The just-announced Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum can see in the dark

Today in Beijing, Dyson announced its newest endeavor: the 360 Heurist. Three years ago was Dyson's first foray into the world of robot vacuuming with the 360 Eye. The newest version brings with it several improvements, which is a good thing considering the reviews the earlier version received.

There's a new processor that's 20 times faster. There are new voice assistant capabilities so you can talk to your robot pal with your other robot pals like Alexa or Google. There are more bristles, more suction power, more runtime, and those aren't even the coolest features.

"Heurist" likely comes from the word "heuristic", which means "enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves." That makes perfect sense, because the new 360 Heurist features an LED ring around its top camera. If the lights are off, it won't panic and shut down. It simply "sees" for itself using up to eight of its LED lights. The 360 Eye didn't perform well in the dark, so it's nice to see that Dyson took customer feedback into account when creating the newest version.

There are plenty of options to consider when looking for a robot vacuum. Models like the Eufy RoboVac for around $200 or the $280 iRobot Roomba are great choices, and they're available right now. Plus, judging from the $1,000 pricing of the now-dated Dyson Eye 360, they're probably much more affordable.

The 360 Heurist will be available in China in a couple of months for around $800. Details are sparse on when it'll arrive in the United States and other regions, but you can follow Thrifter on Twitter to know if it ever gets discounted here.

Louryn Strampe

Louryn was seven when her shopping obsession began. It started with eBay and quickly escalated to Black Friday. Now she's a shopaholic -- no day is complete without a pile of packages on her front porch. She justifies it by refusing to pay full price. She also loves Skyrim, makeup, and beer. Find her on Twitter @lourynstrampe