inch screen would be a downgrade as the pixel density would be lower than the previous gen lumia 930. Either make the phone five inches exactly or bump up the screen resolution. I would prefer the latter.
  • Me too
  • This will likelly be the Lumia 740, not the Lumia 940, or the Lumia 840.
  • Even i used to think that way... But now i seriously doubt
  • You really like high numbers on a spec sheet, don't you? 1080p is more than enough on a screen of that size, anything more is just a battery drain. 
  • I also have relatively small hands. With a 5.2" screen, I would hope for a microscopically narrow bezel so that it won't be much (if any) bigger than current 4.7" models.
  • I have the L830 and I think it's just fine. My hands are average sized. But I agree on the bezels.
  • Love the Cityman specs but I'm surely gonna miss my 6" of beautiful screen.
    And with all the few single-hand-features I don't quite get why they would chop off that 0.3".
  • I expect Microsoft to announce 1 or 2 flagship phones in September or October and probably make it available by December which of course comes with Windows 10. Also, they will roll out Windows 10 for all the existing Lumias starting from December to 2016 Q1. I'm excited about Microsoft's future. If they can't pull it off now, they are gonna have a bad time. Being a Lumia 1520 owner, I don't get the flagship experience. A lot of expectations are there. lets hope everything goes well. Not only they have to release a flagship but have to be par or abover par with the likes of Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6.
  • Patience is my name!!!
  • 6 core and 8 core processor. But I think at once only 4 cores function right. Correct me if I'm wrong!!
  • Yes something like that. Bing for bigLITTLE and you'll see.
  • Switching between the first used cores when they heat up to another four cores which aren't used at that time , won't make your phone hot anymore if that really was the case
    Edit : The snapdragon 810 can operate all 8 cores at the same time ! http://www.greenbot.com/article/2882307/everything-you-need-to-know-abou...
  • Another , open the link and read the article under the picture , all cores can be activated at once for both processors http://m.gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/qualcomm-announces-64-bit-octa-co...
  • I totally disagree with:
    32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot;
    ... removable battery. It is a mistake that even Samsung stopped making. We need 64GB of internal storage and no microSD card slot.
    And removable battery just make de phone ugly, and break into three pieces when fall on the ground.
  • Sadly the OS and app functionality is dragging the WP devices down, not the specs. I doubt this will be changing with W10M as its a "new beginning" once again, like WP 7>8. It's lights out for Windows Phone.
  • What are you using 32GBs for? Don't you ever tidy up?
  • Agree!
  • The internal specs are impressive enough, and up to par with other modern devices. But of course, smartphones are all about the software, and it'll come down to the user experience and available apps.   A smartphone without a lot of applications, is an epically specced feature phone. And availability.  If these devices are locked again to a single carrier at launch, they'll sell similar to the Icon on Verizon or the 830 on AT&T.   Unless Microsoft's playbook radically changes, that needle, she's-not-a-moving.
  • Lumias 740 e 840 XL spotted.
  • I hope they'll keep the 925/930/830 design. With colours!
  • The rounded thin edges of the 925 YES! The square slippery edges of the 830/930 not so much.
  • I'm loving the L830/L930's design. I think it's one of the most beautiful. The L925 is included of course and is likely my favorite.
  • Talkman sounds like a Lumia 930 with a bigger battery which is exactly what I wanted :D I'm officially excited now just hope the phone comes to Canada before the end of the year
  • I don't think so , both are 830-like designed , which is very fucking much better :D
  • Boo!  I want to replace my Lumia 1020 with something better!  41MP to 20MP means less lossless zoom :(. 
  • Well , you don't have to see bacteria
  • Looking at bacteria? I am not getting into a debate on this. For the 50 Millionth time, the purpose of the 41MP sensor was for zooming!!!! But, it's not just 21MP less than the Lumia 1020. The 1020 also had a physical shutter, xenon flash, camera grip, optical image stabilization, in addition the the awesome 41MP sensor.
  • The Sensor was also ALOT better at low light shots, than found in the current 20MP devices.
  • People still ooo & aaah at the pics my 1020 takes especially compared to their terrible, blurry iPhone pics. I'm sure the next iteration will come but maybe not this year
  • Do you really think it could be as late as November? I was hoping for something more like September or even August. That's upsetting.
  • Oh I could be wrong, but that is why my educated/slightly informed guess is on the matter.
  • I hope its available maximally in October , can't wait !
