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Just Eat launches Xbox One app to help you score food while you game

Grabbing a bite to eat while your nose is buried in your Xbox One is now easier than ever. Takeaway service Just Eat has officially launched on Xbox One just a little under two weeks since it initially launched in beta.

Just Eat works by pooling local takeout spots and letting you browse through menus, and reviews. Once you've found something you like, you can order food from the restaurants around you right from the Xbox One app. The whole process looks pretty quick and simple, and you can even re-order previous meals instantly if you need to get right back into the game. As icing on the cake, the app also serves up real-time status updates on your order.

This follows the launch of the fully universal Just Eat app on Windows 10 earlier this month. With a quality app and its embrace of the platform, Just Eat looks to be a great example of what a UWP app can be when done right. If you live in the UK and want to check out the app for yourself, you can grab it now on your Xbox One or at the Windows Store.

Download JUST EAT - Takeaway from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Good for game heads
  • Just eat is not British!
    It's danish..
  • I always thought they were an international company that started off in britain then grew into other countries. There website says they started off in a Danish basement.
  • I'm from Denmark, that's why I know :)
    They might bring the app to other countries. Heard form customer service today.
  • Where does it say in the article that they are British?
  • You should state that its a European service at the beginning of the article
  • Agreed
  • Looking forward to see this Universal App on phone, Tablets and PCs
  • It already exists, and it's awesome.
  • It is so awsome they even use a windows 10 Mobile phone in the advert as it shows the best tile to start the app 
  • Seems to be exclusive to UK at the moment.
  • Been using the phone app for a few years now, good to see a company supporting the ecosystem.
  • Man, I want Menulog on my Xbox.
  • Used it already. Much better than the phone apps. And faster. Brilliant.
  • Ordered Dominos first time this weekend on the xbox. Couldnt log into my account unfortunately. Are all those apps designed to link the xbox live account as the main account?
  • Noticed this the other day. I downloaded it just to check it out. They've been good supporters of UWP on all device families.