  • Anything earlier than late November, and any new Lumia flagship release will run into the teeth of the marketing juggernauts of the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy Note 5.   It's probably already likely that it'll get drowned out in all that respective noise anyway, and carriers will be focusing on pushing new iPhones and Notes.
  •   WTF, yet another Qualcomm / ARM device.  Can I finally have a x86 based Windows Phone?           
  • Couldn't agree more. Can I have it with 4GB RAM please?!
  • If there was a better SoC than Snapdragons, they'd use it. Intel is inferior, atm.
  • That's years away from happening, until Intel can come up with a battery efficient mobile chip. So far, they haven't cracked that nut.
  • Odd that the 820 doesn't even appear worldwide
  • Would like to get my hands on a Cityman, but carriers here do not bring Windows phone anymore. Not even flagships. A friend who works at a carrier told me about a year ago that they were testing the 930 for some development things or something like that. But the phone never saw the market. I guess they ditched the launch thinking "Forget windows phone. It never sells. The fact that we do not promote ir or bring only 1 or 2 lowend devices has nothing to do with it"
  • Three LED flash! Whoohoo! Triple the slower than xenon count! Yay! 20 megapixels! Improvement, shmimprovement! Oversampling, wassat? If the ex-Nokia engineers all head back to Finland I might not mind that...
  • It seems to be a new sensor made from scratch
  • Can I download win 10 on my spare Lumia 822?
  • Yup
  • Just give me a professional looking metal design and I'm in. No more bright colored toy looking polycarbonate.
  • Will be selling my 930 & getting cityman with the bigger screen
  • the same boat here !
  • I love everything about me the specs for Cityman except for the screen size. I don't know why 0.3 inches feels so important to me but it just does.
  • Triple?
  • If its anything like the Gillete Razors we'll see someone go to 6 LEDs soon enough.
  • Look at that display
  • Whatever this new flagship is needs to be released soon! My 920 is dying and the mic is giving out making it impossible for callers to hear me. A little scared that these wont be offered anytime soon since they have yet to announce anything other than they are coming.
  • At the risk of sounding like a "Negative Nelly", I have to ask - Where, where, WHERE is the 41-megapixel?  These 1020s can't last FOREVER!!!!    :/    
  • I had a similar issue with the mic, then I cleaned out the little holes, made a big difference.
  • The smaller might be best for me. I have a 1520.3 now but not as much for the size as that was the only model that had everything else (SD card, mega battery, etc). Will need to play with both 5.2 and 5.7. I was dreading 4K screens since they will be power hogs with virtually no benefit. And its not just the screen hardware that will use more power but upscaling all the non 4k content. So the 2K 5.2 is very appealing if it gives up nothing else. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to avoid 4K because MS would cripple other aspects on phones without 4K. I am being more and more impressed that MS is making the compromises that are best for us even if traditional marketing says its bad for them. They are probably doing that because it will sell more phones but at less total profit and getting more phones in hands is very important. Better to let more people get a 2K screen "flagship" than sell fewer 4Ks at inflated prices to snag the status minded buyer.
  • My Lumia 1520 is already so damn slick on the latest Windows 10 build. Can't wait to pick up Cityman. Going to be stellar!
  • If the "cityman" is any good I might finally let go of my 1520.....
  • The only thing that matters is that this better not be carrier branded or at least come as an option that it isn't. So sick of locked phones.
  • We'll see if Microsoft sells them unlocked directly to the consumer.
  • Although i am now the happy owner of a Samung Galaxy S6 Android phone with all the apps I wanted, I haven't competely abandoned the WP ship, I still keep my Icon around. If the app situation gets better and these phones are actually competitive enough I will switch back to WP
  • I might upgrade my 640
  • I wonder if sightings of new hardware have stopped..
  • Removable battery :( then unibody design for Lumia flagship will R.I.P :( ...
  • The 640 is not available everywhere yet, maybe that's why is not appearing in the charts.
  • Plus, on some carriers where available, a customer can't just walk into the (*cough* TMobile *cough*) store and get one. It's order and wait, or argue with a Walmart clerk to just let you buy the phone without service.
  • Interesting that the specs for the smaller Talkman phone don't quite line up with the rumored ones. Namely 1080p versus the rumored QHD (wise choice, if you ask me). I wonder if there will be any other deviations? Perhaps I forgot, or this was simply less publicized, but the 32GB+MicroSD storage is news to me. 32GB is a tad on the small side for a flagship, but with 128GB SD cards becoming more common these days, I'd say that this is adequate. Considering that the iPhone and S6 don't offer expandable storage, this could actually be considered an advantage for Windows phones. Perhaps it will also mean that price will be closer to $500 again, rather than the $650-$850 that the iPhone and Samsung flagships go for.
  • Why the HELL there are only 3GB RAM?!?!?!?!?!
  • Why the HELL do you need more. Are you running Android??!!??!!? The less RAM needed is a testament to how well the OS has been optimised to run on the hardware available.
  • Because 4 is bigger than 3 /s. Numbers are some just care about these days... When in reality they are just part of the story.
  • Windows 10 is constantly getting more stuff added to it, and the more bloated an OS gets, the more ram it needs.  You speak of a well optimized OS, yet most of our phones are suffering from the resuming screen of death syndrome. 
  • Can we cut the "Are we running Andriod?" BS?!
    You want a reason fo why 4GB RAM is needed?! In one word: Continuum!
    Truley pure multitasking - Two screens using the same Hardware to run and show two or more apps in the same time while part of them will be running on Desktop Mode.
    Another reason?! Why do you think the Green Robot guys so intense on the 4GB RAM issue?! Because the want to use the 64bit OS and SoC!
  • Here's the thing: We know jack about Continuum and what it needs to run and run well. You know who does know? Microsoft, who is also making these phones. I dunno, call me crazy, but at this point I have to side with MS and not people in comments who are not privy to the hardware requirements of Continuum.
  • Even if so, it would be great if we could take advantage of the 64bit OS. Which is possible with the 4GB RAM.
    All next gen of flagships gonna have 4GB RAM. I'm not mentioning the fact that they all gonna have Snap.820 SoC, because I want to believe Microsoft made their optimiztion to the Snap.810 (Even if the first 2 gen's of it failed miserably).
    The ONLY reason I can find to the missing of the 4GB RAM in the specs is that Windows 10 Mobile isn't a 64bit OS. If that's the case, well, then it's a shame..
  • Wtf do you need more? Alot of tablets and home PCs have less, guess you're hardcore crazyyy O_O
  • Glad I didn't wait for the Lumia Flagship being launched this summer :/ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really want to get the flagship...after 2 strenuous years. (with my 830)
  • What about the users who haven't upgraded from the 920 :P. We have waited long enough lol.
  • Well, guess I'm a 'Cityman' come Oct /Nov
  • Kinda sad seeing modern phones with 32 Gb memory when the four year old N9 had 64 gb.
    But kinda obvious since both the n9 and n8 were ahead of their time.
  • Well they do have microsd card slots soo that is moot imo (although it would have been nice). Just wack in a 128gb msd and there you go more storage then you'll ever need for a few years. Also there is a O2 exclusive 1020 which has 64gb and that is the only difference - unlike the US carriers, they probably would have halved the storage lol.
  • That Cityman would certainly pressure me to upgrade from my 930. :D
  • Glad they are using Usb type-c and not the current aging standard. Type-C is going to pick up in a big way.
  • FFS 5.2 and 5.7? I just don't get why people like to walk around with intercoms on their ears..
  • Simply put the mid level phone in all carriers/go phone after the announcement and its selling like hotcakes... Period
  • Im so ready for this 940 XL it just needs to come to Verizon UNTOUCHED. I love my iPhone 6, but I'm a sucker for an underdog. Also, do away with the boxy phones and give them some curves/metal.
  • Hopefully it has a Verizon wireless release...
  • We see the low adoption rates of Windows Phones in the US and say how can this be increased. My, Oh My.  When we look at the chart of Windows Phone devices in the US we see that 33.4% of those phones are still sitting on the Cyan update. With the 635 adding another 32.6% and only the CV and Sprint phone actually having Denim that probably ups the total to over 50%. The 635 phones  from Cricket, MetroPCS, T-Mobile and AT&T are still with Cyan. AT&T has announced but not released the update. So, six months after Denim release over 50% of Windows phone users in the USA are still with Cyan. They don't have the phone updates others have, makes no difference if it adds very few features. Will they stick around?  Low adoption rates in the USA will be an issue for a long time. Even to get to WP10 and MS doing the updates the carriers still have to come through and get the phones to 10.  
  • I fear for the battery life if it will have a quad HD display.
  • I'm limping along on my day 1 Lumia 920....love her, but she's getting long in the tooth....battery issues and heating sometimes....the soo we the better.
  • Camera and design better be superb. Personally don't care that much about continuum or gimmicky retina scanners. On paper the specs don't look much different than flagships of 2 years ago like old faithful L1520.
  • I don't see anything in the specs (here or in the SD specs, or the Adreno specs) for dual display capability.  Did I miss it?  Isn't this going to be needed for the full Continuity experience?  Probably more to come.
  • Waiting on these to drop to decide on an upgrade for my Icon!
  • I want that (cityman) please announce something soon that way I know for sure hurry up Microsoft
  • I'll take a cityman please. Thanks
  • It could replace my 1520.
  • You better have these phones T-Mobile!!!!
  • My pockets are suddenly become abnormally warm. I think I feel a small hold developing in one...
  • 1 in 40 using Win 10 is a telling stat. Given the rough state of Win 10, I assume most of those would be using it on a secondary phone, so population of active WP users is much smaller than number of active phones being reported.
  • Rough state is understatement. W10 non-mobile needs to cater millions and millions of hw configurations vs just a few of mobile. If state of it would have been like that of mobile then heads would have rolled.
  • Now this is worth reading about
  • This is good news. However, I hope it's not a this carrier gets this one and that carrier gets that one. Hopefully a 940 and 940XL will be available on the big 3. AT&T, Verzion, and T-Mobile.
  • I'm not interested until we start hearing about the 7XX and 8XX midrange phones. 
  • Microsoft, please use sd 820..=. If you need to, please delay the phone, but dont ship with sd810======= guys someone please suggest this in insider feedback
  • +730
    Or SD815
  • Why until November? Another lost sales opportunity...this phone should be released during the back-to-school months for maximum visibility.
  • These new Windows phones are meant to have retina technology to combat the fingerprint tech of android and ios, new Z4 is waterproof to 1.5mtr and has fingerprint, hopefully the new W10 phones have this..
  • Looking forward to a new windows phone
  • Seeing the camera specs, it can't be a successor to Lumia 1020.
  • Too bad they did not release soon enough. My nearly 3 year old 920 finally kicked the bucket this week, and for lack of a decent device on ATT I now have an S6, and I really don't know how I feel about it. Android is a learning curve, and lacks a certain elegance that the WP Start/apps/notification system has... but at the same time the hardware is frankly better than the 830, and the apps (and specifically the MICROSOFT apps) are leaps and bounds better on Android than they are even on WP. I feel almost guilty for leaving, but if I can get a better MS experience on someone else's platform then there is a very serious problem. Really hope that MS gets their act together by the time I am ready to upgrade again.
  •    While I am excited that the new Flagships have been virtually confirmed, I'm going to temper that excitement until I hear if each device is going to be exclusive to certain carriers. If history is any indication, the Talkman will go to Verizon and the Cityman will go to At&t. I really want Microsoft to stop this exclusive crap and release all  of their phones on all carriers at the same time but I know that won't happen until more people become interested in their devices and that interest turns into actual sales.
  • Am just waiting for an high end phone from Lumia
  • "Globally, the Lumia 635 is up 2.8% from last month and now commands nearly 40 percent (38.9%) of all Windows Phones when combined with the Lumia 630." Nope, it's not globally, it rather looks like the US figures.
  • Probably the codenames for the 940 and 940xl
  • I love the 1520 design but the plastic, bezels, pointy corners, thickness, and weight got to go! And if the rear design is anything like the 1020, no point in upgrading.
  • ms should release high end phones (i dont mean flagships) with 1080P screen & cover sccreen sizes of 5  inch & 5.5 (or 5.7) range. & same goes for QHD  screen & the sizes. They need to give more products & choices to the consumers like android has.
  • I Don't think that this full HD device will be the Lumia 940. There are strong rumors that lumia 840 will be an high-end device or closer to that. My guess is that Lumia 940 and 940 XL will be like above and 840 will have:   5.2 inch full hd display 20 mp camera 5 secondary mp camera snapdragon 615 16 gb internal storage 2 gb of ram As for Lumia 740, i think that will be the same of Lumia 640, but with a better camera (13 megapixel and a secondary with flash). And i believe that there will be a Lumia 740 XL (a 640 XL) with snapdragon 615 and maybe 16 gb.
  • Will migrating to Microsoft Lumia
  • Hmmm why aren't we gaining market share? Maybe because we haven't released a true flagship phone for the US in like 2 years with the lumia 920...While literally everyone in the US runs around with an S6 or iPhone...
  • Do those phone come with 6 floating Carl Zeiss lens ?? And do they talk about the aperture??